Hi all. As you will have seen, we’ve been making a few changes. The purpose of this change is to make this site a better place. We seek to provide a forum for all kinds of views on BBC bias. We seek to allow beat between those who come here. And for clarity, I am quite happy if people seek to take issue with points raised here, to defend the BBC. What is not tolerable is allowing trolls to infest the site, post under various names, and indulge in ad hominem. That time is over and I would suggest trolls and stalkers go elsewhere as they are not welcome here. Hope you all approve. One of the things that struck me last week during the BBC license national debate was the sheer number of BBC people and political pundits who visit our site. I also welcome them here! This site has influence, I want to increase that influence further, and make Biased BBC a great daily visit.

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49 Responses to IMPROVING B-BBC

  1. GCooper says:

    I have been against the idea of registration since it was first suggested, some years ago. However, it has become inevitable given the activity of the trolls and troublemakers, so well done David Vance for making a difficult decision that had to be made.

    The desperation of those who were determined to bring this blog to its knees is only too apparent. Having lost the arguments, all they could do was resort to smears.


    • David Vance says:

      Thanks for that. It is obvious that a few deranged individuals seek to bring the reputation of this site down. This HAS to stop. So I appreciate your feedback and I know registration is a pain but trust me, it is the way forward in 2015.


      • NCBBC says:


        The fact that individuals thought it necessary to bring down this site is a testament to its success.

        Unfortunatel, registration became necessary, as these individuals did not shrink from employing dubious tactics.

        Carry on the good work.


  2. ObiWan says:

    Thanks for the new registration process. I was one of those who’s previous online id had been tampered with and impersonated. Let’s hope this new system befuddles the would-be trolls.


  3. nogginator says:

    Yep! me too on occasion, had to register a couple of times though.
    So if anyone has any problems, a quick re register will probably rectify it


  4. Deborahanother says:

    I don’t post very often but glad to see this as sometimes it makes uncomfortable reading and gets personal.


    • Deborah says:

      Original Deborah here, I had trouble registering, but resorted to Mr D’s email address! But Deborahanother and I seem to watch and comment on similar things so if we get muddled it doesn’t matter to me.

      But thanks to David and the back street boys who keep things going and sort things out. I expect we would all be very grumpy without you.


  5. hansomcommon says:

    Well done David, this site is so important in the fight against the leftist bias projected by the BBC . It also keeps me sane as I realize there are other voices aware of the pernicious poison formulated by the broadcaster.


    • Brett says:

      Same as above↑. Listened to an hour of jezza vine on Wednesday dinner banging on and on about labour, had to switch off in the end when toynbee came on. Got up this morning, bbc breakfast, guess what? Banging on and on about labour.


  6. Guest Who says:

    Works for me… so far (doesn’t do to tweak karma’s whimsy too much)!


  7. Demon says:

    I was impersonated once to my knowledge by a racist beeboid. At least Dezi can’t now quote his fellow Beeboid’s vile impersonations of decent posters and claim that they are genuine.

    Out of interest have any of the regular trolls like Dezi, Scotty and mad bus conductor registered yet?


  8. G.W.F. says:

    Finally accepted after numerous attempts. Thanks to the technical team for sorting things out


  9. Alex says:

    I had a few issues with logging in but seems okay now. Anyone else have issues?


  10. Big Al says:

    I registered and was told that email was on way for me to acknowledge, it never came, but now somehow I’m logged in !
    Well done team and long live this website (or maybe not if it BBC gets binned)


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      I approved you Big Al! We had quite a few pending requests. I’m still not quite sure why – the email activation messages may be going astray, spam folders or being blocked for some reason. I approved a number of accounts about an hour or so ago.


  11. Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

    Very straightforward process to register and log in. A bit like Have Your Say or Comment is Free, dare I say, but the problem there is that it’s my posts that keep being rejected.


