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The BBC is at present very eager to get the stories of those caught up in the terrorist attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France and to sympathise with the victims but we’ve already heard numerous declarations that Islam is the religion of peace, a French liberal politician attacking the Front National, so how long before a BBC ‘Tim Wilcox’ is pointing the finger of blame….not at the terrorists but suggesting that ‘many critics of British policy would suggest that many Muslims suffer hugely at British hands as well…you understand that everything is seen at different perspectives…’?

We keep being told by the likes of Warsi and Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi, both with close links to islamist organisations, that we must ‘engage’ with the Muslim community to defeat radicalism…what they of course mean is that we implement the radical’s demands for the imposition of Islamic culture and values in the UK….more Islam is the answer to extremist’s calls …for more Islam! Whilst calling for that engagement they at the same time feign shocked outrage at Camerons’s call fro Muslims to engage in the battle against the extremsists with suggestions that some Muslims should take responsibility and stop quietly condoning what is happening……so not that keen on engagement then.

But just how legitimate are their claims that the Muslim ‘communtiy’ has no responsibility?  Is it not that same Muslim community, and it is practically every Muslim that gets a chance to vent his views, that insists day in, day out, that British foreign policy is to blame for radicalising Muslims?

A narrative about our foreign policy, that it is anti-Islam, that is demonstrably false and yet one also supported, indeed some might say kick-started, by the BBC’s opposition to the Iraq war….Muslims pass the blame

“We would like to state we are working to counter the extremist views within our community but the government must acknowledge that the actions it supports in foreign countries is the main fuel these violent extremist use to drive their campaign.”

Time to stop excusing the terrorists and to stop feeding Muslims the dangerous and false narrative about Western foreign policy….and yet only yesterday we had a BBC journalist ’empathising’ with the anger generated by that false narrative that a Jihadi claimed as justifcation for his murderous stance….

Me and Abu Taubah

Taubah had “signed a contract in blood” to help the Syrian people. It was their plight and that of other suffering Muslims, he said, which motivated him to join the group.

“Look at China – men aren’t allowed to grow beards and Muslims aren’t allowed to fast. Look at France – women can’t wear niqab. Look at the USA and UK – you can’t even talk about jihad.” While I privately dismissed the links to propaganda he began to send me, which simplistically divided the world into good and evil, I could certainly empathise with grievances about Muslims having their freedoms curbed. I could agree too, that many innocent Muslims were paying the price in conflicts abroad. But why had Taubah (Arabic for “repentance”) chosen the path of jihad as a response to injustice?

Deeyah Khan, a film director who produced this for ITV recently, Jihad – A British Story, tells us that…

We need to be open and honest about the driving factors of radicalisation from the violent foreign policies, the impact of the war on terror, family and psychological problems, discrimination and ideologies of hatred. This way we can try to avoid the tragic loss of more of our children; who believe themselves to be opening a new morning for humanity while stumbling in the night, over the bones of the dead.

Curiously for someone with that attitude she has been the victim herself of Islamic intolerance…and liberal indifference to it….

She was forced to hire bodyguards. She was spat at in the street and warned that she would be cut into pieces. Deeyah could not take it. She and her liberal parents were living in fear. She announced that she was giving up on her dream of being a star, and fleeing the horrors of Europe in 2007 to find sanctuary in America.

No one came to Deeyah’s defence.  Not liberal-left or compassionate conservative politicians. Not the BBC or liberal press. Not Amnesty International or the “concerned” artists who take up so many leftish causes. No one cared. To defend an Asian woman from unprovoked attacks by Asian men was to their warped minds a racist or Islamophobic act. Unprotected and unnoticed, Deeyah slunk off to live in an anonymous suburb of Atlanta, and begin the long task of pulling herself together.

You have to ask what was it that drove her enemies to attack her?  Was it Western foreign policy?

She has just tweeted this a couple of hours ago…

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. –1Martin Luther King, Jr.


Only last week the BBC on Newsnight had a member of MPACUK on...not to challenge his views, MPACUK being extremist, but to ask his views on extremism!…the BBC claimed MPACUK was a peaceful organisation…so let’s have a look at what they urge their readers to do…or rather did urge…as the message has been removed…for obvious reasons…it’s a bit too clear what its intent is……


The Obligation of Jihad

“Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home). Unto all (in Faith) hath Allah promised good. But those who strive and fight hath He distinguished above those who sit (at home) by a special reward,” Quran Chapter 4: The Women, verse 95.

A high rank, forgiveness and mercy are gifted from our beloved for those who are the Mujahideen. Those that struggle and strive to protect the religion, that protect the honour of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), that protect our brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity are gifted with these amazing favours!

Abu Sa’id al-Khudri said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah, (peace be upon him) say, ‘Whoever of you sees something wrong should change it with his hand; if he cannot, then with his tongue; if he cannot, then with his heart, and that is the weakest form of belief.

Those who do not observe Jihad are indeed committing a grave sin because there is much harm that emanates into society when it is abandoned. Those that neglect Jihad will be disobeying something God has commanded us all to partake in; they have not aided in protecting the Religion of God, they have not defended the Book of God, its messages and His law, they have not helped the Ummah against the enemy who wants to destroy them.

He who dies without having fought in the way of Allah or without having felt it to be his duty, will die having a trait of hypocrisy


Let’s be clear…those Jihadis who go out to ‘defend’ Muslims and Muslim lands are killing more Muslims than any Western foreign policy, and doing it deliberately as well as causing massive amounts of misery and destruction around the world….that you might say is the Muslim communities’ ‘foreign policy’ as they, in Cameron’s words, ‘quietly condone’ what is going on by continually agreeing with the narrative of the terrorists whilst, not surprisingly, saying they abhor the violent methods used to express that anger.

Can a Pakistani heritage Msulim living in Bradford tell me why he thinks he can go to Iraq and start killing Iraqis just because he is a Muslim?  He’s not Iraqi, the Iraqis don’t want him there.  He’s invading Iraq and murdering Iraqis.

