The BBC’s Extremist And Irresponsible Pro-Immigration Rhetoric



The Left are happy…migrants from African are dying in their hundreds and their deaths can be exploited by the likes of the BBC to promote an open door immigration policy….regardless of the consequences for European society and civilisation that that entails….and regardless of the consequences for the immigrants...’luring them to their death’.

Exrpressing cheap sympathy for the death of these people the BBC, and others, refuse to analyse what is going on.  Their simple, convenient, equation, designed as emotional blackmail, is that migrants are desperate to come here, they are dying in the attempt, and therefore to prevent them dying we must fling open the borders and let them in…never mind that in Libya alone there are reportedly over one million migrants , with more coming, waiting for their chance to head to Europe, the land of milk and honey.

The real solution is to send ground troops to stabilise Libya, to destroy ISIS and to prevent the boats being launched in the first place but the BBC, and the ‘Muslim community’, are opposed to that….the ‘Muslim community’ don’t want us fighting Islamic extremists like IS apparently, but are happy if the West could topple Assad in Syria for them…funny that.

Here is a classic bit of emotional blackmail and extremist rhetoric from the UN…..

Anti-immigrant rhetoric from politicians across Europe, including Britain, is blocking attempts to introduce large search-and-rescue operations in the Mediterranean that would save large numbers of migrant lives, a senior UN official has warned.

Laurens Jolles said political expediency was preventing measures being taken to reduce migrant deaths.

Jolles, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) representative in Italy, said: “In many countries in Europe at the moment, the [political] dialogue and the rhetoric is quite extreme and very irresponsible.”


No…. ‘anti-immigrant rhetoric from politicians’ is not killing anyone.  First it is the extremist pro-immigration, open border rhetoric that is encouraging people to try and come to Europe where they know they will be able to force countries to  look after them if they can make a landing.  It is the ‘come one come all’ rhetoric from the likes of the UN that creates these dangerous situations….you can see how Obama’s pro-immigration encouragement has resulted in a disastrous flood of illegal immigrants into the US…..The Spectator says...’The real culprit isn’t Triton but the EU’s tragic asylum and immigration policy. Though it is designed to save people, it instead lures them to their death.’

Second it is not the ‘politician’s’ rhetoric…they are expressing the will of the majority of the people that immigration should be controlled…and saying that immigration needs control is hardly ‘rhetoric that is quite extreme and very irresponsible’ as the UN claims.

Third the UN’s solution…ignore what the people think and impose draconian pro-immigration policies upon them.

Which is an irony….the UN tells us that these migrants are fleeing tyrannical, oppressive regimes and yet its solution is to create such regimes in Europe where the political ‘elite’ impose policies to deal with issues that the prejudiced and ignorant peasants, you and me, aren’t capable of understanding and who don’t have the capacity for intelligent thought and humane compassion in our sordid little lives that would allow us to empathise and understand these migrants.

The BBC thinks that hiding the realities of the situation will prevent an angry response as millions of immigrants continue to swarm across the borders….the reality is that the lack of debate and the lack of consent from the population for this immigration policy will result, eventually, in an extreme reaction against immigrants…the irony being that that is precisely what the BBC attempts to prevent.

In a Nicky Campbell phone-in we heard the accusation that anyone who opposes immigration would have opposed Jewish immigration in the 1930’s and thereby were themselves the equivalent of Nazis.

Campbell seemed to like that….but you could raise the inconvenient fact that the BBC blocked Churchill from the airwaves as he warned of the danger of Herr Hitler because the BBC didn’t want to upset Adolf just as they block or deride those speak of controlling immigration, or demand we change UK foreign policy so that we don’t upset the ‘Muslim community’.  If Churchill had been free to speak he may have influenced events and Europe may have done more to stop Hitler and prevented the war in which millions died.  The BBC’s good intentions helping to cause a war, just as their hiding of Assad’s chemical attack on a school before the crucial vote on Syria helped to create ISIS…..A ‘warning from history’….as is this…..

Terror on the streets of South Africa


Gaddafi also warned us…..

Back in August 2010, the Libyan despot went to Rome and made a blackmailing offer which many Italian politicians must now be wishing they had accepted.

Gaddafi said: ‘Italy needs to convince her European allies to accept this Libyan proposal – €5 billion [then about £4 billion] to Libya to stop illegal immigration. ‘Europe runs the risk of turning black from illegal immigration, it could turn into Africa. We need support from the European Union to stop this army trying to get across from Libya, which is their entry point.

‘At the moment there is a dangerous level of immigration from Africa into Europe and we don’t know what will happen.

‘What will be the reaction of the white Christian Europeans to this mass of hungry, uneducated Africans?’

‘We don’t know if Europe will remain an advanced and cohesive continent or if it will be destroyed by this barbarian invasion. We have to imagine that this could happen but before it does we need to work together.’

