Well, the BBC has done all it can to push the “Britain stronger in (sic) Europe” campaign launched today.

Staying in the EU can be the “patriotic course for Britain”, former M&S boss Lord Rose said as he launched the campaign for the UK to remain a member. Lord Rose, Britain Stronger in Europe chairman, said leaving was “not worth the risk” and said Britain was “surely bigger” than “walking away”.  The EU referendum is due to be held before the end of 2017.

It will be fascinating to watch this one unroll in terms of BBC coverage. I reckon that Rose is a poor choice – and the very NAME for the campaign contains an overt attempt to conflate the EU with Europe. It won’t be the first such effort and I am surprised the BBC’s world class journalists did not call Rose to account for it…..

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64 Responses to A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME?

  1. wronged says:

    Ah, this is the same Lord Rose when CEO, closed down Marks and Spencer in France and bought clothes from Asian markets!!!

    Doesn’t he also receive an EU pension as a peer of the realm?


    • 60022Mallard says:

      And, of course, there are no risks in staying in, are there?

      Perhaps Mr Rose should be asked

      1. Is there anything you would like to see changed in how the EU operates now, and

      2. How do you see Europe developing in the future – ever closer Union, compulsory Euro use etc.


      • Geyza says:

        He was a leading player in the campaign which has just been renamed to Vote.Leave. He was a Eurosceptic, and has not yet revealed why he has changed his allegiance. I suspect it is money, or promise of becoming a future EU commissioner, or both.

        He also bizarrely claimed that by remaining in the EU, every person in Britain is better off by £480 million per year. Is he really that insane?

        If he is right, then want to know where my millions are. I would quite like to buy a formula 1 team and appoint myself lead driver.

        They also have a wild conspiracy theorist, by the name of June Parsong, who used to present the conspiracy files with Jesse Ventura.

        So far, all they have had to offer is negative defeatist pessimism and fearmongering lies. The Europhiles have had over 2 decades to explain any positives in giving up our sovereignty, allowing the EU to destroy our country, take over our military, and impose their oligarchical anti-democratic tyranny upon us. Now we are into the actual referendum debate, on day one, on their launch I would have expected to hear it. They have had over 20 years to prepare and what did we get? Nothing but pessimism, talking down the UK and fearmongering nonsense. I would like to know of even one… Just one beneficial thing that being in the EU brings us, that we could not have equal or better outside the EU.


        EU internal market = 0.5 Billion consumers in a dying market, strangled by corruption, unlimited illegal immigration, burueacracy and currency crisis fueled recession with no strong growth on the horizon.

        Commonwealth = 2.5 Billion consumers in growing markets, many of which have huge near term growth potential. A group of friendly nations, headed by our own Monarch, in which we are uniquely placed to increase trade with MASSIVELY!

        The rest of the world = 6 billion consumers in growing markets around the world. Many of those nations we have unique historical trading links with, which can be updated to boost our economy in a very very big way.

        Would I “risk” the reducing percentage of our trade with the dying, corrupt, burueacratic monolith of the EU, when the payoff is massively increased trade with billions of consumers around the rest of the world? Hell YES! Bring it on! Where do I sign up?

        That is the most optimistic claim I can make for getting out of the EU. This nation becoming an economic powerhouse from a massive boom in exports to the rest of the world. What’s not to love about that?

        What about co-operation between police forces in criminal and terrorist investigations? Is it worth overthrowing hundreds of years of English Jurisprudence, of “innocent until proven guilty” to gain the same co-operation we had with Interpol? Not at all. The BSE claims leaving the EAW would see us become a haven for terrorists and criminals. Where have they been? Without immigration controls, and some of the softest sentencing in the EU, we already ARE a haven for criminals and terrorists. Londonistan earned its nickname whilst we were in the EU. Get us out of the EU and we could DO SOMETHING about them.

