Why does the BBC Hate England?


John Redwood asks ‘Why does the BBC ignore England?’ and why does it instead seek to promote the European project of regionalising, and diminishing, the UK?

Actually the web link says ‘Why does the BBC hate England?’, which is probably about right.


Here are his thoughts…

When the Culture Secretary gave his statement on the future of the BBC, I spoke for England. I asked if we could have a BBC England to match BBC Scotland? I pointed out that many of us do not want a BBC seeking to split up our country and trying to foster artificial senses of regional identity. As we move towards more England only decision making at Westminster, we need a BBC England news to cover it.

I will submit further evidence to the review to show the need for BBC England. My area is lumped into BBC South, so we see a lot of news stories about seaside resorts all along the south coast that have nothing to do with inland Wokingham. Meanwhile, we have to switch to BBC London to see things going on 20 miles down the road that are of more relevance to us. My part of the world is variously called Thames Valley, Rest of the south east, the south, London and the south east, the home counties, the three counties (Bucks,Berks and Oxon), and mid Berkshire. No wonder there is no great sense of regional loyalty, when there are so many differing boundaries and descriptions, and when none of these places have sports teams, Councils or representative figures to speak for them. There is no Head of the Thames Valley (apart from the Chief Constable)or First Minister of the south – I am pleased to say – and no Mayor of the three counties or Lord Lieutenant of the Home Counties.

In my area people relate to the UK, to England, and to Wokingham Borough or West Berkshire. There is also a loyalty to the royal county even though it has no Council. The County does have sports teams, ceremonial events and various dignitaries and its own historic sense of identity.

The BBC needs to work with the senses of identity that people feel. England is increasingly aware of itself and of its needs and abilities. The BBC is not even struggling to catch up. The BBC seems determined to cling to old twentieth century ideas of balkanising England and helping the EU split us into regions which mean nothing to us.



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12 Responses to Why does the BBC Hate England?

  1. Flexdream says:

    I’d be happy with just a BBC UK.


  2. Peter Grimes says:

    Al Beeb does not believe in a British identity nor an English one. We are all immigrants, they claim, which is the justification for their continuing support for flooding the country with millions of immigrants from the far EE or the third world. They do think that IS is a state though. Odd that!


  3. petebogtrott says:

    Dear OLD Auntie doesn’t like all her children,England must have done something bad as she is the black sheep of the Family.The two twins Scotland and Wales can do no wrong,the New born Muslim is the apple of her eye.
    England is fed up paying for Aunties ,Scotlands and Wales keep,thinking of making them fend for themselves.
    Auntie is on a ventilator slowly dying of lack of oxygen,but all her relatives are complaining that funding from England will hurt Auntie.
    They will have to be told that she’s going GaGa and has been for years.


  4. BBC delenda est says:

    Why does the BBC hate England?
    They hate success on an individual level, millionaires, people with genuine talent Eg Tim Hunt, people who are self sufficient, people who take responsibility for their own lives. People unlike themselves.

    This envy of individuals is then collectivised and transferred to a group. England is the worst example of success, Empire on which the sun never sets, founders of the industrial revolution, initiators of many scientific endeavours. Canada and the USA with similar successes are hated even more. These people also hate Japan and South Korea because of their success.

    The BBC also hates failure, the failure of the USSR to turn into the utopia their favourite book prophesied. The failure of the USSR and other states to avoid becoming the nastiest organisations in history. The failure of everything which they admire and believe in.

    The BBC loves Africa, the continent of failure. Films of little black Sambo, walking eight thousand miles every day to obtain five drops of muddy water, makes them ejaculate. This is naturally “our” fault.
    The BBC loves Islam, the religion of failure, 1400 years old, and Afghanistan has not advanced one day since. Also “our” fault.

    he BBC staff are like this because they all have very severe, untreatable, mental abnormalities.
    When they were young they threw their toys out of the pram. At school they lost every fight and every argument , but they excelled at sulking. When they matured . . . they never matured.


    • BBC delenda est says:

      Does anyone else have disappearing letters or multiple spaces appearing (spaces which cannot be deleted)?
      Using Windows.
      MS Word, Wordpad, Notepad, to create documents, then pasting..


    • Little Black Sambo says:

      Little Black Sambo was a native of southern India. Then cartoon films of a child of the same name were set in the southern USA. You must be thinking of Little Black some one else.


      • BBC delenda est says:

        I am thinking of the little black Sambo who lives in Africa who appears in every Oxfam, Save the Children, and War on Want advert. Who walks three times round the universe every hour to find water because white people are too mean to send them pumps, excavators etc.

        Sorry that is incorrect, LBS does not appear in every charity advertisment, there is also an Asian man who has problems finding fish in the ‘ing sea!

        My great-grandmother had a well, dug by herself.


  5. Edward says:

    It’s the way the BBC is funded that facilitates skewed broadcasting. They have a mandate to cater for all British nations and minorities, but that most often translates into disproportionate representation.

    It’s the way the BBC is funded that encourages its staff to become politically biased against right-wing politics. The BBC will always act in the name of self-interest, but hide that very self-interest behind the old ‘it’s the poorest who will suffer most’ banner. Sound familiar?

    It’s the way the BBC is funded that opens the door to political propaganda. The BBC can get away with it because they’re funded to be impartial and inclusive – allowing people onto their shows to spread lies and misleading information. As long as it isn’t the BBC actually saying it, the BBC is immune from scrutiny. Take Question Time as a good example of this.

    It’s the way the BBC is funded that gives them an exaggerated sense of cultural self-importance. If you’re English you lack culture, so its best if you claim your parents or grandparents were immigrants in order for forgiveness. Welsh, Irish, and Scottish qualify as immigrants.

    It’s the way the BBC is funded that gives it too much power and lack of accountability. It’s time the organisation was drastically scaled down.


  6. Doublethinker says:

    The BBC hates England and are determined to destroy our culture and our national identity because it will then be much easier to turn us into multyculty folks who just love immigrants, which seems to be the BBC’s overarching goal.
    I am selective about which BBC programmes I watch and listen to and try to avoid ones which I know will be heavily PC and spewing forth the usual ‘ white Brits bad, coloured folks good, Muslims best’, tripe. Even so I am amazed at how often those programmes I do take have the usual PC garbage in them. The PC barrage is never ending and if you sit through it all day after day some of the underlying messages probably do stick in your subconscious. This must be particularly true of young people who don’t have anything to compare the BBC propaganda with and so can’t easily reject it out of hand.
    This and the general lefty bias are the main reasons why I hate the BBC . I am not bothered about whether or not the corporation is value for money, nor that it is or isn’t world renowned, nor that its programmes are good, bad or indifferent . What bothers me is that the BBC is slowly undermining the country I grew up in and forcing multiculturalism and leftist politics down my throat and they are using my money to do it! God rot the BBC.


    • Demon says:

      I am not bothered about whether or not the corporation is value for money, nor that it is or isn’t world renowned, nor that its programmes are good, bad or indifferent . What bothers me is that the BBC is slowly undermining the country I grew up in and forcing multiculturalism and leftist politics down my throat and they are using my money to do it! God rot the BBC.

      This is exactly how I feel, although the fact that the BBC is clearly not value for money and is not a patch on what is once was even in my memory is like rubbing salt into the wounds.


  7. Richard Pinder says:

    In the North of England, we get a lot of local Government shown on the BBC Parliament channel, in fact on many days, most of the BBC Parliament channel can be dedicated to Local Government. But the Local Government transmitted on the BBC Parliament channel on the Belmont transmitter never comes from the local councils in that area of England, but is exclusively either from Local Government in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. But never from England?