The BBC and their pro-immigration extremist ilk are storing up a dangerous and violent future for a Europe that is being  ‘invaded’ on many fronts.

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89 Responses to The BBC’s Extremist And Irresponsible Pro-Immigration Rhetoric

  1. David Brims says:

    If you step on to a leaky old rowing boat with 900 people jam packed on it with no room to breathe, what does one expect to happen ?


    • Pounce says:

      Let me remind people of where these boats are floundering and the people on them ring (Yes on the phone) The Italian coastguard for help:
      Two more migrant boats issue distress calls in Mediterranean
      Italian and Maltese ships were responding to distress calls from two migrant boats in the Mediterranean as EU interior and foreign ministers met to discuss the latest tragedies. The Italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi, told a joint press conference with his Maltese counterpart, Joseph Muscat, that ships from the two countries were responding to distress calls from an inflatable liferaft off the Libyan coast with 100 to 150 people on board and another vessel with 300 people on board.


      • D1004 says:

        Note the position of Tunisia on Pounces map. According to Wiki, their armed forces have approx 40 each of helicopters and patrol boats, now look how close they are. Far closer than the Italians are based. Help to the drowning ? Dunno, carrying out searches by air or ship ? Dunno, any beeboid or other media brave heart on the spot in ( relatively safe ) Tunis ? …………. Well obviously that’s a bit of a danger zone innit ? We can express our moral outrage and demand that ” something must be done ” from nice Southern Italy can’t we ? I mean it’s obviously Europe’s problem after all………………


  2. D1004 says:

    6-50am, R4, Naughtie chats to a woman from save the children.
    “The EU must restart the rescue, ministers meeting today must restart the rescue, did I say they must restart the rescue ? “. 5 minutes of total agreement from our favourite jock, no questioning of how much we are supposed to do to save idiots from themselves. how close to the shore, 100 yards ? How more rescue boats would encourage more “migrants ” . What would be a long term strategy. No, no questions asked by the nations premier journalist on its premier radio show. Pathetic.


  3. Cosmo says:

    My son is currently in the army. I do not want him or anymore of our troops injured or killed trying to civilise these lunatics. Firmly closing the back door is the only answer. Stop the asylum system – now!


    • G.W.F. says:

      Emphasise firmly my friend. There has to be a cordon sanitaire – they don’t come here, we don’t go there. Extreme? Yes. But necessary.


  4. Alex says:

    However, the BBC don’t seem to be discussing this incident in any real depth…


    • IsItMe? says:

      So we have the situation where Muslims are fleeing from other Muslims (in the guise of ISIS), hoping to be rescued by Christians and go to live i a Christian continent…. but, on the way to their promised land, they murder their Christian fellow passengers,,,
      Can none of our so-called leaders one see where this is heading?

      (That said, although we keep hearing about refugees from Libya and Syria – and I do, of course, sympathise with people who truly are fleeing for their very lives – how come most of the “refugees” we see seem to be black African mean who are clearly not from either Syria or Libya? Could it possibly be that many of those attempting to cross the Mediterranean aren’t actually “refugees” at all, but rather they are illegal economic migrants who would be refused entry if they used the proper channels?)


  5. No.6 says:

    I wonder how many of these illegal immigrants are ISIS ‘sleepers’. A neat way in with the help of the bbc.


  6. Guest Who says:

    Like Band Aid, this seems to be striking a chord with those whose minds can get as far as a few miles offshore before sinking, and not much further.

    It is a tragedy, but also ignoring human nature will only prolong it. Just as throwing enough money at things to create conscience-easing camps where there is little else to do than procreate has really only magnified the problem, so the wails to let them come appears to be creating further demand.

    The rich and the desperate facilitated across the Med on a slightly more reliable version of El Titanic and the chatterati can move on to their next cause. And unlike droughts, etc, these are people resourced enough to voluntarily travel a long way, past safety often, to locations of extreme danger. The motivations bear consideration, or the precedent of conceding to anyone threatening to self-harm is set.

    Not all problems are easy, have quick fixes or fixes at all. The Australian model seems better than most, though of course has a JonDon lurking to stir things up politically despite most of the public there seeming to accept its necessity.

    There does appear to be needed an international response, and pooled money to address the handling of refugees to assess the genuine from the chancers (or, worse) before repatriation to safe areas in directions other than lands of milk and honey.

    Blowing tens of thousands to escape to the safety of countries with less generous benefits systems may seem a poorer investment and hence risk to take.

    Yet again the BBC’s simplistic populism and open-door to every over-funded NGO is serving sense poorly.


  7. Guest Who says:

    Seems vd with her new emote hour is on the case…


    • DP111 says:

      Syria is, or shouild I now say, was the best moderate secular dictatorship in the ME, considering what is on offer in the rest of the ME, from Saudi Arabia and the rest.