  12. Up2snuff says:

    Having been waiting all morning plus half the afternoon for the e-mail that didn’t come, it apparently is not vital! If other genuine Registrants are similarly placed, I recommend following BigAl’s advice and trying the password you set up.

    Ta. 🙂


  13. Banquosghost says:

    Worked pronto for me. Good job in trying to keep the trolls away.


  14. Steve Jones says:

    I have yet to receive the registration email but, as others have mentioned, it doesn’t seem to matter.
    This is a great site carrying out a vital public service (a term that some organisations have forgotten about).
    Long may it continue.


  15. imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

    Test post!


  16. Mrs Kitty says:

    Waited for email but after reading other posts decided to try logging in and it worked.


    • taffman says:

      Same here ! All systems go.
      Now where are all those ‘Trolls’ on the bus ?


  17. Stuart Beaker says:

    Admin comment – I am noticing that when I upvote someone, it increments the counter by sometimes 2 or 3. I guess I don’t mind this, but it is a bit misleading, and I don’t want to be accused of ‘stuffing’ comments with upvotes! I don’t recall this happening before, so perhaps it’s an unanticipated consequence of the new reg system..


    • NCBBC says:

      It happened before.


    • Pat..original says:

      I have had this happen on and off for quite a while. Mostly it adds 1 upvote, but on occasions it will start to add 2, then 3 and a few times it has added 4. Not as bad as my local newspaper once was, you could hold your finger on the votes and it would scroll! Made the whole exercise pointless.


  18. Big Al says:

    Stuart B, I think that if you have had the page opened for a while, likes will accrue and when you add your’s it can add that amount to total.


  19. Luton Reject says:

    Excellent news. Many thanks from jihad central. Keep up the good work for which I’m very grateful.


  20. Thoughtful says:

    Interesting comments re the 43% growth of the arctic ice sheet from the BBC Climate Change money grubbers. I guess the promise of all the filthy lucre is just too strong for them to stick to good old scientific fact finding & reasonable theorising.

    We are told that in one year all the ice melting under their false global warming banner has been more than replaced by the current refreeze.
    But bleats the BBC, there wasn’t proper record keeping prior to then so we don’t really know, and we can’t say exactly when global warming actually started.
    The fact that this argument could still be made even if the ice had reached the equator seems to not have bothered the interviewer.

    We are then told that the previous melting was part of a ‘trend’, where as this re-freeze is anomaly, so therefore can be ignored.

    Ta Da ! How to ignore the evidence in front of your eyes and protect that ridiculous income stream.

    No mention of the truly ferocious winters in the USA, nor Russia, only the selective facts are used, and don’t forget that when it comes to anomalies the BBC are more than enthusiastic to blame every single isolated storm on global warming, even when they are normal not even anomalous !

    Bias a gogo !


  21. Chop says:

    I too have been impersonated, so thank you for creating user profiling, same thing for me as regards to registering, my email never arrived for confirmation, so I just tried logging on instead.

    Thanks to DV and the BBBC team, and glad to know, this site is getting noticed 🙂


  22. taffman says:

    I wouldn’t mind betting that this site is ‘getting noticed’ by the well paid Trustees of Alibaba Telly.


  23. Beness says:

    All good logging in TY.


  24. Lurkio says:

    A test and a thank you for sorting the registration process.


  25. Teddy Bear says:

    test – I appear to have lost my user picture and I can’t find any way to add one now.
    Any advice?


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      Has your email address changed? The only supported method of avatars is by using a gravatar, which is specifically tied to the email address you post comments with. You can add a gravatar on tied to your registered email address.

      I was a bit worried we’d lost some functionality but I’m pretty sure gravatar has only ever been the supported method. I might add a way of adding local avatars on user profiles.


  26. Teddy Bear says:

    Thanks for your help Rufus.
    Since my login and password was already saved on the site I just clicked it. I did change my email address to a more used one since, but after I posted the comment above and saw my avatar had disappeared.
    I’ve made sure that Gravatar also has my current email address linked to my avatar and this site but nothing yet.