        What about environmental co-operation? We can still protect our environment even outside the EU. the difference is, we could do it more efficiently and without any of the burdens that the EU imposes which massively influenced our environmental policy, which led to ditches and gulleys not being dredged which directly led to the massive flooding across vast swathes of the south-west a couple of years ago. So much of our “environmental agency’s” responsibilities and actions are dictated by EU directives.

        We could get control of our own agriculture and fishing and so much more besides.

        We could also, MOST IMPORTANTLY, finally, regain sovereign democratic control of ALL of our laws and lawmakers.

        Every year on Nov 11th, I say a prayer of thanks to those service people who laid down their lives in 2 world war in foreign fields to defend OUR sovereign right to make our own laws and decide our own destiny. I also pray that their massive, incomprehensibly brave sacrifice not have been in vain. The ability to hire and fire those people who make our laws is the most precious birthright. It is the most powerful tool in the defence of OUR collective freedom from totalitarian tryanny, of the sort those brave men defeated in two world wars.

        They defended that golden birthright with bullets and bombs and their lives prematurely ended, buried under a cross in a foreign field, so that we could keep defending that golden birthright with a cross on a ballot paper. We inherited that golden birthright intact, and it is NOT ours to give away. We MUST hand it on intact to our children and grandchildren. They will never forgive us if we fail.

        Let us remember them and pledge to defend that birthright and hand it on intact to our children and grand-children. Once it is finally gone, and the EU absorbs our military into an EU military, and our country is broken into EU designated regions, borders removed and our nation erased from the maps, we will have squandered, and given away cheap, that golden birthright to set our own destiny and set our own laws and to hire and fire lawmakers and defend OUR freedom from tryanny.

        The eventual aim of the EU is to gain total control, without any interference or threat from democratic accountibility. When they finally have that power, (which is much closer than most people realise) does anyone trust them not to abuse it? How could we vote out corrupt or evil EU commissioners? We cannot.

        The ONLY way to guarantee that we, or our children, or grandchildren, will not succumb to a totalitarian tyranny imposing its dictatorial powers upon us, is to vote LEAVE.

        The only way to defend OUR sovereign right to elect or fire our lawmakers is to vote LEAVE.

        The ONLY way to obtain the massively golden economic boom of massively increased exports to the rest of the world, is to vote LEAVE.

        Do not squander our insanely hard won freedoms, liberties and economic advantages.

        Vote LEAVE!


        • tarien says:

          I suspect as you do that Rose has been given his orders from those that have controlled the EU since it began-the great & wealthiest Banking family the Rothschild will surely be one that is in close contact with Rose (can’t bring myself to give him the title, even if it is worthless in today’s world) plus the powers from across the Atlantic who also with their cohorts control the world money supply. The duplicity of these & politicians has put us right where we are-in the direct way of an invasion which will destroy the Christian values &freedoms so hard fought for.


        • tarien says:

          Why do the people of the UK have to wait until 2017 before a referendum on the EU issue? I fear that in 2 yrs much can change-why cannot this referendum be held next year 2016? The waves of millions of immigrants will no doubt play a part (directly or indirectly) in this most important issue of our futures ever to be considered in the last 50 yrs.


    • Nibor says:

      Also you can see at Faversham M&S distribution the Czech registered trucks that do the work where Brit trucks used to go – due to their lower taxes . We need to pay higher taxes so that Cameron and TPTB can stomp the world stage and be ” at the top table” .


  2. Dave S says:

    Marine Le Pen ‘s latest speech in the presence of Merkel is really something. Last week in Strasbourg . If that is the harmonious EU of the future dreams of Rose then I am a Frenchman. The EU is in real trouble and it is doubtful even whether a vote to leave will really be necessary. It could well implode.


    • tarien says:

      I suspect as you do that Rose has been given his orders from those that have controlled the EU since it began-the great & wealthiest Banking family the Rothschild will surely be one that is in close contact with Rose (can’t bring myself to give him the title, even if it is worthless in today’s world) plus the powers from across the Atlantic who also with their cohorts control the world money supply. The duplicity of these & politicians has put us right where we are-in the direct way of an invasion which will destroy the Christian values &freedoms so hard fought for.