      Syria is/was a “beacon” of freedom of opportunity for religious minorities and women (comparatively). Christians can/could practice their faith publicly and without fear. Women can/could get an education and job, drive cars, and do just about anything.

      Syria was the one country that took in hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians when we “liberated” Iraq. It is one of two ME countries that has freedoms for religious minorities.

      But our idiot politicians thought they could do better by replacing Assad, with al Nusra and so-called freedom fighters, all fronts for al Qaeda and worse.

      Now, if this policy of replacing genuinely secular “civilised” moderate ME regimes, and replacing them with barbaric sharia headchopping regimes, is a strategy to destroy the economy and thus the power of ME nations, then one would give credence that it is a well thought out, but deeply cynical approach to policy. But if this is not so, then it is incompetence.


    • DP111 says:

      Arius, an Armenian writes:

      I can speak for the Armenians in Syria and can tell you that they are deathly afraid that the Syrian government will be overthrown by Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi connected groups. The Western media make no mention of churches being attacked and of Christians being massacred by the Islamist groups the West supports, but when they do mention it they blame it on the Syrian government!

      It is strange indeed when I, a staunch anti-Communist American-Armenian during the Cold War, now support Russia and China drawing a line in the sand against the West attacking the Syrian government.

      The U.S. government is aiding and assisting the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis coming to power in multiple countries in the Middle East. This is the biggest strategic blunder by the West since the 1500s, along with Europe’s Euro-Arab Dialog which over the past 40 years has opened Europe to mass Muslim invasion. I spent most of my life believing in Western civilization but near the end of my life I see the West for what it has become — ignorant, deceptive, propelled by self-hatred, digging its own grave. It is no longer worthy of its inheritance.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Well he’s not wrong is he?


      • Odo Saunders says:

        Arius, you are absolutely correct my friend. In the West we are too much motivated by short-term financial gain at the expense of our Christian heritage. Too many of our fellow citizens believe that human rights and financial gain are one and the same thing. Our Christian heritage has been substituted for that of another religion – that of the Premier League and the Grand Prix circuit. For turning our backs on our fellow Christians in the Middle East, God will punish us in the same way that He sent the Assyrians and Babylonians against the Israelites. In our case it is the Trojan Horse of the Moslem hordes, and we know what happened to the citizens of Troy!


        • Rob in Cheshire says:

          At least the Trojans didn’t actually invite the Greeks into their city and give them all council houses. Western governments must be the most degenerate and morally deranged rulers there have ever been, and I include Caligula in that.


          • DP111 says:

            I have to agree Rob

            If the EU decides to pick up all the illegal invaders from the North African coast, tens of millions will replace them, even from as far as South Africa. Mosy of illegals are Muslims, which spells DOOM for us.

            Then there is the continuous invasion from Muslim countries as far as Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan, via Turkey. Estimated numbers – 7000 per month.


          • DP111 says:

            I have to agree Rob

            If the EU decides to pick up all the illegal invaders from the North African coast, tens of millions will replace them, even from as South Africa. Most of illegals are Muslims, which spells DOOM for us.

            Then there is the continuous invasion from Muslim countries as far as Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan, via Turkey. Estimated numbers – 7000 per month.


  8. The Lord says:

    I wish you would cut out the anti-Assad rhetoric.
    Far from creating IS, Assad was a lone bulwark against them while the rest of the world, including the BBC, were hailing them as freedom fighters, (and arming them).
    Practically all the anti-Assad stories we used to hear have been discredited by UN inspectors but still they get trotted out. Turns out, surprise surprise, it was the Islamists committing atrocities, filming them and ascribing them to Assad. Nobody questioned anything because it suited our, then, agenda.


    • DP111 says:

      Agree. The US under Obama is allied to the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent of al Qaeda, ISIS, etal.


  9. AsISeeIt says:

    Nice guy Gavin Esler hosts Dateline London (the show that says ‘give back the Malvinas’).

    You know this show, it’s the one where lefty foreign journos are invited onto the BBC airwaves to slag us off something rotten.

    Long-time friend of the show Abdel Bari Atwan is on hand to tell us where we went wrong and how evil we are on this revamped subject of migration.

    Gavin tees it it up nicely and then it’s come on down Barry!

    Of course it’s all our fault for intervening in the middle east and of course we must intervene now for ‘humanitarian reasons’ and because Barry says we must. No constructive ideas from our Barry, just an incoherent yab yab yab.

    I know this is culturally insensitive of me but I do struggle to sympathise with the apparently ever-angry tones of Barry’s arab intonation when he sets off on a home run. No such problem for our Gavin, obviously.

    Not that Barry is anti-European. Don’t run away with that idea. He’s all for Scottish independence he tells us – who asked?

