Clockboy’s Sister Act



  • Orla Guerin retweeted President Obama

    Ahmed’s clock gets the reaction it should have got at school…..



A quick update on Clockboy’s story….his sister was suspended from the same school for allegedly saying she wanted to blow the school up….though she denies saying any such thing...from Breitbart:

The sister of the boy who brought a suspected hoax-bomb to his Texas high school said she was suspended from a school in a prior bomb scare. Her suspension occurred in 2009 while she was attending middle school in the same district.

Lesley Weaver, a spokeswoman for the district, said school officials can’t release any information about the 18-year-old sister’s episode because the Sudanese parents won’t sign the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, The school has already sent the form to the immigrant Sudanese parents, but they won’t sign it, she said.

The sister is named Eyman Mohamed.

“I wish we could…. provide more information to the media,” said Weaver, whose school district and local police force are now facing worldwide claims that they unfairly targeted the sister’s brother — 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed — after he was detained Sept. 14 on the suspicion that he had brought a hoax bomb into the school.

The boy brought his device — a dismantled, 120-volt clock packed inside a school box — to show off to his teachers.

The sister claimed after the arrest that she had been suspended from a school for several days.  “I got suspended from school for three days from this stupid same district, from this girl saying I wanted to blow up the school, something I had nothing to do with,” she said, without providing evidence or proof.



And on a similar note…the fire at an Ahmadiya mosque in London…...The Telegraph tells us:

Two boys aged 14 and 16 have been arrested on suspicion of arson, both of whom remain in custody at a south London police station.  Police are not currently treating the attack as motivated by Islamophobia, a Scotland Yard spokesman said.  But the spokesman refused to rule out racism as a possible factor in the teenagers’ alleged actions.

A quote not reported by the BBC....but why’s it important?  Because this may well turn out to be Sunni Muslims attacking an Ahmadiya Mosque…Ahmadis not being considered ‘Muslim’ by Sunnis….can’t be ‘Islamophobia’ I suppose if Ahmadis are not Muslim.

There has been a spate of such attacks recently, all of them ignored by the BBC though widely reported elsewhere and commented on here.

And what to make of this……Far Left anarchists attack a small business in London because it represents a certain social demographic that the anarchists don’t think should be allowed to live in that part of London…they want to burn them out it seems….and chase them with pig heads…can you imagine the outrage and shouts of racism if this was a Far Right group attacking a Muslim shop in the same way?  What’s the difference?

Hipster-hating mob of 200 attacks trendy cafe that sells £4.50 bowls of cereal while staff and customers are trapped inside as East London ‘anti-gentrification’ protests turn violent

Cereal Killer Cafe attacked by mob as 'anti-gentrification' protests turns violent


The BBC gives the anarchists a nice write up and no doubt we will be having their ‘representatives’ being rigorously grilled by Sarah Montague who will tell us of that they are ‘polluting’ the public discourse with their hate crimes and ‘racist’ rhetoric and that they represent a deeply unpleasant and backward regression to the politics and violent prejudices of less enlightened times.  Oh no, that was the BBC’s take on the EDL and Christianity.

Will the Today programme be asking serious questions tomorrow about Labour’s new Leader and his cronies in light of this Far Left attack?

Labour’s hard-left shadow chancellor backed ‘insurrection’ and praised student rioters who ‘kicked the s***’ out of London

‘There’s three ways in which we change society. 

‘One is through the ballot box, the democratic process and into Parliament. The second is trade union action, industrial action. The third is basically insurrection, but we now call it direct action.

‘Don’t expect that change [to society] coming from Parliament…we have an elected dictatorship, so I think we have a democratic right to use whatever means to bring this government down. The real fight now is in our communities, it’s on the picket lines, it’s in the streets.’

In a speech in 2011 to a Right-to-Protest rally, he praised rioters who had ‘kicked the s***’ out of the Conservative Party’s headquarters at Millbank Tower in Westminster.

Unite Union’s leader, Len McCluskey (Who supports Corbyn….Blairism is dead and buried. Jeremy Corbyn is the future)…. is totally on board with this sort of behaviour and approach to ‘politics’ but in BBC interviews in the run up to the election he was never challenged on these well known views…..

When McCluskey gave the Ralph Miliband Lecture  he said some notable things and laid out his political philosophy…..he wanted to follow the vision of Ralph Miliband…..

So let me start on my subject, working-class politics in the contemporary world, with a quote from Ralph Miliband:

All concepts of politics, of whatever kind, are about conflict──how to contain it, or abolish it.”

So if we are on a march towards “one nation” and ultimately “one world”, it is a road that leads through struggle and conflict.

We are taught to believe that democracy is the cornerstone of a modern civilised society; but our Lords and Masters want to define democracy, limiting us to an ‘X’ on a Ballot Paper every 5 years.

This is not my definition of democracy.

They tell us strike action, civil disobedience, direct action and protest are all somehow unpatriotic.

Our history tells us they are not.

Whatever the upshot of electoral politics, working-class politics must grow and develop, based on the socialist education Ralph Miliband called for.

In the midst of an unending economic crisis, with what Ralph would have called a discredited ruling class at the helm, it is past time for the working class to step forward with its own vision and alternative.


So McDonnell calls for ‘direct action’..’The third is basically insurrection, but we now call it direct action.‘ and McCluskey also thinks that ‘direct action’, or ‘insurrection’, is an acceptable form of politics….as in perhaps attacking the gentlemen who run a small business selling cereal?

Will the BBC be on their case?  I somehow doubt it. If Cameron suggested that ‘direct action’ on the streets be taken by ‘concerned citizens’ to stem the spread of fundamentalist Islam in Britain would he be met with silence by the BBC?

Let’s hear the BBC ask McCluskey if attacks on cereal bars run by the ‘gentry’ are part and parcel of his new vision and alternative to old Britain?  Does he want a ‘French Revolutionary’ type reshaping of Britain?…

That is indeed a new kind of politics. The age of the conviction politician willing to offer socialist alternatives to the status quo, and confident enough to say we don’t have to take our broken society as an immutable given, is breaking. It may not be the French revolution, but it is a blissful dawn to greet.

A blissful dawn where you can have your breakfast to the sound of breaking glass lit by the fires of  poltical anarchy on the march….bliss indeed.










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7 Responses to Clockboy’s Sister Act

  1. Dazed and Confused says:

    I would imagine that any minute now the BBC will be on the case of the “men” that attacked this man for daring to wear a British army uniform on British streets….I wonder why he chose LBC and not the BBC to phone in and tell his story?…(sic)


  2. john in cheshire says:

    Clock boy is a muslim. muslims lie, that’s what they do. Don’t believe a word they say, don’t be taken in by their sly smiles and for your own safety don’t ever vote for one. Unless, of course you’d relish being a slave to the evil bastards.


  3. Mice Height says:


  4. Mice Height says:

    How to ‘make’ little Mo’s clock in about 20 seconds –


  5. NCBBC says:

    I wonder if the company that originally made the clock, sue this little lying Muslim brat ( is thete any other kind) for plagiarism, and claiming that he built the cliock.


  6. GCooper says:

    Alan has put his finger on a major problem facing the BBC – how it is now having to dance ever faster in an attempt to reconcile completely contradictory ideas and opinions. As Corbyn and his ragbag assembly of superannuated student politicians and outright loonies begins to resemble The People’s Liberation Front For Judea, it is going to get extremely difficult (for which read, impossible) to report approvingly on a political current that actively seeks to rip the country apart.

    Mind you… it will try. My, how it will try.


  7. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    Should see if the little rat could take his ‘clock’ through the security at the front door of Salford Media.