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It must be nice to have the abundant resources of the BBC available to you to promote your own personal agendas…such as gay marriage.

In 2013 when we had a vote to legalise gay marriage the BBC broadcast an epsiode of Mrs Brown’s Boys which involved a gay marriage the night before the vote in Parliament ….the intention clearly to persuade people of the correct way to think about this subject.

Blatant propaganda being broadcast on the BBC with the intent of influencing the vote…..the BBC knew, or desperately hoped, that ‘Mrs Brown’, with a huge following, may have some influence…and that was admitted with their coverage of the recent vote in Ireland when they repeatedly broadcast ‘Mrs Brown’s’ latest comments promoting gay marriage….


The BBC clearly thinks ‘Mrs Brown’ has the power to influence how people think and it is an admission that its broadcast in 2013 was a deliberate attempt to do just that with a one-sided programme that was pure pro-gay marriage campaigning on the BBC shilling.

The BBC will no doubt argue that it is part of its remit to promote tolerance, civil society and social cohesion…..but who decides what that entails, what ‘Society’ should look like?….here it was the BBC deciding before the vote in Parliament…surely it should have been the other way round if at all with Parliament voting then the BBC promoting the will of Parliament.




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  1. xavier says:

    Gay marriage activists are always the first to scream and babble “it means nothing anyway what does it matter if gays get married?”

    If it means nothing, why are you dedicating such an inordinate amount of effort for something that “means nothing” and desperately trying to change the status quo?


    • Scott says:

      It means nothing to people who aren’t gay. That’s why the opposition is challenged, and those who are challenged flounder when asked to justify their opposition.

      To couples who have been denied the right and dignity to marry, it can mean everything.


      • Geoff says:

        Are you telling me that militant homosexuals are ‘dignified’ ?

        I suggest just look at the post vote celebrations.


      • Mat says:

        Oh no mention the ‘G’ word and like a dog hearing a whistle In flys the Pro BBC Zsa Zsa Goboff !
        Sadly though his interjections are really getting dull and predictable I mean I’m all for being passionate about an issue but his obsessive one trick phony act is just so old now! being gay is all he has nothing else seems to rankle him to comment just that one defining thing best we can say about him is he is a well rounded human in the same sense a zero is well rounded !


      • Merched Becca says:

        Scott, why are you on this site ?


  2. RJ says:

    I await the new LGBT demand in Ireland – for Cobh to revert to its old name of Queenstown.


  3. Laska says:

    Also there was Stephen Fry going full on his programme promoting the same sex position in regards to Ireland’s referendum. This on BBC regarding another sovereign country just before the vote. We either assume that he is out of control or we assume that the BBC is happy for Fry to and his panel – unanimous, of course – to express the view of the BBC regarding Ireland on this matter. I thought interfering and clearly attempting to sway the Irish was beyond the BBC remit. I gather that since the BBC has taken over from the Foreign Office the World Service has become obsessed with homosexuality. The BBC should remember that a lot of its output decries the Empire and the alleged attempt of the British to undermine other cultures and impose “British values”. Now, of course, the BBC has the same confidence and certainty in BBC values which it promotes. Note, it has given up the pretext of neutrality in its foreign broadcasts; its values are British values. I would appreciate it if the BBC would issue its BBC Values and its favoured policy positions so that we can have something to measure its output by. We find “bias” against it charter but maybe it would be simpler if it laid its cards out explicit,y.


    • Sickofitall says:

      It does.


      • desperatedan says:

        perhaps albeebs arabic and world service could promote the views in an attempt to broaden its appeal 🙂


    • Mat says:

      Wow Fatty Fryer well if I need a good talking to I won’t go looking for it from a unpleasant old sexual predator who buys preteeey young men with cars and trinkets from his huge pile of cash !
      Unusually though for BBC lifer he did at least wait until the guy was legal very refreshing change from their usual practices !


    • 60022Mallard says:

      Is it time to have an annual referendum day in the U.K. when such contentious social and other proposals can be voted on, as they do in Switzerland?

      One suspects that the tide of “social” change may be rather more gradual than the Guardian / BBC axis would like!


  4. Nibor says:

    The BBC did not tell us the %of people who actually voted in the referendum.


    • 60022Mallard says:

      Working in the building industry we put in lots of “disabled” toilets.

      These are of course carefully designed to suit a person in a wheelchair with a specific turning circle etc. Having put one in to your building you have “ticked the box”.

      Can someone please now define a “disabled” person.

