The Today programme in BBC Radio 4 excels itself each morning, launching attack after attack on the Conservatives. In essence it is reduced to an echo chamber for Labour talking points. I listened earlier to the BBC talk up Miliband’s ludicrous assertion that David Cameron is “partly” to blame for the masses exiting from Libya to European shores. The sneering logic is that because Cameron played a role in removing Ghadaffi then he is responsible for people smuggling in North Africa. On that basis, given that Labour presided over the invasions that led to chaos in Afghanistan and Iraq, can we reasonable assert that they are “partly” responsible for the deaths of millions? Can’t wait for the BBC to bring up this point…

The other point is that not all illegal immigrants (or “migrants” as the BBC chooses to call them) departing Libyan shores HAIL from Libya.  In fact it is documented that the come from a range of African countries. So why does the BBC never ask what the African Union is doing about this unfolding drama?

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  1. Guest Who says:

    It’s extraordinary.

    To the endless chorus of ‘Ed says’, we are treated to the warm-up act of what the clown ‘will say’.

    And it’s utter tripe.

    For a start they are trying to stick the knife into Cameron whilst giving Obama and Clinton a pass.

    Then, by what messed up logic is the situation ‘created’ in Libya responsible for deaths of people voluntarily heading up from all of Africa TO a war zone and aquatic death traps?


    • Guest Who says:


      “Ed Miliband is to accuse David Cameron and other world leaders of failing to “stand by” Libya”

      These ‘others’ being saved for later, Ed? BBC?

      “The BBC’s assistant political editor Norman Smith said Labour were making clear that they were not blaming the prime minister for the recent deaths in the Mediterranean”

      Norman seems to be speaking on behalf of a massive Labour foot in mouth operation, and given what is there in black-and-white, his pathetic crisis management spinning clearly utter bollix.

      The BBC is so in the tank to Labour now it is embarrassing.

      It’s like Ed has guaranteed them a land of milk and honey if they get him in.


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘pathetic crisis management spinning”

        Labour have boobed, and they and large chunks of the BBC are panicking.


        ‘Labour are now claiming they never tried to link Cameron to the Med, yet here is their briefing sent out yesterday doing just that’

        Carried, with a certain alacrity, by the ever-faithful BBC ‘Ed will say’ editorial.

        Philip McArthur H982FKL •
        I think the BBC are warning him off making that statement as written. I bet he back peddles and tones it down by the time he makes the speech.

        Currently BBC Home Page still carries:

        Miliband attacks ‘UK failure’ on Libya

        Links here:


        Ed Miliband: Libyan failures ‘contributed to migrant crisis’

        Also BBC top story (13 minutes ago… updated? It was there hours ago in some form)

        Seems the point Guido has made, with proof, has (so far) escaped the world’s least trusted partisan PR agency.

        Has the speech yet been made? The version as gleefully announced by the BBC will be interesting to compare with what does ooze out.


      • Guest Who says:

        Just noticed that it is ‘open for comments’ (since lunchtime), still (Also note: ‘Analysis by Peter Hunt, Labour campaign correspondent).

        Not sure the BBC will be trumpeting the response much.

        First page of ‘most liked’:

        8. Posted by baz blackpool
        Great with the gift of hindsight.. and from a man who supported it in the first place…some might say hypocritical

        Comment number 9. Posted by Ozymandias
        A bit rich coming from someone who leads a party that took us to war numerous times during their term in office!

        Comment number 6. Posted by Jim
        Miliband is not fit to be our Prime Minister. He’s a disgrace.

        Comment number 15. Posted by Cornish Trebs
        The hypocrisy from Miliband is totally mind blowing, trying to score cheap political points from the mouths of dead children!

        Comment number 1. Posted by SunElectric
        So is this Ed Miliband being the Statesman? Disgraceful.

        Comment number 27. Posted by LB
        Is Milliband for real? Has he lost his memory or his marbles?

        Comment number 57. Posted by Stueyg
        The more I watch Miliband, and the more I listen to his hypocritical rhetoric, the more frightened I am at the prospect of having this country in the hands of such a useless fool.

        Comment number 17. Posted by Mr Lovecandy
        I have struggled with Ed Milliband as any kind of competent in the past, but this obviously US Spindoctor-fed hypocrisy makes me utterly terrified of the thought of him being PM.
        Cameron is wet but he means what he says, I think – Milliband is Blair without the conviction.
        I’m starting to think maybe he’s a really not very nice person at all masked in wet lettuce!

