I am sure we will have all been horrified by the acts of Jihad that took place on Friday past, with the massacre of the innocents on the beach in Sousse, Tunisia causing so much grief and misery to so many people. Naturally, my sympathies go to all who were murdered by the Islamic savage concerned. HOWEVER, I am wondering why BBC Northern Ireland (yes, part of the BBC UK network lest we forget) choose to lead THEIR coverage of the issue by informing us of the deaths of the three Irish people who sadly lost their lives on that day? I am not suggesting that the loss to the families concerned is any different in any way BUT I am wondering why the BBC in this part of the UK chooses to take an angle which does not affect any British people. I have argued for years that the BBC over here deliberately chooses to cast stories from an all-Island perspective which is all very well but it is License Tax payers in the UK that fund this odd behaviour.

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  1. chrisH says:

    Reckon you`re right in that.
    Had they been Northern Irish protestants, I`d imagine they`d have been treated as “Brits”-their abusive term for the people of this nation, as far as i`m concerned.
    I mean-if Nick Clegg calls us that-then we KNOW that the EU and other English baiters like the BBC think of us in the same way.
    Let the Irish Republic mourn their losses-but England lost a lot more, as did the UK/GB.
    I detect some unctuous cross-border eulogies from the BBC just so they can ditch Ulster as a united Ireland issue in the not-so-distant future.
    In truth, the BBC probably think that we deserved this, for using pointless airmiles in risking skin cancer-THEY of course would never set foot in such package holiday places.


  2. flexdream says:

    “I am wondering why BBC Northern Ireland (yes, part of the BBC UK network lest we forget) choose to lead THEIR coverage of the issue by informing us of the deaths of the three Irish people”
    I’ve commented previously on those involved in making the recent Panorama programme alleging security forces collusion with terrorists in Northern Ireland.
    They haven’t gone away you know.


  3. The spider in my bath is a philosopher says:

    The BBC had an anti-protestant position throughout the troubles.

    The worst feature of which was their coverage of Noraid, an organisation raising funds for the purchase of weapons which were used against civilians and the British Army.

    The BBC version was that Noraid was a charity, a hybrid between Save the Children and Oxfam.

    BBC also had an anti British position regarding the Falklands, Iraq and Afghanistan. Much might be said about the morality, legality and wisdom of both Iraq and Afghanistan. But that was not the fault of the troops who were sent there.

    New Title required ABC, The Anti-British Broadcasting Corporation.


    • Merched Becca says:

      British Servicemen call it ‘Al Beeb’ or the Baghdad Broadcasting Service for that reason.


  4. stuart says:

    i have to admit,northern ireland and there people might as well be in timbuktu judging by the coverage the bbc and other media outlets give to any story thats comes from that country,for a part of the uk that is more loyal to the queen and the british isles it is a bit strange that in england the northern irish british victims of this sunni muslim terrorist attack in tuninsia have not got one bit of coverage since friday on the bbc,itv,etc,it seems that northern ireland has become the forgotten part of the uk when it comes to the english media.


  5. Fuleco says:

    How distasteful and how typical. You’re right, you have been banging on about it for years, and you do never miss a chance.


  6. James Jones says:

    The Northern Ireland edition of BBC1 is what people in parts of the Republic see if they switch to BBC1. As there are quite a large number of viewers of BBC1 in the South, it was sound news planning to give details of Irish citizens killed in the terrorist attack. The programme planners wouldn’t wish viewers there to stop watching BBC1 NI because they think they will miss some ‘Irish’ news. No Northern Ireland residents were killed.


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