      The new weather presenter could be a former armed forces member with a leg blown off in Afghanistan who has a prosthetic leg and would not appear to be disabled on the telly, in which case he / she may not be “diverse” enough to “tick the box”.

      Perhaps the BBC need to be more specific on (un)suitable disabilities. Peter White is a good broadcaster but being blind does not “work” too well on television.

      They have certainly opened a can of worms with this idea. Whoever gets the jobs is branded as being a token, he/she may actually be very good at it, but will always carry that burden. A bit like when they announced the next Today presenter would be a woman, so you always wonder whether there were actually better candidates of the “wrong” gender.


      • pah says:

        It does beg the question why the BBC hasn’t done this years ago? Does it not believe in equality or can it not find a suitable Oxbridge PSB/PSG?


        • Edward says:

          The BBC has been doing this for years ever since Eastenders first came onto our screens. But I think a more suitable example of shoehorning disability onto our screens is that of Julie Fernandez who was an ‘actress’ on BBC’s Eldorado.

          If the BBC can employ disabled people who cannot act or have no qualification in the very thing they are employed to present to TV viewers, then why can’t the BBC employ unemployed people to play the parts of Eastenders characters, rather than pay twats like Danny Dyer… (I don’t watch it so can’t come up with more examples).

          Once again, the BBC fail the people of Britain. They are funded by us, therefore they should be sharing with us their facilities and offering opportunities to everyone who applies.

          If I pay my council tax, I expect to have access to my local council amenities. Similarly, if I pay my TV licence, I should have access to all BBC amenities too.

          But I don’t. I will never get a chance to be a BBC cameraman, for instance, even though I am not qualified.

          Not only that, but the BBC do pay large amounts of money to a few ‘talented’ people when, in reality, they do not have a mandate to compete for talent or compete with commercial broadcasters for ratings. Their mandate is viewer satisfaction..


    • Scott says:

      As usual, the Daily Mail exaggerates so far that it becomes untruthful, and the usual suspects respond to the dog whistle without engaging their brain.

      It’s not a job offer, it’s a place on a training course. As anyone who actually reads the wording provided by the BBC rather than the propaganda by the Mail would realise.

      Of course, the Mail introduces this fact at the bottom of its story, right underneath paragraphs and paragraphs of exaggeration and lies. Because it knows that the knee-jerk squad don’t read much further than the headline before going berserk…


      • Span Ows says:

        “As usual, the Daily Mail exaggerates so far that it becomes untruthful…”

        “As anyone who actually reads the wording provided by the BBC rather than the propaganda by the Mail would realise”

        Ooops…so exaggerated it’s untruthful but you only have to read it to know it’s not? Riiiight.

        And introducing facts near the bottom after various paragraphs above constitutes lying? You have tarred the BBC with your anti Mail brush.


    • BG says:

      Good to see a robust response too. Only for Biased BBC and the Mail could this be a story:

      ‘A BBC spokesperson said: ‘We are not advertising for a disabled weather presenter. This training opportunity is open to men and women with disabilities who have a passion for weather and the environment and who have the potential to become weather presenters in the future.
      ‘There are no jobs guaranteed at the end of the training. There is nothing ‘PC’ about offering training to people with disabilities.’


  5. chrisH says:

    S`pose nobody is seeing gay marriage as a deliberate provocation to Muslims now are they?
    I`d have though such a provocative flaunting and sexualisation of a keystone of Islamic teaching…a wanton perversion of all things Muslim and peace-loving…would normally be bitterly attacked by the BBC and its leftard chummies.
    Apparently drawing a cartoon is all of the above-and deserves a bullet…whereas a gay marriage must be defended and swallowed whole by angry Muslims.
    Simple really-but don`t ask me why it is!
    Only in Leftyworld does the tumbleweed need weaving, and patching up…and nobody need mention how thick, hypocritical and lazily-cowardly/stupid they all are.


    • Span Ows says:

      Of course you highlight an excellent ‘popcorn’ moment in the near future when gay protesters clash with Muslim protesters…imagine the BBC dilemma…glorious!


      • Rufus McDufus says:

        I’d actually pay to watch that. Oh I forgot, I’m already forced to.


  6. D1004 says:

    Hi Scott,
    How are you old cock ? How about a comment on the poll that finds that 29% of your fellow Londoners “find homosexuality is immoral ” ? Hmmm? When are you and your bbc chums going to go forward and boldly go and find these Stone Age purveyors of troubling views ? Show them the error of they views ? Anything stopping you ? A total funk perhaps ? Christian run bakers, B and B’s , pubs are fair game, East End mosques less so.