Not seen and not heard


The BBC has been filling the airwaves with sad tales of asylum seeking children, well almost filling the airwaves, some stories the BBC is reluctant to tell.

If you are a regular listener or viewer of the BBC news you may recall many, many anguished reports condemning the government or the authorities because hospital patients, or people needing care or even prisoners were forced to travel long distances away from their homes to get treatment or to serve their time.  This was a very bad thing the BBC told us in no uncertain times….

Mental health patients forced to travel miles for care

Cumbria breast cancer patients still forced to travel

Call for more Welsh prison places

Sir Roderick Evans will call for more prison places in Wales saying families often have to travel long distances to visit relatives in jail.  This endangers family contact which is vital for prisoners’ reintegration into society, the judge will tell a Law Society event on Thursday.

However despite the BBC’s previous concerns about those having to travel such long distances or those forced apart from their families, and the BBC’s current obsession with the care of asylum seeking children, a story about British children being forced out of the care system in Kent into neighbouring systems because of those migrant children being given their places is censored by the BBC.

The Telegraph reported:

Migrant influx means British children forced to move away from Kent care homes, says councillor

Vulnerable British children in care have been forced to move away from their home area because of the massive influx of asylum seekers from Calais, a councillor has warned.

Peter Oakford, who oversees specialist children’s services in Kent, said youngsters from the area who needed foster care or other housing had been placed outside the county as it struggled to deal with a sharp increase in arrivals of migrant children.

The authority has seen a 30 per cent rise in unaccompanied asylum seeking children in the last seven months.

The county council is obliged by law to provide them with housing – even though its geographical area means it receives the majority of new arrivals from calais who make it to British soil.

The BBC chose to almost completely ignore that issue, instead headlining with a report that opens with pleas for tolerance of more and more migrants…

Syria: Pickles urges help for ‘at risk’ refugee children

Political pressure is continuing to grow on the government to take in thousands of unaccompanied refugee children who have made it into Europe.

Former cabinet minister Sir Eric Pickles said those “at risk” should be treated with “Christian spirit”.

Former Children’s Minister Tim Loughton said there was a strong humanitarian case to help those “in limbo”.

This report was on the ‘Politics’ page and only right at the very bottom do we get a link to the story about Kent….

Kent County Council has already warned it will not be able to accept any more unaccompanied children, saying its children’s services are facing “enormous pressure” and have run out of foster beds.

The Kent story never made it at all to the front page, the UK page or indeed the politics page…it was tucked away under the regional page of ‘Kent’….which you will only ever find if you look very, very hard, funnily enough.

The BBC essentially buried a story that told of problems caused by migrants….and even this report failed to mention that British kids were being forced out of the care system by migrants.

Kent County Council in lone child refugees warning

Kent County Council has warned it will not be able to accept any unaccompanied children under the government’s plans to resettle 20,000 refugees from Syria.

More than 960 asylum-seeker children are being cared for by the authority, up from 629 at the end of July. The year before there were just 238.

It said children’s services were currently facing “enormous pressure”.

Peter Oakford, cabinet member for specialist children’s services, said the council had run out of foster beds.

We get a clue about what is going on but no indication that it is British children being disadvantaged by the migrants who get first call on Kent’s services it seems….

“We’re having to place young people outside of Kent, whilst still retaining responsibility and having to support these young people,” he added.

This is what the Council actually said….

“This has affected our ability to place citizen children within Kent ourselves,” said the councillor.

“We have had to place Kent children outside of Kent due to the influx of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, which is not a good position to be in and is not a position we want to be in.

Why did the BBC change the wording?  We know why….all migration is good, there is no bad.

More like Big Brother every day.





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33 Responses to Not seen and not heard

  1. RJ says:

    Former cabinet minister Sir Eric Pickles said those “at risk” should be treated with “Christian spirit”.

    And a bacon sandwich.


  2. Wiser Monkeys says:

    Just think if the Stalinist SNP’s mandatory ‘state guardian for every child’ scheme were to spread from sick Scotland to the rest of the UK. Every blessed migrant child would have a ‘Named Person’ to ensure their wellbeing and happiness “outcomes” …
    (Seriously, that’s the way the wretched thing is worded.)

    Sheer lunacy, but perhaps very good for Apple as the little ones would scream and scream until they got the latest iPhone, etc to make their lives tolerably “happy”. Yet, no doubt some of the leftist virtue signallers would still try to draw comparisons between the EU’s “migrants” and Jewish refugees who fled from WWII Nazism.

