Islam’s ‘Dirty little secret’?



Remember when Islamist Mehdi Hasan tried to curry favour and win credibility with those who could further his inflitration of the media and grow his influence by admitting in a series of articles that Islam wasn’t perfect?  One such article delcared that ‘It pains me to have to admit this but anti-Semitism isn’t just tolerated in some sections of the British Muslim community; it’s routine and commonplace. Any Muslims reading this article – if they are honest with themselves – will know instantly what I am referring to. It’s our dirty little secret. You could call it the banality of Muslim anti-Semitism.’

Of course he was telling a truth but his motivation was to gain tactical advantage in order to infiltrate into the media and the Public’s consciousness as ‘someone they could trust’, a Muslim yes, but one ‘honestly’ critical of Islam….anything he said then about Islam would be listened to with favour.

Such an admission was though the truth and is relevant to what we see happening in Europe now as Jews are forced to flee once again due to growing anti-Semitism, much linked to the growth of Muslim immigration.  All of which makes the BBC’s approach somewhat  ironic, if that is the right word, a word not really conveying the powerful stupidity if not dishonesty and wilful cupidity that is involved in the BBC’s reporting.

The BBC, as we know, is desperately papering over the cracks in the unfolding disaster for Europe that is the mass influx of migrants from the Muslim world.  We are supposed to believe that the majority are from Syria, when that is far from the truth, we are supposed to believe that the majority are women and children when we know they are mostly young men, we are supposed to believe they are all despearte refugees from terrible wars and yet that again is untrue.

But that is not the worst of the BBC’s reporting.  The worst is their use of the Holocaust and the Kindertransport of Jewish children out of Nazi Germany to support the unlimited, mass shipment of migrant children (and there are apparently 14 million in the world) to the UK.

Most of these ‘children’, and they can range from any age, even up to 28, as the wool is pulled over uncritical eyes, are Muslim….the same community from whose ranks come those who are driving Jews out of Europe once again.

Some might call it a sick joke that the BBC is using the Holocaust to encourage the bringing to Europe of a huge number of people who espouse an ideology that is so inimicably opposed to other religions and non-believers and of which many of its members actively attack Jews.

Naturally for the BBC Muslims are the real victims of just about everything…

Remember Tim Wilcox suggesting Jews in Europe were a legitimate target for terrorism because of what Israel does?  (He naturally presumes that what Israel does is bad…just the usual BBC bias ala Israel)

Remember Mark Mardell explaining away Muslim terrorist murder of 13 American soldiers….Mark Mardell famously denied that Major Nidal Hassan murdered 13 fellow soldiers in the name of Islam,  that the murders were rather a  ‘senseless tragedy’…

Remember Evan Davis claiming that all the evidence pointed towards the Boston bombs being ‘domestic’, ie white, far right, anti-government, terrorism?  And of course when a fire started at a mosque in was the Far Right, wasn’t it?

Remember Jeremy Bowen claiming that the Muslim Brotherhood were moderates?.’The country’s only properly organised mass political movement outside the ruling party is the Muslim Brotherhood, and it would do very well in any free election.  Unlike the jihadis, it does not believe it is at war with the West. It is conservative, moderate and non-violent. But it is highly critical of Western policy in the Middle East. ’

Remember Mark Easton favourably comparing Muslim extremists with Churchill, Mandela and Ghandi?….’There is, it seems to me, an inherent contradiction between banning orders and the core British value that one should be tolerant of different viewpoints.  History tells us that the development of new ideas of governance and government require people to think radically. Extreme views are necessary to test the wisdom of the mainstream.

Remember Hugh Sykes telling us that Cologne was a Far Right conspiracy?….‘There are conspiracy theories in the air that the New Year’s Eve attackers were encouraged to make sexual approaches to German women, told that it was the normal thing to do on New Year’s Eve. If true, they may have fallen into a well-laid trap.’

Remember the BBC report that said Cologne was an IS conspiracy? …’Some analysts have suggested that IS has encouraged a link between refugees and terrorism in order to foster hostility to refugees in Europe, although it is not known if the latest attack was carried out in co-ordination with the IS leadership in Iraq and Syria.’

Anything but blame the attackers themselves and the conclusion that the immigration policies that brought them here were having a terrible fallout.

It does seem that the BBC has an agenda to misguide the audience as to the truth about Islam and many of its devoted followers.  This I might suggest is rather dangerous especially at a time when there is a clear conflict around the world between those who would like to impose Islam and the rest of the world.   Trump had his own solution…we should put a hold on Muslim immigration until we know what’s going on…or rather, as we know what is going on despite the BBC’s best efforts to fool us, until we get a grip on things, especially the narrative that is the foundation of the Muslim ‘radicalisation’….a narrative so often spouted by the BBC itself.  Until you reduce the attractiveness of that narrative Muslim communities already settled in Europe will still produce endless numbers of violent extremists…and so why import more who may potentially take up the same cause?

