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This is another one of those stories that the BBC has disinterred from the archives but presents as new News just before the election…

Warning over Islamic radicalisation in England’s prisons

Staff shortages are making it harder to tackle Islamic radicalisation in England’s prisons, the former head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office has warned.

Chris Phillips said shortages meant extremists were not properly monitored, enabling them to recruit others.


Staff shortages, due to government cuts, are leading to dangerous Islamic radicals taking over our prisons.

Shock horror….though the fact that the number of Muslim prisoners has doubled in the last few years could be the relevant factor rather than lack of staff.

Still….Funny what a difference a year makes as only last May the BBC was investigating the same problem of radicalisation in prisons and not a word about staff numbers…in fact the problem was staff knowing but not being able to do anything….not only that but then it was a ‘small problem’…though still a serious one when  it happens….

From jail to jihad? The threat of prison radicalisation

The head of the prison and probation service says there is a small but “significant risk” of Muslim prisoners becoming radicalised.

“The prison officers witnessed people become Muslim and in front of them I was giving them what we call Shahada, an invitation and acceptance of Islam.

“They was becoming Muslim in front of the prison officers – and they [the officers] felt sort of powerless.

There are around 100 Islamist terrorists in prison.

The Prison Service claims that the radicalisation of Muslim inmates is rare. But when it happens it can be serious.

Here is the Panorama film…


You can see that there is little the prison officers can really do other than move prisoners from prison to prison…’Islamisation’ is occuring in front of their eyes so it isn’t a problem of not being able to monitor events…it’s being almost powerless to prevent them happening in standard prisons where Muslim, ‘moderate’ and ‘extreme’, and non-Muslims mix….the solution is an isolation prison just for the radicals.


And this isn’t just a problem that has recently occured because of ‘cuts’...here’s Quilliam detailing similar radicalisation in prisons in 2009…

New Quilliam report: British prisons are incubating Islamist extremism

A new report by Quilliam on prison radicalisation, Unlocking Al-Qaeda: Islamist extremism in British prisons, reveals that government measures to stop Islamist radicalisation in prison are failing to halt the spread of jihadist ideology in British prisons.

 Quilliam warns that failure to tackle prison radicalisation risks creating a fresh wave of hardened extremists, both inside and outside prisons, who are willing and capable of conducting terrorist violence.

Pro-active recruitment by extremists. Imprisoned extremists are pro-actively seeking to recruit other Muslims to their cause, for example, by befriending them soon after their arrival in prison, protecting them from other inmates and leading prison protests against alleged mistreatment by prison authorities.

 –          Extremists being empowered by the prison service. Extremists are often seen by prison staff seen as ‘go-betweens’ between the prison service and ordinary Muslims. In addition, leading extremists have been allowed to lead Friday prayers and given mentoring courses that allow them to become ‘spiritual advisors’ to other inmates.

 –          Increasing Muslim gang culture. There are increasing reports of Muslim gangs forming in prison, some of them involving known extremists. Some of these gangs aim to intimidate and attack non-Muslim prisoners. Convicted terrorists have additionally carried out violent attacks in prison against non-Muslim prisoners.

 –          Extremist books in prison: Some Muslim prisoners, including known and suspected extremists, report reading pro-jihadist books in prison such as Milestones by Sayyid Qutb, the main inspiration for modern jihadist thought.

 –          Extremists producing prison propaganda. Prominent pro-Al-Qaeda ideologues such as Abu Qatada have been able to smuggle messages out of prison to their supporters. Other convicted extremists have issued pro-jihadist statements from prison while others have appeared on Islamic TV stations from within prison.

 –          Staff failings are fuelling radicalisation. A widespread lack of understanding of mainstream Islam and of Islamist radicalisation among Prison Service staff has undermined government efforts to tackle prison extremism. In addition, incidents of racism and prejudice by staff towards Muslim prisoners risk pushing them towards extremist ideologies.


The issues raised are  the same ones that were raised again in 2014….very often the prison staff are facilitating Islamisation by their attempts either to be overly Islam-friendly or, in the eyes of the prisoners, too heavy handed in stamping down on their practises.

Quilliam says…

‘The Prison Service has taken some steps towards tackling extremism but these are not enough. Islamist extremists are running rings around a prison service which often seems clueless about the nature of the extremist threat.

