Le Crackpot Rides Again



The BBC tells us:

Europe ‘must open up to migrants’

How can it be so sure that this is the way ahead?

European leaders should do more to open up and help migrants instead of using language that dismisses their rights, a UN expert on migrant rights has said.

Ah, one of those UN ‘experts’.  Who might that be then?

Talking about “marauders” and “swarms” was an unsubtle way of dismissing their legitimacy, said Francois Crepeau.

European countries should open official channels and their labour markets to migrants because building fences would not stop them coming, he said.

Ah, Le Crackpot once again on the BBC given a free ride to say what he likes a completely unopposed by anyone with a modicum of common sense….as noted before.  And still attacking, still at war with Phillip Hammond and Cameron.

Le Crackpot is a man with absolutely no desire to stem immigration and has not a clue as to what the end result will be……eventually things will be taken out of ‘government’ hands and ‘the people’ will start dealing with the issue.

Le Crackpot lives in fantasy land, here suggesting you could keep the borders open and yet control who comes in…

The UN expert urged Europe to regain control of its borders from the smugglers by offering official channels to enter Europe.

“Opening up the regular labour markets through smart visas allowing people to come to look for work and incentivise them to return if they don’t find the job in question would allow for a much better regulated and controlled official labour market,” he said.

He’s not actually saying control the borders, all he is saying is make the borders even easier to slip across and that will pull the rug from under the smugglers…..well hardly, more people will then flood in and the smugglers will still have a good business bringing in people who don’t qualify for a ‘smart visa’, whatever the hell that is.

Le Crackpot claims that fences will not stop immigrants, well actually borders will stop them, reinstating national borders and checking who is trying to cross them will stop the tidal wave of migrants sweeping across Europe in search of Eldorado and the good life paid for by European tax payers, expecting, and demanding, free houses, health services, schools and jobs.  And when they don’t get the non-existent jobs in 5 or ten years time they will start to riot and the BBC and Guardianistas will tell us that this is because the immigrants have been marginalised, neglected and disenfranchised…when the real truth is that they forced their way in and there were not enough resources or jobs for them.  The fault lies with the immigrants themselves in the first instance and then with those BBC types and Guardianistas who insist we fling open the borders…..a collaboration between some immigrants and those on the anti-Western Left which leads to the rise of Anti-Semitism for instance, as the Spectator notes:

The prejudice currently popular in Britain is a sort of Arabised version of the European original. Revived hostility is clearly spurred by large-scale migration from Islamic countries, and the influence of Islamists on the European hard left, with whom they have a lot of contact.

The welfare state, the ‘State’ itself, is in danger of collapse.  What then?



Here’s a classic example of the left in action…..the loony left I think might well be a fitting description….

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24 Responses to Le Crackpot Rides Again

  1. taffman says:

    In the past when the French, Spanish, and Germans tried to get in (invade), the borders (the sea and the Channel ) worked well then.
    Vote UIKP


  2. Nibor says:

    No numbers mentioned by the UN flunky .

    No mention of numbers is the usual on this subject by the BBC liberal/left .

    Numbers are important in modern life eg speed limits . You can’t just have a rule that says Don’t Go Too Fast , the Government has to declare a number , like 70 mph . The powers that be must know this otherwise we wouldn’t have the Office for National Statistics. Numbers are needed .
    Imagine if we did the same with this cavalier attitude to numbers . We could send any amount in to pay our taxes , including the telly tax . How nice to throw any old coins in our pocket to pick up a copy of the Guardian.


  3. David Brims says:

    Where is all this leading to, the Third World invasion of Europe on a biblical scale, die-versity, multiculturalism, what’s the end game ?


  4. BBC delenda est says:

    Our rights, trump their rights.
    In particular, our right to breathe entitles us to stop their breath.
    And the breath of anyone who disagrees.


  5. NCBBC says:

    This is not a migrant crisis but a wholesale invasion by Muslims, of what they regard as Christendom. They are migrants who travel to Infidel lands fulfilling the al Hijra – emigrate to conquer.

