I caught an item on BBC Today programme on R4 around 6.40am which was classic BBC bashing of the one ethnic group the BBC cannot tolerate – White people. This morning it was Australians that were in the firing line and the line being sold was that Australia has a major issue dealing with the fact that “White redneck” Aussies are so racist.  Quite incredibly generalising and patronising. Naturally the treatment of Aborigines was brought up as was a stat they were ’20 times more likely to be in prison” that Whitey. I wonder are they 20 times more likely to commit certain types of crime? We will never know because the BBC were out on a mission to simply blacken the reputation of White Australians.

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8 Responses to RACIST DOWN UNDER….

  1. BBC delenda est says:

    Redneck, again.
    Racial prejudice in its natural BBC form.
    Directed, as you say, David, not against red people, but white people.
    The BBC version of the Henry Ford slogan.
    You can hate any colour you like, as long as it’s white.


  2. john in cheshire says:

    I believe that normal white people; ie. non-communists; are the least racist race. The most racist people are the very ones who are forever shouting racist at every opportunity; ie. communists and many non-white races. This may be a generalisation but from my experience, it is more true than not.


  3. RJ says:

    The BBC is one of the most racist organisations in the UK.

    It expects white people to have much higher standards of ethical behaviour than non-whites. Or to reverse the terms: the BBC doesn’t expect non-white people to live up to the same ethical standards it expects from white people.

    I might expect different standards from foreigners living abroad, but I expect everyone living in Britain to live up to British standards. The BBC does not.


  4. BBC delenda est says:

    Correct, except it’s worse than that.
    The BBC supports the Muslims :-
    a) In living up to Islamic standards.
    b) In expecting everyone to convert to Islamic standards.
    ***k both the BBC and Muslims.


  5. David Brims says:

    When Race Hustlers Diane Abbott, Medhi Hassan, Yappin Alli baba Brown make anti white comments they’re never criticised by the media, that’s how you know the Racism Industry is a racket, its sole purpose is to denigrate whites.


  6. Amounderness Lad says:

    The real problem the BBC has with Australians is that they refuse to let all and sundry from all over the place dump themselves on their doorstep in order to scrounge of them. The Aussies, quite rightly and quite justifiably, only allow people into their country who they wish to have there and who are willing to support themselves by working hard and benefiting Australian society. That is something the BBCites hate and would love to indoctrinate us into feeling the same way.


    • Grimer says:

      The BBC mongs probably know that they’d never qualify for a work visa, so they bitch and moan about how ‘unfair’ it is of the beastly ‘racist’ Aussies to ‘discriminate’. If they can persuade the Aussies to let in the third world, then maybe they’d also get in, with their degrees in meedja studies.