Anyone else seen Chuka Umunna interviewed by Andrew Marr this morning? I was amazed at the easy ride he was given by Marr and how he was even able to get away with saying that Labour had NOT mismanaged the economy the last time they were in power! London-based liberal elitists such as Umunna appeal to the BBC – even better that he is black. Whether the trade unions are quite as indulgent we will see. It was touching to see Umunna and Mandelson unite around the vital need for the UK to stay in the EU  – with Andrew Marr’s smiling agreement.

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44 Responses to IT’S CHUKATIME…

  1. Deborah(another) says:

    He ticks all the BBC boxes.


    • DP111 says:

      When one considers the way the BBC lionised Obama, the thought of the BBC and Umunna, filled with me with t despair – exile but where?



    • The Lord says:

      It would be better, and I could help him here, if he were handicapped as well.


    • Peter Grimes says:

      Is he gay as well, then?


    • John Alexander says:

      He strokes all their erogenous zones too!


  2. Reichsführer BBC und General der Waffen UAF says:

    The BBC wants to see labour electing a leader that maintains its current values that represents its core voters. Thats why we at the BBC will be doing everything in our power to get Emily Thornberry elected as leader of the Labour Party.



  3. Lakesman says:

    I see Diane Abbott has been telling the McBBC that the answer to Labour’s route to power again is “much more mass immigration”. I simply couldn’t believe my ears – do these London-centric Leftard cretins never learn??? (of course, during the Bliar years, they thought mass immigration would ensure a Labour dynasty lasting centuries – that worked well then, didn’t it). “Diane Abbott, one of Labour’s most prominent London MPs, disagreed and urged her party to adopt an even more radical, pro-immigration agenda” (I couldn’t bare quoting from the McBBC in case my computer took a swerve hard-left)

    On another note, I woke to a note from the missus this morning saying “There’s no milk left” although, in her defence, she almost voted Liebour. 🙂


    • chrisH says:

      Of course it`s much more mass migration.
      Only illiterates, spongbobs and those under Falkirk rules in Tower Hamlets will ever vote Labour again…Andrew Neather and those clever New Labour clots of 2007 made it “policy”.
      Replace the white trash of the UK who were only born and bred here with Anjems, Adebowalllys and Bonnies…
      Brecht said that-if we can`t change the government elected, its easier to replace the electorate.
      Best draw the claw of the BBC first then- whilst we`re still allowed to draw things…


    • DP111 says:

      Sooner or later the nation will elect Labour. And they will compete the destruction of the UK . They think of course that Muslims will vote for labour, but that aint gonna happen.

      The so-called “sex grooming” ( Sex slavery) in Rotherham is merely the tip of the iceberg. The figures for the UK as a whole, are more likely to be in the range of 20 to 30 thousand Infidel White girls, who were forced to become sex slaves of Pakistani, and other Muslim men, while the authorities stood by.

      The last Labour givernment brought shame to England greater then the French collaborators did to France. Atleast the French collaborators had the excuse they were occupied by a rurhless Nazi invader. What excuse did Labour have?

      I really cant think of a suitable punishment for these people – the Home secretaries, the chief constables, and the rest of the quangocracies, that allowed a national crime that has no precedent in history anywhere.

      In the final analysis the buck stops with the governemnt i.e., Labour. At the very least, the party as a whole should be disbanded,.


      • Stu says:

        You said Muslim men. I say scum that need to pay for their crimes.


      • tarien says:

        A disbandment of some kind could very well happen-but in any event I see a break away development-how and when can’t say-one of a Social Democratic type & another of a more liberal type.


  4. The General says:

    David, I cannot understand why you are amazed at Marr giving the new messiah Uma an easy ride. We are hours away from a very clear message from the British and even more so from the English electorate in both the National and Local Authority elections that they do not trust labour, yet the BBC are straight in their denigrating the results. They are claiming the Torys led a divisive campaign but ignore the NASTY rantings of Nicola Sturgeon to “get the Torys out of Downing Street, or the blatent lying of Milliband in his ‘weaponising’ the NHS campaign and his total lack of explanation regarding where the funds to further expand the welfare state and ‘save’ the NHS were to come from. They still claim that the Liberals suffered from being in coalition with the Torys ignoring the fact that they lost votes and seats to the Torys. They claim the Tory campaign against the SNP was significant whereas in fact whether the votes went to Labour or the SNP is not relevant to the Conservative MAJORIY. The Conservative share of the popular vote was 37% and to UKIP 12% total 49% yet the BBC still claim they represent the views of the public in their left wing views. Cameron must do something about the BBC NOW.