    AHHHH – I see it’s come back – Many thanks Rufus 🙂


  27. TPO says:

    I’m pleased that this has been implemented.
    I would say though, that much like the gentry in the 18th century visiting bedlam for entertainment, I used to get a perverse pleasure out of reading some of the more unhinged ramblings that appeared here, but it’s a small price to pay.


  28. oldartist says:

    The seems to have been some instances of people impersonating regular contributors and making inflammatory posts, so I suppose registration became inevitable. But I do think there should be a range of opinions. However absurd some of the “trolls” are, I think they should be heard, if not just to refute there arguments in open debate. I would hate to think of this site becoming like the BBC and vetting all the replies both on air and online whenever they are challenged.


    • Up2snuff says:

      I agree. For one thing, it helps us to hone our arguments. Secondly, as there are disparate views here of what should be done about the Licence Fee, the scope & quality of the BBC’s activities and its biases, they may give us clues as where to drive some negotiating wedges. Finally, while it may try the patience of regular posters here to do it, if the ‘contrarians’ are treated with a measure of respect & reasoned counter-argument then the work of BBBC and all its posters cannot be dismissed as a bunch of nutters or hooligans or teenagers or even teenage, hooligan nutters. 😉



  29. Lobster says:

    Just testing to see if my avatar is working
    I am now fully Lobstered. Thanks for the advice everybody!


  30. Demon says:

    Where are the Beeboid trolls? Apparently disappeared since the new registration was introduced. Clearly frightened of using their BBC ip addresses as they all claim they don’t work there. No doubt BBC is working on anonymising their ip’s so they won’t be as easy to trace back to Common Purpose Central. I’m sure with all their technology that we pay for they will be back soon, probably Dezi will be first around midnight.


  31. Sickofitall says:

    Testing, testing…..


    • Essexman says:

      Testing too , Just a quickie ,see News 24 are in full Barry O`barma worship , with John Sopel in full `Brown Nose Mode`. He were firing question`s to him, they, (Evil BBC), obviously supported , Gun Control , England staying in the EU , Barry Care , etc . Totally sickening worship , by the Evil Socialist Corporation.


  32. Kennedy says:

    Very strange. I never received the email when I tried to register, but I seem to able to log in. Well done David, if this will keep the trolls out. Barry is coming here today so I expect mobile phones and emails to be closed for the weekend.

    How did that picture get attached to my message?


  33. Thoughtful says:

    This morning the BBC Radio 4 Today, interviewed President Obama, in some very reverential style. The awe and adoration were evident throughout the interview.

    The worst part though was the BBC raising two issues on which it has taken a stand.
    The BBC is not allowed to take a stand or a position on anything, it is supposed to be independent and impartial, to take a stand would be to break the charter and indicative of heavy bias.

    Despite this the BBC asked questions on two issues where it most definitely has taken a stand.

    Freedom to bear arms, and ‘Racism’ (the good old one way street.

    A comment was made by Obama that more Americans have died at the wrong end of legally held guns than have from terrorism. Islam of course wasn’t mentioned.

    Iran and the nuclear deal was, and the President was allowed to explain at some length why he thought it was good. At no point was a dissenting view put to him, nor the wait period before inspections making it worthless.

    All in all it was fawning hero worship, typical of the bias we have come to expect.


  34. Thoughtful says:

    Later on in the Today program, they had what on any other station would be an insightful look at why the left has no actual policies, and has been reduced to moaning over strange individual causes, such as their ‘isms and phobias’.

    Inevitably though, the BBC reduced it to a hand wringing session. To this end they invited two people from opposite ends of the political spectrum (?)
    Hilary Wainwright – editor of Red Pepper magazine and screaming loony leftie.
    David Aaronovich – Time columnist son of a Communist activist, and now left wing activist.

    This apparently is what passes for balanced debate at the BBC