    The tragedy is that our political elite is doing everything to assist this invasion and destruction of the greatest civilisation in all history.

    If one includes the enemy migrants coming over the land route via Greece, and add it to the numbers that Italy and Royal navy are bringing in, we are looking at a figure of nearly 10,000 a day, or 300,000 a month. I reckon we are looking at nearly 3 million per year. This is of course the first phase. EU law requires family re-unification, which means 15 million a year for the rest of the decade.

    Europe is being deliberately destroyed by the EU as it tries to build an empire that encompasses north Africa. What actually will happen is that Europe will become part of the new caliphate with Turkey its rightful ruler.

    Never, but never has a nation or a continent so easily surrendered to an enemy. Are they mad? Is a rabid dog running around Brussels?


    • boohanna says:

      Are they mad?

      No, just profoundly self-loathing and intent on dragging us all down in the mire.

      I, however, quite firmly believe that the traitors won’t succeed but there is going to be an awful lot of bloodshed to return to the former equilibrium.

      What the traitor class seems to have forgotten is that European peoples have world-class form over literally thousands of years now in handing out it’s own particular flavour of Jihad that although is slow to bring to the boil is rather epic and spectacularly hard to stop. Yet, when one tries to adopt the wholly reasonable argument that opposing this camp of the saints is done in order to try to prevent the old “form” from emerging again one suddenly becomes a racist or a phobic of some stripe. Hmm…….there is some kind of madness at work here perhaps after all…..

      Europe will regain the will to live once a few Beslans have occurred. The enemy truly is playing with an apocalyptically armed opponent yet most players seem to have forgotten this. For now.

      This is the fire our political class is now very much playing with.

      An entirely new branch of history will emerge from this era in the coming centuries.

      I’ll call it E.L.E. Studies.


  6. ObiWan says:

    Apart from the economic pressure illegal immigrants impose on our infrastructure, I’m actually far more concerned about the unseen bagge these economic scroungers bring with them: you know what I’m talking about, the Religion of Special Pleading and all its attendant problems.

    This is where the tinderbox is really being stoked-up for some future generation to have to deal with. As more and more muslims are permitted to flood into and across Europe it won’t be long before their Religion of Special Needs starts to assert itself in ever-more strident tones – this is its aim, after all. ‘Integration’ is definitely not its aim; it is expressly forbidden by the Koran. A muslim is a muslim first and foremost; before nationality, before political allegiance, before everything (and death is the penalty to for attempting to leave the faith). Muslims are not permitted to integrate into host societies – but they are encouraged to give the impression of being ‘moderate’ (no such thing in Islam, btw), in order to further the aims of Islam (the imposition of Sharia).

    The illegal immigrant crisis is far more dangerous than the BBC will ever allude to – but you might think that surely the Corporation must be able to work this out for themselves, and that if they can, they would surely want to explain the clear dangers ahead that will ultimately result from an ever-more powerful pan-European muslim population operating to a strict (completely inflexible and nakedly fascist) theocratic/political doctrine that advocates (as a religious duty) on its believers the imposition/establishment of Sharia law everywhere.

    BBC says: *tumbleweed.jpg* ‘World-class comment and analysis’ from the ‘best of the best’. Apparently.


    • johnnythefish says:

      A muslim is a muslim first and foremost; before nationality, before political allegiance, before everything (and death is the penalty to for attempting to leave the faith).

      Absolutely bang on the money. Epitomised by Moeen Ali – born in Birmingham, plays for England but refuses to sing the national anthem. Cheers, Moeen, it’s good to see you showing your loyalty after all this country has done for you and your family.

      Apart from the economic pressure illegal immigrants impose on our infrastructure…

      And ditto.

      Our roads and motorways are chokka, it takes weeks to get a doctor’s appointment, A and E is under siege, schools are over-subscribed, trains are bulging at the seams. If immigrants are a net benefit to the country, how come they’re not funding the upgrading of our infrastructure so we can accommodate them?