Not sure how that is somehow ‘ethical’ whilst an invasion to depose and free those whom a brutal dictator brutally oppressed, who suppressed religion and massacred his people, is unethical…..a dictator that Osama Bin Laden wanted to rout as well.


As for that other BBC narrative, that Islam has nothing to do with ISIS and radicalisation try asking Tom Holland, an historian with a deep knowledge of Islamic history…

Tom Holland: We must not deny the religious roots of Islamic State

Salafism today is probably the fastest-growing Islamic movement in the world. The interpretation that Isis applies to Muslim scripture may be exceptional for its savagery – but not for its literalism. Islamic State, in its conceit that it has trampled down the weeds and briars of tradition and penetrated to the truth of God’s dictates, is recognisably Salafist. When Islamic State fighters smash the statues of pagan gods, they are following the example of the Prophet; when they proclaim themselves the shock troops of a would-be global empire, they are following the example of the warriors of the original caliphate; when they execute enemy combatants, and impose discriminatory taxes on Christians, and take the women of defeated opponents as slaves, they are doing nothing that the first Muslims did not glory in.

Such behaviour is certainly not synonymous with Islam; but if not Islamic, then it is hard to know what else it is.


Until the truth about what is really going on and the reasons for it are openly discussed you will never solve this situation.

The reality is we need to erase ISIS from the face of the earth and quickly….they will never be open to ‘moderation’ by a friendly little chat with Western diplomats…such a notion is incredibly stupid and naive.

They are a terrorist State and are quite prepared, as we see, to spread the terror, and their influence, with very easy, very effective and very deadly attacks that cost little but have far reaching implications for those on the receiving end….deadly in terms of human life but also in economic terms.

I have no doubt the BBC will be giving Warsi, Qureshi and others like them free reign to tells us how shocked they are ‘but…….’

Time to stop pandering to them and start challenging their dangerous rhetoric.







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87 Responses to Stop Making Excuses

  1. Jerry Owen says:

    Cameron said today as he has said in the past that these acts are nothing to do with Islam….He stated that Islam is the ‘religion of peace’……I would say I agree but would perhaps change the words a tad….’Islam is a peace of religion’, in that it has it’s own undeniable take on Islam and it is clearly Islamic ideology. We are not talking about some minority whacko version of Islam. We witness atrocities every day, it is a very large minority view, and to pretend otherwise is both patronizing to those Islamic extremists ( or are they in reality moderates of islam!) and downright dangerous for the rest of us.


    • DP111 says:

      Alan wrote: that we must ‘engage’ with the Muslim community to defeat radicalism…what they of course mean is that we implement the radical’s demands for the imposition of Islamic culture and values in the UK….more Islam is the answer to extremist’s calls

      Alan, you have it right.

      Wrote the following almost 10 years ago.

      Actually the Jihadis and the moderates work in concert. After each terrorist outrage, muslim moderates come forward with their “Islam is RoP” mantra, and asking for special privileges for muslims in the country. This is also followed up by demands that such and such activity or foreign policy be turned around to suit the muslim cause.

      If we pulled out of Iraq, it wont make a difference. The demands could well be anything that comes to their minds – severing economic ties with Israel, India, Thailand because of etc etc .

      7/24/2005 6:11 PM


      • TheLeftHunter says:

        I believe you meant “moderates”.


        • DP111 says:

          Indeed. Very scary quotes, as it is not the Jihadis that are the real threat to Western/Europe civilisation, but the rapidly expanding “moderate” Muslims.


      • ID says:

        DP111, yes the same obfuscation was adopted with IRA/Sinn Fein. The Sinn Fein were supposedly moderate, democratic and “peace-loving” while the IRA were the advocates of violence, never openly supported but never publically condemed by Sinn Fein. “Moderate” Muslims adopt the same position. They are always complaining about being asked to “condemn Islamic terrorism”. They do not condemn because they tacitly admire or support. Their aims are the same and their beliefs are essentially the same and only expediency determines who holds which position at any time. Whether IRA/ Sinn Finn or moderate/extreme Islam the strategy is the same.


        • Richard North says:

          Another worrying analogy with Northern Ireland is that the percentage of UK Muslims prepared to condone violence are at similar levels to Catholics in Northern Ireland in the early 70’s. “Violence is a legitimate way to achieve goals” – 25% of NI Catholics agreed in 1973. “Acts of violence against people who publish images of Mohammad can never be justified” – 24% of UK Muslims disagree in 2015 (Source: ComRes poll Jan/Feb).


  2. yohoho says:


    def: the fear of being blown up on the bus on your way to work


  3. Lakesman says:

    It’s time this government started rolling back this Leftard, McBBC agenda that has left decent people too scared to speak out for fear of being called racist/sexist/anti-this and anti-that. There is a real feeling out there that this bullshit has gone to far. The Liberal Elite have tried to shut down any discourse or debate regarding non-PC behaviour which, of course, suits them. This allows the breeding of extreme ideologies (whose aims supports those of the “intelligentsia”) and the rise of their ultimate aim – their own Leftard fascist state, along with their chosen Caliphates.

    We are sleepwalking into a huge danger championed by these progressive, selfish idiots.


    • desperatedan says:

      can we stop misusing the word “progressive” there is nothing progressive about them it is just a rename of the last rename of the name change of the same often failed marxist ideology, britain has been progressing since the middle ages these idiots are taking us backwards not forwards


      • Lakesman says:

        My mistake Dan as I should have put that in inverted commas to show the irony of the term 🙂


        • desperatedan says:

          thats ok man, but i have to say describing them as selfish idiots does a disservice to village idiots the world over


      • DYKEVISIONS says:

        Hear hear desperatedan,
        perfect description of this use of the word by the odious Left!