        Comment number 28. Posted by diamondnharris
        What about the last Labour government, of which he was a member, and their post-war planning failure in Iraq? But I guess if MilliPuppet says “sorry” enough all is forgiven:

        Sorry for wrecking the economy
        Sorry for selling the gold at record low prices
        Sorry for destroying the British pension system
        Sorry for Mid-Staffs scandal
        Sorry for immigration

        Britain will be sorry if you get in.

        Comment number 12. Posted by TrojanOtter
        Milliband supported the action; he’s hasn’t been heard promoting a different strategy at any point; and yet now he’s trying to score points.
        Make your own judgement.

        This is the man the BBC would make leader of the country; these are the people the BBC claims to ‘represent’.


        ‘Ed Miliband is on Radio 1’s LiveLounge. It’ll be interesting to see if he gets as rough a ride as David Cameron did on the same show earlier this week.’

        Won’t it just?

        Douglas Alexander is on the BBC’s World at One, doing his best to bat away questions about why Ed Miliband hasn’t raised the issue of Libya in the past. He says that as shadow foreign secretary he’s been raising the problems in Libya repeatedly – not quite the same thing, Douggie.

        On the Politics Show, Labour’s Vernon Coaker has been forced to admit that David Cameron is not responsible for the deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean, saying the human traffickers are responsible. He’s also struggling to say when Mr Miliband raised “consistent concern” about the issue of post-conflict planning for Libya, mumbling that he brought it up in 2011 and “earlier this year,” is unable to refer to a single occasion it was deployed as an attack line at PMQs

        Another DP video I look forward to seeing on cacth-up if a kind soul can post/direct.


    • Ophelia Gently says:

      Agree. Utterly sick of every propaganda news report starting with: “Labour says….” “Ed Milliband……” “Labour will……”

      ‘balanced’ by:

      “Today, David Cameron/Nigel Farage will engage in a public baby eating event at the nearest food bank…..


  2. nofanofpoliticians says:

    So let me get this right.

    Cameron is partly to blame for the problems associated with migrants in the med, as a result of the removal of Ghaddafi whilst Blair is blameless for what has happened since the removal of Saddam?

    Both propositions are far too simplistic, but the BBC and the left should at least be consistent.


  3. The Lord says:

    Hardly any of them do (come from Libya). But he’s right, Camoron is partly responsible. For his part in removing Gaddafi, arming Islamists in Syria and doing naff all about illegal immigrants since he came to power. Too busy sorting out gay marriage, I guess.
    However, for Labour to try and take any moral high ground over this is laughable. They and their supporters are directly responsible for these deaths. As I type the BBC are running yet another heart-warming tale about fantastic immigrants and, there it is, what a load of nasty racists we, and in particular UKIP, are.


    • David Brims says:

      ”As I type the BBC are running yet another heart-warming tale about fantastic immigrants”

      SKY news was saying they were ”men, women and children.” All I see is young men aged between 18 to 30. If we take them in we’re just importing a crime wave.


  4. Thoughtful says:

    Seeing as the greater part of the force which remove Gaddafi was French and the man in charge was Francois Hollande the problem is as much from the far left / Labour camp as much as from the Tories.

    It is a crazy attack which calls into question the grasp of the full facts by the Labour leader.

    Prior to the removal of Gaddafi there was an agreement that he would prevent the boats leaving his countries shores which as a dictator he was very effective at. The suggestion from Millipede is that he would prefer this arrangement to still be in place and Gaddafi to still be in power.

    Hardly a surprising sentiment given the closeness of former leader Tony BLiar to the past dictator!

    If special Ed wants to fling accusations around, then I might suggest he looks to the paymasters behind much of Western foreign policy – Saudi Arabia. Gaddafi and the Saudi King were involved in several slanging matches and there was no love lost between the two.

    But it’s also a failure to see the bigger picture. The people getting on these boats are not Libyan nationals, they are those fleeing Islam. Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, ISIS and many other factions of people fighting for the religion of peace. If it wasn’t for that they wouldn’t be getting on the boats in the first place and that has absolutely nothing to do with British foreign policy involvement or even David Cameron.

    Just when Ed was appearing a little competent he goes & screws it all up with stupidity like this !


  5. David Brims says:

    Let the African immigrants come into Britain, all 800 million of them, give them the keys to the country and all 60 million British people move to Africa.

