Here is a guest post by Biased BBC reader Robin for your perusal.

“In the election , the satirical shows on the BBC will have a profound influence adding a reinforced message to the news and current affairs programmes like Today , WATO and Panorama and the discussion programmes like Question Time . So as the Beeboid comedians poke fun at the political parties ,their leaders and policies there is one party singled out for an extra dimension ,and you can guess who it is .

A general outline of the fun the BBC will provide

Conservatives ;
The leader is a bit thick , out of touch ,Bullington Club , the other luminaries as rich selfish and slightly stupid .
Policies will be self serving and destructive

The leader is clever but not forceful enough and Could Do Better . The other luminaries need to put their backs more into the fight
Policies are not as left wing as they should be , watered down to avoid controversy from newspapers ( although not the BBC and Guardian ) .

Leader should not have hitched himself to Tories . He should be strong against them but “constructive” if in bed with Labour
Policies are good , Principled and pragmatic especially about the EU .

The leader is a bit naive and we should feel sorry for her , they are all good people with humanity at heart
Policies , they mean well here but perhaps the world is not ready for them yet .

The leader is a slippery character and the other luminaries dubious to say the least
Policies ; unless we BBC can find some gaffes , or changes from last week we won’t dwell on them in case they become popular , a cardinal sin in a democracy .

Now here comes the change . Unlike the other parties , we the BBC will traduce the supporters and voters of UKIP . So the average ukip voter is portrayed as old , confused by the modern world , resentful , a loser .

And that’s that . The BBC knows these people better than they know themselves .

It’s funny that the average Beeboid will think himself respectful of old folk . But that’s only if they have something like dementia and there is headline news about lack of funds for their care needs .

And it’s great film footage to let them speak about Hard Times in the past . But as for a say in the political here and now , unless the old codger or bint denounces the mistakes of the past and tells Yoof to make a new world free of prejudice , inequality etc he/she can just be butt of The Now Show’ s incontinence gag .

It’s also an anomaly that the BBC will try to make out that a Ukippers will want to return to the 1950s , but allow the Greens a free pass to what decade or even century they want us to return to . Or why the other main parties allow a project – the EU – that was founded in the First World War to be their guiding light in the 21 century . The Hapburgs Empire went down then , and the Ottoman Empire expired BBC , just as you were born . You moved with the times until the sixties , where your clothes fashion changed but not your minds .

The really serious issue is why the BBC is allowed to intimidate by psychological means so that some of the electorate won’t vote . Is this a full and fair democracy ?

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  1. pah says:

    Ever watch ‘Gogglebox’ on C4? Usually at least one item is a full on UKIP hate-a-thon. Last Friday’s was the first one that had no anti-UKIP messages in the last year – I was so amazed I almost fell off the sofa.

    I’m expecting normal services to be resumed next week.


    • More Like The Soviet Bloc Every Day says:

      Yeah, I quite enjoy that show in spite of myself. It’s perfect to have on in the background when you’re doing something else. I remember one time when Farage was doing a political broadcast and they had pretty much all their characters chipping in with their usual suspicion or contempt, but they didn’t give any speaking time to the posh couple who Nigel ended up having dinner with. They seem like the only ones who see the world pretty clearly and have some brains. Maybe they were out that night, but I reckon the program makers didn’t want to give UKIP any positive spin at all.


  2. The Lord says:

    Their favourites want to take us back to the 7th century.


  3. Richard Pinder says:

    (1) The Greens want to return us back to the Druidic pre-Roman times before 43
    (2) The SNP want to return us back to before 1707
    (3) Cameron wants to return us back to before the Reform Act of 1832
    (4) Miliband wants to return us back to the Communist Manifesto of 1848
    (5) The Liberals want to return us back to before 1922
    (6) UKIP want to return us back to before 1973

    So UKIP are the most modern of these Parties, so vote UKIP


  4. Brad Goulson says:

    Please sign this petition to abolish the TV licence. Over 102,000 have already signed in a week.



  5. the heroic cat says:

    Yes.. I have have observed in another post the BBC’s strategy to (as they see it) undermine UKIP electoral chances by personally attacking the type of citizen they feel likely to vote for the party. I’d never thought I’d see a Stalinist state here in the UK, but what else can you call this powerful ministry of television trying to undermine basic democracy, and even (no exaggeration) drum up resentment against a demographic. and for what? using their legal vote in a way the BBC doesn’t condone.

    undecided voter.


  6. Corinium says:

    I was so incensed by Radio 4’s The News Quiz on Saturday 4th April that I wrote to the Conservative Party Chairman suggesting he has a word with the BBC about the sly, vicious and unceasing stream of leftist garbage from this show which surely contravenes the BBC’s duty to be even handed. It’s now off-air thank goodness.

    I feared the worst about its replacement Dead Ringers when it announced last Saturday it was going to provide ‘unfair election coverage’ or words to that effect. In fact, whilst it was unfair it wittily mocked all the parties equally.


    • 60022Mallard says:

      With the News Quiz you need to differentiate between the “Chairman’s script” and comments from the panellists.

      The former is generally approved at higher level, but none the less doubtlessly conforms to your opinion.

      The latter will always be “excused” by it being humorous responses to the questions. It’s just that the majority of the panellists, regular suckers at the generous BBC teat, are rather stereotypical in their political viewpoint. That is with barely a fag paper between it and that of the BBC.