When it wasn’t baiting Australians this morning, the BBC was turning its gaze on Israel concerning the death of a Palestinian infant in an arson attack blamed on Jewish settlers in the West Bank. Now then, such an arson attack is utterly unacceptable I am sure that Israel will do everything possible to apprehend the culprit. But as in ALL these cases it gives the BBC the pretext to then BASH Israel. So the commentator the BBC produced on the Radio 4 Today programme around 6.50am sneered that Israel plays lip service to dealing with settlers who commit such crimes and only REALLY does anything when the media focus on. Such a vile slur on the reputation of the Israeli legal and policing system contrasts with the BBC’s indifferent approach to Palestinian savagery such as the slaughter of the Fogel family.  In the BBC world view, Israel can never do good, it is ALWAYS wrong.

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3 Responses to PRICE TAG

  1. Demon says:

    I heard the Israeli PM earlier blame the Palestinians for this attack. If right, it wouldn’t be the first time the so-called Palestinians have murdered their own and blamed it on the Israelis.

    BTW it took me three goes to send this comment. I had to do one twice yesterday. Is the problem at my end or is anyone else having problems?


    • TrueToo says:

      So far I’m problem free, touch wood.

      I didn’t hear Netanyahu blame the Palestinians. He just called it a terror attack and said Israel would get those responsible. The implication was that it was terrorism by Jews against Arabs. And more power to his elbow. It was a savage attack.

      Also, a religious Jew attacked a gay pride march in Jerusalem, stabbing six people and injuring two seriously. He’d just been released from prison after serving a sentence for a similar attack ten years ago. The ultra orthodox are getting really out of hand and the authorities need to get far tougher on them.

      And yes, the BBC’s reporting on the Fogel slaughter, or rather the lack of reporting, was typical of an organisation so pickled in its own bias that it will brush even the most savage Palestinian attacks under the carpet while shouting Israeli attacks from the rooftops.


      • Demon says:

        Yes, I only heard part of Netanyahu’s speech and assumed he meant Palestinians when he used the term Terrorists. However, he is quite right – whoever commited this act is a terrorist from whatever side of the fence they’re from. I also read about the attacks from the extremist Jews on the Gay Pride march. Whatever one’s views on gays, this sort of action is just not acceptable and must be punished severely.

        And of course you are comletely right about the BBC’s non-reporting of the Fogel family.