Love Islam Or Shut Up

Dr. Deepa Kumar.


Bagley in the comments brought us the latest bit of ‘race’ baiting from BBC Trending, something that the BBC specialises in, generating anger, dissent and conflict where it can with tales of the White man’s evil ways or of the treachery of ex-Muslims and ‘native informants’ in criticising their own community.

Craig at Is the BBC biased?….LOL...has helpfully transcribed much of the interview and I have pulled the BBC interviewer’s comments out for your pleasure….note her chosen defender of the faith is a Muslim BBC employee…interesting to see how he wants to shut the critics up….what’s he hiding?…

‘Thousands explained why they left Islam online, using the hashtag #ExMuslimBecause, but some thought the discussion was badly timed, and labelled it ‘hateful’. We meet the woman behind the campaign, and ask if she intended to create such a pointed conversation.

A-MT: Is there a risk that there are others out there who would look at a hashtag like this and might not necessarily be prepared for the kind of backlash that might lie in store for them? 

A-MT: One of the tweets that I noticed was saying that this hashtag was more or less giving people an opportunity to bash Muslims. What do you have to say in response to a statement like that?

A-MT: ‘Can you speak?’ is one thing’; ‘when to speak’ is another. And when you look at the recent news events – say, for example  what happened in Paris, the Paris attacks. Let’s look at the refugee crisis around Europe. Did it occur to you that this was possibly not the right time to put out a hashtag like this? 

So quite a strident tone coming from Maryam Namazie.’


So in summary….explaining why you want to leave Islam is hateful, islamophobic, bigoted, bashing Muslims, dangerous in the present day climate [for Muslims] and doesn’t play well with the BBC’s narrative on immigration.

And you thought you could trust the BBC to bring you the news unadulterated, uncorrupted, by the bigotry, partiality, dishonesty and stupid, childlike naivete of its employees.

Not the first time the BBC has wanted to silence Maryam Namazie.…and reported less than honestly…

Open letter to BBC Sunday Morning Live on its unfair and biased reporting

Maryam Namazie
8 September 2010 BBC Sunday Morning Live invited me to join its debate on whether ‘it is right to condemn Iran for stoning’ on 5 September 2010 via webcam. During the debate, the programme allowed only two interventions via webcam (that of Suhaib Hassan of the Islamic Sharia Council and Mohammad Morandi of Tehran University – both of whom were in support of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s stoning and/or execution). I (who had presumably been invited to defend Ms Ashtiani and oppose stoning in the debate) was never given the opportunity to speak. To the BBC’s Sunday Morning Live Programme I am writing to ask that you rectify gross inaccuracies regarding Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s case and that of stoning in Iran in your upcoming programme……

Back to BBC is Maryam Namazie’s response in full….

Ayatollah BBC and #ExMuslimBecause

I was interviewed by Anne-Marie Tomchak for thirty minutes for BBC Trending on 26 November. Despite my also having referred 4 ex-Muslims, including those who maintained anonymity whilst Tweeting for #ExMuslimBecause due to fears for their safety, the programme spoke to Mobeen Azhar and Rashid Dar, two men who identified themselves as Muslims, about my segment which was highly edited for BBC World Service on 28 November.

The presenter Tomchak and the two Muslim men framed the entire discussion about apostasy and the basic human right to leave and criticise Islam without fear into one that was “hateful,” “bigoted,” “an attack on Muslims,” “Islamophobic,” “opportunistic,” “quite offensive”…

By doing so, they intentionally blurred the distinction between the criticism of Islam (an idea) and Islamism (a far-Right political movement) with bigotry against Muslims. For far too long, apologists like the BBC have conflated the three in order to silence critics by deeming any criticism of Islam and Islamism as bigotry against people. This despite the fact that Muslims are not a homogeneous community or society.  There are many secularists, freethinkers and even ex-Muslims amongst them (as the trending of #ExMuslimBecause shows). For every Muslim who opposes ex-Muslims, there are others who support the right of ex-Muslims to leave or criticise Islam without fear.

Nonetheless, Tomchak and her “experts” insist that #ExMuslimBecause was “bad timing” due to the Paris attacks. For apologists,  the timing for dissent is never right.

