I notice the BBC reporting that  South Yorkshire Police child protection ‘needs improvement’ I doubt that many of us would take exception to this and it seems fair and reasonable that the BBC ask probing questions of what continues to go on in Rotherham and elsewhere in this region. However, I am surprised that the beady eye of the Beeb does not quite extend to the Council and whether it has managed to step up to the plate – given it’s utterly disgraceful failure to stand up for defenceless young girls being exploited by muslim rape gangs. Might this be anything to do with the fact this is a Labour heartland and thus beyond critical examination?  I think we should be told…!

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  1. Odo Saunders says:

    This morning the Breakfast Prpgramme on Radio Five “gets much worse” Live, contained a fairly lengthy discussion of the Rotherham child abuse scandal, involving interviews with one of the victims and the solicitor, David Greenwood, who has been one of the few people to challenge the politically correct indifference of the Council and the West Yorkshire Police. What emerged was that despite the complacent words of the police, a lot more needs to be done to challenge the indifference and lack of concern on the part of the authorities. Even Nicky “Gameshow” Campbell was prepared to admit that many of the perpetrators were from the ethnic minority community. Progress! Why has the BBC suddenly decided to focus on the Rotherham scandal after months of studiously ignoring the plight of the young victims in the interests of political correrctness? It can’t be on account of the recent Green Paper on the future of the BBC? Surely not! If that is the real reason then the nation needs to collectively place Auntie in a retirement home, something that perhaps should have been done decades ago!


    • dontblamemeivotedukip says:

      Agreed ‘Rotherham’ was the nail in the BBCs coffin for me – I had been content to treat its cod leftist bias with contemptuous interference until I realised the extent to which they obfuscated the and censored the truth of this war crime scale atrocity
      Lets not forget that this was first brought into the public arena
      by the C4 documentary ‘Edge of the city’ in 2004
      The BBCs response was an attempt to silence the only people addressing this scandal by manufacturing a thought crime trial
      Had they chose instead to use their overwhelming resources to expose what was happening , how many young girls might have been spared this horror?
      The BBC has literally blood on its hands and for this alone it needs to be annihilated.


      • Geyza says:

        The BBC has a long and proud history of defending, covering-up for and protecting paedophiles.


  2. Owen Morgan says:

    We should learn the names of the people, in both the police and the council (elected councillors and permanent officials), who took or influenced these decisions.

    People will say that that smacks of a witch-hunt (some people always do, when an investigation into left-wing misbehaviour is suggested). Well, I’m not after burning anybody at the stake.

    Criminal prosecution and a long stay at Her Majesty’s pleasure will do.


    • hadda says:

      “Criminal prosecution and a long stay with ISIS will do.”

      There, fixed that for you.


    • Alan says:

      You can get all the names you want off a list of Common Purpose attendees.


    • pah says:

      Which laws have been broken? There is without doubt a failure to provide care, a failure to police and a failure prosecute but non of those are, IIRC, illegal.

      That’s one of the most infuriating things about these people. They can spout their lies, pursue mad, damaging policies but never get called to account.

      Perhaps a concerned group of citizens should hire a private eye to look into the various public servants other activities. There is bound to be something dodgy there …


      • Geyza says:

        Criminal negligence in failing to uphold a legal duty of care. Conspiracy to pervert the cause of justice. Destroying evidence. All are crimes.


  3. Edward says:

    If ever one needs a perfect example of socialism in action, then point to Rotherham.


    • #88 says:

      And what happened? They all got re-elected. Labour council, Labour MP, Labour Police Commissioner.


      • Edward says:

        Look at any area in the country where poverty is the highest and you will find a Labour council. Why do people living in the poorest areas vote relentlessly for Labour? Because they fall for the same bullsh*t time and time again! Labour politicians are very good at making the poor feel wealthy when they’re in power and poor when they’re not.


      • by looney left says:

        Sorry to quote myself (BBBC 2015-06-27).