‘It is staggering that known extremists, with their accommodation and food provided by the government, are effectively radicalising other prisoners at taxpayer expense. If this situation is not tackled, British prisons risk becoming universities of terror.

‘It is time for the British government to consider serious long-term measures to tackle prison radicalisation. The most important of these is to create a specialised de-radicalisation centre which can ‘de-programme’ existing extremists as has been done in Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt and Yemen.’


No mention of staff levels.

The BBC has wiped the archives clean and rewritten the history…just as it has with the economy….it’s cuts, cuts, cuts….but hardly a reference as to why the cuts are necessary….such as the worst recession in 100 years…thanks to you know who.





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17 Responses to Old News Is New News

  1. Alex says:

    Funny how they never highlight the real reason behind the increase in Islamic extremism – IMMIGRATION!


  2. Nibor says:

    As it’s extremely hard to get into prison , and harder to stay there due to TPTB how did they get there ?
    In the Bible there is a Commanment ; thou shalt not steal . Is there an equivalent in the Koran ?
    Is there an equivalent of the Ten Commandments in the Koran ?


    • Mina says:

      ‘Thou shall not kill’ never took off with them. The few tolerant/peaceful Koranic verses were abrogated or not applicable to them.


  3. stewart says:

    Is it a surprise that prisons which, as Nibor says , house only the most irredeemable sociopaths are fertile recruiting grounds for Islam
    Was there ever a religion more suited to the viscous, the selfish and the resentful?
    No wonder when the Iman tells them that not only does the ROP indorse the predation of weak and defenceless but mandates it those inmates rush to join
    No wonder also that envious, spite filled, legions of the hard left and the self hating masochistic fauxcialist patrician class rush to align themselves with it .


    • manonclaphamomnibus says:

      It was all going swimmingly well until this bit.

      ‘No wonder also that envious, spite filled, legions of the hard left and the self hating masochistic fauxcialist patrician class rush to align themselves with it ‘

      Sounds very grand but what exactly do you mean and do you have any evidence. Without it you might sound a tad unanalytical and start to give the site a bad name for bias!


  4. manonclaphamomnibus says:

    ‘The BBC has wiped the archives clean and rewritten the history…just as it has with the economy….it’s cuts, cuts, cuts….but hardly a reference as to why the cuts are necessary….such as the worst recession in 100 years…thanks to you know who.’

    Yes I do – International bankers thats who! The Tories friends so it seems.


    • Flexdream says:

      Yeah, the Tories’ banker friends? Like the Labour politician and crystal methodist Paul Flowers, head of the Co-Op bank? Like Fred Goodwin of RBS who was knighted under Labour and who nearly wrecked RBS and the British banking system? Like Victor Blank of Lloyds with whom Gordon Brown brokered the disastrous takeover of HBOS?


    • The Old Bloke says:

      And just who was it that forced the hand of the bankers to lend to unsecured markets?


      • Manonclaphamomnibus says:

        None forces them to leverage or make up money.Thats how banking works.97% of money is made by granting credit.Interest charged on that credit goes to the creditor which is why those associated with banking will get richer an richer. Only 3% of money is created by the Government.


        • The Old Bloke says:

          No one forces them……you really do need to do the research into why the money men leant to the American sub prime market, Manon.


          • London Calling says:

            Exactly. Start with Bill Clinton’s “Fairness in Lending” Act, which forced lenders to prove their lending policy was not racist, requiring them to lend money to people not creditworthy – many brown and Hispanic – that was Clinton’s calculated race-hustling schtick.

            Since the BBC won’t tell you this, you have to go to the right of centre press, but its the only place honest reporting and analysis is to be had.


            Methinks the Claphamomnibus has made yet another wrong turn. No surprise there. It only makes Left turns


  5. Flexdream says:

    The authorities have no greater control and supervision over a person than when they are in prison, and yet prison is apparently a hotbed of ‘radicalisation’?
    Doesn’t inspire confidence in the government’s Pretend Prevent strategy.


  6. stuart says:

    it is just amazing when muslim leaders say islam is a religion of peace and muslims are a law abiding community,i think the prisons tell a different story there,do you fear for the future of this country in 20 or 30 years time,if you think it s bad enough now, god help us what this country will be like when the muslim population will be a projected 20 million and islam will replace christianity as the main religion in england and the uk,a scary reality that we all have to wake up to i say.


  7. Mina says:

    No surprise that such an evil ideology would be a magnet for the most depraved criminals.


  8. demon says: