Is anyone surprised that Obama – the lame duck inhabitant of the White House – should choose the BBC to give his edict to the British people that we should stay mired in the EU? I was on BBC London this morning and pointed out that it was a disgrace that Obama used a willing BBC to subvert the likely outcome of the EU referendum in 2017 – when he will not even be President. I am sure that Cameron was aware Obama was going to use the power of the BBC to get this pro-EU message out – and this is the sort of instance where the BBC can suit the PM as he angles to keep us locked IN the failing bankrupt inept EU.

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5 Responses to HAIL OBAMA..

  1. shelly says:

    To be fair he did mention “problems in Greece” in a vague, offhand sort of way. The stunning insight of St Barack left me breathless. Back in the studio the “Anchors” were beside themselves. I bet Obama thinks the licence fee is a steal as well.


  2. Jeff says:

    It was difficult to escape Obama this morning. He was all over the rolling news channels and dominated the Today prog’.
    It’s not long ago he was considered by many to be one of the worst presidents in American history, but the Beeb still insist on treating him like a latter day saint. They are so incredibly sycophantic when dealing with him, never pursuing any questions the great man might deem to be hostile. I’m beginning to suspect that this attitude is due to latent left wing inverted racism that completely nullifies their critical faculties. I certainly don’t recall George W Bush receiving the kid gloves treatment by aunty. He was roundly mocked, vilified and criticised by every trendy lefty liberal that entered Broadcasting House. His very name became a byword for ridicule and would have the average BBC audience hooting with laughter.
    In six months time the great man retires and the BBC will enter a long and sustained period of mourning that will be reminiscent of the death of Mandela.
    Handkerchiefs at the ready…


  3. deegee says:

    Worst president or not how did he persuade the P5+1 and the UNSC to unanimously support such a a deal?