    • tarien says:

      Yes Dave S-some years ago in consultation with other Europeans, it was agreed between us that the state of the EU would alter significanlty, it may implode as you suggest, but in view of the savage invasion now being experienced across European borders, that the EU will end up as a much smaller entity, perhaps with far fewer member states. Whichever way we can be assured of monumental changes that, will irrespective of whether the UK remains in or out of the EU, alter our lives.


    • BBC delenda est says:

      I hope you are correct and the EU does implode.
      Let us vote OUT anyway, just as a precaution.


    • NCBBC says:

      Speaking of France

      Listen to this.

      Les Brigandes – The great replacement


  3. Edward says:

    Fascinating indeed!

    I’m surprised recent polls show the INs have a slight lead over the OUTs. But I was also surprised Labour were so close in the polls to the the Conservatives in the last election. Is that a telling sign that perhaps the polls have got it disasterously wrong again? I’m beginning to think so.

    I get this feeling that the debate is very London-centric. I would struggle to find anyone north of Watford voting to stay in.


    • David Brims says:

      It’ll be rigged.


    • Geyza says:

      Most recent polls actually have the leave campaign slightly ahead. The mainstream media are re-hashing old polls from before the question was settled. They also rehash old polls which asked if people wanted to stay in a reformed EU.

      They mislead people by adding the don’t knows, who want a reformed EU, to the stay in side, and only having the out at any cost people on the out side. They do not add those who want stronger immigration controls to those who want out, yet immigration is not even mentioned in the paltry 4 demands Cameron has made of the EU.

      When the time comes to vote, and people realise that Cameron’s reforms are nothing more than a “bait and switch” con, whereby any of the weak reforms Cameron has asked for, WILL be vetoed during the EU wide ratification process after our referendum, a lot more people will be voting to leave.

      Have no doubt. Voting to stay IS voting to give away more and more powers. the only way to regain power from the EU, is to vote LEAVE.


  4. wronged says:

    Dead right Dave, it will be rigged, a bit like the polls currently are. I know of only one person out of the many I meet who is for staying in. He’s even on the verge of changing his mind.

    Mind you I live in the shires not London.

    I don’t trust the Corporate businesses not to use deceit and foul play against the people. They’ll fix it for sure.

    What puzzles me more than anything is Labour’s position of wanting to stay in, which of course is directly in opposition to the working poor, undercutting their pay, changing terms and conditions in work,keeping wages low due to immigrant labour,etc who they claim to represent.

    Labour are shameful hypocrites.


  5. David Brims says:

    There was a debate about the EUSSR referendum on SKY, the pro EUSSR twit gushed about ” trade, the economy, good for business, blah blah blah.” So Britain is reduced to a supermarket and we’re just customers, is it ? well, if that’s the case why don’t we become a province of China then, after all they’re the biggest economy ?


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      An excellent point. The EU is not, and never has been, about trade. The name “Common Market” was a con to get us in. It is perfectly possible to negotiate fair trade agreements with anyone. The EU is a political construction designed to lead to a United Europe. It has been from the start, but the likes of Jean Monnet knew that if they came out with that in the 1950s, it would never work. Instead, like the frog in the pan of slowly heating water, the people of the EU have had 60 years of slowly ever closening union, with the aim that they will forget what national independence ever was. We have one big chance to opt out of it, and if we do not take it, you can forget about Britain as an independent sovereign state.


      • popeye says:

        With the ultimate aim of close political, diplomatic and military union it is inevitable that we will also lose Gibraltar and the Falklands, much, I’m sure, to the delight of the lefties who deplore our evil Imperial past


  6. G.W.F. says:

    We can assume the polls will be rigged, or simply reflect the London vibrant diverse multiculty population. But I seriously fear that the election itself might be rigged. Not impossible given the undemocratic powers that support staying in. And even a win for exit might not be immediately accepted: a crisis, urgent negotiations, wow, a satisfactory compromise is reached, and a new election is required. My hope is for the bloody thing to implode. Marine le Pen is poised to take France out, and God knows what might turn up in Germany in response the Merkel’s shambles. In all of this the BBC – the enemy of democracy – will have to be watched.