    Quite how Barry squares the Scots breaking away from the UK with the circle of the Falklands being tied to metropolitan Argentina, against the wishes of the population there, is…. well… wait a minute…. perhaps, given a large enough infusion of migrating Argentines….


    • Guest Who says:

      Maybe Prezzy K can inspire a suicidal Dunkirk spirit amongst the residents of that port still harboring rocks and grudges after the Top Gear visit?

      Get enough of them into the water some may make it far enough to impose humanitarian obligations on the Falklands’ coastal defences and… Tada!… planeloads of emoting NGO’s & po-faced camp media followers en route to demand something must be done.


    • D1004 says:

      Sounds like I’ve missed the best bbc comedy in years, any chance of a repeat on prime time Saturday night ?


  10. jackde says:

    We do not yet know the details of this crime, it was reported that there had been an argument between the Muslims and the Christians. We do not know the nature of this argument, was it religious, theological or merely practical. It takes the question of who you would throw out of the boat to its logical conclusion. It is possible that some Christian survivors turned them in, or the crew, or even some fellow Muslims. But, let’s be clear, when they reach shore and are released into Europe, as they are being at the rate of ca. 500 per day (!), they eventually mean to throw the Christians out of steamship Europe and make it into their own Muslim State (or Caliphate).
    Although all Muslims are not so extreme, in such a situation the extremists always prevail. Israel has seen this for over a hundred years, even though many Palestinians want peace and the ability to work and have a good life, the extremists always control the situation. You always have the “rejectionists” who intimidate and kill their fellow Muslims if they show any sign of compromise. Thus, even now in Syria, not so far away, you have the Islamic State fighters killing the Palestinians as well as the al Qaeda affiliate al Nusrah front. They kill each other without qualms because they do so in the name of Allah and there is no possibility of compromise and/or tolerance. They removed all the Jews in their midst and now they are destroying Churches and killing the Christians. Soon they will be doing the same in Europe. Soon they will be coming for you.


    • D1004 says:

      Spot on, ought to be posted through every door in the land.


      • DP111 says:

        Correct all the way.

        The Muslims on the boat to Europe, probably felt that the African Christians, had no right to what Muslims feel is Muslim land already.


    • Pounce says:

      We do not yet know the details of this crime, it was reported that there had been an argument between the Muslims and the Christians. We do not know the nature of this argument, was it religious, theological or merely practical.

      The dingy they were in sprung a leak, a Christian prayed to God for help. A Muslim told him there is only one god, his name is allah and that he must stop praying to God and instead pray to Allah. The Christian refused and he and his fellow Christians were murdered for not being….Muslims.


  11. Englands Dreaming says:

    BBC website headlines

    Migrant deaths renew pressure on EU

    Pressure from who? Certainly not the peoples of the EU.

    Its a tragic case, caused partly from our own meddling, but most of these people are illegal immigrants (not migrants) and opening the doors will only cause a stampede.


  12. Ian Rushlow says:

    One of the founding fathers of the EU was Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. In his book Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism), he wrote:

    “The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”

    Of course, to achieve the creation of a ‘Eurasian-Negroid race’ you will need large numbers of blacks in Europe, meaning the current influx is not exactly unwelcome by the BBC and EU fanatics.



    • DP111 says:

      The BBC, Leftists to the core, want a World government. In such a world, the BBC is sure to be the only public voice. Orwell’s world.


  13. oldartist says:

    The solution is a simple one. Rescue them as you you would anyone who is in difficulties in the sea. And then take them back to where they came from.


    • DP111 says:

      They would never leave the boat, unless docked in a European dock. In any case, once on an EU flagged boat, they can all claim EU Human Rights.

      Game over, they will be here, and shouting “racism” , “Islamophobia”, with attending lawyers, suing for damages..


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        I expect Phil Shiner is already ordering his next Porsche.


      • D1004 says:

        Use a EU ship to find them, pick them up with a Panamanian or flag of convenience ship and then drop them back at square one. No other choice otherwise there will be millions on the sea within a couple of years.


        • Angrymanupnorth says:

          Its what the left don’t get. They succumb to their emotional response, cocooned by their self-righteousness, and without thinking it close to ‘through’, respond in a manner which (i) exacerbates the magnitude of problem (ii) causes domestic problems (iii) costs us lots of wealth and undermines our well-being (iv) allows these self righteous leftards to avoid facing up to assisting in defining what the underlying causes may, in reality, be.


          • DP111 says:

            Its what the left don’t get. They succumb to their emotional response, cocooned by their self-righteousness

            I dont believe that the left are self-righteous. The left believes in one world socialist/communist government, with no option for change. They believe this is as one does a religion. That is why they had no compunction in slaughtering hundreds of milllions of innocents in the USSR, China etc.

            The left believes in the EU, as it is one step in the direction of world government. Ditto importing unlimited numbers from the Third world. In fact, the previous Labour government had precisely that policy, and openly said so.