Not as if it isn’t happening already as ‘refugees’ are targeted for recruitment to Jihadi ranks….

“German Officials Warn of New Security Risk: Local Extremists Recruiting Refugees.” by Anton Troianovski and Ruth Bender, Wall Street Journal, November 29, 2015 (thanks to all who sent this in):

BERLIN—The Paris attacks have raised fears of terrorists slipping into Europe by posing as refugees. But in Germany, the top migrant destination, security officials have another worry: Local extremists will recruit the newcomers to join the Islamist cause once they arrive.

German authorities warn that migrants seeking out Arabic-language mosques in search of the familiar are increasingly ending up at those attended by Islamist radicals….


Islamic extremists ‘trying to recruit Syrian refugees in Germany’

Islamic extremists in Germany are trying to recruit Syrian refugees to their cause, the country’s domestic security service has said.

The warning came as one of Germany’s best known Islamist preachers published a list of suggestions for his followers on how best to approach refugees.


That’s of course those ‘refugees’ who aren’t already signed up to the cause…

Isil exploiting migrant routes to smuggle jihadists back to Britain using fake documents

Isil jihadists are exploiting the migrant crisis to smuggle terrorists into Europe with fake passports they can then use to travel to the UK, British intelligence officials fear.



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10 Responses to Islam’s ‘Dirty little secret’?

  1. Wiser Monkeys says:

    We have not detected the BBC, left-wing or feminist groups reporting on this appalling and highly significant delusion:

    Quoting from the article:
    Mr Juncker’s team … called for “the unconditional rejection of false associations between certain criminal acts, such as the attacks on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, and the mass influx of refugees.” …
    The minutes document a presentation from Frans Timmermans, the first vice president of the European Commission and Mr Juncker’s trusted deputy. “As far as the crimes in Cologne were concerned, he said that these were a matter of public order and were not related to the refugee crisis,” the minutes say.

    This is surely the ultimate betrayal of women in the EU: trumping their safety with a desperate need to spare the EU elite’s blushes and to pretend that the EU’s migrant policy isn’t actually in tatters. The EU’s dirty BIG secret.



    • ID says:

      When it comes to Islam what’s covered up, especially in Germany, is no longer surprising.
      The German author Akif Pirinçci in his book “Deutschland von Sinnen” refers to an article he wrote at the end of 2013 on the blog “Die Achse des Guten”. It describes the mass attack on a young German Daniel S. in Kirchweyhe by a gang of Turks. Daniel S. died from his injuries a few days later.

      Chapter VIi “The Slaughter has Begun”, page 232

      “The pattern is always the same. A group, or a gang of mates summoned by mobile phone, surround the victim, as wolves would their prey. The delta and beta males circle on the periphery and provide the intimidating baying of the pack, as the alpha males start to bite at the victim until finally the whole pack joins in the onslaught”

      This, two years before Cologne etc,. seems highly prescient. At the time, the incident was played down in the usual way. Typical violence between gangs of youths, Turks were provoked by racist language etc.
      The author claims that other fatal attacks of this kind have been covered up by the police .
      Clearly the media and the political elite are covering up what is a culturally determined modus operandi and not unrelated violent incidents whatever the degree of provocation may have been.

      Pirinçci was of course subjected to the usual media vilification, prosecuted and fined 4000 Euros.

      Today the German vice chancellor Sigmar Gabriel is calling for the Verfassungsschutz, the body that ensures everyone is complying with the Basic Law, to monitor the AfD because Frauke Petry, its leader said that Germany’s borders, as a last resort, should be protected by opening fire on refugees.

      Merkel seems to be slowly turning round her ship of fools in the opposite direction. The refugees are going to return or be retured to Syria when the conflict is over. Criminal refugees (surely an oxymoron) will be deported not of course to where they came from but to other third countries who are champing at the bit to accept this trash. Merkel and Comrade Bala have the same loose grip on reality


  2. G.W.F. says:

    Jews might well be fleeing Europe, but blame is not always pointed in the right direction. I have noticed a tendency to exploit Holocaust Remembrance Day and in general the experience of Jews in Nazi Germany to draw analogies with Muslims as today’s victims.

    The UAF have a relative of a Holocaust victim, Colette Levy (Hidden Child from Vichy France), speaking alongside Diane Abbot and Weyman Bennett in favour of refugees warning against Islamophobia. And the same bunch of Trots seem to have recruited Anne Frank’s step sister for their ‘refugees welcome here’ bash. I understand many US relatives of and survivors of the Holocaust are denouncing Islamophobia. With people with these credentials portraying Muslims as victims lt’s win win for the Ropers.



