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The BBC has surprised us all…….a story about a Muslim who isn’t a hero…The myth of Zouheir, a ‘hero Muslim security guard’ in Paris

The BBC tells us that this is ‘A compelling story about a heroic Muslim security guard stopping a suicide bomber from entering the Stade de France on Friday, saving perhaps hundreds of lives, is making the rounds on social media. But it’s not true.’

How do they know it’s not true?…

‘The rumour sprang from a gripping account of the events outside the stadium which was published by the Wall Street Journal on Sunday. The story quoted a security guard who asked to only be identified by his first name, Zouheir. The man described how one of the suicide attackers had a ticket to the match between France and Germany, but was turned away from the gates when guards found his explosive vest. The man backed away from security guards and detonated the explosives.

Zouheir gave a detailed account of events at the stadium, statements that were confirmed to the Wall Street Journal reporters by a police officer. But although the story relied on his account, it wasn’t actually him who turned away the bomber – a detail that was confirmed to BBC Trending by Journal reporter Joshua Robinson.

Hmmm….‘a detail confirmed to BBC Trending’……the BBC gives the impression that the WSJ story was misleading and it was ony the BBC’s intrepid investigative journalism that uncovered the truth about that ‘detail’.  However, that’s not true…the original WSJ story quite clearly stated that the security guard was not stationed at the bomber’s location and was merely relaying what the guards who were there had told him…

‘PARIS—At least one of the attackers outside France’s national soccer stadium had a ticket to the game and attempted to enter the 80,000-person venue, according to a Stade de France security guard who was on duty and French police.

The guard—who asked to be identified only by his first name, Zouheir—said the attacker was discovered wearing an explosives vest when he was frisked at the entrance to the stadium about 15 minutes into the game. France was playing an exhibition against Germany inside.

While attempting to back away from security, Zouheir said, the attacker detonated the vest, which was loaded with explosives and bolts, according to Paris prosecutor François Molins. Zouheir, who was stationed by the players’ tunnel, said he was briefed on the sequence by the security frisking team at the gate.’


Kind of suspect the BBC missed the ‘trending’ story about Zouheir and would have run it if they had known of it….now,  scrambling for a story try to take the professional high ground, they criticise their fellow journalists in the Press for their mistake.  The only disappointment must be that the hated Daily Mail got the story right…

‘The terrorist walked away from the guard after he was frisked and detonated his vest moments later.  Investigators admitted that all of the terrorists wore identical explosive vests. The Wall Street Journal spoke to one of the security team on duty at the stadium named only as Zouheir.  He said that one of his colleagues turned the terrorist away after frisking the suspect, who is believed to have had a match ticket. ‘

The story ran on Sunday originally so why does BBC Trending only pick up on it today (Bit ironic for a news service supposed to be ‘on trend’)….The BBC’s Mike Wending Tweets to the WSJ journo…..

just to be clear, he wasn’t the one who stopped the bomber at SdF, right? People jumping to conclusions…

He was not. He was a source on the story that we later stood up with confirmation from a police source.



Liked this exchange…

But, but, but the religion is soooo important….




Curious how a ‘hero’ has to be ‘Muslim’ but a terrorist most definitely is not!




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23 Responses to From Hero To Zero

  1. TrueToo says:

    From earlier reports, I understand that three were killed in that suicide bombing outside the stadium.

    I find it hard to believe that a suicide bomber would back away from security guards before detonating his explosives. He would do the opposite, unless he wasn’t tutored well and was trying to find the detonator. (I was going to say inexperienced but of course that wouldn’t apply to a suicide bomber.)

    If he only killed himself as a result of backing away then he gets the 72-year-old virgin.


  2. JimS says:

    An opportunity for a series of BBC ‘analysis’ stories? “Why does the BBC need Muslim ‘heroes?'” or “Why do only Black lives in parts of the USA that no-one has heard of matter to the BBC?” or “Why does the BBC only report Palestinian atrocities as sub-text after the Israelis make a response?” or “Has the BBC an Agenda and if so shouldn’t it be declared in its charter?”.


  3. Katabasis says:

    I’m wondering whether they got that one in in order to make up for this tasteless and tactless shambles tonight:

    Trust the BBC to give jihadists legitimacy by trying to “understand” them.


    • Grant says:

      My God, I thought the mic was a bomb !


    • chrisH says:

      Yes,Newsbeat chimps like those above need to be “understood” by the rest of us.
      Thank Allah that the BBC deign to do this for us.
      Yet-all you need do is check your Koran-and you can work the whole shebang (the right word?)for yourself-at no cost, with no drama, no additional dialoguing, no BBC intermediation to thrash you and exonerate ANY Islam actions.
      Oh dear-the BBC high priestly class of perpetual indulgences, of papal bullshit would then be cast into John The Baptists sandpit-with the djinn bottles of ISIS to give them that closer shave that they need.
      The Great God Media is a pagan NHS-type creep cult of death…and the BBCs High Priests of Global Warming, of Sport, of Demos are the new paedos, now that the Catholics have been neutered.
      No falser God exists than the BBC Media djinns…and we pay for them now-and IS will add compound interest for as long as we allow the BBC monkeys on our backs.
      And don`t forget-IS told the truth about their sending their scum in with the “refugees”…whereas the BBC said it was not true.
      I now listen to IS more than the BBC, when it comes to finding out what`s what…should I send them part of my £145.50? seeing as they are less likely to lie and deceive me than are the BBC?