        Who votes Labour?
        Those on Benefits, Public Sector workers, Non Whites.
        The non-productive, the barely productive and the counter-productive.


        • The Sage says:



        • Fiddy says:

          “Non Whites” are all “counter-productive” ?
          Muslim grooming is horrific enough without dropping a ton of lazy racism on top.


          • by looney left says:

            #1 “Non Whites are all counter productive”?
            In the UK, yes, their “contribution” is contamination of Western values. This is also true of some East Europeans.

            #2 “Muslim grooming is horrific enough”
            Is it? Anti Western activity has never bothered you until this apparent Damascene Conversion. In fact you have supported it many times.

            #3 “lazy racism”
            No, empirical racism. I admire the Japanese, because they are, admirable.
            Other races are not admirable, so I do not admire them.


            • dontblamemeivotedukip says:

              So you’ve been told Loony for Fiddy and all the other amateur witch-finders that haunt this site
              thought crimes like ‘racism’ are far far worse than real crimes like industrial scale, systematic sexual abuse


          • Al Shubtill says:

            More like realism than racism.


  4. Jerry Owen says:

    The media are still in denial of Muslim grooming. This mornings 5 live news had a piece on Rotherham and bearing in mind this grooming has gone on for decades the report concluded that .. the Police hadn’t done enough, and the victims shouldn’t be treated as ‘naughty silly girls’. If I weren’t so outraged it would be almost something out of a ‘carry on film’ or ‘St Trinians’.
    There was no mention of the paedophiles, in other words what we have is a ‘revolving merry go round’ where no overall blame is to be apportioned anywhere, which of course is ignoring the elephant in the room.
    Grooming is going on right now in our large towns and cities, and it goes on unabated due to the procrastination of the authorities, I hope there is a pay back time some day for these people.


    • Edward says:

      Political correctness is destroying us. It is silencing rational thought and closing the door to the truths we must face if we are to get a grip on securing our tolerant and civilised society.


      • Fly on the wall says:

        Our tolerant and civilised society, or at least that part of in general agreement with positions adopted on BBBC, needs to become highly intolerant and highly uncivilised for a while.

        Normal tolerance and civility can be resumed when the Augean Stables have been cleansed, by a river, of blood.


      • ICBBC says:

        Political Correctness is merely a euphemism for living by the code of lies.

        The truth of these mass gang rapes by Muslims, is not just for pleasure, but also the satisfaction of power over Whitey.

        In addition, the rapists are doing what the Koran demands, and the example of Muhammed. The rapes are on such a scale, that it amounts to war against the UK.

        When combined with beheadings, mass criminalty of the Muslim population, beatings and murders of isolated White English, and the huge amount of Muslims on Benefits, this is really a war on UK from within.

        Political Correctness hides all the above, as well as the political class that imported millions of Muslims into the UK, and then hid the the mass gang rapes for decades.

        We will lose this war to impose sharia in the UK, unless we take drastic action. We cannot allow an enemy within the gates.

        Such are the consequences of Political Correctness.


        • grimer says:

          I don’t think it is for power over whitey. I think it is simply because the girls they desire, don’t look twice at them. What sane non-muslim girl would want to get involved with them?


          • Geyza says:

            The Islamic ideoloy demands that Muslims are a special and superior group. Therefore to be living in a non-Muslim country and having to publicly abide by laws which were not handed down to Mohammed, is a humiliation for Muslims, which is overcome by raping non-Muslim kids. Or, more succinctly, “Power over whitey”.


        • Al Shubtill says:

          Solid post ICBBC.


    • ICBBC says:

      Payback has to have real teeth – expulsion of Islam from the UK.

      Anything else is simply passing time till we have a major Bosnia type civil war in the UK. That is the real tragedy – the deaths of thousands of innocents on all sides, and the divsion and partition of the UK into Muslim and non-Muslim statelets.


    • Alan says:

      Of course they’re not in denial. One thing these people are not is stupid.