    • Dave S says:

      Spot on. If we leave the EU is over and they know it. Anything is possible and this is when our liberal elite will have to choose. I expect them to choose oppression. It will be in our best interests of course.
      Merkel, Blair, Cameron ,Hollande are all convinced we must bow to their judgement. The re negotiations of this Tory clique are a fraud and we must be on our guard.
      The BBC is not so much an enemy of democracy as an enemy of Britain and England in particular.


      • Grant says:

        Dave S, You are so right. These people are mindless fascists. They are so supid that they are not aware of what they are doing and saying. I am a Scot , but I have confidence in the English. Never forget Agincourt !


        • taffman says:

          Waterloo and Crecy!
          One or two Scottish & Welshmen there.


          • Grant says:

            Yes, Taff ! Don’t forget Trafalgar ! Some bloody Scots and Welsh there too ! Nelson would turn in his grave if he saw what is happening now .


            • taffman says:

              So would all those who gave their lives in both World Wars!
              AlBeeb, the previous and present governments have let them down – its a national disgrace .


              • Grant says:

                Taff, You are so right and it makes me feel so sad. My late father, fought in WW2, risked his life for freedom. As did many others. Why did they do that so that scum like Beeboids should waste our heritage. They make me vomit.


                • Demon says:

                  And don’t forget the Irish at Waterloo, including the General.


                • nogginator says:

                  My late grandfather and his 3 brothers also … “Beeboids waste our heritage”?
                  What do you think these bunch of corrupt No10 traitors are doing, not wasting it giving it away, selling off what we own, what is ours, to line their own pockets.


      • Geyza says:

        I would not be surprised if the Syrian conflict were not intensified with a war with Russia, just before our referendum, in order to frighten the populace into agreeing to an EU military, thus forcing the UK to vote to stay.

        I cannot think of any other reason why Cameron would be using our massively over-stretched and under-funded military to threaten Russia at the moment. He is trying his best to get us and the rest of the EU involved in a war with Russia.


        • Grant says:

          Geyza, I think you give too much credit to Cameron. I doubt if he knows how to tie his own shoelaces. Europeans and Americans don’t seem to have any stomach for a fight. I mean the politicians. Putin has “carte blanche” and he knows it. Forget Cameron, he is irrelevant.


        • Dave S says:

          This is a danger. So stupid is the Tory cabal that they really think that any threats to Russia will be taken seriously by Putin.
          The Russian military is not as it was in the early 1990s. Nato would not stand a chance and anyway most of Nato is unreliable when it really matters. We would be left on our own as usual. I hope our military chiefs know this and can stop any lunacy from this idiot government.


    • Geyza says:

      G.W.F., that is exactly what happened to the Irish when they had the temerity to reject EU treaties.

      The government conducted some opinion polling, then decided, falsely, that the reason people voted no, was because of something the public did not understand. The government claimed that people were afraid of being conscripted into an EU army and that is why they voted no. The Irish government won a consession from the EU to protect themsleves from conditions that were not even in the treaty to hold the vote again. the EU pumped BILLIONs into Ireland and threatened them with economic catastrophe if they had the gall to vote no again.

      The Irish voted yes, and the Irish economy was wrecked in the banking crash anyway. Oh, and it was the UK which did the most to bail them out, not the EU!

      I am committed to voting to leave the EU in EVERY referendum that they ever have to courage to hold.