    • Stuart B says:

      What I notice about the BBC of today, as opposed to, say, 15-20 years ago, is this. Whereas back then you could readily identify programming that was biased, ill-informed and ill-informing, it did not constitute the overwhelming majority of the BBC’s output. Now, I find almost all of what I watch and listen to seems tainted by an all-pervading mindset (with which everyone here is familiar). For me, the legal notion of a ‘controlling mind’ is constantly in evidence, even in the most apparently innocent of outputs.
      This site is important to me for two reasons – firstly it tells me I am not alone in seeing what I see, and am therefore less likely to be deluded about it. Also, the contributors, between them, model for me all sorts of reactions to this dire situation – from extreme rage, to occasional despair, to calm analysis, via ‘cunning schemes’ of protest, or access to other channels. It is really helpful to know that others are tearing their hair out, berating their partners, weeping into their beer or diligently writing yet another futile letter of complaint.
      So thanks to most of you, apart from the truly awful resident trowels – who knows, maybe the increasingly blatant bias is a sign of desperation, and like the Berlin Wall, it’ll all come down faster than anyone expects.. but I’m not holding my breath.


      • GCooper says:

        I can see only two things bringing down the BBC. The first would be the election of a radical government that refused to go along with the game the Corporation has been playing for the past few decades.

        The other is the inescapable damage caused as technology gnaws away at its foundations. Once its audience is liberated from the BBC’s patronising de haut en bas offerings and can choose for itself what it wants to consume, then the justification for a state run monopoly becomes unsupportable.

        As its audience seeps away, it will be unable to survive.


      • Seek the Truth says:

        I totally agree, and also welcome the fact that this site is proof that I am not being paranoid when I see and hear the constant bias on the BBC, that once great institution. The ‘British’ should be dropped from its name, to be replaced by ‘Treacherous’.


        • Manonclaphamomnibus says:

          We can sum this whole discussion up by recognising all religion an belief in general which is not based on evidence is a basic form of insanity. Beliving in spirits or prophets must immediately ring alarm bells whenever they are mentioned. ISIS is engaged in a turf war just as much as Blair and Bush. The ideology of the establishment BBC is just towing a western theyre bad and we ,of the rendition torture and waterboarding fame,are good.
          I would suggest if you tot up the current score the west have still mudered more Arabs than Arabs have the west.


      • Dave s says:

        If it is any consolation a ruling elite or belief always collapses quickly. This is the way we ,as human, seem to work.
        The current liberal ( modern use) world view has been on borrowed time now for some years.
        The only sufferers will be the bodysnatched and the fantasists.


      • CranbrookPhil says:

        Suart B, likewise I thought I was alone in noticing left leaning bias in the BBC particularly as most of my friends unlike me are socialists (I am an artist so this is an occupational hazard!).
        But in my experience the bias went back to the late 1980s, back then I was living in Italy & had to listen to the World Service on good old short wave (it was better than having to find wifi). I noticed that the BBC’s agenda was anti English, pro EEC, evangelic on the dangers of climate change & the ozone layer hole (that one was a joke!). I wasn’t quite so aware of it’s pro left stance then as now though it was always anti Thatcher. But I did atune myself to the BBC being far from neutral with a definite mission to change people’s opinions to their own world view, this I thought wrong. Since then it has got far far worse.
        Thank goodness for websites like this, it is easy to be numb to the bias as the leftish message is a drip drip one and nobody notices the rising level over the years.


  4. The Old Bloke says:

    There will be a straw that breaks the camels back.


  5. Geoff says:

    How the hell can Cameron say that Islam is a religion of peace?

    When at war (which we are) you take nothing for granted, everyone considered a suspect. In WW2 Germans, many respectable were rounded up and put in prison, many on the Isle of Man.

    This is a war, at least 11 Brits have died today, how can we be sure who is among us? After all Glasgow was perpetrated by NHS doctors.

    Enough of this appeasement, special dispensations, being nice etc, no more immigration and asylum seekers from such countries and no more mosques.

    Islam will never be a religion of peace, absolutely no one believes you Mr Cameron, not even you.


    • DP111 says:

      Geoff: How the hell can Cameron say that Islam is a religion of peace?

      He does not have any options at the moment but to continue with the RoP mantra. If he states the truth, then he has to start proceedings that will lead very quickly to civil war with Muslims, who BTW, are citizens.

      We are in this mess primarily because of Labour, who imported millions of Muslims into the country, for no other reason then to get a captive Muslim vote. In effect gerrymandering but with a difference – treason.

      The best possible outcome would be if Muslims began to feel uncomfortable, and leave voluntarily. Unfortunately they wont, as they dont have any sense of shame or honour. In reality, the opposite is happening – Muslims from all over the ME and Africa are forcefully breaching the border to help their compatriots in the coming war. This is invasion nothing else.


      • Lobster says:

        “Unfortunately they wont, as they dont have any sense of shame or honour. ”

        Not entirely true, but their idea of shame or honour usually involves murdering one of their daughters.


        • DP111 says:



          Everything that Islam touches it degrades.

          Fasting – In all religions fasting is genuine fasting, not just not eating in the day, then pigging out in the night.

          2. Fasting in all other religions is a period of reflection and meditation. For Muslims, fasting is salivating at the prospect of huge amounts of food in a few hours, and planning mass murders.

          3. Prayer – In all religions, prayer is thoughtfull communication with a diety. In Islam, prayer is a repetitive set of excercises in accordance to repetive phrases.

          4. Scholarship/ scholar – In all cultures, scholarship in a subject means critical expertise of the subject. Islamic “scholars” cannot criticise the koran, only memorise it, thus degrading the word scholar/scholarship. Worse – Taqqiya, as well as violence is adopted to prevent any real scholarship of the koran by outsiders.

          5. In all religions bar Islam, after Saturday or Sunday prayers, the congregation comes out peacefully with peace in their hearts and minds. In Islam, the period after friday prayers, is the most dangerous time. The congregation comes out of the mosque with murder in their hearts and minds. ( Yesterday was Friday)

          6. Likewise honour and shame.

          The fall of people who have adopted Islam, is marked throughout the world, since the very beginning that this pestilence spread. It turned civilised people into barbarians – people who murdered their own kith and kin, and their own culture for a barbaric Arab tribal culture suited to a wandering desert tribe

          But our idiot politicians thought that this murderous tribal ideology would just be the sort that would enrich our civilisation. The consequence is that we are looking at a civil war of the like of Bosnia or worse.