      If I’m right…and it’s pretty obvious unless you think they are stupid….then you have to come to the conclusion that this happening as a matter of policy. The next question is where does it lead. I suggest you actually read the words spouted by Cameron in a speech at the UN a couple of months ago, a speech by May around the same time and yesterday’s disgusting offering by spoon face. And I don’t mean decipher it, I mean read it.


    • NCBBC says:

      One normally associates “grooming” with taking a horse or some pet for a shampoo and brush up.

      But the idea of gang rape on an industial scale , carried out for decades, with girls trafficked all over England for proft and fun- what do you call it?

      What do you call it, wheh the authorities knew it was going on, but desisted because of political direction? What do you call a war crime against your own children, and in peacetime? What do you call it, when the authorities have no inclination to bring to book all those who were complicit in a war crime that has no parallel in history, anywhere.

      Obvious, you call it “grooming”.


  5. Cyclops says:

    They twisted themselves in knots when the story emerged for the first time. They were keen to point anywhere but to the community angle. Eventually they spoke the truth in an episode of file on four I think.

    They only were prepared to discuss it when they could take the angle that they were equally abusive to their own.

    Someone hit the nail on the head in the programme when they said the problem was they moved to Britain they tried to import the Swat valley with them.


  6. Old Timer says:

    If a huge media organisation with thousands of reporters is told that a certain type of community has a predilection to rape young girls from a different community, and particularly young girls who have had a poor start in life because they came from underprivileged families or were already abused and ignores it, then as far as I am concerned they are complicit, they are as guilty as the perpetrators .

    After all, this huge media organisation with thousands of reporters has a history of turning the other cheek when it knows about the rape of children. Its employees have been seen raping children on their premises and other employees and managers looked the other way.

    They not only ignored the rapes, one of their most famous employees, was the worst single rapist this country has ever known. He is now dead but some of the others employed by this organisation were caught eventually, proven in the courts to have raped children and are now in jail. It’s all a bit late.

    Also jailed now are dozens of men from the communities in question, although only a very small percentage. Most of these men are still free to swagger, brag and believe they are untouchable, as they walk the streets of our country and demand their benefits and human rights. They have no compassion for their victims, they have no guilt, they will do it again and again and again. They just laugh at the rest of us.

    This huge media organisation with thousands of reporters not only ignored the rape of children and looked the other way it derided and sneered and booed at the man and the patriotic group that tried to make the rapes public. This huge media organisation with unlimited funds it obtains by coercion then pushed the authorities to prosecute the man that made the accusations against the communities that raped children. Subsequently thousands, yes thousands, more children were raped and abused by the men of these communities.

    This huge media organisation with unlimited funds it obtains by coercion is the BBC.

    I can think of no other country in the world that would allow this corrupt and disgusting organisation to continue for one more day, let alone negotiate with it to increase its tax on every man woman and CHILD in this country.

    We have been sorely let down by the men and women who are, and have been, running the governments of this country. It is they who allowed these thousands of uncontrolled rapes of our children.

    Governments have been making excuses for long enough. Close the filthy BBC now.


    • Fly on the wall says:




    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      OOOOh.Old Timer…love to see a panellist on QT ambush the worthless chairman and lefties and repeat this word for word….delicious, even if met with a wall of silence.


      • Old Timer says:

        Hi Rob,
        They would not allow such a panellist on I’m afraid.
        Perhaps though I could disguise myself and do it?
        Any suggestions for a disguise?
        What political party should I say I was from?
        What question would I ask?
        How about, “Would Great Britain be safer without Muslims”?
        Would I be booed by the socialists drones and the defenders of the faith?
        What faith I hear you cry? The ‘Rotten Old Paedophiles’, of course.
        Could I do it without punching that weasel of a hypocrite Dimbleby?
        Nah……. Just close it.
        No not just QT. The lot. All of it. Sack ‘em all.
        Then demolish the buildings and sell the land to compensate the victims.