    • FlyingPig says:

      This the same man of the people that said London clubs VIP sections were full of ‘trash and C-List Wannabies’, admitted posting comments on ASmallWorld known as the “MySpace for Millionaires” under a pseudonym, and ‘managed’ his Wikipedia entries in contravention of rules which state that users should not edit Wikipedia to promote their own interests.”

      Man of the People’s response was he did not have any recollection of the log-in used or any of the changes. But couldn’t say for certain that someone within his campaign had not set up the log-in.”

      So not only a snob, a faker, and liar but also throws his people under the bus when it suits. A very credible Labour leader it would seem.


    • DownBoy says:

      Add the increasing Unionist vote in NI and you have well over fifty percent, General. Rejoice, as the lady would say 🙂


  5. chrisH says:

    Isn`t it great though?
    An Obama tribute act through a homeopathic infustion through John Prescotts sock condom.
    And THAT`S the extent of Labours “pool of talent”?
    Strewth-I`m inclined to send them the cat litter tray contents, as well as my budgies cage lining…both of which would get more votes than Harriet Harman or her Chukky doll.
    I`m guessing Benn has a big burial plot-no cremation over 20 minutes for HIM.
    Could they not just dig him up and play his bones to summon up the spirit of Tolpuddle duck?
    Be more of a tune than anything Billy Bragg`s ever given us?
    Can`t even play a pipers lament now can they, lest the SNP stick an Irn Bru into their florid faces!
    Anybody fancy booking a stretch hearse-Harriet Pink painted-to show uip at Tolpuddle this year….it`ll be segregated of course.
    We could meet by the Miliband Stone, if we like…


    • The General says:

      That would be fantabbydossey !!!


      • chrisH says:

        Maybe we should send Nicola an invite to address us all at Tolpuddle.
        Labour would surely want to see her, and sit humbly at her feet.
        Otherwise it`ll be Russ Abbott and Rab C Nesbit as ever…


      • chrisH says:

        Fat tabby dosser
        Labour losing luvvies are
        Compo. Cleggy Prescott.

        A rebellious haiku here…I just love to break the rules!


    • Barlicker says:

      If it wasn’t so funny, it would be sad to watch. The new leader of the Labour Party – my, what a hard decision with such an abundance of “talent” to choose from. And the party has such a knack of selecting the most unelectable candidate (Foot, Kinnock, Miliband), I’m hoping that this time they’ll go the whole hog (as it were) and select Abbott. The Labour Party, R.I.P.


    • Beltane says:

      I believe the monolith is due for abbreviation to Millstone.


  6. Alan says:


    Umunna is a city slicker in denial about why Labour failed (so probably not the man to fix the problems if he doesn’t know what they are), Burnham is a good talker but also in denial, Tristram Hunt? You have to be kidding…the only real possibilities for me are Cooper and Jarvis, and Jarvis is probably too inexperienced as yet…Harman would just get up everyone’s nose and Miliband senior is more of the same just less left wing….and just as ineffective as his brother.


    • Sceptical Steve says:

      Surely Cooper is the only credible candidate? Thanks to the voters of Morley and Outwood, she’ll now have no problems arranging childcare.


  7. Deborah says:

    I would be very happy with Chukka, Tristram or Burnham as the leader of the Labour Party – any of these will ensure further Conservative years. Chukka is so ‘smooth’ that he makes the majority of women voters sick rather than swoon, one would only have to mention ‘Stafford’ any time a camera was around to remind people that Burnham is the cause of over 1000 deaths and Tristam is so thick and so obviously a champagne socialist that his looks too would be ignored by the majority of women voters (I am ignoring the likes of Laura Penny and the stupid girl on Question Time who blamed the conservative victory on Murdoch obviously).


    • Sceptical Steve says:

      You’re on exactly the right track, but bear in mind that Labour has to prioritise rebuilding its power base in Scotland. All the names currently in the frame would be seen as very very middle class and English, which would be particularly toxic North of the Border.