    • Katabasis says:

      As the phrase goes, you just could not make it up:


      • Chop says:

        Atheist Muslims?!?!….ffs.


        • Umbongo says:

          Atheist Moslem? Why not? Since the BBC always tries to portray criticism of Moslems as “racist” and thus, by extension, followers of Islam are – according to the BBC anyway – a “race”, then an atheist Moslem is semantically quite possible. OTOH it’s likely that the idiot tweeter didn’t connect his/her tiny brain to his/her finger before typing that crap. Mind you, do they ever?


      • Geyza says:

        An Atheist Muslim? Surely they mean Apostate, which according to Islam is punishable by death.


    • Katabasis says:

      And the person they’re “hearing from” is an actual Jihadist. But you’re supposed to laugh because he was called the “supermarket jihadi”.

      Tee hee!


    • Katabasis says:

      OK – I really don’t know how much more of this I can take.

      Beyond the pale, even for the BBC.


      • Guest Who says:




      • johnnythefish says:

        Pure, unadulterated propaganda. Unbelievable.

        The BBC are on dangerous ground making Islam a very black and white issue i.e. the tiny minority of vile ISIS terrorists vs the loving, peaceful, charitable, integrated overwhelming majority i.e. a la Eastenders.

        They conveniently ignore the grey areas in between where Islam is hugely at odds with our laws, freedoms, traditions and culture and the fact that there are large tracts of our towns and cities which are monoculturally Muslim where people live parallel lives to the rest of us, often as though they haven’t left Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia or wherever yet unashamedly leech off the benefits such as health and education this country so generously bestows on them for free. To a lesser but more alarming degree some of these are now no-go areas – even for Border Agency guards who are unable to carry out their duties without being attacked. These same areas will be even more likely to be the breeding grounds for terrorists as well as containing mosques where nobody outside of ‘the community’ will have a clue what’s going on.

        Dig your own grave by all means, BBC, but please don’t dig mine with it.


    • Guest Who says:

      Attempting to be as neutral as possible, where does the BBC find them?

      An FoI on the process could be attempted, but the purposes of rigging the narrative would quickly intrude.

      Do herds of BBC cubicle dwellers roam the canteen and streets of Tower Hamelts saying “You are young… Clearly British by your attire… just how radicalised are you?”.

      The line between legitimate analysis to understand problems, and out and out propaganda pulpit provision was crossed long ago.


  4. deegee says:

    The BBC is willing to acknowledge someone else’s mistake, rarely its own.


  5. Englands Dreaming says:

    BBC Trending is a complete waste of money.
    Also every time I listen to a radio report from Paris its by a different journalist, how many have they got for goodness sake.


  6. Alex Feltham says:

    Oh, wow, the terrorists were Muslim. I never miss the BBC news and I gained the impression that this was an attack designed by evil right-wingers to cause Islamophobia.


  7. G.W.F. says:

    According to Teresa Appeaser they were not muslims. What sounded like Allah Ackbar was the cry of frustrated tourists looking for Allans Snackbar. You have to understand the context as Islamophiles point out.


  8. Jerry Owen says:

    Comrade Corbyn’s main concern at PM QT this morning is will the government do all it can to stop the possible rise in Islamophobia and anti Semitism! Not much from him about the massacre. And he says will the government tell the public that this atrocity has nothing to do with the 2 million ( yeah and the rest ) British Muslims who all condemn this attack.
    I must say how he knows every ‘British’ Muslim condemns this attack is beyond me.
    Cameron obliged him with the usual tripe that …..yes you know what’s coming…….this attack has nothing to do with Islam!
    This is why at present Islam is odds on to defeat the west with some considerable ease.
    Mark Steyn made a rather dry point in that whilst the EU is worrying about global warming and the resulting sea rise in the Maldives whilst Europe is under sustained attack. The reality is that it doesn’t matter one jot about the Maldives as when the sea level does finally cover the Maldives there will be nobody there as they’ll all be living in Paris anyway! I fully recommend his website.
    I listened to Nigel Farage in Basingstoke Monday, he was brilliant and the standing ovation ‘before’ he spoke for me said something about the anger and emotion the British are feeling right now. Totally totally at odds with Cameron and Corbyn today.


  9. Sluff says:

    Anyone seen the yougov poll results published today?
    In brief. Should the UK accept more Syrian refugees? Yes 20% No 73%.

    All that Al-Beeb multi-culti force-fed pro-Muslim propaganda of the last several weeks doesn’t seem to be working too well.


  10. BBC delenda est says:

    “Muslim Terrorist attacks” search on BBC website produces ten results on the latest Non-Islamic, Non-Terrorist event in Paris.

    And a “Show more results” button. a button which when clicked on produces an “Error fetching results. Try again” message every time!, not even a please.

    Same search on Google, 8,570,000 results. I know there are better sources but I went to Wikipedia, their latest section is 2015 – 2019! They are clearly not expecting the deaths caused by this Stone Age organisation with its brain-dead adherents to stop any time soon.