Mrs Nick Clegg aka Miriam González Durántez was the “Guest Editor” on the Today programme this morning and what a steaming pile of biased claptrap she served up. I awoke to a report just after 6.30am to inform me that Hillary Clinton is the ONLY candidate worth considering in the US Presidential election care of some militant feminist. I was then advised that Oliver Letwin is “in trouble” over some comments he made back in….1985. Yes, Today really is topical. Then, we moved on to the importance of Immigration and Mrs Clegg has this as her key theme for Today. We really NEED to appreciate the virtues of immigration was drummed into our thick heads. No mention of the questionable  merits of mass Somali, Eritrean, Sudanese immigrants. It droned on and on, a complete raving Left-fest. During this period of Holiday, the Today programme throws aside any pretence of balance and just indulges its hateful anti-British agenda. It reminds me WHY we need the likes of this site to hold it to account.

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  1. Old Goat says:

    But DO we hold it to account? It occurs to me that they just continue to steam on in their biased way, regardless.


  2. Umbongo says:

    Mrs Clegg – or was it the lefties actually employed by the BBC – brought on Umra Butt, a member of the Youth Parliament and an Ambassador for TUFF FC and Laura Zahra McDonald, director at Connect Justice, an organisation working on fighting extremism. Apparently, according to Umra and Laura, Islamic terrorism and Moslem exceptionalism is nothing to do with Islam. On the contrary, any manifestations of Moslem . . er . . unrest are the fault of those damnable Christian whitey extremists who have the nerve to consider that England might be their own country and whose “Islamophobia” prevents Moslems getting on with the process of bringing England into the Ummah.


    • NCBBC says:

      Mr Letwin was drawn into a race row after government papers showed he blamed “bad moral attitudes” for the rioting in black inner-city areas.

      I dont see anything wrong with that. The sad fact is that Blacks lag behind in education. Many are brought up by single mums, and no male role model or authority. There is no family structure, and loyalty to it and thus to society.Blacks listen to rap music – which one can call Satanic in tone and words. What results is unrestrained violence against individuals and society. What made situation much worse for Blacks, in America particularly, are White liberals who led Blacks away from the church. The church did provide some moral framework for Blacks.. Now that is vanishing, and the result is a Black community that is lost, and the Black man shows his frustration in violence. “bad moral attitudes”.

      Interesting points here by Rev Manning


    • Essexman says:

      You all should of listened to Katie Hopkins on LBC instead , she said she would never apologise for anything ,for whatever reason .


  3. john in cheshire says:

    1. I thought Mrs Clegg was supposed to be a Christian. From what you describe she sounds like any old communist/ collectivist. Since it’s not possible to follow Jesus and be left wing, I can only conclude she’s a false Christian.
    2. If I had the time, wherewithal, intelligence and patience, I’m sure I could trawl through the past 30 years of utterances by the likes of Mr Humphreys and Mr Naughty or any of the Labour Party MPs, the guardian writers or any number of communist/ collectivist trouble-makers and shriek outrage, demanding they apologise. The only difference would be that their apology would be for telling barefaced lies, on just about everything.


  4. DickMart says:

    The irony is that but for her husband, we would probably never have heard of Ms Miriam González Durántez. And of course he was well and truly given the thumbs down by the electorate. But obviously the electorate was wrong!

    The BBC clearly thinks that Christmas time is a good time to step up their programme to re-educate us in feminism, homosexualism, identity politics, anti-racism, Islamophilia etc etc with never an opposing view, or even a hint that other views may exist.

    Left, left, left, left, left!
    Left, left, left, left, left!


  5. NCBBC says:

    This morning started with a rude shake up; yet another presentation of BBC’s pet Muslim, Shaker Aamer, sympathetically interviewed by Victoria Derbyshire. It could well be a re-run of a repeat.

    So our government has got him out of Gitmo, at what price we don’t know. The US government, for some reason, was not keen on releasing him, even though they released quite a few thug Jihadis. And Shaker is going to show his gratitude by shaking the tax payer for a few million. The money will fund Islamic charities I’m sure.

    What exactly does Shaker bring to the UK? What qualities- education, unique technical and scientific knowledge, does his presence bestow on us. Apart from a thick beard, I don’t see anything else.


    • Thoughtful says:

      So all that crap that he wasn’t going to sue the British government, or seek compensation promoted by the BBC as proof he was really all soft and cuddy, was no more than a pack of lies !