      • G.W.F. says:

        We also have to consider the role of Cameron if Britain was to vote for exit. Is he the man to conduct an exit? Will he fix it so it will take an indefinate time, will he pull a fast one here? No one has discussed how Cameron will conduct an exit. We may need a change of government


        • Geyza says:

          What should happen is we exercise our rights under Article 50 of the Lisbon Reform Treaty to withdraw. This takes 2 years, during which we negotiate terms of leaving. Once that two years is up, whatever terms are agreed, or not, we are out. What will happen? Who knows. Would Cameron deliberately set up terms which are unnecessarily detrimental to the UK out of spite? Either way, the UK is big enough, strong enough and entrepreneurial enough to be massively successful trading with the rest of the world, to offset any economic losses caused by leaving the EU.


  7. taffman says:

    In opposition to the above ‘Rose’ , if you have the time, please watch this video of Farage from about 31:00 mins. on


  8. David Brims says:

    Check out this rogues gallery ”Tony Blair, a former army chief and Loose Women’s June Sarpong join the campaign to keep Britain in the EU

    Three ex-prime ministers – Blair, Brown and Major – backing ‘In’ campaign
    Ex-M&S boss Lord Rose is chairing ‘Britain Stronger in Europe’ body
    TV’s June Sarpong and Karren Brady from The Apprentice also on board



  9. Grant says:

    Stuart Rose ia a wanker. End of story.


    • Arthurp says:

      He is not just any wanker – he is an M&S wanker.

      (So far it looks like the Leave.EU campaign can’t do any better than let the BBC publicise the remain campaign – they seem to be doing a good job of destroying their own credibility.)


  10. magicoat says:

    And if we don’t get it right first time?


    • Geyza says:

      If we don’t get it right first time? To me that means voting to stay. In which case the UK is finished as a nation state.

      If we vote to leave, then we get the opportunity to REALLY ram the message home by voting to leave again and again and again until they get the message.

      Actually, that is not strictly true. If we vote to leave, and the EU says no. Then in 2020 we elect UKIP to take us out of the EU under either article 50 or by UDI.


  11. nogginator says:

    5Live, Panto Campbell wants to talk about Saudi and “uman rights” ……

    Its simple there aren t any, worse if that’s imaginable, if you re non Islamic
    The A-Typical Islamic society, retrograde, dangerous, inhuman, throwback
    (if they couldn t dig money out of the ground, they d still be in the stone-age).

    If you have been there call us … (no other views allowed?).
    Get through the selective inquisition and end up with.
    … Well its their culture, you have to comply
    … ahh, you can get around it..
    … They re so important to us, (ROFL)
    … You can t impose our British values etc
    … when in their country (shakes head)
    … they are devout after all, its Islamic Sharia
    The worst bunch of lily livered tossers you could imagine, with,(as per the BBC) one lone dissenting voice.
    on and on it goes, anyone would think you were listening to Camoron and co.


  12. Cull the Badgers says:

    Mr Rose (he doesn’t deserve his Establishment title) never impressed me when was on our screens far too often for bragging about how well M&S was doing under his leadership. He seemed to me to be full of bulls**t, and ‘shouty’, expecting us to take his word that all was well and getting better.

    He is what I call a SLICKSTER. A man to be avoided, a man not to be believed.


  13. The Old Bloke says:

    The BBC, richer for staying in Europe (pension funds don’t come cheap these days).


    • wronged says:

      Allegra Stratton stated on Newsnight on 22/10 that the vote currently stands at 30% want to stay in,30% want out and its the numbers in the middle who will decide.

      I think Allegra needs to get out of London a bit more. In my village its about 99% who want out. The nearest town is apparently something similar (80%) according to the local paper.

      Cameron you’re going to lose – go now before you make a complete PIGs ear of it.


      • Geyza says:

        I think it will be similar to the AV referendum. The Metropolitan elite in London wanted AV and that was demonstrated in the media hype for it. During the run up to the vote, the media portrayed the vote as being quite close. The results showed that the only part of the country which actually voted for it, was that London Metropolitan elite. The rest of the country overwhelmingly rejected AV. They were, and remain, very out of touch with the public mood.

