Only Black Lives Matter To The BBC



White cop kills ‘unarmed’ white teenager…and the BBC isn’t interested….an attitude in stark contrast to its wall to wall outraged coverage of similar deaths of black youths killed by white police officers in the US….the Guardian also has decided it is a story that doesn’t merit a look…however they do report this very similar tale today….Tamir Rice’s family calls for special prosecutor in shooting investigation…Tamir Rice of course being black….the BBC is also ‘on message’ with Tamir Rice’s case.

Why the lack of interest in the case of a white teenager shot by police?  From the Mail…..

Cop shoots dead unarmed 17-year-old driving back from church basketball game after teen flashed his lights to signal fault with patrol car

The devastated family of an unarmed teenage boy who was shot dead by a Michigan sheriff’s deputy earlier this year after flashing his car lights at him has filed a lawsuit against the officer.

Deven Guilford, 17, was pulled over by Sgt. Jonathan Frost, of Eaton County Sheriff’s Department, on a cold evening in February after flashing the officer because he believed his brights were on.

During the traffic stop, Guilford refused to put his hands behind his back or give Frost any official documents, leading to an altercation between them, according to county prosecutor Doug Lloyd.

This ended with Guilford lying dead in a snow-filled ditch, having been shot seven times by Frost.

I guess that doesn’t fit the BBC’s preferred narrative of a racist white police force targeting blacks for execution.  As said before the BBC plays a dangerous game feeding into the black victim narrative, a narrative that gains ground back in the UK and is encouraged by the BBC’s US reporting…..what happens there usually happens here.

The Guardian is even more blatant and irresponsible in its approach turning itself into nothing more than a racist, anti-white race baiting rag.

Here for example is its latest piece of nonsense that blames Black ‘racism’ (FYI Guardian/BBC…..Islam isn’t a race) on Britain as a whole….apparently the immigrants have integrated too well and picked up Whitey’s bad habits…..

This black woman’s anti-Muslim rant shows how deep British racism goes

When a black woman can stand in a bus and tell someone, without irony, to “go back to their own country” it shows how deeply embedded the hatred of Muslims has become in our society. The media, and everyone else, have a duty to do everything they can to counter it.

I’d suggest when mainstream Muslims, lead by the dominant organisation reperesenting Muslims in the UK, try to hijack British schools and turn them into Islamic schools, when Muslim’s continually tell us that their loyalty is to Islam first, when Muslim teachers tell their pupils that white women are prostitutes, when white girls are chosen to be sexually abused and exploited because they are apparently worthless white, non-Muslim trash, when Muslim community leaders continually ‘threaten’ the UK with the danger of radicalisation and subsequent terrorism if we don’t adopt a foreign policy that suits Muslims in this country, when Muslims continually demand Britain adapts to their culture and yet refuses to adapt to Britains’s then we can recognise the deeply entrenched antipathy towards ‘Britain’, its culture, society and way of life in much of a Muslim community guided by the Koran and Sharia law.

The Media, and everyone else, have a duty to do everything they can to counter this attitude.

The BBC of course does not act to counter such Muslim narratives, it instead reinforces and defends them, giving credence to Muslim claims about foreign policy thus encouraging and sanctioning terrorism, and a BBC that ducks the issues raised by the religion of Islam in the UK which is so at odds with the values of this country.  An irony when you hear the BBC targeting Saudi Arabia for its cruel and severe culture and legal system…based on Islam and the Sharia…and yet no such thoughts as to whether allowing such a system to grow and flourish in the UK is wise……The EU’s madness as it panders to Turkey’s Islamist leader is yet more evidence of the suicidal tendencies at work in Europe….unchallenged by major news organisations like the BBC…

EU deal risks new wave of migrants: Plan to hand Turks millions of EU visas is bordering on insanity, says Farage


Merkel has single handedly set out to destroy Germany and has dragged in the rest of Europe into her plans and now the politicians, seemingly unaccountable and ever more stupid, compound her error by opening the flood gates even wider.