          • Mr Glodstone says:

            A superb synopsis of the RoP DP111, and our probable future as a result of its adherents being allowed to colonise the West.

            “If you let the camel get its head in the tent, the next thing – it will have its arse in the tent and the next thing – it will s**t all over you.”


    • teddy called Moh says:

      After the Queens visit to Bergen Belsen I’m waiting for Cameron to say extermination camps had nothing to do with Hitler


      • Ian Rushlow says:

        But they didn’t, they didn’t! Everyone knows Nazism was an ideology of peace, inspired by Teutonic folk tales and the beautiful music of Wagner. Hitler knew nothing about these alleged extermination camps, it was down to a small minority with a perverted view of Nazism. The rampant Naziphobia that led to WWII was led by Winston Churchill, who was a, er, er, Zionist agent or something. And the Queen is really a German anyway, Saxa Salt the Goth or something her name is. It’s true I tell you I’ve seen the documents in the BBC staff library.


        • TheLeftHunter says:

          Currently “5” “likes”.
          There have been exactly 5 “likes” on eight posts on BBBC in the last few days.
          Why not have a rota system in the BBC canteen.
          Four of you play bridge.
          One of you contributes some nonsense here.


          • TheLeftHunter says:

            Apologies for “replying” to myself.
            Ten seconds later, another”like” for IR.
            Which undermines my argument.


        • DP111 says:

          Ian. Quite right.

          Does Islam have a Wagner or Bach? Nope. Islam does not allow music. Thus, even from Rushlow’s impish perspective, Nazism is better then Islam.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      A good point about the NHS doctors. The present government, in its wisdom, has decided that GPs must be informed of all of their patients with a shotgun or firearms certificate. No GP, no certificate.

      The effects of this will be:

      1. Gun owners who feel depressed will avoid seeking medical help, for fear of having their guns confiscated;

      2. Numerous Muslims in our NHS, some of whom have proved themselves to be terrorists, will have access to the ownership details of all the legally owned guns in Britain.

      Does anyone see any possible dangers in any of this, because HMG doesn’t.

      We are ruled by morons.


  6. stuart says:

    islam is not a religion of peace,islam is a religion of pieces of beheaders,child raping paedophiles,mass genocidal nazi isis murderers,homophobes,anti semetic fascists,female mutilaters,now what is the driving force behind all these issues i have outlined in the religions of pieces,its called the koran and the hadith,these two books have 120 verses that dictate a religious doctrine to tell all muslims whether isis or the 7/7 bombers it is your duty to behave in this murderous manner towards non muslims and infidels as proven with the beheadings and mass murder in france and tunisia today and the child rape of christian girls by isis and the muslim child groomers in rotherham ,birmingham and all over the uk.this is all linked to islam and the religion of peices,that cant be denied anymore.enough of this.


  7. desperatedan says:

    frankly im beyond tired of them, they can have their muslim countries and all f**k off back there, we promise never to interfere, against them or for them and to never lift a finger to help them, in fact i heard Andrew Neil refer to the middle east as the levant i would suggest they all go there and kill each other.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Agree .I will pay a repatriation tax if necessary.


      • DP111 says:

        If not, then at the very least Muslims should be made to pay a special tax because of the huge expenditure that has to be made for security, airport securuty, dealing with FGMs, honour killings, Halal barbarity, criminality, and general disorder and ugliness that Muslims have created in this once beautiful isle.


  8. More Like The Soviet Bloc Every Day says:

    Since the BBC and the media in general-as well as our elites-have been infiltrated by people who wish to pull our societies down from the inside, it seems we can’t rely on them. We have to go on raising the alarm, as much as we can, ourselves. I know everybody here, who understands the enormity of the situation, is doing that anyway. I’ve managed to open the eyes of a few more of my friends very recently. It might not seem like much, but it’s important, because every person matters and we know what’s just over the horizon. Although the press try to spin the narrative, they don’t control the flow of information. I think many people are likely becoming much more amenable to the truth anyway, in ways they wouldn’t have before.


  9. Old Goat says:

    So the BBC and Channel 4 kindly tell us all about the fasting times, etc., in Ramadan, whist ISIL kindly informs us that they will make Ramadan a month of disaster and mayhem for ‘non-believers’

    Thank you, fucking BBC, and thank you, fucking Channel 4.

    At least we know now when to expect to be blown apart, or decapitated.


  10. Geoff says:

    Translated “we’re just normal Muslims” enough said


  11. jez says:

    thanks tony blair and new labour,you let millions of these islamists and there familys into are country.


  12. chrisH says:

    The likes of Tom Holland would once have bent the knee to the likes of Giles Fraser.
    Yet we Christians now know that a Tom Holland has learned more about the Islamic project and its intentions for us all , than a Giles Fraser ever will.
    For Holland has had his death threats after his Channel 4 programme a few years back-but Giles Fraser dances to Islamic tunes, and is far more better used in disembowelling the inherited church.
    Which he does on a daily basis-the Digby-Jones of Religion.
    Our prophets and truth tellers have long left any attachment to a Church-the supine likes of Fraser are tooting the gullible and the feeble into holding pens for IS.
    Witness Fraser on the Moral Maze the other night-he equates his Old Testament with the Koran, when one visit to Bill Warners Political Islam site would see him right.
    But that would cost him his cosy berth at Newington Butts, let alone all those communion wine mock ups with Richard Coles and the Reverend Blue Jeans.
    The Church did not improve-it is therefore being removed.
    As is Labour. Liberal, BBC and FIFA for that matter.


  13. DP111 says:

    Thanks ChrisH

    Indeed, Bill Warners Political Islam site is a Must Read.

    Bill Warner’s essay on Muslim women and the hijab, is also well worth reading..


  14. stuart says:

    did you here the politacal establishment cretins attacking nigel farage tonight on any questions radio 4.and the audience was no better,nothing but anti ukip crap from the bbc and the lib,lab,tory scumbags as usual.