      • ROBERT BROWN says:

        I’d like to nominate Old Timer for the post of the year.


    • Bogart says:

      It is amazing how the entire BBC News network was ignorant of these abuses for decades. They are either totally inept at their profession or they withheld/overlooked mass rape/pedophilia. Either way they should be utterly ashamed.


  7. ICBBC says:

    While Muslims (soldiers of allah when the time comes), stream into the UK , Christians are denied entry.

    UK is denying refuge to Christians fleeing Isil, say church leaders


  8. G.W.F. says:

    I have listened to all radio 4 news bulletins since 6am, and all have mentioned inadequacies in dealing with vulnerable girls. Its all about vulnerable girls, sod all about the perps.


  9. Doublethinker says:

    When will you all get it ? The events in Rotherham and many other towns and cities in the UK, are just part of the price we have to pay for the marvelous cultural enrichment we have been blessed with since we let millions of Muslims into our once green and pleasant land.
    Seriously though, the control that the BBC has over the news agenda of the country is profoundly worrying. The whole country should have been galvanised into action in rooting out such abuse and abusers and we, the people, should have insisted that strong and immediate action was taken against the perpetrators, those who shielded them and those who turned a blind eye to years of abuse.
    That our national anger only flicked briefly, if at all, is testament not to our tolerance but to the lies, deceit and power of the BBC. Any broadcaster purporting to be a national broadcaster should have seen Rotherham for what it was, clear proof that Muslims and Brits have very different values and that Muslims still held the same values as they had when their forefathers arrived here. That the Great Multy Culty experiment had disastrously failed and that urgent steps had to be taken to minimise the damage that is going to be caused. The BBC should have seen this as a threat to the British way of life.
    Instead all we get year after year is a BBC which is an apologist for radical Islam and to add insult to injury frequently blames us Brits for the crimes of Muslims in our midst. The BBC has caused great damage to our country and still the government are going to make us fund it.


    • Fly on the wall says:

      Apart from the Beeb trolls, most contributors to BBBC “get it”.
      We share your concerns.

      The BBC must go, along with all the Labour traitors, into the eternal night.


  10. Nibor says:

    I disagree with some of the analysis.
    Let’s remember slave owners subjugated females on the ships and plantations, and not just in Empire days but in history throughout the ages as in Roman times .
    Why ? Because the could . And they didn’t see the females in the same light as their own kind .
    It’s proof this multiculturalism doesn’t work


    • Mike says:

      No analysis of another possible link by the Beeb. Deprived of a “bit of slap and tickle” from within their own community due to religious and social mores, and now from vulnerable white girls due to the community finally awakening, the attraction of religion-approved jihadi wives and sex slaves on offer from “so-called” (though in reality the real thing) Islamic State must be overwhelming. What red-blooded repressed youth could turn that down?


      • David Brimms says:

        Who would want to touch one of their fugly towel heads? It’s a blessing in disguise for the rest of us if they cover up.

        No wonder they want virile strong English girls. Their bloodline is weak, their family life utterly inferior in every way.


        • Al Shubtill says:

          What do you expect David? When they’ve been marrying their cousins for the last thousand years. Inbred, atavistic, human rubbish from the genetic and cultural dead ends of our planet.
          The West is crying out for a modern day John Hunyadi – it certainly isn’t David Cameron.


    • Glen says:

      Funny how we don’t see the UK feminazis on the streets of rovverham demanding justice for their sisters? The new woman wants to be strong, independent and taken seriously but when it comes to the crunch…nothing!

      We never see muzzers on the street decrying ISIS.

      We never see women on the street supporting victims of paedos.

      We never see gays on the street protesting when a sister has been thrown off a roof by ISIS.

      We never see the bbc denounce any of it?

      The people who should be doing most do f*** all, yet you say a word about the ROP and guess who all come out to play…the whole lot of them get what they deserve.