  14. Odo Saunders says:

    This morning Radio Five “gets much worse” Live was discussing the situation involving the African migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean from Libya to Europe. One of these interviews involved Nicky “Gameshow” Campbell discussing possible solutions to the problem with a Labour and a Conservative MEP. The solution put forward by the Conservative MEP for the South-East of England was for the governments of the EU to enter into direct negotiations with the “Government” of Libya, so as to produce an agreement that would eventually lead to a managed solution to the problem. Doesn’t the silly fool realise that currently there is no single authority able to exercise effective control over the entire geographical area of Libya! The authority that is generally recognised by other countries as the “Government” of Libya is now restricted in terms of influence to the area around Benghazi in the east of the country. The rest of the country is under the control of ISIS and other para-legal organisations. This means that the people smugglers are able to act with impunity, no doubt as a result of agreements with ISIS and their chums to hand over so much of the profits made on these crossings to them. How, under these circumstances, are we to effectively negotiate with Libya over this matter? What this incident demonstrates is that our politicians are not interested or do not understand the ramifications of foreign policy issues as far as this country is concerned. That is why none of the political parties are even bothering to include foreign policy (apart from Scotland??), let alone defence, in their manifestoes. This problem is compounded by the fact that so-called journalists such as “Gameshow” do not make any attempt to expose the limitations in thinking of our politicians on matters concerning foreign affairs. The message that is therefore sent out is that “Britain is open to welfare claimants from around the world,” and if you are lucky enough to land in Dover, then in the words of Harold Macmillan, “You will never have it so good!”


  15. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    Time for the EU to throw some money at this problem. No point giving the job to Europeans – they have proved not equal to the task. We need to call in the professionals. Sub-contract the job to Israel. Give them €1bn down payment, with instructions to eliminate all traffickers facilitating the movement of potential terrorists to Europe. The problem would no longer exist in a month or two.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Maybe. But there seem to be plenty of recently arrived Africans wandering around Tel Aviv these days…


  16. Truthdoctor says:

    Going back to the comment on the BBC Nicky Campbell phone-in; their knowledge of history is wrong.

    During the late 1930s and the 1940s, Britain prevented Jewish refugees, who were desperate to escape the Nazis, from going to Israel (the British Mandate of Palestine).

    Survivors of the Nazi concentration camps who arrived in Israel on leaky ships (such as the SS Exodus in 1947) were sent back to Europe at gunpoint by Britain’s Labour government in order to appease muslim arab opinion.




  17. RTB says:

    Campbell seemed to like that

    No doubt. And once again the BBC ignores the scale of things. An estimated 90,000 Jews came to Britain from Europe in the 1930s. Net migration for 2014 alone was 298,000.


  18. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    Sky News just had a discussion. Zoe Gardner ‘Communications Officer Asylum Aid’ told us, with the know-everything attitude of a sixth-former, that Britain should be taking far more boat immigrants.

    Zoe’s twitter summary enlighteningly says:

    ‘UK&EU asylum & migration with some feminism, LGBTI & generalised incoherant ranting to boot. PhD student @LSEEI, working for @AsylumAid, tweets personal.

    It’s remarkable how the media always prefer to use a pretty-faced, light-weight, activist ranter in preference to anyone with real knowledge and experience.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      ‘It’s remarkable how the media always prefer to use a pretty-faced, light-weight, activist ranter in preference to anyone with real knowledge and experience’

      Judging by the evidence of much of their broadcast output, that’s a BBC staff recruitment brief you have there.


      • David Brims says:

        ”the media always prefer to use a pretty-faced, light-weight,”

        Michael Savage calls them the ‘Leg Crossers’ , Fox News is full of them, just eye candy with two brain cells, no gravitas.


        • I Can See Clearly Now says:

          Be careful… resistance is futile. Come the revolution, Zoe has a plan for non-progressives:


          • Rob in Cheshire says:

            She’s quite cute and undeniably stupid. How long before she is presenting the One Show?


            • Ian Rushlow says:

              Modestly dressed, too. She’ll go down well in Islamic State. And then go down a well in Islamic State.


          • David Brims says:

            Shouldn’t she be in school ?


          • Truthdoctor says:

            These people always seek to shut down the debate by labelling their opponents “xenophobes”, “racists”, “deniers”, “islamophobes” etc.

            What they really mean is; “Destroy those who disagree with us”.


          • D1004 says:

            I’d be careful if I were you Zoe, looking like a sweet piece of jailbait might stir up some unwanted attention from those you claim to support. Taxi ! Anyone ?


          • johnnythefish says:

            Zoe’s waking up moment will be to a nightmare not out of one.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      How will her brain cell cope when her new Muslim friends start throwing all her LGBTI friends off rooftops?