  15. Glen says:

    I don’t think you need to be a brilliant historian to work out the problem with nazislam, the rise of social media and the ability to see foreign countries as though they are just down the road has exposed them to the arrogant, destructive, hypocritical, offensive, uncooperative and vile cult it is, we can see it every day in all its technicolour glory…except the appeasers that is.

    Read a little into the history of islam and it has barely changed since its inception, paedos, beheadings, hatred of any other religion, etc,etc. As we saw on Sian Williams’ Sunday morning show they can’t even accept one another’s point of view…if they aren’t fighting someone they aren’t happy.

    Western scholars like to use Saladin as the archetypal muslim leader…wise, dignified, merciful and progressive (now where have we heard that word before?) thinking whereas many muslims much prefer Baybars for his bloodthirsty and ruthless way in which he defeated a Crusader army. That sums them up, they can’t move on from medieval times, violence is their business.

    This country is too far gone as far as a change for the good when it comes to nazislam, other countries will take up the mantle but for us it will get worse before it gets better. The two worlds simply can’t coexist, when that fact becomes clear to the masses things may get better, I fear it will be too little too late.


    • CranbrookPhil says:

      Islam never had the shift from theism to deism as Christianity did via the Renaissance, the Reformation, & the Enlightenment. All these moved Christianity along with the times so that it constantly evolved till now it is pretty well rejected, it’s a sort of natural evolution. Islam is an immovable religion so it is still stuck with the thinking & philosophy around at its inception. And unfortunately it was pretty belligerent back then as now. This is why I consider it incompatible with the West.


  16. DP111 says:


    This is what I have felt for three decades at the least ie since we started to allow millions of Muslims to settle in the UK.

    I can’t think of an country in Europe that will start the fight back, except the one most under threat of going under – ie France.

    Several reasons that it hads to be, and will be France

    1. Frances is inder the greatest threat, as it has the largest Muslim population.

    2. France is the political leader of the EU.

    3. France has a vigorous belief in laicite and Republican values

    4. France has the political and philosophical thrust that that can take all of Europe with it.

    5. Germany, the richest nation in the EU, is hamstrung by its past. However, it will follow with Germanic precision where France leads.

    6. The rest of Europe will follow France and Germany.

    Now its possible that we many not follow just because France leads the way, but lets hope for the best.


    • Glen says:

      You’re right DP, and it could be a case of history repeating itself.

      France were the main country that took the war to the advancing muslim hordes in times gone by.

      From Charles Martel who stopped the muslims from overrunning Europe at the Battle of Tours to the Frankish Crusaders who tried to free Jerusalem from the tyranny of islam, it seems they may have to do it again as it seems their country is under siege.

      Whether they have the strength to take their country back under the current EU liberal socialist regime remains to be seen, the lefties have the people of the EU bowed and beaten which is giving the muslims free reign to do whatever they want.

      If the islam threat keeps growing then it will take a specific effort to start the fight back from a country that doesn’t have the restraints that most EU countries have, ie, a soft arsed lefty leadership, Hungary have started to see sense but I think the likes of the Ukraine will have the wherewithal to take any threat head on.

      It seems crazy to be thinking like this but the threat is clearly growing, our leaders are growing more spineless by the day and the only outcome looks inevitable, the future seems scary.


  17. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Asks:

    Who Could Be Behind The Attacks?

    The BBC try to divert the obvious. Why?



    • Essexman says:

      The Evil BBC World covering the funeral of some of Barry’s mates in the deep south, but unlike French News is not covering the beheading in France or the murder of Hideously White, English people in Tunisia. The Evil **nts.


      • chrisH says:

        Didn`t count the bodies myself-but wasn`t it something like 38 people killed in Tunisia-including many British holidaymakers?
        As opposed to 12 black Christians who were decidedly not British.
        So that`ll be maybe 3:1 British to Americans.
        That would normally get a lot more coverage for the white tourists wouldn`t it?
        Ah but-these black victims were only Christian-and running the gauntlet by daring to pray and study that warlike book of theirs.
        But they were BLACK-Afro Americans in todays money-which of course trumps any crappy Jesus stuff.
        And our white trash were only lobster pink members of the Raj, only with sunhats and iPods instead of cutlasses and pith helmets..,AND Gaia rapists too in flying their ghastly charter flights to Oiksville-well Al Oikki anyway!
        So who`s to say who trumps who?…well Obama crooning nothings under a rainbow flag surely trumps all!
        Easy being a liberal innit?


  18. Mr Glodstone says:

    That is well said DP111, I too believe that France is where the fight back will begin. I agree with the reasons you list and would also add that the French aren’t as cowed as we are in the U.K., look at how violently they protest about even quite minor things – their lorry drivers, farmers etc.
    I also think that Eastern Europe will see major push back against the spread of Islam; the Czechs, for example, are clever people and know what they are dealing with. The long shadow cast by the legacy of the Ottomans throughout the Balkans; means that here too dhimmitude and Political Correctness have both failed to take root, unlike here in the West of Europe where it is of a rare order – “possibly terminal” in the words of Pat Buchanan.


    • DP111 says:

      Mr Glodstone


      Asylum – Czech Republic does not want any Africans, Poland only wants Christians
      As “” reported, Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz recently announced to grant asylum to 60 Syrian Christian families. In the long term, up to 150 Christian families from Syria are planned to get shelter in Poland.
      Kopacz explained this step by saying:
      “Christians who are persecuted in the most barbaric way, deserve that a Christian country like Poland will help them.”

      The expert states that selection in the integration policy is not a bad thing. Especially, as Christians can be integrated easily.

      The future, which once seemed so far to our politicians , is beginning to take shape, and its not looking good.


  19. Edward says:

    I’m not convinced that the BBC is biased towards Islam or Palestinians or Muslim terrorists or whatever. If I were a Jew or a Christian or a Sikh or a Young Earth Creationist, I might believe there is bias simply because the BBC treat all religions equally when, obviously, Judaism or Christianity or Sikhism or Young Earth Creationism is the only true religion.