      The logical conclusion of this uncontrolled expansion of our population is plain to see for anyone with an ounce of common sense. Sadly, common sense is a declining commodity – another legacy of the Left, in particular the brainwashing of successive generations through our education system and by an agenda-ridden national broadcaster.


      • NCBBC says:

        Moeen Ali sports a beard that loudly proclaims to what he owes his allegiance. It is a “it is in my face and in your face”, I will own your country sooner or later, and you Infidels will be dhimmis.

        The ignorance of our elites in the openly hostile face of the historic enemy of Christendom is truly astounding,.

        What is the matter with Merkel? I thought she was intelligent and perceptive, but it seems she is an idiot.


      • NCBBC says:

        Even if the Muslim invaders were benefiting Britain economically, which they aren’t, they are a threat to the existence of Britain as a historic cultural identity. For Britain’s survival I’m happy to undergo abject poverty. It is the very least.

        In reality Muslims are a huge drain on all services, a major cause of the debasment of education, a nightmare scenario for the security services, the cause of our humiliations at airports, a clear and present danger to girls, and a blot on the green and pleasant landscape of Britain.


      • NCBBC says:

        Moeen Ali – born in Birmingham, plays for England but refuses to sing the national anthem

        Why should he? As a very devout Muslim (exemplified by his in your face beard), singing the national anthem would be supporting HM the Queen, defender of the Protestant Christian faith. How absurd to expect any Muslim in any public position, be it in both houses, or anywhere else, to sing the national anthem.

        We have deliberately, and by some, with malice in their hearts for the UK, taken in and lodged vipers into the unprotected bosom of the realm.


  7. nofanofpoliticians says:

    Two points that may be of interest, as I had previously jumped to an incorrect conclusion.

    1. He is Canadian, not French (a conclusion I previously jumped to) . Whilst I think he may currently be based in Brussels or Strasbourg, it is of no particular concern to him what happens in Europe into the future, and what European country natives might think. He doesn’t care. At the end of the day, he can just go back to Canada and get on with his nice life, pensioned off by the UN on no doubt very comfortable preferential terms.

    2. He is an academic, focused on Human Rights. Enough said.

    His UN profile suggests that his views might be slanted towards the migrant.



  8. Ian Rushlow says:

    Interesting comment from Joanne Stowell. Here’s some background information from Radio4All (http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/78954):
    “Joanne has also lived in Bahrain and studied the Middle East conflict and believes the Zionist project Britain has started is destroying the Middle Eastern culture. Has also suffered at the hands of internet trolls accusing her of being anti-Semitic where actually she’s anti-Zionist”.
    According to the contact page on her website she has also been interviewed on BBC Bristol Radio and one of her clients includes Cardiff University (a great friend of the BBC). See http://www.jostowell.com/Jo_Stowell_Photography/How_to_contact_me.html.

    Interesting tweet she made about “funded goys”. Can someone let us know how we can get our share of the shekels, please?


    • johnnythefish says:

      …believes the Zionist project Britain has started is destroying the Middle Eastern culture. Has also suffered at the hands of internet trolls accusing her of being anti-Semitic where actually she’s anti-Zionist. Zionism means you have the right to return to Israel. Zionist fundamentalism.

      Shorthand for ‘Israel has no right to exist in the Middle East’ (despite it being the Jewish homeland and them having a presence there for some 4000 years, unlike the countries populated by the 7th century Islamic invasion from Arabia) and must be destroyed. Another leftist idiot with no grasp of history.