Whilst we mourn our dead in Paris, we must not forget the countless others killed by ISIS and Islamists, including this very month in Lebanon, Nigeria, Mali, Iraq, Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan… as well as those executed perfectly legally via Sharia laws in Iran, Saudi Arabia… The refugee crisis is in large part due to this unbridled brutality.

In fact, if there ever was a “right” time to challenge Islam and Islamism, it is now.

Yet Tomchak says: “quite a strident tone coming from Maryam Namazie and the way she uses the term Islamists,” whilst Azhar says: “it’s quite uncompromising since there are many shades of grey amongst Islamists; lumping Islamists together is not going to be most helpful”… Luckily, many Muslims do not have the sympathy for Islamism that Azhar and Tomchak show. After all, Islamism kills more Muslims than anyone else.

What is embarrassingly obvious in this BBC report is that along with the misinformation on the “theory” behind apostasy laws which kills apostates  as we speak, any patronising “concern” for Muslims is fundamentally about defending Islam and Islamism at the expense of dissenters.

That’s why their response to #ExMuslimBecause is so hateful; it sees dissent through Islamist eyes.

It is also why the report widely misses the mark for basic standards in objective journalism.

Maybe this example will help Tomchak and the BBC understand what they have got so very wrong (though I am not holding my breath). What they’ve done in their report on #ExMuslimBecause is similar to labelling critics of the Magdelene Laundries or Symphsiotomy as “strident,” “Catholic bashers” or “openly hostile to the Catholic Church.” Such accusations do a gross injustice to those who are merely demanding what Tomchak and the two Muslim men take for granted – the right to believe in what one wants without fear.


I know the BBC and its “Muslim community specialists” would have preferred us to raise #ExMuslimBecause in private over coffee. Regressive laws and fascist movements, however, are not pushed back over private chats but via normalising the taboo and through very public challenges and renunciations.

Every movement – from the demand to end racial apartheid, for gender equality, and LGBT rights – were battles fought in the public square. The right to apostasy and blasphemy is no different.

Remove all the BBC’s bogus accusations and one fact remains: the right to religion comes with a corresponding right to be free from religion. #ExMuslimBecause is part of the effort to bring about that hugely important change.

Surely this Tweet is bashing Muslims, don’t they feel left out with all these memorials for the people killed by Muslims?  Careful what you say and think……


How ironic…the BBC’s Anne-Marie Tomchak is an ardent feminist and yet she seeks to silence women who leave Islam, and leave quite possibly because of the way they are treaated by that religion…

Here she is boasting of her work in the feminist cause…..




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8 Responses to Love Islam Or Shut Up

  1. NCBBC says:

    The disconcerting aspect of criticising Islam is that one will be on the receiving end of thousands of death threats. Many of them may just be bombast, but that in itself is also scary. Of course, some of them may be quite real threats, as many have found to their cost. Theo Van Gogh was shot, and then beheaded, in his native country by a Muslim immigrant.

    Has anyone ever encountered such a group of immigrants, apart from Muslims, who from the very moment they step on the soil of the country they have begged to live in, immediately start threatening, and even carrying out their murderous threats. This is so bizarre that even alien, Martians for instance, would consider it the very height chutzpah.

    As we have no way of determing the millions of Muslims who are presently Jihadis, from the tens of millions who may become Jihadis, it is best to politely ask Muslims to enrich some part of the planet – say Saudi Arabia, Pakistan …


    • Martin Pinder says:

      Love it! Yes we have never had such a group of immigrants. they come here & expect to carry on with the same way of life & ideology that has driven them here in the first place.


  2. BBC delenda est says:

    More McCarthyism, yes please.
    Because Joe was correct, there were Marxist conspirators everywhere in the West.
    They probably still exist.
    There are also traitors who support the nastiest, most evil organisation in history, Islam.

    No-one will believe Islam is other than evil, the evidence is everywhere, with new evidence, BANG, accumulating every day.