  11. Simon says:

    on the world news this morning at 5.30 there was no mention of who the peados are but that is no surprise at all

    I am soooo hoping the bbc goes subscription


    • Bogart says:

      I have the day off. Between chores and dropping my partner off to work I’ve listened to the BBC on R4 and watched BBC’s rolling news nearly all day.

      For the life of me NOT ONCE have the beeb mentioned who these pedophiles are and the community they came from nor the council who are responsible for child welfare.

      I’m sure if they were UKIP members or Ulster Unionists involved in all this hideousness, for example, they wouldn’t be so circumspect.

      BBC have gone for their usual bogeyman “the law” (who was it must be said were and are bloody useless).


  12. Simon says:

    also adding to my post above – the report this morning had a load of images of overweight white girls in tight tracksuit bottoms in playgrounds – they were obviously teens but the footage picked just looked suspect to me

    we all know how class orientated the British public is and it just smacked of white working class chav image to me so less deserving of our sympathies. A Dez would call me paranoid but his opinions count for zero which is why I never respond to him


  13. Number 7 says:

    Whilst talking about paedos, The rather strange sentiments by the rabbi on “Thought for the day” have a simple explanation.

    Is Today trying to be more edgy??


  14. Alex says:

    Was watching BBC 24 earlier and they had on some wishy-washy children’s charity chief who, predictably, evaded the root issue underlying the Rotherham child rape epidemic: the cultural incongruity between the west and that of certain ‘Asian’ and religious communities. I grow weary of lily livered lefties trying to make pathetic excuses for what happened. But, worryingly, this prevarication isn’t the sole domain of left-wing quango chiefs and their ideologically-driven minions on the ground; it extends right across the police force and the political system and has badly let down the young children of Rotherham. If we are too afraid to recognise let alone address the clear cultural factors that are contributing to this foul abuse, then I fear all is lost. It remains clear to me that the authorities, as a result of decades of bullying by politicians, were more concerned with political correctness than the welfare of young children. That, in my opinion, amounts to perhaps the most disgusting and utterly disgraceful cowardice I have seen from our establishment in my lifetime. I find it abhorrent.


  15. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Just seen on bbc news an interview with some apologist for the Rotherham lot. She said it was because of poor paperwork and poor communications. Not once were the perpetrators mentioned. Well, I can tell you that the reason little was (is being) done is because the police are shit scared of doing anything to upset our enrichers. The bbc also said it is almost a year since the scale of abuse (1400) was known. I heard about it years ago. Our leaders will have nothing said about these enrichers, forced onto an unwilling population who were never asked. She also hinted that these failings appear because Rotherham has come under scrutiny and that any other area would also show failings if looked for. Why can’t the media admit it.Muslims are abusing our little girls on an industrial scale and because of pc brainwashing nothing can be said about it and anyhow, Muslims are above the law and can do as they wish with little white girls, some as young as 11 years old.


  16. Mr A says:

    Well, just seen a 7 minute report on Rotherham on BBC 5pm News. Somehow in all that time they managed to avoid mentioning the findings of the Jay Report, the ROP, the ethnicity of the perpetrators, the number abused (they said it was “large scale” but didn’t mention 14,000, possibly so people who hadn’t heard of it weren’t made to feel TOO shocked by it) or the role of PC and “community relations” in the abuse. In fact, the whole story was based around the Police’s “failings.” Yet even with THAT focus, no mention of WHY Police were reluctant to do anything. Throughout the long, slow, painful, 7 minutes, it seemed that everyone being interviewed was doing everything they could to contort the English language so they didn’t accidentally mention the ROP.

    The BBC did manage to lay the seed for the idea that the abuse was the result of “not having the resources” to deal with it, which bearing in mind this came hot on the heels of a long report on Osborne’s proposed Public Spending cuts, somehow, bizarrely, seemed to lay the blame for Rotherham at the Tories’ door and their evil decision to waste less public money.

    Ah, don’t change BBC….


