The Man O’Peace and The Religion O’Peace

At a time when, due mostly to Muslim anti-Semitism, Jews are saying….

‘There is no future for Jews in Europe’

…..Shouldn’t we know who we’re dealing with when someone aspires to be the Prime Minister of Britain?….Why does the BBC neglect to do eye-opening exposés of Corbyn and his dodgy associates like the one below?

From Harry’s Place:

Jeremy Corbyn and the Finsbury Park Mosque

A Refuge
A man battered in Parliament, clobbered in the media, and berated by his own MPs needs a welcoming refuge.

Jeremy Corbyn does have one – the Finsbury Park Mosque.

Labour’s leader paid a visit last Friday. He had nothing but praise for the mosque, saying “I strongly support it”, “I value this mosque”, and “I admire the participation of the community in this mosque and the role this mosque plays in the community”. He also offered greetings on behalf of “sister” Diane Abbott.

The mosque is keen too. No wonder. Here’s its chairman Mohamad Kozbar:

‘He [Corbyn] has been consistent in opposing the controversial counter-terrorism laws that hugely impact communities, and specifically Muslims, introduced since the Iraq war of 2003.’

Kozbar shares Corbyn’s “our fault” world view too. Our foreign policy is to blame:

‘While some may dismiss a connection between foreign policy and life at home, it is sadly a reality. Foreign interference by some Western powers has made things worse which in effect impact on Muslims in the UK – the young in particular.

It is no surprise therefore to see that a small minority of young British men and women have decided to join and fight alongside the extremists abroad, in recent times the so-called Islamic State.’

The relationship is very deep. Corbyn has been a champion of the mosque for years and has held surgeries on the premises. Islington Council does its bit too. It has gifted £78,500 to the mosque over its last four financial years.

This is outrageous. The Finsbury Park Mosque is a pillar of the extremist community. It should be scrutinised, criticised and shunned, not lauded and funded.

This post presents some of the evidence.


Read it all.



Interesting that a Muslim, Hamas hardliner Mahmoud al-Zahar, is praising the French for expelling Jews, from their ghettos, in 1253 who ‘sucked the blood of France…they shed the blood of the French, slaughtered them, stole their money and conspired against them….The French had no choice but to expel them.’  A warning from history for any who shed French blood, slaughter them and conspire against them?










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14 Responses to The Man O’Peace and The Religion O’Peace

  1. Alex says:

    Corbyn’s such a left-wing twat!


  2. Chop says:

    Same as Captain Newt, Red Ken, who can ever forget his “I want to make London a beacon for Islam” quote…note to Newty:…..too f’king late.


  3. john in cheshire says:

    It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that one day, perhaps not too far away, the French will get into the expelling business again but this time I think it will be the muslims who are pushed out. If I was a muslim living in Europe these days, I think I’d have a bag packed in readiness.


    • Chop says:

      Totally agree, one more Paris like incident, Le Pen wins by a landslide, and the whispers of discontent become roars.


    • Glen says:

      ‘If I was a muslim living in Europe these days, I think I’d have a bag packed in readiness.’

      Except in the UK of course where our spineless political class have made them more than welcome and where liebour allowed them to create their capital of the Northern caliphate.

      That is the reason why corbyn-laden and ‘sister’ abbott (or sister bigot as I prefer) are keeping well in with our muzzer friends, they are preparing for the muzzer take over, they are just like the German aristocrats and appeasers who aligned themselves with the Nazis to save their skin..until it went tits up that is.

      I’m guessing the two morons would even convert to the RoP save their miserable skins, I’m thinking that they are secretly hoping the French muzzers are forced out of France so they can be invited here just so they can say…’look, we are the saviours, it’s what we do, we did it with the Hugenots and now we are saving the muzzers…the real religion, the only religion’. Hasn’t the UK always been a nation of immigrants anyway?

      I’d put the deadly duo, the students who walked out on Katie Hopkins (hate free speech, hate anyone who isn’t with their agenda, just hate anybody really…who does that remind you of?) the whole liebour party, the ‘uman roights’ lawyers, the muzzers, and any other warped piece of shit I’ve missed, on an island in the middle of nowhere to see how long the utopia lasts…how long would it be before they turn on each other, they’ll need someone to hate!!


      • tarien says:

        And when it happens, if Corbyn & his cohorts don’t immediately convert to the despotic religious ideology of Islam, they will be executed, probably along with other opposing political party elites. Just too much to contemplate-the War of the West’s Christian values & civilisation is now engaged with a totalitarian ideology subscribed to by countless lobotomized living zombies over fourteen centuries, is not a civilization. Islam is a cult that relishes the prospect of returning men to grovel in the ashes and ruins of a new Dark Age in supplication to Allah.