    And that isn’t surprising, seeing as there is an equal amount of evidence to support each of those religions – NONE!

    DP111 wrote:
    “Wrote the following almost 10 years ago.

    Actually the Jihadis and the moderates work in concert. After each terrorist outrage, muslim moderates come forward with their “Islam is RoP” mantra, and asking for special privileges for muslims in the country. This is also followed up by demands that such and such activity or foreign policy be turned around to suit the muslim cause.”

    The idea that moderate religion gives extremists credibility is not a new one. And it is NOT confined to the realms of Islam. It applies to ALL religions!

    The problem we have today is that of religion as a form of identity rather than a belief system. We know far too many science things that convince us that The Garden of Eden didn’t actually exist and that the Earth orbits the Sun (Duh!).

    If we give religion too much respect, we end up with a situation where the people within religious groups will push for more privileges. One problem we have here in the UK is state sanctioned Christian prayer both in schools and council meetings. Everyone is free to opt out of prayer time, but why should non-Christians (the majority of the UK population) have to opt out saying prayers? Surely it should be an opt-in arrangement.

    Just because Christians do not go around blowing themselves up or beheading innocent people, that does not absolve them from the causes of social divisiveness or give them an excuse for preferential treatment. Religion, when it is organised for the masses, is dangerous and potentially world-ending.

    Let’s face it, what ISIS are propagating now is what Christianity was propagating only 300 years ago! Blasphemy law here in the UK was abolished in (drum-roll…) 2008. So, a law that would sit comfortably within the Sharia system was still in place in the British system until only 7 years ago!

    The problem isn’t Islam – it is religious privilege and political correctness!

    If we are no longer allowed to laugh at and/or ridicule stupid ideologies, then those stupid ideologies will no longer be stupid and actually become credible.


    • Michele says:

      No, I am sorry but the problem IS Islam … and it is worrying that you seem incapable of recognising that fact. If you think you are right, then go ahead and laugh and ridicule the stupid ideology of Islam. Unfortunately, it will not work unless it is done constantly, loudly and publically, so you must stand up and shout it. Put out of your mind their reaction to the Cartoonists in Paris, go ahead and have the courage of your convictions …. or you could admit the fact that it is Islam that is the problem not Catholics, Protestants, not Hindus, not Sikhs, not Pagans, not Wiccans nor even the weirdest and wackiest new age beliefs … it IS Islam!


      • Edward says:

        I do admit the fact that the current problem is Islam. My point is that Christianity too was a source of evil a few centuries ago and what is happening today is something that is reversing increased tolerance and moderation, promoting fundamentalism within all supposedly ‘peaceful’ religions.

        My argument is that all religions have the potential to be harmful to society. Take The Troubles in Northern Ireland as a good example. Christians do not get to take the moral high ground when it comes to terrorism.

        Of course, my words will offend some Christians, but that is exactly my point! When your religion becomes your identity, people who do not share your view become some kind of enemy even if they are of the same ethnicity, and that’s exactly how Islamist terrorists view people who do not subscribe to their ridiculous ideology even if they are Muslims.


        • GCooper says:

          The ‘problem’ isn’t religion – the ‘problem’ is human nature.

          The ‘scientific materialism’ of the Communist bloc didn’t exactly radiate goodwill and kindness, for all its lack of religious conviction.

          As a species we are easily captivated by mass movements which rob us of our individual reason and identity. Whether they are religious or political, they relieve us of the unpleasant burden of having to reason and judge for ourselves and they endow their victims with a sense of security because the rest of society reinforces the prevailing belief.

          This is why collectivism (the core belief of ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ the world over) is so deadly.

          Islam is perhaps the greatest collectivist danger that we currently face. ‘Liberalism’ (in the non-classical sense) is close behind it.


          • Edward says:

            I think you’ve actually agreed with my argument, although I detect you’re arguing against me. My view of social liberalism is the same as that of religion.

            “…the ‘problem’ is human nature.”

            True to a certain extent. The problem is how religion and other mass movements change human nature.


            • GCooper says:

              They do not change it at all. How could they? They are the products of it.

              What they do is capitalise on its inherent weaknesses.

              As for who is arguing with whom, I was simply trying to throw some light on the stale ‘Christianity is as bad as Islam – all religions are evil, m’kay’ argument which, even if you were not advancing it, tends to roll around comment sections like an obscuring cloud.

              The enemy is the difficulty of getting people to think for themselves. The lazy, easy, way is to listen and follow some loon puffed-up with his own (usually sociopathic) sense of rightness. Marx, Mohammed, Hitler, Genghis Khan, Mao, Pol Pot, Tony Blair – monkey-brain seems to fall for it every time.


              • Edward says:

                No, I’m not saying all religions are evil, I’m saying all religions have the potential to be evil and Christianity was once a source of evil hundreds of years ago. Organised religion is the process of recruiting (sometimes by force or intimidation) the masses into following someone’s personal agenda. In that sense there is little difference between religion, socialism, communism, Nazism, etc.

                “The enemy is the difficulty of getting people to think for themselves.”

                Exactly. We agree on that.


        • dontblamemeivotedukip says:

          “Of course, my words will offend some Christians”
          And what will they do, forgive you?
          “Blasphemy law here in the UK was abolished in (drum-roll…) 2008.”
          Perhaps you can tell us when the last heretic was burnt at the stake in this country then.
          All religions are the same are they?
          Then let me pose a hypothetical for you
          Your walking through a Westfield shopping centre and a wild eyed man dressed all in black clutching a black book to his chest approaches you- what would you rather hear ?
          ‘have you heard the good news’
          ‘what was Mohammed’s mothers name’


        • DP111 says:

          I do admit the fact that the current problem is Islam. My point is that Christianity too was a source of evil a few centuries ago and what is happening today is something that is reversing increased tolerance and moderation, promoting fundamentalism within all supposedly ‘peaceful’ religions.

          I dont think thats right. Christianity was used by the state to impose its will, even in Church matters.

