Are you marching in solidarity with refugees?

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Kuwait and the other Gulf Cooperation Council countries are too valuable to accept any refugees. In the end it is not right for us to accept a people that are different from us. We don’t want people that suffer from internal stress and trauma in our country.’


DB has spotted a BBC producer who has been marching to open the borders up to refugees as he calls them…though they are in effect economic migrants……interesting how the marchers all seem to  be right-on Middle Class people….and a lot of the protest is anti-war, pro-Corbyn and anti-Tory….not saying that it was hijacked by STWC…but good chance our BBC friend is just another useful idiot for the cause…..

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“Say it loud and say it proud refugees are welcome here”

And if you weren’t convinced of his views here’s another Tweet…




Brown also retweets this from a fellow media johnny…


Guy Lambert retweeted CCHQ Press Office

Whatever your politics, that is a dumb tweet

Guy Lambert added,

Hmmmm… Corbyn is intent getting rid of Trident and the Army, intent on taxing and spending our way back to the 70’s if not to the Weimar Republic as he prints billions of pounds to help fund his lavish spending, siding with the terrorists and nationalising anything that moves…and oh yes…Protect the BBC from further cuts…I would imagine that the Tories are right on this one.  Interesting though that Brown’s Labour supporting friend has tweeted something that Brown thinks is spot on and relevant to any debate on Corbyn.

Brown responds to DB’s questions about whether it is appropriate for  BBC journalist to be taking part and Tweeting about such a highly political and controversial subject……

He obviously feels he is losing the argument and resorts to a patronising and childish attempt to gain the moral highground by suggesting DB is not being grown up…whereas a man who reacts purely on an emotional basis regardless of the consequences is a ‘grown up’.

So let’s be grown up and ask what are those consequences of having Europe flooded with migrants the vast majority of whom are young, male and Muslim…if they had AK47’s they would be called an army and this would be an ‘invasion’.  What are the social, political, cultural ramifications of having Europe invaded by young Muslim men?  Not a question Brown has ever considered, he’s just happy to get the feeling of warm glowing smugness of a man panhandling publicly for the credit for his humanity by his public display of compassion which he advertises on Twitter.

It is a question that is essential to ask and yet the BBC doesn’t dare…others do though.

The measured and rational Charles Moore in the Telegraph voices some of his concerns about this influx of Muslims to Western Europe:

Nothing has changed in 25 years to ease my concerns about Islam

Viktor Orbán is the prime minister of Hungary. It is through his country that very large numbers of migrants from the Middle East and the Balkans now pass. At the beginning of this month, Mr Orbán said: “I think we have a right to decide that we don’t want to have a large number of Muslim people in our country.”

Mr Orbán was fiercely attacked for the motives behind his remark. I do not know enough about Hungarian politics to say whether such attacks are justified. But, regardless of the precise facts about Mr Orbán, I would guess most people in western – let alone eastern – Europe would quietly agree with his general proposition. One of the biggest anxieties about the current immigration is its high Muslim element. Is it wrong to have such an anxiety, let alone to express it publicly, let alone to want to have a system of immigration based on it?

It seemed to me that most Muslim leaders saw their role not in integrating Muslims in Britain, but in asserting difference and increasing their muscle. Many favoured sharia law trumping British law. They would not support Muslim membership of the Armed Forces if those forces were deployed against Muslim countries. They wanted it to be illegal to attack Islam, let alone denigrate its prophet; and they waged constant “lawfare” to try to silence their critics. They tended, I thought, to see the advance of their cause as a zero-sum game in which the authorities had to cede more ground (sometimes it is literally a matter of territory) to Muslims.

It would also be wrong to deny that, in current conditions, a large Muslim community in a non-Muslim country produces more political disturbance, more communal tension, more intolerance of other faiths (and of non-faiths) and more terrorism. Few non-Muslims want to live near a mosque, see women veiling their faces or have Muslim practices introduced into state schools. Few non-Muslims want lots more Muslim immigrants.

An assimilated Muslim is not a contradiction in terms, but neither is he or she the norm in Britain today. With the Muslim world in ferment and on the move, the risks grow daily.


The election of Jeremy Corbyn and the foolish, naive motivations of those who supported his inclusion in the election must act as a warning to those who wish to brush aside concerns and bury their heads in the sand about the prospect of a ‘clash of civilizations’ and instead blunder on ramming their own ideological delusions and fallacies down everyone else’s throats in the interest of multiculturalism and diversity….the politics of ‘inclusion’….

When Corbyn thanked the Labour MPs who nominated him “in the spirit of inclusion” the room laughed, as well they might. This is the greatest joke of the campaign: the ‘morons’, as John McTernan’s put it, the MPs who nominated Corbyn because they thought he was too crazy too win and would make the rest seem centrist by comparison. But there is a new rule now: nothing is too crazy for the Labour Party. Not any more.

Being ‘inclusive’, pandering to Muslim activist’s demands, allowing an ever-increasing Islamisation of the public sphere in the hope that if Muslims are allowed to practise their religion more freely, and everyone else is forced to ‘respect’ that, then Muslims won’t beome radicalised….when the opposite is true…they will in fact become more and more ‘radicalised’, or devout, and intent on pressing their advantage, creating a situation where everything has to be done filtered through an Islamic perspective…out of ‘respect’ for Muslims.

Happy Christmas   Ramadan from the morons at the BBC.

H/T Alex in the comments:










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5 Responses to Are you marching in solidarity with refugees?

  1. Alex says:

    Here’s something the BBC and those clowns marching in London don’t want you to see…


  2. Stuart Beaker says:

    A very important moment at the BBC this morning, I think. Mr Frank Field, MP, was asked on the R4 Sunday program for his views on Mr Corbyn’s victory in the leadership poll.

    He stated, among other things, that the views of Mr Corbyn and his supporters, both within and without the Labour Party, were at variance with the majority of the country, on whether the NHS should be a national or an international service, and whether we should (be allowed to) protect our national borders against uncontrolled economic immigration.

    He was neither interrupted, nor subjected to derision for stating this. An unbiased and truth-reflecting moment at the BBC. Does this mean the days of truth-bending leftist propaganda at the Corporation are numbered? I hardly think so – the BBC has now become an opaque pond of manipulation. Still, it was refreshing to hear a few drops of the pure water of honesty trickling through. Not exactly the flood that will be needed to cleanse those Augean stables, but at least a demonstration of what freedom of speech sounds like, a reminder of what it would be like to actually have a breathable, untainted atmosphere in broadcasting..


  3. John Anderson says:

    Frank Field is one of the few voices of sanity in the Labour Party. So it is good that the BBC gave him airtime – a rare appearance.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      If Frank Field was that sensible he wouldn’t have nominated Corbyn for the Labour leadership. The Labour Party is a ship of fools.


  4. Nibor says:

    The politics show at eight this morning ;the BBC presenter described the immigration March as another left wing cause .