  17. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Why do the “so called” bbc call Isis “so called” Islamic state. Did they call the ira the “so called” ira?


  18. stuart says:

    its all falling into place now,from rotherham to birmingham to tower hamlets to the north and the midlands what has been the connection to all this muslim on white child paedophiliia and the rise of radical islam,the labour party and labour councils without exception turning a blind eye and giving a nod and a wink to the muslim paedos and the islamists to carry on with there behaviour with impunity in return for the muslim block vote to keep them in power,you disgust me the labour party and your politicians for what you have done to the working classes in this county with your mass immigration which let these muslim paedos gangs destroy the lifes of these white working class children and there familys,the lot of you labour lot should be sharing the sames cells with these muslim rapes gangs if they ever get convicted who you allowed and knew and covered up this mass rape of these white children all over the uk, i truly despise the lot of you.


  19. The Old Bloke says:

    Quite right Stuart and don’t forget how quiet the BBC were when photographs were being circulated on other forms of media showing segregation of women and men at Labour Party election meetings prior to the May General Election. The Labour party and the BBC are no better than the KKK, but all done in the best possible taste, and to think there are those who voted Labour and pay the £145 to support a broadcasting corporation who on the face of it has no problem with Labour’s apartheid for the silence of outrage was deafening. And to think, there are some that visit the pages of this forum and defend the BBC. Sick people if you ask me, very sick people.


  20. Glen says:

    It will get a whole lot worse before it gets better, the liberals just can’t help themselves but follow their warped ideology of just letting people get on with things and believing all will be ok.

    Like the case with Iran and the nuclear ‘sanctions’, the shithouse rat that is Imam Obama said..”it was either that or war”..guess what’s coming your way Obama?

    Then there’s the liberal tories with their countrywide devolvement, mainly coming for the North of England and starting in Greater Manchester an area with a liebour 99.9% hold of power.

    I live and work in M/cr and I despise what the place has become just in the last two or three years, the city centre is basically a lawless shit hole, did I believe that liebour would improve the place with sole control of the purse? Not a chance.

    M/cr will be a microcosm of the UK had liebour won the last election and I fear the worst, just reading the guardian’s sister paper, the Evening News, tells you all you need to know about M/cr and the multi culty utopia.

    An example is the many stalls that have sprung up in the center of M/cr run by africans and selling shit basically, no licence, no permission…nothing. The council leader, Pat Carney, is now bleating about it…what did they expect? Every night in a council flat watching Corrie and hard work in the day??

    The genie is out of the bottle, it’s too late, the lefties can’t stop a thing, not mass rape, not gypsies living in local parks, not vote rigging by the muzzers, not drugs problems, not violent crime…they just don’t record it. But don’t worry everyone…the bbc are safe in their lovely little bolt hole at media city blissfully ignorant of it all!


  21. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Just imagine if some white Brit raped a 12 year old Muslim girl.
    It would be headline news on every TV station, especially the bbc.
    It would be front page news on all the main newspapers.
    There would be riots by the muzzies.
    The rapist would (rightly) get a huge prison sentence and be beaten up in prison.
    Why then, when 1400 little white girls, some as young as 11, get raped and abused, is there so little response.
    If you extrapolate the 1400 in Rotherham alone then hundreds of thousands is a modest estimate of the rape and abuse by Muslims in England.
    It beggars belief the complacency of the Brits.
    The PC brainwashing is so effective that we feel unable to do or say anything, even about such an outrageous crime as mass, industrial scale, Muslim raping of our children.
    The bbc is a leader in this pc brainwashing.


    • Nibor says:

      Is it ;
      Higher standards expected of the [ white ,indigenous, historically local , non Asian , non Muslim , whatever the BBC want to call it ? ] people .
      Lower standards expected of the [ ?] people ?
      Or racism at the BBC?


    • barry says:

      Listened to a report this morning on Radio 5 and the word Muslim was not mentioned.