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      No shortage of migrant oeganisation spokeswomen on Sky News. Just caught the end of Nazek Ramadan from Migrant Voice UK.

      Twitter summary: Director, Migrant Voice. Tweets personal, re-tweets are not endorsements.

      Unlike exuberant young Zoe, who leads with the chin, Nazek is all gloves-up, elbows-prominent defence. Very few tweets herself and note the prominent ‘re-tweets are not endorsements’ cop-out. From what I heard, it was lots of emotional talk about ‘fleeing’ and no mention whatsoever of ‘wanting a better life’.


    • Mice Height says:

      How many of them will she be putting under her own roof?


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      Zoe is in demand today:


      • Flexdream says:

        Good to see that women’s equality has progressed to the stage that a woman’s views are judged by the BBC on their content and expression, and no longer by her sex appeal. Go sister!


  19. Truthdoctor says:

    There’s something disturbing about how our natural human emotions (in this case pity for the plight of the Libyan boat people) are cynically exploited by activists, politicians, professional aid workers etc for their own ends.

    Bernard Ross, who co-authored the Influential Fundraiser, says it’s like an arms race; “a contest of how emaciated can you make a child look. Like any drug you have to turn up the emotion to get a reaction from people”.

    Katie Hopkins, the Sun columnist wrote, “No, I don’t care. Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water, play violins and show me skinny people looking sad. I still don’t care… Unless we take the emotion out of this.. we cannot deliver an appropriate response”.

    But the liberal-left BBC does everything it can to pack the emotion in. They weaponise our pity and humanity. They did the same thing last summer in Gaza; when they used wall to wall pictures of suffering to promote the aims of jihad terrorists Hamas and demonise Israel.


    • David Brims says:

      In a saner time, say the 18th and 19th century we’d send a gun boat out, sink one or two of their ships, they’d soon get the message they’re not welcome.

      By our 21st century emotional melodramatic camp response we’re now just encouraging them to come.


  20. Guest Who says:

    Pondering further, I again wander into ‘two wrongs’ territory, but for the life of me I cannot equate the reactions of Zoebabes in NGOs, charities, NGOs, media and the latterati to this with their often flexible and forgetful responses to greater losses of life deliberately at the hands of actual pyscho nutters bent on mayhem vs. volunteering to travel to invest in a ticket for a dodgy water adventure run by the inept, greedy or… more nutters.

    Maybe we need FLOTUS to whip up another cardboard and marker hashtag to post [sadface] on twitter before getting back to what it is she does with hubs the rest of the time #bringbackourscuttlingspanner


  21. Truthdoctor says:

    Another BBC, liberal-left media tactic is to remove the context (as well as pumping up the emotion).

    The BBC are currently leading news online with “Mediterranean migrant deaths: EU holds urgent talks”.

    Not only is the article full of emotional reporting like, “They drowned dreaming of Europe” and “Migrant apocalypse”, but there’s no context or explanation. We’re not told who they are or why they want to come here, other than that they’re fleeing harsh conditions at home.

    But what are the pull factors? Our health service? housing? benefits? education?

    The reporting frames out everything except the message; “We have a political and moral duty to exercise our role. The Mediterranean is our sea and we have to act together as Europeans”.


  22. Truthdoctor says:

    OK I give up. I just can’t work out what these boat people are trying to get away from so desperately.



  23. 60022Mallard says:

    The question to always bear in mind to ask anyone anywhere who tells you either immigration is good for the country or we must let the boat people in is to ask.

    “Yes, but should it be absolutely open doors?”

    I suspect the answer will be “No”.

    So the follow up is “Please tell me how many a year you think we should accept and tell me how you would decide between those you would and would not let in within your number.”

    The final question is “Have you a spare room or two for them to live in so that we can accommodate them”

    It’s a bit like parking restrictions, you may not like them, but know chaos would result without them!


  24. Ian Rushlow says:

    All described in great detail in Jean Raspail’s novel, The Camp of the Saints, written more than 40 years ago (you can get it from Amazon). The descriptions of the self-hating, nihilistic, reality-denying, anti-Western liberals and how they both create and then react to the existential threat is uncanny. It’s almost as though today’s politicians and media types are using it as a blueprint. Read it, be astonished and be very, very afraid.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      Or try the rarely mentioned Anthony Burgess novel “1985”

      ‘Originally published in 1978, it was inspired by, and was intended as a tribute to, George Orwell’s novel 1985… (one) major theme of the novella is the rise of Islam as a major cultural and political force in Britain, due to large-scale immigration from the Middle East; London abounds with mosques and rich Arabs….’

      ‘Snippets of news often circulate… some of which suggest that the Muslim conversion of Britain is well-advanced (for example, it is claimed that inhabitants of the Isle of Man have recently discovered that a stimulant-depressant drug has been replacing alcohol in their beer for several years, in line with Muslim prohibitions).’