  9. AlexM says:

    The guy is talking complete b*ll*cks. There is nothing in the UN Convention on the rights of migrants that says borders must be opened to migrants:



  10. BRISSLES says:

    I AM REALLY SCARED for the younger generations coming through. I am mid 60’s so have seen and enjoyed the best of what this Country has had to offer, which is all being eroded away by us sleepwalking into a Muslim majority country. I am sick of being told that the NHS wouldn’t function without the immigrant staff – yes, its true now; BUT in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s when immigration was controlled, there was barely an immigrant face to be seen, – so that statement doesn’t hold water. The BBC to me seem ‘racist’ towards white people. When schoolchildren are opening their exam results, invariably its Tower Hamlets schools that are featured. The Victoria Derbyshire show never misses a chance to include every minority in creation. The ratio of minorities British as news reporters on the BBC is also over exaggerated, and this will get worse. I have traceable ancestry dating back to the 17th century, and simply consider myself as British, but there are so many versions of being ‘British’ now – British Muslim, British Asian (?), “I have a UK passport so I’m British” British. I’ll be long gone by the time William is on the throne, but he could have a congregation of mainly Muslims watching him being crowned.


  11. johnnythefish says:

    I am sick of being told that the NHS wouldn’t function without the immigrant staff – yes, its true now…

    It is only true now because of incompetent forecasting by the NHS for its future staffing needs. This actually came out in a Today interview recently with a head honcho from one of the nursing bodies. Effectively we are now having to recruit from abroad to meet a shortfall which was the result a few years back of the NHS underestimating its need for new nurses to be trained. The usual public sector shambles, in other words.


  12. Ian Rushlow says:

    The NHS wouldn’t function without left-handed people, people with blonde hair, women aged over 30, people born in the Springtime or any other criteria that describes a measurable proportion of the workforce. The argument used by the Left/BBC is fundamentally racist: it is based on the proposition that immigrants provide resources to the NHS but do not consume resources from the NHS. Or, more realistically they consume less than they provide, meaning that the rest of us make a ‘profit’ on the deal. In other words, they are an economic resource to be exploited – a classic Capitalist viewpoint of the World if ever there was one.


  13. oldartist says:

    Referring to the State of Israel, as the “Zionist project” is indeed equivalent to saying Israel has no right to exist. Whether this so-called project was “started by the British”, as Stowell claims, or not is quite frankly an irrelevance. It’s also insulting to the Jews who fought to establish their small country. The real question is: what choice did the Jews have? The Holocaust wasn’t some sort of historical aberration. Rather it was the terrible culmination of nearly of nearly two millennium of murderous anti-Semitism. I don’t know who Joanne Stowell is, but she clearly has very little grasp of history. The Islamofascists she is allying herself with would no doubt like to see a second Holocaust. Either she must share this view or she is completely stupid. I’ll be kind and assume the latter.

    I’m getting rather tired of the left (and by extension the BBC) and the anti-Semitism they incite by constantly attacking Israel then hiding behind a façade of “We’re not anti-Semitic, just anti Zionist”.


  14. chrisH says:

    Yes, I KNOW it`s Bias at the BBC we need to discuss…but Le Crackpot surely applies to bloody Linsey Hilsum or whatever she goes by these days on Channel 4.
    Just heard her emote for Eurovision in regard of dossers clogging up Budapests main station.
    The Hungarian Minister did tell her that her so-called “migrants” could not be verifiable because the swarms choose to “lose”their documents before Angela Merckels dosshouses…and then onto Calais of course.
    But Hey-what would he know-only an elected bald headed male suit in need of a pashmina sharing moment under the Burger King-so Linsey had no answer to that-and, of course: this “unpleasantness” was never mentioned again by anybody back at the studio, or by La Hilsum Herself.
    Appalling crap-those poor commuters having to wade through THAT dross at rush hour!
    Of course the bleeding hearts that Linsey chose to give “the right context” to the Liberal Purpose on show…well, all spoke perfect English, were young and completely on-board with letting the “Syrians” stay-indeed, Europe must do more…but funnily enough not one of them(Linsey included) had room in a hotel room or a flat to actually practice what they preached.
    Dreadful bollox-Linsey is the new Orla…give THEM a women-only carriage please!