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David Dimbleby presents this week’s show from Poole, Dorset. On the specially reinforced panel: Conservative MP for South West Norfolk, Elizabeth Truss, Telegraph journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer, Guardianista Giles Fraser, creator of Downton Abbey Julian Fellowes, and a very special welcome back to our Thursday nights for the lovely Dianne Abbott, Shadow Secretary for International Development.

Neither of the two local Tory MPs will be appearing for reasons unknown.

Kick off tonight at 22.45

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17 Responses to Question Time Live Chat

  1. wronged says:

    For anybody interested in the weeks that I have been following the panellists in or out in terms of their EU affiliations. It currently scores as follows

    Panellists pro EU 16
    Panellist against EU 3
    Panellist undecided 1

    I see it tonight as follows
    Truss pro
    Fraser pro
    Abbott pro
    Hartley Brewer against
    Fellowes unsure

    Not including Fellowes, who I hope is against the EU, the score on bBBCQuestion Time bias will be
    19 for EU
    4 against

    I thought the bBBC was meant to be impartial and demonstrate balance in its programmes!


    • tbaskett says:

      Commented deleted.


      • wronged says:

        Yes,tbasket, thank you, you’re quite right and I will adjust my scores accordingly.

        I’m very pleased about this. Makes a change.

        Amended scores
        pro 18
        against 6
        undecided 1

        only a 3:1 ratio in favour of pro panellists.


  2. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    What? Dorset, but no Billy Bragg?

    I feel cheated!


    • Dazed and Confused says:

      Bragg and Abbott on the same programme?

      Jeeez you’re a masochist…Lest we not forget, that half of the “hand picked” audience will be members of the SWP…Do you want them all there – again?


    • GRIM REAPER says:

      Be thankful for small mercies Mustafa proper name, he brings nothing to the debate anyway, two-faced imbecile, living now in nice, safe Dorset, away from his lovely multi-culti Dagenham or where ever…


  3. MrMeggo says:

    Won’t be tuning in to that one with that racist arsehole on the panel.


    • engineerdownunder says:

      Actually I quite enjoy it when she’s on these days … she widely perceived nowadays as rather thick and very pretentious … guaranteed to say very stupid things which even QT audiences recognise!


  4. Geoff says:

    Truss – Pro immigration and purveyor of Project Fear
    Fellows – Pro immigration
    Abbot – Pro immigration
    Frazer – Pro immigration
    Audience – Majority seemingly Pro immigration
    JHB – A voice of reason in an overwhelmingly biased panel and audience.


  5. wronged says:

    Blood and sand, Giles Fraser says he’s a Brexiter but wants more immigants. I think he’s a bit mentally messed up.
    I’m going to put him as a pro EU, I’m quite shocked by this.


  6. wronged says:

    Last election in Poole rounded to nearest thousand
    Conservatives 24,000
    UKIP 8,000
    Labour 6,000

    QT audience seemngly not reflecting this.


  7. wronged says:

    ‘Second Rate politicians’ HEAR! HEAR!

    The truest words ever spoken on this second rate programme.


  8. OldRec says:

    Is Question Time tonight swinging towards OUT or will I wake up soon?


    • wronged says:

      I think I agree with you Oldrec,
      I think my good lady wife must have put something in my cocoa!


  9. Number 7 says:

    Most amusing QT in a long while.

    Whoever picked the audience will be going the same way as Blackburn.


    • Number 7 says:

      Shock Headline in the Sun

      “SWP charity bus hi-jacked outside Poole”

      “Many passengers badly injured having escaped the hi-jackers.”



  10. cockneyboy says:

    Dimbleby did state at the start of the programme that the panelists and the audience were selected to present a balanced viewpoint so as to prevent any accusations of bias (perhaps they have been reading this forum!)
    To some extent they achieved this (to be fair) However I can do without the support of Giles Fraser (so called Brexit supporter) and his nonsensical wishes to open up our borders and take in more immigrants/refugees regardless of the impact on this country’s infrastructure, security and ever growing population.
    Truss – spouting the Cameron line (project fear) and generally bloody annoying
    Fraser- Let ’em all in and damn the consequences, oh and by the way I support Brexit (he says) Really F***ing annoying!
    Abbott – predictably annoying and patronising, lecturing on the benefits of mass immigration while at the same time trying to avoid the issue that her government was responsible for letting in millions of immigrants. Never any logic or real facts to back up her arguments (I have high blood pressure and I really should avoid watching this woman)
    Hartley-Brewer – Excellent, sanity at last, a voice in the wilderness!
    Fellowes – come across with some good points about trade and in the process destroying Truss’s attempt at project fear. Also making the point that the government could be doing a lot more about controlling non EU immigration.

    But a frustrating programme to watch as the debate was prevented from reaching any level of depth with many questions and arguments left unanswered and the politicians wasting valuable time talking shit, which is what usually happens.