      What a heap of improbable alarmist sci-fi, eh? As if British authorities would ever quietly impose halal on us through the back door – right?


  25. chrisH says:

    Glad that you quoted Gadhafis offer from 2010 when he went to try and get a deal with the EU/Berlusconi.
    The same bleeding hearts that want IS here in Europe now-were the same ones who reviled Gadhafis “blackmail” at that time.
    Funny that-these “evil dictators” turn out to have been right-witness Saddams last words on the scaffold in 2006, when he said that those who were laughing and mocking him now; would live to see that they`d be paying for it soon.
    Finally-let me add my old perennial from Chris Parry in 2006.
    He got sacked soon after for dissing comprehensives or such.

    Yet not a word from the BBC about THESE “Inconvenient Truths”…far better to send for Ashdown or Clarke-grey liberal eunuchs, who are wrong on everything-and have spent their comfortable lives showing us this.
    Which is why the liberal media venerate these limpdick failures.
    “Every society loves its dead rebels-and its living comformists”


    • D1004 says:

      Chris Parry, a very intelligent man, found and attacked the Argentinian submarine Santa Fe in South Georgia in 1982, covered in his very good book on his experiences in the war

      We need to get him on TV now to get his reading of the situation and what to expect next, is the bbc calling him ? What do you think ?


  26. dave s says:

    It seems clear to me that Isis is facilitating the ‘migrants’ leaving from Libya. It suits them to cause chaos in Southern Europe and in particular the Mediterranean.
    An effective policy from their perspective. Isis is playing to win. To destroy the Christian West and to take Rome. The other golden apple after Constantinople.
    The liberal/neocon elites are incapable of defending our civilisation. Mistake after mistake. Invading Iraq and Libya. Staying in Afghanistan. Supporting the so called Arab Spring and desperate to destroy Assad.
    These media and political elites are all empathy and gushing emotion. It is pointless and will only make everyone’s lives worse. Isis and the traffickers have to be confronted and with overwhelming force now before it is too late.
    Add to these liberal/neocons you have those in the West who wish to destroy it – the extreme left, the remnants of communist/fascist parties and the long time enemies of freedom who have been a curse to us since 1789.
    It is time for us to stir . This election is pointless. The West faces an existential crisis maybe not now but inevitably down the road and in this country we have what? Nobody really .
    The Dutch have Gert Wilders an extraordinarily brave man who sees the future and in Germany the Pegida is growing but despised by the elites here and there.
    I can no longer listen to the self righteous in the media and in politics. They are speaking for themselves and not for the nation and the civilisation to which they owe everything and which should command their loyalty without condition.


  27. Omallet says:

    BBC saying these are all refugees of war etc etc but Noticed they are all young men have they left their wives, mothers, sisters and daughters to perish unprotected in those war ravaged lands – I know if it was happening in my country I would not leave my family to die or is it actually economic migration if so say so


  28. Merched Becca says:

    Al Beeb
    Illegal immigrants = Migrants – A new name, new brand .
    Blatant Subliminal brainwashing.
    The answer is simple follow the Australian method.


  29. D1004 says:

    Tuesday morning and the bbc is predictably following “the horror of it all” side of the story. Clive on shore in Italy last night ( good choice, respectable black face to show these are prospective respectable citizens drowning). This morning lots of pics of the rescued. Sky goes slightly different and on the spot ( well, ok Sicily ) reporter holds up the Italian papers which you DON’T see on the bbc which have more local detail.
    *The smugglers never set foot on a boat, people are being trucked into Libya, kept in warehouses until called forward to waiting ships (sounds a bit industrial and not huggy fluffy )
    *The SSEM ‘s. ( self selecting economic migrants ) pay €1000 each to be put on a ship.
    *They are told rescue is just over the horizon.
    *Reported to be 1million of these SSEM’s in trucks and in warehouses in Libya waiting for their move to the coast.

    Not quite the story the bbc wants to put over eh ? Europe is being taken for mugs and both the traffickers and the SSEM’s want to move as quickly as possible before Europe in desperation starts towing the boats back to shore.
    To repeat, this is unsustainable they know it and we know it, it’s just how many have to die before a more realistic plan of action is put into operation. Not that the bbc will tell you any of this.


    • Merched Becca says:

      It is possible that ISIS could be making a lot of money out of this ‘people trafficking’ ?


      • dave s says:

        Almost certain. And the strategic benefits to Isis are very real.
        Long ago in the early 90s I knew a most interesting man who had had dealings with the Russians. He said that this would come to pass and that in the end only Russia would be able to defend a Europe made rotten by liberalism.
        At a price of course and that would be Russian hegemony. So we will have to choose between chaos and resurgent Islam or a Russia that although authoritarian and expecting power and influence is firmly on the side of the Christian West.
        Watch Ukraine. It is there that the battle between Russia and the useless EU will be played out. My money is on Russia.
        It makes it imperative that we leave the EU and decide our future . And that could be surprising.