      Headlined thus:

      Shaker Aamer: ‘No plans to sue’ over Guantanamo

      He also said he did not intend to take legal action, saying: “I don’t believe the court will bring justice because of what happened in the past.”

      “I do not want to prosecute anybody,” he said, “I do not want anybody to be asked about what his role [was] in the past. I just want people to tell the truth.”

      Lies lies lies, and all with the help of the BBC which if it was a decent broadcaster would be aggressively questioning Aamer about why he lied to them.
      Of course they won’t do that because criticism of Muslims is verboten !


      • NCBBC says:

        Shaker Aamer: ‘No plans to sue’ over Guantanamo.

        I think there was another Jihadi, released from Gitmo, sued the UK government, got a million or so of our hard earned cash, went off parts East, just to get a “Hello. Have a nice day”, from a passing American drone.

        What is it with our government that hands out our money to Jihadis.


        • johnnythefish says:

          He is not a British citizen and was not resident in Britain when he was caught with his pants down.

          Nonetheless, we’ll pay up.


  6. chrisH says:

    Just turned off UK Confidential.
    It`s meant to be a review of State papers released from 1986.
    So we get AIDS discussion( how great Kinnock was, how bigoted Quentin Hogg was).
    We`ll be getting Libya-Thathcer letting the country be an aircraft carrier for the dim Cowboy in Washington.
    And probably why Letwin was a racist….i`, not sticking around to listen.
    Let Martha continue her knitting ay the guillotine shall we?…”bit of goss does no one no `arm innit”.
    But MY problem was hearing Mrs Thatcher impersonated-and if it wasn`t Steve Nallon I`ll be very surprised!
    See what the BBC have just done there?…brought us back to Spitting Image!
    Will we be getting Kinnock, Foot or Hattersley then?…John Cole maybe? For THEY were eqaully valid Spiting Image grotesques.
    Course not-yet another excuse for the teenage rampage at the BBC to shaft the memory of Mrs Thatcher again…even is a ao-called “serious” critique of 1986.
    We know what you`re up to you BBC cabbages…lets start that campaign to get Mrs T that belated honorary degree from Oxford…and make Steve Nallon your Chancellor for all I care then!
    Until then-it`s MRS Thatcher to them…whenever they omit her married title, I`ll be onto the disrespectful thikfux…about time we stood up for her again.


  7. Grant says:

    Will every one of the “Guest Editors” be left-wing, I wonder ?


    • johnnythefish says:

      In the BBC’s eyes politically they will be on the centre ground, which is where it believes itself to be.


  8. Dave S says:

    No.None of them are left wing. They are the normal oneswho reflect reality and the wishes of the vast majority. They have the truth . It is people like those on this blog who are not only wrong but bad verging on evil.
    This is the BBC mantra engraved on their hearts.
    They are of course clinically insane but we won’t go there today.


  9. Mrs Kitty says:

    Did he make the horrendous remarks before or after a policeman was hacked to death with a machete. Obviously a very “British ” weapon.


  10. joeadamsmith says:

    Yes, Mrs Clinton is the ONLY candidate worth voting for. Apart from a minor query about dying people: And, of course, her questionable actions over Benghazi deaths of ambassador Christopher Stevens….. : Plus her illegal use of own e-mail account: But, as Monty Python Life of Brian would say, what has Hillary done wrong?


    • Thoughtful says:

      “Mrs Clinton is the ONLY candidate worth voting for”

      And you take the views of this woman seriously? Someone who seriously thought that at the last general election the only person worth voting for was Nick Clegg ! We all know where that thinking ended up!


  11. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    From today’s Daily Telegraph (page 7):

    Nick Clegg’s wife has been criticised by a Conservative minister for a “giggling, embarrassing and incredibly patronising” interview with the Home Secretary when she guest edited BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme.

    Miriam Gonzalez Durantez asked Mrs May whether the “little girl” inside her still dreamed of becoming Prime Minister, discussed her love of shoes and whether she wanted her husband to kiss her on stage at the Conservative Party Conference.

    Anna Soubry, a business Minister, … … … called for the “guest editor” slot on the programme to be banned because it was “tokenistic twaddle”.

    Ms Soubry said on Twitter: “[The interview] with Theresa May was embarrassing. Giggling questions she wouldn’t ask a male politician.”