        The media are assuming, (or hoping) that most of the undecideds are likely to vote for the status quo. many of them are waiting to see what, if anything, Cameron can bring back from his negotiations. That does not mean they are a shoo-in for “remain”. The vast majority want immigration controlled sensibly. Immigration is not part of those negotiations at all. Neither is any plan to regain full sovereign democratic control over our law-making powers. The nearest Cameron is asking, is for the ability to ask permission from every member of the EU to veto EU laws, via a collective red-card system, which effectively gives other EU member states the power to veto our veto in a case-by-case basis. It is ridiculous, pathetic and utterly insufficient.

        There are 5 million+ UKIP supporters in the UK (many voted tory to stop the SNP “domming” a Miliband Government). They all will vote to leave the EU.

        Plus most of the Conservative party voters in the UK will also vote to leave. The Conservative party at grass-roots level is much more eurosceptic than the tory leadership. Add to that about a quarter of the labour party who will vote to leave, to block TTIP, and an increasing number of immigrants, who have lived here a long time and who correctly jumped through the burueacratic hoops to come here legally, and we have a majority overall for leaving.

        As the Currency crisis lurches from shock to shock, and the immigration crisis increases pressures on public services, and the protests about TTIP increase, expect many more people to join the growing band of leavers.


        • Doublethinker says:

          It may be narrow minded but Merkle has made my mind up for me. My concerns about Europeans coming to the UK are trivial compared to my fears over the Muslims we already have and those who Merkle is trying to foist on us. If I am have no irrational fear of Muslims , my fears are grounded in history and present day facts, so my Islamophobia is rational and sincerely held. Whether or not this will save me from being imprisoned in the future, I am unsure.


          • Geyza says:

            I agree with you doublethinker, but only take issue with one aspect. I know I am being pedantic about this, but you claim your Islamophobia is rational and sincerely held. I contend that your fear of Islamic doctrine and practice is rational and sincerely held, therefore it cannot be a phobia. A phobia is an irrational extreme fear. There is nothing irrational in non-Muslims fearing the doctrine and practice of Islam, so there is no Islamophobia. There is only your entirely understandable, rational and logical reaction to the barbaric, evil practicies carried out daily around the world, in the name of Islam.


  14. wronged says:

    So , Lord Rose thinks it ‘patriotic’ to stay in the EU.

    The EU that has it’s own national anthem, it’s own parliament, it’s own currency, it’s own flag. and quite soon possibly it’s own army.

    Only a fool would fail to see this direction of travel.

    Whose the patriot Lord Rose?? This is one rose that smells awful, he should be done for treason. Burger off and go and live in Merkel Land where you belong. Traitor and take Cameron,Farron,Sturgeon and Corbyn with you.

    Keep Britain Great, Get out asap.


    • Geyza says:

      When Europhiles refer to Patriotism and love of their country, they are clearly talking about the EU, and not the UK.


  15. The General says:

    On the roads in Britain : Mercedes, BMW, Peugeot, Citroen, Audi, Volkswagen etc.
    On the roads in Europe : All of the above and MAYBE the occasional Range Rover.
    Do you think Merkel and Hollande will want to stop supplying these should we leave the EEC ?
    There is a big world out there and trading with distant continents is much easier than it was when, pre EEC membership, these were major trading partners.


  16. s.trubble says:

    Stay or leave?
    IT ,s a simple choice really for any racking their brains.
    Do the opposite of what Justin Webb says.


  17. Ian Rushlow says:

    The Left/BBC are keen to use the phrase ‘Little Englander’ as a put-down to patriotic English people. But Rose and his ilk are ‘Little Europeans’, focused on this corner of the world that contains just 1/14th of its population. The USA remains Britain’s largest export market, China is 7th and Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and the UAE all make the top 15. Countries such as Brazil, India and Russia don’t even make in that list as of yet, but provide enormous scope for trade during the next 50 years. Nigeria, an oil rich country with good UK links, will quadruple its population by the end of the century and is a natural market for us. The world is, as they say, our oyster.