  8. Judge Dread says:

    Normal BBC political balance on todays’ Sunday Politics, hosted by Andrew Neil.

    The first half an hour was devoted almost entirely to Labour with :-
    Janan Ganesh – Financial Times, Polly Toynbee and Nick Watt Guardian, resident BBC leftie Andrew Marr, Chukka Umuna Labour MP (looking for leaders job), Liz Kendall Labour MP (looking for leaders job), Marr again, Mandleson, finishing off with Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary.

    After this UKIP ,described by Neil as a damp squib, Nigel Farage had 90 seconds and Douglas Carswell five minutes.

    Of course in Londonistan it’s all about Labour and the left.


  9. Mrs Kitty says:

    I really really want Harriet HarPIEperson to be IT. How quick can Labour Crash and Burn. Then my summer would be complete,


  10. Glen says:

    I watched the Marr show, once again history is being written by the vanquished and is being edited by the bbc. Chukka Obama basically admitted that labour lied through their teeth on every policy to get voted in.

    Marr just loaded the bullets for him and Mandelson to explain just how the tories are going to destroy themselves and the country with infighting over the EU via the ‘madcap’ (Mandy’s word) backbenchers,? I think he meant to say racist.

    Then came wee Jimmy and her anti English/tory garbage and her wish to get a deal for Scotland as long as it is 100% in their favour, I think she means full fiscal control as long as the English taxpayers are still funding it.

    Just unbelievable, three days in and the bbc are carrying on as though the GE has still to take place…YOU LOST, GET OVER IT, GET BACK IN YOUR BOX AND SHUT THE F*** UP WITH YOUR GARBAGE!!

    Two things need to happen, give the Scots what they want but with no comebacks, let them destroy themselves….destroy the bbc and stop the toxic sludge from infecting people who just want to get on with life.


    • Stu says:

      Old Spanish proverb. “Revenge is a dish best eaten cold.” I do hope Cameron remembers the BBC bias when the charter comes up for review.


    • Beltane says:

      The farce continued with Sunday Politics where a ‘panel’ consisting entirely of Guardian columnists, headed not at all surprisingly by La Toynbee, assessed the situation in predictable BBCspeak. Today, offerings from the 5-Live studio and Ms Derbyshire’s al fresco setting continue the distillation of venom – it’s all truly beyond parody.
      An aspect not yet fully appreciated, of course, is the part played by the pollsters and their enthusiastic embracement by the Beeb. Go back a few months, to the referendum, and had these similarly spurious and unsubstantiated ‘projections’ not been so publicly aired it’s altogether probable that the mad dash north by English politicians keen to abase themselves, to our current great cost, would have proved altogether unnecessary.


  11. mark sells says:

    Agree that Andrew Marr failed to hammer the “debt agnostic” Umunna. Whilst most commentators include Labour’s inability to acknowledge, let alone apologise for the debt debacle as a factor in their defeat, Umunna refused to change tack. This is brilliant for the Tories – there is now no possible Labour response (to the excessive borrowing question) that looks good; either they continue to claim “non est factum” (which the public don’t believe) or they own up and admit that they have been in “debt-denial” for 5 years!


  12. johnnythefish says:

    Anyone seen Mr Clap recently?


  13. Peter Sausages says:

    I cannot see Liebour getting back in for a long time….Happy days,the beeboids must be in meltdown.


  14. stuart says:

    the trouble with chuka umunna is this, even though he like most socalists have wealth like we can only dream about,this man still has a hang up about race and the colour of peoples skins,i might be wrong,but i think this man still has a grudge against white people and there power structures, in every interview i have heard this man give lately he always points out that he is black and the son of a immigrant and how proud he is of politacal correctness and diversity,.yes,he is being pitched as the next obama,ask anybody in america how divided the races are in america under obama and what a mess that country is.that is just as taste of what come if chuka umanna ever gets the keys to no 10.


  15. Aerfen says:

    London-based liberal elitists such as Umunna appeal to the BBC – even better that he is black.

    Mostly because he is black! If he is gay as well, then all the better. He certainly reeks of gaydar.

    Lets hope theyre daft enough to choose him as leader ensuring Labour will be out of office for a decade.