    More of this madness to be read at:


  3. taffman says:

    I am afraid that the Conservative Government is beginning to lose all credibility . They have done nothing about Al Beeb and its bias, and nothing about immigration.
    Where are the rest of the Tory MPs ? They are letting this great country down.


    • NCBBC says:

      The reason that Trump phenomenon exists is because of the cosy relationship between the establishment parties in the USA. Americans are fed up with socialist policies such as Obamacare, and illegal immigration running in the tens of millions. Result – they gave the Republicans majorities in Congress and Senate to dop something. However, the cosy relations continued. So now we have Trump. And the more the established parties and the media vilify Trump, the stronger he gets. The standoff in Oregon is another symptom of Americans fed up with BIg government, and government knows best.

      We too are in danger of a similar thing happening here. The public is near to losing patience with the established parties. They may well turn to something stronger then a mild purgative like UKIP and Farage.

      Ditto France and Germany.


    • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

      Taff, write to your MP.
      I have.
      Mine IS a Tory, and one who is on a rather slim majority. I have spelled out just what I think of Dhimmi Dave Cameron, and his ‘ nothing to do with Islam’ bollocks.
      Tell him/her if you think they are traitors….I have.
      Tell him/her what you think of the EU, and about the gimmegrants, I have.
      Tell him/her what you think if Dave being a founding signatory to the fasist UAF, I did.
      I could tell by the tone of his reply I got right under his skin…wonderful….it may not change anything immediately, but they really need more folk to spell out they dont fall for newspaper and bbc shit.
      By the way, I made four points in my complaint about fucking islam….and his reply didnt say the ‘islam’ word once.
      If yer’ve already wriiten, do it again.
      Tell the bastards just what you think.


  4. Dazed and Confused says:

    BBC radio 4 attempted to understand Tommy Robinson tonight….

    Did they manage it?….You decide..


    • Oldspeaker says:

      Thanks for the link, after listening and taking into account it’s the BBCs lunatic fringe R4, not too bad, could have been a lot worse.


      • G.W.F. says:

        It could have been worse. Tommy Robinson was honest and dealt with the usual complaints. But we really need to push these guys who get by asserting that he is racist, divisive, etc. Don’t they listen?
        As for Pegida UK. I am not optimistic that it will survive media, BBC, Government hostility as it is beginning to look like a top down outfit.


        • chrisH says:

          I found this profoundly depressing.
          This BBC bloke -no matter HOW often he gets taught by Tommy-seems NEVER to address a single issue that compels Robinson to say and act as he does.
          Just repeated old flat pack crap of liberal postures-Goldberg(Jewish, but unusually thick for one) refuses to entertain ANYTHING that Robinson represents.
          It`s not as if he`s doing all this for his own health-and I am SICK of the BBC continually trying to keep Robinson in their dock…their stocks…and under their microscope, in the hope of cutting the wings off.
          Robinson is the bloke in the country on the fastest learning curve I know-for, unlike Goldberg ,knowing is a matter of life and death-not some latte sipping excuse to flap lips on Islington High, St this Saturday.
          Goldberg is a classic BBC rial…and he`s making a schetl of his shekel…but-God help us-he`s better than MOST BBC employees.
          God Bless and keep you Tommy-you`ve been over the liberal target so long it must be very wearing.
          Here`s hoping you`ll find a lot more of us soon…


  5. BBC delenda est says:

    Pickles? I thought Pickles was a dog who discovered the stolen World Cup, in 1966.
    Now I remember, Pickles, Pickles the fat, sorry the calorie-challenged, who talked tough and made many statements with which I agreed.
    A-greed, and that is what seems to have happened to Pickles (the fat, not the dog), he has become Sir Branston Pickles and turned his coat, and is now batting for the other side, I wonder what changed his dinar-mined?


  6. Pounce says:

    The problem as I see it is, the rest of Europe have started to close their doors to so called assylum seekers and the Left have looked at the UK as the country which should fill that vacuum . Which is why we have been flooded with hundreds of pictures of pityful infants in the hope that the British will feel sorry for them and let them all in. But hang on isn’t the UK the most racist place on the planet, so why would these poor people jump out of the frying pan into the fire. Any ethical latte drinkers want to answer that?