    I’m going to take a wild guess, Britain would descend within, I don’t know, 5 or 10 minutes into Zimbabwe and Africa would flourish and blossom.


  6. David Brims says:

    Jean Raspail author of ‘The Camp of the Saints.’


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      Amazing. In a couple of hundred years, the rump that remains will revere him. He thinks here that he got one thing wrong – that there is not a fleet of one million yet. But actually, the media are saying this week that there ARE a million hiding in warehouses in Libya NOW! So he got it dead right. I think I need to order his book. Maybe get Amazon to deliver a second copy to: Mr D Cameron, 10 Downing Street,…


      • Thoughtful says:

        No not D Cameron, E Milliband, because there’s no way Cameron is going to be PM after the election.


  7. john in cheshire says:

    I have no more than my own family’s experience to make the following statement but I suspect it is more true than not :
    I think that the majority of people under about 30 do not listen to bbc radio or watch bbc programmes including the news. In my limited exposure to young people, they are all too busy watching and talking about things on the internet that interest them. If I’m right then it is quite conceivable within a generation only the lingering few will actually pay the tv tax and maybe watch what is being churned out. In the meantime, the trends on the internet will show in which direction our country is heading and not the likes of Mr Davis and his communist claque.


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      … within a generation only the lingering few will actually pay the tv tax…

      The Beeb are squealing already. Didn’t Lord Hall Hall recently make a speech calling for payment from general taxation? Any day now you’ll hear that we all have to pay again. Resistance Is Futile; Comply Or Die!


  8. Rob in Cheshire says:

    I heard a sob story on Five Dead the other day about a “woman from Gloucester” who was worried that one of her relatives was on one of these boats. He is a young man from Ghana who only wanted to come to Europe for “a better life”. Oddly enough, when young British men went to Ghana for “a better life” it was called colonialism and was denounced by the left, but when they want to do it to us, we are meant to feel sorry for them. Well I am with Katie Hopkins on this: I just don’t.


    • johnnythefish says:

      If he was prepared to pay thousands for ‘a better life’ why not do it legally and buy a plane ticket, then he could give his justification for seeking asylum to the authorities on arrival.

      What the BBC and the rest of the pro-immigration lobby are advocating is more illegal immigration, effectively, where there can be no possible control of numbers. If everyone in the world wanting ‘a better life’ came to England it would be standing room only – literally.

      The Left are not interested in people having ‘a better life’, they just want to see the destruction of Britain and everything it stands for.


      • 60022Mallard says:

        Yes. The queue jumpers conveyor belt does rather make a mockery of any system of controlled immigration.

        I believe the EU latest is to send “gunboats” (how the poor Sun lady was villified for that idea) and “destroy the boats before they are loaded”, but only with UN approval?

        So the Libyan fisherman sees you trot up the beach to wreck his boat (I do not believe they will be nicely marked out into migrant and fishing categories) and gets a little upset and starts taking pot shots at the boys in blue. Those nice IS chaps might take an interest too and welcome the opportunity to take a few potshots themselves.

        Patrolling a nation’s territorial boundary line will not work either, as once at sea no one is going to turn round, rather just open the seacocks and sink it, whereupon the EU ship captain will be obliged to pick them up, and once on board they are not going to get off until they dock in Europe.

        Classic “something must be done” (like when one side of Libya was about to be wiped out by the other) situation once again and you end up being damned if you do and damned if you don’t!


  9. Sickofitall says:


    Can anyone tell me why we need mobile phone technicians from The Gambia, or hairdressers from Nigeria? Reading about the two people featured in the above article, they do not appear to be troubled refugees fleeing war torn areas, upon pain of death. No, it simply looks like they are heading our way for purely economic reasons, in order to support their 18 brothers and sisters, etc. In a couple of days, The BBC and it’s lefty comrades have gone from stories of desperate people desperately trying to escape terrible places, to making a case for hairdressers and mobile phone technicians? Pull the other one.

    Why do we need them here? Why should we feel compelled to let them into our country, to take money away from our economy (by sending it all back home)? To take up a council house that could be used by a British person in real need. To come and use our free health service? Because we once had an empire and now we owe these people our money and our land for all eternity? Because they are crap sailors? Because bleeding heart liberals who make the rules tell me I’m a racist if I do not concur with wanting the entire population of Africa to move to the UK?

    Things have reached a level of surrealism that I honestly didn’t think I would see in my lifetime, let alone before my 41st birthday.

    Thanks goodness for Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

    Vote UKIP! Scrap the telly tax!