The BBC is always warning us of the possibility of the growth of the Far Right in Europe….but when you see what the politicians are doing with complete disregard for what the people they are supposed to represent think, then you can’t help thinking that a reckoning is coming that might make the French Revolution, or indeed the Nazis, look rather moderate.  The arrogant, condescending and patronising grandees of Europe are on their last hurrah.  An irony that those politicians may be forced to flee Europe as refugees because of their own reckless policies on immigration.

The policies that the BBC promotes all lead one way, a way that is ironically down the very path the BBC is trying to prevent.

The simplistic, naive and patronising good intentions of the BBC are dangerous and irresponsible.  It thinks by feeding the Black/Muslim grievance industry that it is helping such communities and that it is helping to promote integration and cohesion in a diverse and multicultural society…the reality is that the BBC and Guardian and their ilk are in fact setting community against community, drawing up lines of conflict and separation that will result in only one outcome….and it won’t be a ‘civil society’.










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20 Responses to Only Black Lives Matter To The BBC

  1. Luton Reject says:

    For goodness sake what sort of fantasy does the BBC/Guardian live in? Why the astonishment at a black on Muslim racist incident? It takes a really warped mind to blame this on whitey.
    As I said in another post this sort of clash has happened in Luton for decades. Black and white people generally rub along well in Luton. You can even see white people with Asian friends, but an Asian/black friendship is a lot rarer. Basically, some Muslims see black people as second class citizens and are dismissive of them to an even greater extent than they are of white people. The trouble is the black people know it and hence the problems, particularly amongst young gangs. Don’t you remember this BBC? Believe me the tensions are still there ten years later. I guess this is all whiteys fault as well.


    • joeadamsmith says:

      The hilarious (wrong word, I know) part of this is that when the online Guardian’s readers’ comments are written, 90% tend to NOT support the Guardian’s narrative…… Do they actually read the comments of their own readers?


      • Martin Pinder says:

        I’ve noticed this as well, especially on immigration. Why do the readers read the Uarginda?


  2. David Brims says:

    Black people don’t commit crime, everyone knows that.


  3. David Brims says:


    • Anne63 says:

      I wish we had one or two senior coppers like this. Ours, by comparison, sound like smarmy office managers hoping for a second career in the BBC, The Guardian, the UN, Cherie Blair’s chambers, or David Cameron’s Home Office.


  4. David Brims says:


  5. boohanna says:

    Kriss Donald……………………………………………


  6. BBC delenda est says:

    Deven Guilford?
    Deven Guilford?
    Deven Guilford!

    Who gives their offspring such stupid names?
    Well that would be stupid parents in the USA.
    And dimwits in the UK, eg Beckham David.
    It is dysgenic to allow these inferior bundles of DNA to operate at 37°.
    Darwinian Police doing their job.


  7. Roland Deschain says:

    “good intentions of the BBC”

    Too generous, Alan. Too generous.


  8. Thoughtful says:

    This title is just plain wrong! You’ve put the cart before the horse here Alan. Only Black lives matter? This implies that Pakistani Muslim lives and everyone else’s don’t and we know that is not the case.
    The real philosophy of the BBC is that White live simply don’t matter as their hatred for their own kind knows no bounds.


    • Doublethinker says:

      I agree, the anti British ,anti white, pro leftist bias of the BBC is beyond dispute. What I find puzzling is why do the British people accept that the BBC is all of the above but don’t clamour for it to be at least reformed or better closed down? Answers please.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Fifty years of cultural indoctrination must have something to do with it.


  9. Oldspeaker says:

    Black lives only matter to the BBC when a white police officer is involved, of the 262,000 black people killed in the USA between 1980 and 2013, the BBC doesn’t give two hoots. Possibly because the majority, over 90% were killed by another black person. A figure which is no surprise as the majority of murder victims are killed by a person of the same race as the victim themselves. The BBC is highly manipulative and very adept at stoking up racial tension, best not to give any of their reporting on such matters any credence and check for yourself, obviously our sources are limited but you can usually get closer to the truth after a little digging. Certainly closer to the truth than the BBC.


  10. Mice Height says:

    That was Kim off of Eastenders wasn’t it?