Shaking The World’s Conscience…But Not The BBC’s


We had a passing look at the BBC’s role in creating the immigrant crisis the other day. One thing we missed out was the fact that the immigration policy we are forced to adhere to by Europe, and cheerleaded by the BBC, is in fact the reason we cannot take in many genuine refugees.  If we are taking in 330,000 immigrants (379,000 net foreign migrants) we have no resources left to support refugees who may be in genuine need….as the Daily Mail points out…..

While ministers lay down the welcome mat to a net 330,000 arrivals, they refuse to co-operate with a plan to distribute Syrian families around the EU – arguing, with absolute justification, that we take far too many migrants as it is.

Such is the sickening consequence of losing control of our borders. Because we admit so many economic migrants, we are driven to sacrifice our noble tradition of offering a haven to genuine refugees.

Curiously the BBC found a way to mention the Mail’s comment but at the same time to avoid that clearly stated conclusion that mass immigration means we must end the policy of asylum.  Mishal Husain on the Today programme, when looking at what the papers said opened (08:39) with the Daily Mail’s comment title….’The Mail describes this well as a nightmare to shake the conscience of the free world’.   John Humphrys then said, note change in tone, now more upbeat, that ‘the Daily Mail suggests we should take in a ‘fair quota’ of refugees on the strict condition that the UK regains the right to limit migration from within the European Union’.  That of course doesn’t make the explicit link between the mass migration and the inability to take in refugees that the Mail makes…there is no causal link between the two statements by Humphrys….avoiding the difficult conclusion that the mass immigration supported by the BBC is having a huge and negative effect on our repsonse to refugees.

Nothing like massaging the truth to cover up your own part in the tragedy of the refugee crisis.

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8 Responses to Shaking The World’s Conscience…But Not The BBC’s

  1. Ian Rushlow says:

    Very noticeable how the BBC’s stories and imagery have changed this week. They finally figured that pictures and stories of angry young black men with knives and makeshift weapons swarming around Calais do not make for good propaganda. Accordingly, the emphasis is now on Syrian refugees rather than Eritrean draft-dodgers and ‘softer’ stories and pictures involving women and children. For instance, take a look at this from this page No headscarves, nice smiling faces, they don’t look threatening, do they?


  2. Nibor says:

    The BBC might like to inform viewers and listeners what has happened to the drivers who have had to pay the fines and have the lorries impounded because some “people” have broken into the trailers .
    One or two owner drivers has committed suicide or died from the distress of losing their vehicles , their business , their way of life .
    No sympathy from the liberal/left BBC for them .


    • Peter Grimes says:

      Losing their vehicles? They must have owned them, then!

      Filthy captalists deserve to lose their livelihood…

      unlike us bloated churnalists at Al Beeb!!


  3. BRISSLES says:

    Unlike a lot of commentators on here, I’m not qualified or know enough to comment in depth; BUT like the top poster it is clear that the cameras particularly focus on crying children – WHY ? its not the children who are desperate, and it certainly does not tug at my heart strings. I also spit feathers at hearing the likes of Chris Brady (?) the Irish reporter, who speaks in hushed tones at the ‘plight’ of the migrants. I’m sorry but adopting a sympathetic tone is not what he is there for, he is there to report the news objectively, and asking a migrant ‘how he feels’ now that he has stepped foot in Europe is not good news reporting. Why don’t they ask the questions we all want to hear, like ‘why don’t they stay and fight, or create a Resistance movement’ like the French in WW2. No, the world is jumping on the bandwagon to move around without a passport to get into Europe. I fancy a trip to Denmark, so shall I jump on a fishing boat and claim asylum once I land on their shores ? I’d be laughed out to sea again. Turkey is not a country in crisis, so why aren’t the Syrians remaining in a country of their own religion.


    • GCooper says:

      Excellent post. And what about those migrants who are manifestly not fleeing any sort of conflict? As I’ve commented here before, two recent groups stopped by police were from Vietnam!

      Meanwhile, one of the BBC’s recent pity pieces on R4 had the wind let out of it rather abruptly when the would be migrant revealed he was from Egypt.


      • NCBBC says:

        , two recent groups stopped by police were from Vietnam!

        Would they somehow have been caught up in the Syrian crisis?


  4. Fred Bloggs says:

    A stat come out the other day that there are 8 million people in the UK who were not born here. Rarely if ever mentioned by the bBC. Clearly an all stations alert has been sent down from ivory towers that the pro immigration propoganda must be issued on all bBC outlets at every plausable point.


  5. Framer says:

    And did the BBC give any coverage to the fact that over 200,000 Romanians signed on for national insurance numbers last year?