    • Cranmer says:

      I believe that the phrase ‘Little Englander’ was originally a Victorian insult referring to people who were opposed to British imperial expansion – basically, the left wing intelligentsia. Rather ironic it is now used to insult those who are opposed to EU imperialism.


  18. Cranmer says:

    One thing I’m always careful to point out is that I love Europe, I just strongly dislike the EU. The prevailing narrative of the BBC etc is that anyone anti-EU is also ‘anti European’, a ‘Little Englander’ and perhaps even xenophobic.

    Good point Rushlow, that there are also ‘Little Europeans’ (inward looking EU federalists) who can’t see beyond the borders of the little continent to the wider world beyond. It’s a great phrase and one which I will use as much as possible in the run up to the referendum.


    • JimS says:

      The real ‘Little Englanders’ are the ones that stay at home and leave it to an EU-appointnik to represent ‘us’ on the world stage.

      By ‘us’ I really mean Germany and its French poodle.


    • Geyza says:

      The Pro-EU supporters are surely the true “little Englanders, because they think we are too small, weak and stupid, to be successful internationally.


  19. Grant says:

    When Rose became Chairman of M and S the share price was 357p. When he left 6 years later i it was 369p. The man is useless.


  20. Pollystuscanyvilla says:

    Branson is on the case too. Anyone remember he wanted us to join the failed Euro?


  21. Glen says:

    Funny how being a patriot is now all the rage? Yet more proof of the contradictory nature and the hypocrisy that runs through the left like a yellow streak. They’ll use anything to further their cause when it suits.

    Usually displaying anything English or British gets you labelled as a foaming at the mouth right wing bigot by the bbc or the left. Remember the white dianne abbott, Emily Thornberry, portraying the way that every lefty feels about your average white working class person?

    Now the bbc and the ‘vote in’ want us to wave the Union Flag for the EU? Not for Britain…for the EU! Pathetic scum. The silent majority I know, ie; friends and family, all want out, they can clearly see what a dangerous joke the EU is yet, apparently, most of the ‘polls’ tell us that ‘vote in’ is already well ahead?

    The lefty war has started in earnest, the nasty party with their jackboot wearing media mouthpiece will once again go into a frenzy with their pro EU reporting, the attacks on the like’s of Farage will be ramped up and the ‘new’ yoof of Britain will be called upon to bolster the campaign. What they won’t realize is that for the people who can recall a time long ago…or pre 2005… any campaign that is fronted by tony Bliar and gordon ‘where’s the gold’ brown is doomed from the start.

    June Sarpong? That inclusion is as random as it gets initially but she is part of the new tactic, the popular vote winners, the sporting superstars/x-factor morons/ soap ‘stars’/reality TV ‘stars’ who will be called upon to state the case to stay in the EU…coz they’d know!! Can’t wait to see Wayne Rooney, Kym Marsh and Sam Smith tell us just how lucky we are to be in the EU.


    • taffman says:

      Most of those ‘starlets’ were never born before we were conned into getting into the EU or the Common Market, as it was then called .
      What do they know about Great Britain and its Commonwealth ?


    • Cranmer says:

      The ‘in’ campaign has a lot of big guns on its side. It appeals both to people of a small ‘c’ disposition, who are afraid of change, and ‘progresssives’ who think ‘Europe is the future’ etc. It appeals to lefty ideas of internationalism and world government and ‘no borders’. It appeals to champagne socialists of the Polly Toynbee variety who want easy access to their villas in Tuscany. It appeals to retired people worried about their pensions in Spain, etc etc.

      The ‘out’ campaign however is easily painted as xenophobic, racist and backward looking and/or a plot by big business to further ‘globalisation’.

      It’s going to be a hard fight.


  22. G.W.F. says:

    Petition doing the rounds. Attempt to give the vote to EU Nationals

    All other European Union Nationals over 18 who are resident in the UK for at least 3 years should have a say in The European Union Referendum.
    Please sign the petition if you agree with the above statement.