  30. Pounce says:

    Reading the bBC article on Malta and immigration apprantly due to having the highest rate of immigrants per capita in the EU the rest of us should emulate the malteses in letting more Africans in . But if you read between the lines it appears the malteses have had enough and things are turning ugly , yet to the bBC we should be like the malteses and let more in. Or and a quick check shows that Malta has taken in….8000 people.


  31. oldartist says:

    Asylum is ultimately untenable. It was introduced during the cold war for political reasons at a time when immigration in huge numbers from the third world was never envisaged. In a world of mass communication the potential numbers could be billions rather than millions. The situation we have now is one of containment in which we simply try to control the numbers of asylum seekers (who are frequently not refugees at all) just to feel better about ourselves. To point out the absurdity of this position is to be called racists and “fascists” by the loud mouths on the liberal left – the very same accusers whose heads are buried firmly in the sand with regard to Jihad being the real nature of Islam.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I quite agree. The 1951 Treaty was written for another world, when European empires still controlled Africa for a start. It is patently “not fit for purpose”, yet the ruling elites lack the will to change it. By the time Europe has been colonised, it will be too late, and the tipping point will come sooner than anyone thinks.


  32. D1004 says:

    Useful idiots tell us that the past is “another place” whenever it suits them, eg Gay laws, treatment of aliens and their belief systems. Try getting on air at the bbc and saying that the old rules for the treatment of Asylum seekers need changing to suit the modern world and your phone call will get cut off pronto.
    The tipping point is I feel within sight, drive around the major cities of this land and does it look like it was even 10 years ago.
    The indigenous people will retreat to the hills and the coast, the newcomers will control production, media and political power from the cities. 100 years from now will not be a nice place to be white or Christian. Only other solution is a rising by the people, arming themselves and taking over. Chances of that ? Who knows.


    • 60022Mallard says:

      Not sure how strongly you attach the word Christian to yourself.

      If typical of the British white community, probably not particularly strongly, and statistically pretty unlikely to regularly darken the portals of a church.

      Many migrants are Christian. The Poles stand out among those from the EU and many from sub-Saharan Africa are active Christians, and we have a thriving Chinese Christian community, so you need to perhaps be a little more differentiating in your 100 years scenario where the future for Christianity in the U.K. lies.

      Most white people and certainly Guardianistas and BBC staffers consider themselves far too intelligent to “believe” any more.

      Any way, try popping along to your “local” for an hours respite early on a Sunday morning from the angst evident in your life from your messages at present.


      • Allen says:

        “Any way, try popping along to your “local” for an hours respite early on a Sunday morning from the angst evident in your life from your messages at present. ”

        Maybe his local has closed, and there are many possible reasons why his experience of living here has been less happy than yours.

        There’s a church not far from where I’m sitting. Christian? Yes. Representative of this country’s Judeo-Christian heritage? Definitely not.

        If I’d wanted to live in Africa, I’d have moved there. Don’t give a stuff whether you, or anyone else, approves of that sentiment or not.


        • Merched Becca says:

          Going to Church doesn’t make you a Christian.
          Many don’t go there anymore because the church has lost it’s way – hence the empty churches .


      • D1004 says:

        Gresley’s duck, sorry if I cause confusion by saying Christianity has been lost. What I meant was that I was ( as nearly all of us were ) born into a mainstream Christian country. Without being a mainstream believer I was however (as nearly all of us were ) brought up in a Christian ethos. Turning the cheek, listening to others point of view, giving women equal place, all of these ideas and many others are from my and your ( by your name No 22 ) forefathers and what we are comfortable with. With the arrives of the ” others” this is very much up for replacement by alien ideas of behaviour, as practiced in Syria amount other lands. Poles are fine, I would happily stand next to in a fight, likewise most black people, I have a good friend who is black, Christian and a credit to the land, no problem there. What I mean by the ‘others’ I’m sure you can guess. The term ‘ Alien’ is useful, for all we share in common they might as well be from another planet. As far as I’m concerned totally alien, very little in common and not to be allowed into our land. The Poles and the West Indians can and will escape to the lands of their youth, where do we go to ? ” Christian” is an identity given at birth, wanted or not it’s what we were born into, it’s who in the final analysis we are. Don’t know where you live but if not near a big city you will be surprised by the changes going on. From seeing my first Muslim around 50 years ago who was a minor oddity to today’s world where they are stealing my and my children’s birthright change has come at the speed of light, another 100 years ? I guess as I said will be very nasty to us who this land belongs to.


  33. Merched Becca says:

    Why don’t these ‘boat’ people seek asylum in the rich countries of the middle east where the ‘religion of choice’ is the same ?
    Strange, very strange.