Any chance this brick lobbing ‘Islamophobe’ is in fact a Sunni Muslim attacking an Ahmadi mosque?  Any chance that the BBC will notice?


A suspected of hurling bricks and bottles at a Wolverhampton Mosque


Police hunting man who hurled bricks and bottles at a mosque in ‘hate crime’

West Midlands Police have released an image of a man suspected of hurling bricks and bottles at a Wolverhampton Mosque.

Windows were smashed at the Baitul Atta Ahmadiyya Mosque on Willenhall Road just after 4am on 21 June.

Following investigations officers are now in a position to release images of a person they would like to speak to in connection with the incident.

Sergeant Martin Hewitt, from Wolverhampton police, said: “We are dealing with this crime as a hate crime. Someone deliberately targeted the Mosque and this has caused considerable distress within the community”



Here’s what a well known Muslim commentator thinks of Ahmadis…..


Tell MAMA says:

Posting Anti-Muslim or Antisemitic Cartoons or Graphics Are Unacceptable. So Why Do It Dilly Hussain?

Why does the Deputy Editor of a web-site which is targeted towards Muslim communities recycle exactly the same tropes against Jews and Jewish communities?

Lastly, recently Dilly Hussain also abused Ahmadi Muslims, regarding them less than animals in their closeness to God. Muslim communities deserve better than this and at the very least, a public apology on both counts is needed.



The BBC, naturally, has Hussain on speed dial along with other Muslim spokesmen with well known dubious views such as Mehdi Hasan, the Cage boys and MPACUK.



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3 Responses to Tell MAMA

  1. Alex says:

    The special treatment extremist Muslims get is beyond belief. They get away with everything. Police too afraid to offend etc.

    I see also, this morning, the BBC did a report on the Rotherham child rape abuse without ONCE mentioning that the perpetrators were Muslim and all the girls were British white. Pathetic and disgusting censorship.

    Could you imagine the BBC uproar if white Christians systematically abused Muslim girls? There’d be protests in the streets with every charity/quango boss grovelling to the Muslim community. Politicians would be demanding that church leaders resigned and the Guardian would be conducting endless streams of articles discussing the deterioration of western culture etc.


    • Demon says:

      “Could you imagine the BBC uproar if white Christians systematically abused Muslim girls?”

      And even worse if those Christians claimed their religion was instructing them to do it. The BBC loves having hate-fests against Christians and we would never hear the end of it.


  2. The Lord says:

    Or even 1 Christian man abused 1 Moslem girl.