A joke Twitter account was set up in the name Barbie Sturgeon in the wake of the claims this weekend 


BBC Trending tells us that ‘An easy way to find key tweets about the party leaders taking part in the UK general election is to type in their surnames. Searches for “Miliband”, “Clegg”, “Farage”, “Sturgeon” and others are sufficient to bring up their Twitter accounts or hashtags being promoted by party supporters.’

They should try it themselves because if you type in ‘Sturgeon’ you will find #dollgate is trending well. The BBC, and most shockingly BBC Trending,  are resolutely ignoring this latest political scandal despite being the ones to have broken it originally in 2014.

The Huffington Post tells us ‘Nicola Sturgeon’s #DollGate Scandal Is The Worst Political Scandal Ever’ and that ‘The Sun have exposed a scandal so horrifying there is no hope the public will ever forgive her.’   The Scotsman agrees…‘Political scandal of the last week was undoubtedly the revelation that the young Nicola Sturgeon cut the hair off her sister’s Sindy doll.’

The Sun resurrected the story in a look at Sturgeon’s ‘ruthless’ rise to the top…

Did Nicola Sturgeon hack the hair from her sister’s Barbie doll?

As a child, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is said to have devilishly hacked the hair from her sister’s beloved doll.

It was an early sign of the ruthlessness which has propelled her to the top of Scottish — and potentially British — politics.

Since then a storm has apparently broken on Twitter.…….Nicola Sturgeon #dollgate ‘scandal’ lights up Twitter

The Bailiwick Express thunders…You need to know why Nicola Sturgeon is at the centre of this hilarious #dollgate scandal

Even Sturgeon herself has joined in the fun…

For the record, I think my sister is misremembering. I’m sure it was a Sindy doll.

Why are the BBC ignoring this important political story that illustrates the utter ruthlessness of the woman who will  be running the country if Ed Miliband gets into No10?…Big, pressing questions come to mind…such as how will she dispose of Ed’s other puppet master, Len McCluskey?…should be an interesting fight! My money’s on the wee lassie.

Cameron had a bit of ‘brain fade’ and the BBC have relentlessly hounded him ever since….just this morning they trawled over this old story once again, even bringing in a psychiatrist….the presenter was a bit miffed as the psychiatrist ‘defended’ Cameron…apparently he was just doing what we all do occasionally….so not a sign of a man unfit for the highest office in the land with major responsibilities as I’m sure the presenter was hoping the conclusion would be.

In all seriousness it is unusual for the BBC, especially BBC Trending, to ignore something like this, especially as it gives them a chance to bash The Sun for its ‘tabloidesque’ reporting of the subject and ‘bullying’ of a female politician.

Anyway…..what will the future bring us?  At least Ed can look forward to free haircuts when in office…. #owned….


Ed Miliband Leaves The Radio One Studios




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19 Responses to #dollgate

  1. Deborah(another) says:

    Much as I hate the BBC I think in relation to Nicola it is really a non story.Surely it’s just a case of sibling rivalry and in young children not unusual if memories of my own childhood are anything to go by.

    The Miliband issue is abit more complex because he’s an adult, and you would hope he had worked it out. Family dynamics are a powerful force.I speak as some one who has worked with many families over the years and its the adults who always surprise me.


  2. johnnythefish says:

    The question you should ask yourself is ‘Had this been Margaret Thatcher…..’


  3. david says:

    There is more than one Sturgeon? This has terrible possibilities with thoughts of Nepotism rearing its head.


  4. Dazed & Confused says:

    The BBC have broken another “big” story again…



  5. Dave H says:

    I don’t tend to participate in the comments section below BBC articles and have a query about BBC censorship Does anyone know how long the BBC typically leaves an article open for comments? Thanks


  6. DP111 says:

    My mere anecdotal impressions

    Its seems that BBC election news always opens with Labour policies or “Ed Milliband”. The Conservatives get less then half the time that Labour gets.

    In addition, Labour policies are not qustioned by opposition polticians, instead, BBC invites Labour ones to affirm them. Conservative policies are immediately criticised by BBC journos, and then labour politicians invited to do the same.


    • flexdream says:

      R4 Today when I was last listening would lead with whatever the Labour line was for that day. The news headline would sometimes be a minor Labour policy announcement that hadn’t even been made at the time.


  7. Alun says:

    Just watched Victoria Derbyshire presenting her show on the BBC news channel. I cant believe what i just witnessed, I have never seen such manipulation of an audience. They are discussing the state of the NHS. She said the audience was drawn from all walks of life and political persuasions,OH YEA WE BELIEVE YOU..!!!!!
    She would chose a member of the audience SUPPOSEDLY at random but would say ” hello Mike what would you like to say ”,out of an audience of 250 how does she know his or her name unless it had been pre decided to go to that individual. Every person she went to criticised the NHS and slagged of the Tory party.
    Millions of people are seen by the NHS every year and have a good experience (me included) and less than 1% have a complaint. Seems to me that Victoria Derbyshire and the BBC must have trolled the UK to find this tiny minority to stick them on her appalling show. Perhaps it would be a good idea if she would bugger off back to her low rating radio show. At least all we would have to do was listen to her appalling
    bias and not witness it as well.


  8. ClayMoreSword says:

    I used to enjoy listening to Victoria Derbyshire on Radio5 Live, however since she has been presenting the TV show I am very disappointed to find that she is as biased as the rest of the BBC, a real let down. Why isn’t anyone doing something about this obvious political bias? The BBC better hope that Labour are successful because if the Conservatives win there will be retribution.


    • DP111 says:

      if the Conservatives win there will be retribution.

      You think so?


      • ManchesterLad says:

        Yeahh, I’m pretty sure Dave gave a cast iron guarantee, about .. well something.

        So it must be true.


  9. Simon says:

    err that isn’t really a story….

    Who didn’t do questionable things to their siblings when younger? These types of joke stories give the likes of the SNP a shield against the real and genuine criticisms of that nasty party by saying “well look at the other rubbish they dig up, they are desperate” – always a stupid idea


  10. G.W.F. says:

    Is Nicola likely to decapitate Gollies? I will have to hide my gollywog… perhaps she will spray them with bleach. These are dangerous times