          If we look at Christianity i.e., the teaching of Jesus Christ, then even the most liberal state in the world, or any individual will fall short of Jesus’ teachings – Love your neigbour, do good to those who hate you – forgive those who hate you, and much more. The parable of the Good Samaritan is the basis of all charities, which has now been copied by the rest of the world. Forgiveness and love is the basis of the teachings of Christianity ie the Gospel.

          Jesus preached that his kingdom was not of those earth. Therefore earthly politics was not to be the concern of his followers.

          My argument is that all religions have the potential to be harmful to society. Take The Troubles in Northern Ireland as a good example. Christians do not get to take the moral high ground when it comes to terrorism.

          The troubles in Irelend were not about Church docrine but about politics – a united Ireland or a divided one.
          The IRA was not murdering Protestants while saying Hail Marys.


    • CranbrookPhil says:

      I don’t agree Edward. We cannot deny that even if we reject the religion of Christianity we in the West are moulded in its philosophy, well, more exactly a Hellenist/Judeo/Christian one. Our laws, governments & pretty well all out institutions have this tradition like the writing through a stick of rock. Islam is completely alien to the West. Putting religious belief aside we still have in the West the philanthropic instinct of Christianity woven into our history.
      Personally I suppose I am a ‘Christian’ because I go along with Christ’s formula for a peaceful workable model for society, but I cannot believe in God or take seriously the rites of any religion. Along with this I am familiar with the stories in both Testaments of the Bible & also Classical Greece. These I feel are as much my culture as great Western art, literature & music.


  20. Peter Grimes says:

    The condemnation by all of those ‘moderate’ Muslims and Imams of the IS nutter leader’s claim that the murder of non-believers during Ramadan would see their heavenly rewards multiplied tenfold is deafening!
    ‘Religion of peace’ my arse!


  21. Techno says:

    I notice that it is taking them a really long time to name the victims. Not even saying exactly how many at the current time when I am sure they will know that.

    Trying to divert attention away from it, but will it work this time?


  22. Geoff says:

    The French beheading like the events in Graz last week have already seem to have been forgotten….


  23. Truthdoctor says:

    Sadly the BBC is part of the problem. Yesterday morning R4 Today ran a sympathetic piece about Al Jazeera journalists arrested by Egypt.

    There was no questioning of how Al Jazeera is owned by the government of Qatar, which funds terror groups including Hezbollah, the Taliban, Hamas and the Nusra Front. No mention of how Al Jazerra routinely downplays islamic terror attacks and instead highlights the actions of the West and Israel.

    Al Jazeera is virtually “at war” with Egypt’s moderate government. Last year 3 Al Jazeera journalists were found guilty of “spreading false news” and collaborating with the banned Muslim Brotherhood.

    But the BBC didn’t mention any of that.

    If the BBC unquestioningly supports Al Jazeera, then it’s tacitly giving its support to islamic militancy.

    And then today we get the BBC anguish over the latest islamic terror attacks and the hypocritical hand-ringing about what drives people to do such awful things.

    Islam is the problem. But the BBC doesn’t want us to know that.

    Tunisia has today announced it will close 80 mosques which preach islamic hatred. The BBC sees nothing wrong in supporting Al Jazeera which does much the same thing.


  24. Truthdoctor says:

    In the BBC online lead story about the islamic terror attacks (“Tunisia Attack: Majority of Dead Were British”) how many times does the word “Islam” or “Islamic” appear?

    Answer. None.


  25. Steve Jones says:

    Say what you like about Cameron but at least he is consistent. He is on air telling us that Islam is a religion of peace after every atrocity….without fail.


  26. Odo Saunders says:

    To what extent is the BBC indirectly to blame for the eventxs of yesterday? For far too long BBC Radio Five Live, as well as other BBC stations, have been blathering on about how peaceful Isalm is without making any detailed reference to the fact that many young men and women from countries such as Tunisia and France have been travelling to Syria to join ISIL. I do feel desperately sorry for the people of Tunisia as it was the only genuine democracy to emerge from the Arab Spring and the loss of tourism will definitely hurt their economy. I even feel that the EU should give its aid to that beleagured country rather than to the economically incontinent Greeks (even though they can be most hospitable to tourists). But thanks to the failure of the BBC, and Sky to a certain extent, many members of the British public were unaware of the fact that many young people in Tunisia have already had expereince of fighting in Syria/Iraq. I am sure that many British tourists in Tunisia at the present time were unaware of this fact, which prompted them to make their bookings. Why didn’t the BBC, the Foreign Office or the Police issue such warnings to British nationals planning to visit North Africa, particularly as Tunisia is adjacent geographically to Libya? How many tourists caught up in yesterday’s events were aware of the situation in Libya or the presence of Jihadists in Tunisia? Are they aware of the Arab Spring? As the BBC is the main news channel in this country, it does need to change its narrative to take account of this situation so that potential visitors to those countries are made aware of these dangers. It is also not good enough for companies such as Thompsons to blithely state that they are taking advice from the Foreign Office, because it it up to the representatives of those companies to issue such a warning before bookings are taken. But knowing the calibre of some tour operators, is this asking too much? The other problem is that the British public refuse to engage with current news and affairs, which makes the problem even more difficult. I am afraid that the only concern of many of them is to get an enhanced tan and to shop for souvenirs. Last year on a flight back from Turkey, I was sitting next to a young couple who had spent the entire two weeks in that country by the pool, and had made only one excursion – to the local zoo! Isn’t travel meant to broaden the mind! Until the appropriate authorities such as the BBC deem it necessary to present a coherent and impartial account of events in those overseas countries, these tragedies will continue.
    The real danger facing all of us in this country is that these events will be reproduced here, unless the BBC, the Police and the Foreign Office drop their politically correct attitudes towards the Trojan Horse that is already within our midst.
    “O tempora, o mores.”


  27. Old Timer says:

    On 11th September 2001 people living, albeit temporarily, in the USA deliberately flew some planes into buildings killing 3,000 people. So the USA & Britain invaded the country they ‘thought’ had instigated the attacks, Afghanistan.