    • ID says:

      The West seems to have forgotten what Islam is really like. I’ve just been reading a pre-PC biography of Sir Samuel Baker a once? famous Victorian Nile explorer. All the incidental detail of his many travels highlights the evils of white slavery in Eastern Europe and black slavery in Egypt and in particular Khartoum. The bacwardness, fatalism and corruption of Islam comes across clearly, all the more so because it is mentioned in passing, as Baker’s real enthusiasm is big-game hunting. The grooming of white girls in Bolton etc., is just an echo of the Pasha’s preference for fair-skinned Armenian and Circassian girls. The notion that whites can and should be enslaved seems deep rooted in Islamic culture. Clearly, when the exploration of Africa was of great popular interest, the many books and newspaper articles would mean that the general public would have been better informed about Islam. Churchill’s criticisms of Islam seem incisive because of his fame, but he was probably only describing what was then generally known.


      • NCBBC says:

        Quite right. But reading from his books in these parlous times that lambast Islam, one can be arrested for hate crime, Islamphobia, hate speech, incitement to racist crimes, and reading books other then the Koran.

        Paul Weston was arrested for just such a crime. Its quite likely that PC plod had never heard of Churchill’s “The River Wars”,, and possibly even Winston Churchill, such is the state of Britsh educayshun.

        The Lancaster plan


    • Martin Pinder says:

      Yes, it’s a bit rich isn’t it, accusing these groups of McCarthyism? It is they, the Cultural Marxists (for want of a better term) who are the new true McCarthyists.


  3. Glen says:

    There were a few examples today of just how much the bbc love nazislam on their Iphone app feed but my favourite was the piece about how the muzzers in Oz were being racially abused on a bigger scale since Paris’s latest atrocity by the muzzers.

    The survey was conducted by Western Sydney and Charles Sturt Unis, and, errrm, the Islamic sciences and research academy?? Yep you read that second bit right!! Those two beacons of impartiality came up with the fact that 57% of the 600 muzzers surveyed had been racially abused.

    it doesn’t say exactly how the abuse had happened but a professor from the WSU stated…

    “Because of things that are happening in the world and the various representations of muzzers-and these are problematic- (ie, all our fault) it means that some people are emboldened to SAY things which are prejudicial and hurtful towards muzzers”

    At this point my heart nearly broke, maybe our muzzer friends could toughen up a bit and learn from my favourite new adage….’Sticks and stones don’t break bones but AK47s and suicide vests do’. Obviously the prof was really upset by the Paris atrocity, the appeasing shithouse rat.

    The piece went to whine about how unemployment was higher amongst the muzzers in Sydney and of those who did work a large proportion had been discriminated against in the workplace!!! Of course this could then lead to muzzers “being vulnerable to radicalisation”…once again all our fault, it’s us, the right wing racists who are forcing the muzzers to blow cities up all around the world?

    Another beauty was a quote from Prince Bin Alwaleed Bin Talal from the centre for muzzer/Christian understanding…

    “Hate crimes and attacks on mosques (you know, the many we hear about every day) marginalises young muzzers from their society, I think a lot of it has to do with Western foreign policies”. Just how many cliches can you fit into one report??

    Here’s an understanding of the cult of islam…they hate every religion, theirs is the ONLY ‘religion’…hate is a good word to use in conjunction with nazislam, they’ve hated everything and everyone since the inception of the cult.

    Despite all of this hate by those horrible Aussies the muzzers were forgiving and felt a sense of belonging to the country and felt Australian…I bet you do you scumbags! Anyone else who wanted to go to Oz would have to spend a fortune, prove their worth by having a desirable employment skills and then be forced to live in a part of Oz that only the flies like for a couple of years whereas simply being a poor victimized minority muzzer can get you a prime spot in a beautiful country that is full of opportunity because the lefties down under need to be seen to be doing their bit…it’s all about the quota’s.

    In fact, the muzzers, who represent just 2% of the Aussie population, felt so happy and grateful in a safe and bountiful home that they have already formed the first muzzer political party because they are under represented? Unbelievable..the feminazis are loud, the lefties louder but none compare to the bellow of a muzzer when it comes to victimization. And they wonder why the anti brigade is growing.


    • NCBBC says:

      Great post.

      And they wonder why the anti brigade is growing.

      They do but that gives them sufficient Koranic reason to blow people up, or shoot them in cold blood as they lie on the floor.

      These are not bad people, but they follow a truly sick ideology.