Winners and losers




Sir Bradley Wiggins was the guest editor on the Today programme on Tuesday….the BBC can certainly pick ’em.

Wiggins wanted to know more about cycling and politicians…or so we were told.  First we had a couple of minutes insulting the cycling Boris [potential next Tory leader] as sweaty and smelly because he rides his bike wearing a suit, goshdarnit!

Nick Robinson suggested this demonstrated the BBC’s impartiality…as the programme turned to an interview with Jeremy Corbyn.  As it happened this interview actually had very little to do with bikes or cycyling, that just being an excuse for Wiggins to get his favourite politician on the radio in an interview designed, it seemed, to ‘personalise’ Corbyn and make him seem a lovely little chap…curious how that every time I hear Corbyn I get the creeps…..he is a fanatic desperately trying to suppress the fact that he is a fanatic and this ‘interview’ was meant to help with that lie.

Wiggins said he wasn’t interested in politics and was ‘disengaged’….curious that ‘when Gordon Brown was PM, he met ‘Le Wiggo’ at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. According to one witness, Wiggins told Brown: ‘I know you aren’t too popular right now, mate, but I hope you beat those Tories in the Election.’’

Sounds familiar.

The BBC must be surprised at the turn of events and that yet another of its guest editors turns out to be a socialist.




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7 Responses to Winners and losers

  1. hadda says:

    Does anyone happen to know the criteria or process by which these ‘guest editors’ were selected?


    • Number 7 says:

      MUST be a Marxist/Stalinist.

      Your question answered in a short quip!


      • BBC delenda est says:

        As explained several times in the recent BBBC thread “Best Guest”.
        All the “Guests” have lefty “form”.
        Quelle surprise,


        • Guest Who says:

          It is awfully odd how Hugs’ DNA strand seems to be missing one of the helices.

          So far we’ve had a lefty activist actor.

          A lefty EUdict who they couldn’t bear to introduce sensibly.

          And a lefty activist pedler.

          Batting 100% one extreme way then. Statistically not unheard of, but… odd.


          • BBC delenda est says:

            “Batting 100%”
            There is bound to be one batting for the other side.
            More in Broadcasting House (should be renamed narrowcasting house because their output is anything but broadly based) than at Stonewall.


          • Save Our Sense says:

            Odds on these as next ‘Guest Editors’…

            A lefty eco zealot blaming the floods, the climate, cars and cow farting on the Tories/UKIP/Trump/Orban.

            A lefty charity-bod bemoaning the demise of Batmanjamsandwich and demanding ‘more charity’ after the Tory ‘kutz’.

            A lefty veggie-botherer rambling on about burgers/chickens/dolphins in aquariums/fox hunting/the cruelty of the Sunday Roast.

            A lefty ‘Guest Editing’ from the Jungle explaining how fur coats are now OK because… well because they say so.

            A lefty arguing that Germany’s banning of NYE fireworks has made communities more ‘cohesive’, and that anything culturally important to a host nation should be banned so as to minimise any risk of offense to immigrants. Clearly this doesn’t mean lefties, despite the fact that they’re offensive to absolutely everyone.


    • Guest Who says:

      The BBC does.

      Try an FoI. For giggles.

      They will come back with a short para that says they are not telling you as they don’t have to as it would make them look even more bent than their actions in the open reveal.

      Then about two pages about rust (I was going to tweak the typo, but it applies still) and transparency.