    Two years later in 2003 the USA & Britain etc. invaded Iraq on the ‘pretence’ that they had Weapons of Mass Destructions. Both countries are Muslim.

    On 7th July 2007 London was bombed. Before and since then hundreds of terrorist atrocities have been carried out around the world, by Muslims.

    Throughout all of this time hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Muslims were allowed to enter the USA & Britain. Subsequently hundreds of mosques were built by the Muslims, from where they then preached hatred against the USA & Britain and to prove beyond a doubt that hatred, lack of respect and their medieval ways, they then proceeded to rape thousands of British girls.

    Following the 37 murders yesterday in Tunisia their President has said he will close at least 80 mosques within the next week and take severe action against those who have helped the ISIS/Muslim terrorists. This is the correct action and what we in Britain and the USA should have done. Sort out the nasty buggers in our own country, not go off and invade someone else and make the situation a million times worse.

    But we did not sort them out, we did nothing, because of political correctness, because of the fear of being called racist or Islamophobic or upsetting the invading communities (riots!) AND because our governments were cowards. And they still are cowards. And yet Cameron and Hollande and the racist POTUS still say Islamist terrorists do not belong to Islam. How warped in the head can they get?

    BUT, but, but… for the first time EVER, ever, ever Cameron said last week that Muslims should sort out the rotten apples in their midst.


    Testosterone injections all round please ASAP! After all we still have an army don’t we?


  28. Phil Ford says:

    “…The reality is we need to erase ISIS from the face of the earth and quickly….they will never be open to ‘moderation’ by a friendly little chat with Western diplomats…such a notion is incredibly stupid and naive.”

    …And yet when I wrote something very much the same on The Spectator forums a good few months ago, what was the response? I got perma-banned off The Spectator forums.

    Absolutely sickening. Islamic State are this generation’s Nazis – in fact, they are many times worse in some respects. Their vile black flag is every bit as frightening and blood-stained as the swastika ever was. The western world’s liberal-minded timidity and inaction allows these barbarians to thrive, to multiply, to present a growing danger to anyone who believes in true freedom anywhere in the world.

    While David Cameron lazily (and dangerously) reminds us all that that the senseless murders of European tourists on a North African beach – machine-gunned to death – is ‘nothing to do with Islam’ Islamist thugs and criminals snigger with evil satisfaction, content their work is done.


    • Lakesman says:

      Somehow the name Islamic State seems, to me, directly connected to Islam. They are carrying out these murders and horrendous attacks in the name of Islam, albeit their own warped version of it.

      Therefore to deny that these attacks have nothing to do with Islam, is to also adhere to the belief that the world if flat. It has everything to do with Islam and it’s time our politicians, religious leaders and opinion formers grew some balls and confronted this problem head on.

      Sadly, I fear it won’t be in my lifetime.


      • Mr Glodstone says:

        They aren’t carrying out these attacks on the basis of some ‘warped version’ of Islam; these attacks are grounded in Jihad: one of Islam’s five pillars. The destruction or subjugation of the Kurffar is initiated at the very core of this cult.


        • Lakesman says:

          Mr Glodstone,

          Any religion that espouses the murder of innocents in its name is warped, be it Islam, Christianity, Judaism etc. Jihad does not have to be violent and it has many meanings. It literally translates as a struggle or striving.


  29. Dazed & Confused says:

    Even the Labour party run a mile from the disgusting entity that is MPACUK these days….The only creatures that don’t are radical Muslims themselves, scum like the SWP and Nick Lowles, and of course the disgusting BBC….

    If we were to be judged by our allies, then the BBC would be taken off the air for good by midnight..


  30. D1004 says:

    Lest we forget.
    These were real people
    Just like you and I
    Loves, lives and dreams,
    Families, homes and bills,
    Handbags, suntan cream and paperbacks,
    Lives cut short, because of what ? Killed by who ?
    A man they never met but who wished them dead
    In the belief that he, HE ! Would spend ETERNITY sticking his miserable little prick in some inbread hairy chinned virgin.
    In the name of a godless religion which espoused death over life.

    pathetic losers in the time and space that is life on this planet that circles an average sun in the outer reaches of a galaxy like any other……the only giver of life we know but full of hate for life lived by others beyond the understanding of the killer.
    Excuses made by those who ought to know better but know nothing apart from their disappearing fantasies of a ‘perfect world’
    They, the dead, the losers of life, lie dead tonight in a morgue in a land they do not belong in. They went for warmth they lie in cold. They had no time to realise….that was it, game over. Endex. Soon to be forgotten and airbrushed out of history……but still dead.


  31. cockney says:

    Can’t we do it next week mate, only its quite nice out and i fancy chilling with a cocktail on a roof terrace today. I doubt they’ll have destroyed England by then.


  32. DP111 says:

    The following post on June 28, 2015 at 7:58 am, was not posted by me – DP111

    I now believe the time has come to take to the streets and deal with anyone holding Islamic views and their leftist allies.

    The rats are cornered here.

    Deal with like rats.


    Repeat – The above was not posted by me.

    Alan , please remove it.


    • DP111 says:

      It seems someone is using my name. Therefore no further posts from me.


      • David Vance says:

        I am now dealing with this. Whoever is using another person’s name to post drive should be ashamed of themselves. I will track you down and ban you from this site.


  33. dez says:


    It seems someone is using my name. Therefore no further posts from me

    No more posts from someone who inspired Anders Breivik?

    No more posts from someone who, after Breivik had dutifully murdered 69 “left-wing” teenagers, continued to describe “Marxism and the Left” as “demonic”?

    What a terrible loss to humanity.


    • Demon says:

      Dezi, you are really hypocritical, even for you here. Of course the Left Wing is evil and made up of evil people. They murdered up to 100 million people last century. If that’s not evil, what is???

      The fact you still support them post Gulag, Auschwitz, Cultural Revolution etc. says rather more about your contribution to humanity than anything else. For continuing to support these foul psychopathic left-wingers you are proving you are evil too.


  34. Geoff says: