Chinese Whispers


UK gas prices to soar if Russia cuts off supplies to Europe, National Grid warns


Newsnight’s Katz thinks this is important enough to Tweet a few times…

Hmmm….where does so much of the petrol and diesel that fuels our economy come from?  Where does a lot of our gas come from?

And when the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg berates the Chinese president about human rights does she do so using a microphone made in China, does she have an iPhone in her pocket made in one of those alleged deadly sweat shops, just how much stuff in her home is imported from the hell hole that is China?

Not sure what hypocrisy smells like but I know what it looks like…see above.






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16 Responses to Chinese Whispers

  1. JimS says:

    It’s not even true. The Chinese are providing the money for a French company to build Hinkley Point.

    If the Chinese get uppity we might not pay them the interest payments!


    • Aborigine Londoner says:

      That’s so reassuring. A French company you say; so we can look forward to the nuclear plants being as secure as the French end of the Channel Tunnel!


  2. JimS says:

    Of course the concern about China has nothing to do with ‘human rights’ anyway.

    Imagine if the Chinese president was over here demanding back-rent for Hong Kong or reparations for the Opium War, whose side would the BBC be batting for then?

    Want to know what is good for Britain? Go for the opposite of what the BBC are spinning.


  3. Joe Public says:

    Does it matter if Hinckley Pt subsequently goes tits-up? We have all those lovely windmills and solar panels that Aunty enthuses about.


    • Stuart Beaker says:

      I think that in view of the political uncertainty, technological difficulty, and environmental dubiety of Chinese-funded, French-built nuclear, we should back it up with lots of those windmill things – that will at least give us some sleep at night..


      • Old Goat says:

        I thought that lack of sleep at night was one of the disadvantages of windmills…


        • Stuart Beaker says:

          Just stare at the blades for a bit, and it will give you Mindfulness, relaxation and blissful sleep..


  4. BBC delenda est says:

    Human Rights?
    What the BBC would really like is CorTrotbyn to become PM and carry out some Maoism on those who are deemed to to be “enemies of the people”.
    Which would be us.

    Retaliate first.


  5. Guest Who says:

    Ah, Ian Katz… always good value, especially on twitter, not saying stupid things.

    UPDATE: Newsnight editor Ian Katz gets in touch to emphasise that the poll was not commissioned by Newsnight.

    This is really interesting poll on how party leaders could affect #EUref vote that we couldn’t fit onto Weds show

    — Ian Katz (@iankatz1000) October 22, 2015

    Lucky he has now found the time to clarify it was not a poll of theirs, just one they didn’t like. I wonder if any they do like will be shared via the medium of Strictly Zombies in future?

    The comments to the piece suggest not all are convinced the BBC impartiality training has kicked in yet.


  6. Steve Jones says:

    Lucky for us then that the BBC is leading the campaign against fracking. Whenever fracking is mentioned the BBC uses the adjective ‘controversial’. Controversial to who? Not the EPA in the US or the British Geological Survey as they have both cleared fracking as perfectly safe. Must be those unelected and unaccountable NGOs the BBC prefer to give a platform.


  7. seismicboy says:

    Steve – absolutely corrct. The BBC would not have the first clue about this subject. It goes beyond the BBC threshold of scientific knowledge set by years of covering adult stories in that cbeebies/newsround/bluepeter style.
    They love the subject though, it ticks a lot of BBC boxes. Those nasty profiteering, polluting oil companies. Those poor rural residents with all that crude oil poring over their fields and running down the lanes. The landscape blighted. By what? No more than we have had for decades with conventional onshore oil production in the UK -the East Midlands for example.
    This is the worst form of Nimbyism. Where do they think petrol comes from? Morrisons I guess.


  8. AlexM says:

    “UK gas prices to soar if Russia cuts off supplies to Europe, National Grid warns”

    Of course they would, if they did .. and Russian revenues would fall through the floor (unless they could build a pipeline to elsewhere in a jiffy, which they can’t), so it ain’t gonna happen.


    • popeye says:

      AlexM, while I generally agree with the thrust of your argument I feel that as a weapon of war cutting off of oil and gas supplies could be cheaper that mobilising the armed forces so may well be considered in both strategic and tactical terms


  9. seismicboy says:
    What sort of British pub should foreign leaders be shown?
    Does it really matter? Is this worthy of a whole magazine article? According to the BBC it does and it is. The BBC are keen to point out that although pubs with saloon bars are poular desinations for visiting dignitaries, other pubs are available and it goes on to describe them. I can’t help thinking the Beeb are having a little class-based dig here and for reasons of balance ( a rare commodity on the BBC I admit) feel obliged to lay them all out.
    What complete and total dross they write.
    It’s a good job Mr Xi isn’t a muslim or they wouldn’t be going down the pub at all.


    • Aborigine Londoner says:

      OMG did the BBC describe Mr Xi as foreign???? How racist. Surely he is a refugee is he not?