  3. Guest Who says:

    ‘It does seem that the BBC has an agenda to misguide…”

    Not quite how I would put it.

    Meanwhile I came across this:

    Now I do wonder if ‘British Doctors’ are like ‘Cologne StudMuffins’, as 71 seems high, unless the NHS is staffed like the BBC cubicle gardens already.

    Maybe the BBC could investigate who these folk are, and if they have quite grasped the contribution of the Israeli medical community versus, say, those fine fellows who drove their Hippocratic Oath up to the doors of Glasgow Airport Arrivals.


  4. NCBBC says:

    One such article declared that ‘It pains me to have to admit this but anti-Semitism isn’t just tolerated in some sections of the British Muslim community; it’s routine and commonplace. Any Muslims reading this article – if they are honest with themselves – will know instantly what I am referring to. It’s our dirty little secret. You could call it the banality of Muslim anti-Semitism.’

    Islamist Mehdi Hasan is careful not to point the finger at the core texts of Islam – the koran included, why Muslims are anti-semites. Anti-semitism, and hatred of all non-Muslims are the core principles of the Koran.

    Now that wouldn’t matter if the core texts of Islam were peaceful. However, they are not. They are unremittingly violent. ISIS is a good example of the Koran in practice. ISIS are not deviants but the reality of pure Islam.


  5. Owen Morgan says:

    Slightly OT, but I see that Barry O’Barmy is going to enjoy the company of his former co-religionists at the Islamic Society of Baltimore, this coming Wednesday. The move has been welcomed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, but, well, it would be, wouldn’t it, since CAIR is a front for the muslim brotherhood and the Baltimore mosque has a pretty long list of “radical” associations, including demonstrable connections to the muslim brotherhood.

    Obama has favoured the brotherhood from his earliest weeks in office and the beebyanka’s beloved “presidential frontrunner”, Hillary Clinton, probably relies on the brotherhood-saturated Huma Abedin to brush her teeth in the morning.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Good point Owen Morgan, You have indicated the direction the BBC will follow during the coming US elections. The Brotherhood, Obama favours it, and Ben al Bowen of the BBC always described it as a ‘benign charity’, and remember how the BBC backed them during the Arab Spring.


  6. TrueToo says:

    The BBC appears to have a faultless attitude towards Jewish suffering in the Holocaust. On the World Service alone I have listened to several moving stories of survival and courage, both of Jews under the brutal yoke of the Nazis and of those who helped them at great risk to themselves. This is in stark contrast to the way in which the BBC reports on Israel. And the BBC has a long history in this regard. For example, way back in ’67 the corporation had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to report on the extraordinary Israeli victory in the Six-Day War. No doubt they were looking forward to an Israeli defeat.

    So here we have it: when reporting on Jews as victims of the Nazis the BBC overflows with sympathy while when reporting on Jews as victims of Arab terrorism the BBC is coldly indifferent; and when the Jews hit back at Arab terrorism the BBC is indignant and outraged.

    I have puzzled over this discrepancy for some time and I’m no closer to figuring out what the motivation might be and how this particular discrepancy might be construed. A multiple-choice question might help clarify the issue:

    The BBC reports honestly and with empathy about the Jews during the Holocaust but with outrage against Jews defending themselves against Arab terrorism because

    a) the BBC is trying to imply in a subtle way that it has no problem with Jews in general but only with Israelis

    b) the BBC is comfortable with the concept of Jews as weak and victimised but not as powerful and victorious

    c) the BBC sides with the Palestinians as the ‘oppressed’ and the Israelis as the ‘oppressors’.

    d) the BBC sees the Palestinians as the new Jews and the Jews as the new Nazis.

    e) a, b and c


    • embolden says:

      You are trying to apply logic to left liberal “thinking”, have you noticed yet? it doesn’t compute.

      It’s all about the left liberals feelings of empathy mixed with the shrill outrage they use to mask their own inner guilt about their relatively trouble free lives, nothing else matters, nothing but feelings and sentimentality about the noble victim.

      The fools don’t understand how lucky they are that someone fought for the rights they take for granted, nor that they may be called on to defend what they have….and sooner than they think.


      • TrueToo says:

        Yes, I think you have a point there. When it comes to the ‘liberal’ left, emotional trumps logic. But I wasn’t really commenting on the ‘thought’ processes of the left but on their contrasting attitudes towards Jews as victims and Jews as ‘oppressors’. And their attitudes are dictated by their emotions.

        I am trying to clarify my own thoughts on the matter with the multiple-choice question and also open the issue up to other interested colleagues on this fine site.