    • NCBBC says:

      France has been worst hit by the Islam virus. The fight back was destined to come from France. The fact that France is making friends with Russia, is a sign that Muslims should heed. France, unlike Britain, is not scared to take revolutionary procedures to achieve political ends. Ditto Russia. Germany cant because of its Nazi past. But it will follow France.

      Hollande understands that. The spectre of Madame G always hangs in the minds of French politicians.


  4. Dazed and Confused says:

    Interesting video…


  5. Englands Dreaming says:

    Corbyn is a bit cagey on what his actual religious views are: I would assume he is an atheist and appeases his friends at Finsbury to further the cause of revolution and a Marxist State. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t pay regular visits and give speeches to the congregation of his constituency C of E church. A man who truly hates Britain.


  6. R P McMurphy says:

    I hear Corbyn went to a synagogue the other week but throughout his visit didn’t mention the words “Jew, Jewish or Israel”. sarc.


  7. chrisH says:

    Corbyn-like Livingston, Gallotwat and McDonnell…are our Lefty Gang Of Four…and all four need to thank Marx and Allah( or the ashes set in jetstone that they now are) that Mao himself isn`t around to deal with them.
    All are Gramscian/Alinsky skaterboys who would wave Prescotts Special Needs pass to get through any security if they could spy for Islam. for Kim, Pol Pot-ANYBODY who`ll hate the west enough to fund them at a future stage.
    Maos Little Red Book, Corbyns footsie with HexBollox etc are “virtue signals” to their secondary modern chums of 68…we SAY this…but read my jockstrap when Medhi pulls it off with his teeth-we MEAN all we`ve been fed since 1979…and it`s not up for a vote.
    Islam and Marxism have a twisted history of evil-Nasser, Saddam and Gadhaffi…and the idiot left still reckon that todays Ayatollahs and Imams will give then discount for hating Israel, the USA and the West in that order.
    Instead of the whole head removal or crane stressing, the dead man bounce onto the rubble below (scientific socialislam)…they hope for a quick bic around the neck for themselves.
    No chance-IS do what their book tells them-and taqqiya , kitman are not club roles or pritt sticks.
    These cloned dullards of the Left-John Archer, Eric Hobsbawm, Milibands and Laski being the sad zenith of thick Lennonists like Seamus Milne and John Reid etc…are willing sandbags for Islam-who apparently lack sand or will to fill their own for themselves.
    FukDaLeft…and apostates like Hodges, McBride, McTernan and St Nick Cohen-need encouraging and thanks…so with the grown up repenters gone, we`re only left with the students, Brand and the bleeding BBC to deal with.
    Off to hear Roger Scruton on Thinking Allowed-his book sounds a good source of future rants!


  8. Thoughtful says:

    At least he’s trying to stop Cameron joining the false ‘war’ on ISIS, which is all about trying to stop Russian effectiveness at bombing ISIS and the so called ‘free Syrian Army’.
    The proof of this is the mass migration of ISIS fighters to Europe when they started being killed by Russian bombs.

    Saudi are desperate to dislodge Assad and allow their Sunni creations to slaughter every non Sunni in the country, and they are willing to pay to see that happen.


    • Martin Pinder says:

      Yes, air strikes against ISIS are of little value. Camoron doesn’t seem to realise that the problem is not ISIS but another thing beginning with a capital I, i.e. Islam. as Pamela Geller pointed out in an article for Breitbart last Friday, there are 101 anti western Islamic organisations, Organisations such as Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hamas etc. are mentioned for a start, followed by a list a whole paragraph long in small print. Knock one down & another takes its place. What have they all got in common? Islam. Camoron has failed to learn from history that military intervention in these countries has been a disaster, completely exacerbating the situation & leading to even greater problems. Nigel Farage has pointed this out time & time again & he’s right. I also see that that idiot Theresa May has got the ‘Idiot of the Month’ award on the ‘Alternative Right’ website (with an amazing photoshopped picture), for saying that the Paris attacks had nothing to do with Islam. Camoron is just as big a bozo in his own way as Dustbyn, but at least Dustbyn is against military action, probably for all the wrong reasons, unlike a lot of his stupid party & shadow cabinet who are just a bunch of sheep.


      • NCBBC says:

        Theresa May has got the ‘Idiot of the Month’ award on the ‘Alternative Right’ website (with an amazing photoshopped picture), for saying that the Paris attacks had nothing to do with Islam.

        Don’t be too harsh on her. The memo about “this has nothing to do with Islam” ,either didnt get to her on time, or it slipped under the radar.