  7. twitteryeanot says:

    I wish I had won the £33 Million Lottery. I would buy a couple of houses in Chipping Norton and rent them out to refugees. I would prefer to buy a single large house and turn it into a migrant centre but I know I would never get planning permission.
    I bet there are no refugees housed anywhere close to Cameron’s constituency. I wonder if someone can find out just how many refugees or asylum seekers have been housed in Chipping Norton?


    • Steve Jones says:

      I would do exactly that and also buy houses in the streets where our bleeding heart politicians live. They would love to share the enrichment I’m sure.


    • NCBBC says:

      Asylum seekers would feel out of place in Chipping Norton.They would not like it at all.

      Middlesbrough is the place the guvmint “puts” asylum seekers. Put is a a nice word.


  8. Oldspeaker says:

    The tactics being employed by the BBC regarding asylum seeking children are clumsy and desperate, they may well have a short term effect but will be counter productive over time. Once this card has been played it loses impact on each further use until people become immune to it, repeated screening of misery and suffering on tv, genuine or manufactured, just numbs viewers senses to it. Helping people where they are must surely be preferable to encouraging them to make journeys more hazardous than the conditions they live in, sometimes you really have to wonder just exactly what the BBCs game is.


  9. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    Anyone else suspect that once here, the orphan children miraculously discover they have large muslim families back in the Middle East who now must come here to satisfy their Human Right to a family life ?


  10. Owen Morgan says:

    I notice that Fraser Nelson’s piece, concerning immigration, at the Daily Telegraph, characteristically curtailed comments. It was also adorned with a classic Gaza-style photograph of a small, doe-eyed child being held up to the camera by cynical muslims. That was the second time this week that the DT had used that picture.

    Nelson referred to “anchor children” but only tangentially, at least in the edited article. They really ought to have been central to his theme. An “anchor child” is one of those helpless Arab children who, miraculously, all unaided, makes it all the way to the UK – and then suddenly remembers that he or she has a huge family, back home. An idiotic judge then hands over citizenship to the entire tribe.


  11. Fred Bloggs says:

    Mixed messages: Chuckusyermoney 2:45pm Parliament. Talking about ‘youth violence in London’; said and I quote ‘there are not enough jobs available for them’. But this party say we need immigration, which means even less jobs available. Listen enough to what the so called politicians say and it is a load of contradictory bollox.


  12. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    From Jihad Watch today (they were talking about the Cologne sex attacks and lack of an adequate response to them):

    Mike Crouch says

    January 29, 2016 at 5:37 am

    “In the UK one of the problems is the broadcast media. The great majority of people here who want to know what’s going on get all their news from TV and radio, mostly TV. We also have our BBC, the perception amongst the public is that, as the BBC is owned by everybody, it is guaranteed to be impartial, whereas in reality it is bound by the centre left establishment view of the world. This is manifested by a self-censorship which grows through the circle of acquaintances that meet together in pubs and clubs with politicians, lobbyists and other journalists. This then produces a common view of events which is replicated in most newspapers and TV stations.

    The result of this is blatant propaganda which masquerades as news. An example of this is the broadcasting, almost every day, of pictures of migrant families and particularly children, together with a narrative something like “poor desperate families fleeing a war zone”. Never are we shown pictures of fit young men pushing their way across borders with their i-phones. The impression is given that they are all fleeing war in Syria. This has built up an impression in Britain that they are all victims.

    I suspect that the same is happening in the rest of Europe too. As all the migrants are victims they have to be treated more sympathetically than the indigenous people, and therefore allowed to do things that are regarded as unacceptable because of the ‘cultural differences’. So the young German men in the Cologne square could not have intervened. Had they done so they would almost certainly have been arrested for assault or worse. A young Danish girl used an illegal pepper spray to prevent herself being raped and is being prosecuted while the attacker goes free. We are not permitted to defend ourselves in Europe, not even with the public expression of opinion. If we do we can lose our jobs or risk prosecution. We are told to be sensitive to the culture, and unquestioningly trust the politicians to deal with the problem.

    But it is changing!”


  13. Englands Dreaming says:

    Wow I found an unbiased Beeb article!
    Reading the news on my tablet, under the Europe section was
    “Why does Sweden have more boys than girls?”

    The article tells us its due to young asylum seekers, it even tells us that they lie about their age in order to get priority benefits and import their families!

    The question not asked left hanging in the air, is of course the social consequences of such a male/female imbalance, but still a refreshing change to read an factual article – which of course is what news should be.


    • Oldspeaker says:

      I duplicated your link in the weekend thread before catching up on older comments and seeing this, I thought it was a pretty fair article too.