One of the things that most annoys me about the BBC is how it is using the TODAY programme each morning to disseminate “Project Fear” propaganda from Cameron and his pals. This morning we were treated to the Editor of The Economist screeching that the UK could “only” ever hope to obtain a trade deal with the EU similar to that of Norway. It appears the simple economic fact that we are the UK’s single largest export matter has NO significance in terms of trade negotiations if you write for The Economist?

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  1. EnglandExpects says:

    The general view is that the Economst has gone downhill in the quality of its analysis in recent years. Listening to this woman I can fully understand why. Like many people I have never found it convincing that Britain would be forced into a deal like those of Switzerland and Norway in order to access the EU market tariff- free. Indeed if the EU offered us such a deal post-Brexit I hope we tell them to get stuffed and just put up with the relatively low tariff . The latter might give our manufacturers a stimulus to be more efficient anyway. If not a 3 percent price hike is not a catastrophe and we could impose something similar on our imports from the EU.


  2. Grant says:

    In any trade war with the UK, the EU would lose. Am I right in thinking that Norway and Switzerland are two of the wealtheist countries in Europe ?


    • Philip_2 says:

      Yes true Grant. And Iceland was able to repay its UK debts in record time being ‘outside’ the EU. Unlike Greece and Spain which will forever be in EU debt due to soft ‘loans’ from the EU, endemic (EU) political corruption and having to use the Euro (instead of using their own currency) to pay EU banks. Germany wins, everybody else loses. Eventually Germany will collapse due to bad debts from the rest of the enlarged Europe. That’s the reality of EU membership. We are only there to give ‘credibility’ and CASH to the EU regime but we cannot alter a damn thing inside it. It has been described as a massive PONZI scheme that can only survive through ‘enlargement’. Turkey is next on the list for EU membership (but is doing much better being outside).


  3. wronged says:

    Money talks in the EU. They may think they are a socialist utopian network but look at Greece and how that was handled, money is their mammon and is masked by a decitful cloak of togetherness,peace, being one nation and an ever closer union. It is often big business/multinationasl in the EU that control governmental decision based upon the premise, not what is right for that particular country or its people but how much can we make, how many immigrants can we bring in to boost our profits at the expense of the infrastructure. The big businesses don’t care about the impact on the people of the EU, the managers of multinationals can always pay privately for health, education and tax evading other services.

    Given one accepts that it is the Multinational companies that hold the power in the EU, do I think that companies like Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Mercedes,Renault,will they say to their governments ‘we must put restrictions on Britain from buying our cars and allow us to keep people in work and maximise our profits’, of course they won’t, we will therefore get a verygood deal because businesses in the EU don’t see boundaries only self interest. They don’t do things for the benefit of people only profit, they ultimately hold the economic power and present the bullets for their respective governments to fire.

    Lets put this another way, could Germany be, as a world power, without its manufacturing base and big business, who depends on who for its economic strength.This is why Germany advocated bringing migrants against the desired wishes of its own people, same with Norway, Sweden et al, not for humanitarian reasons but for its economic worth to business. It was merely dressed up as a humanitarian narrative.

    When TTIP arrives and the USA impregnate services and health (which incidentally politicians say will not happen, but almost certainly will), those who supported the EU project which has always been based on failure and corruption will ask the question. Why did I trust Cameron and project fear? In exactly whose interest were they serving, certainly not mine!


  4. Dave S says:

    Black propaganda from the lot of them. It is supposed to lower our morale and makes us vote the way the marxist coporatists want . The EU is run for the benefit of a few. It is almost enough to turn me in to an old fashioned socialist.
    Anyway give them the traditional English salute with the two fingers.
    There now you feel a lot better.


  5. Umbongo says:

    To be fair Lord Howard was allowed to comment on Today this morning concerning any deal the UK might come to with the EU after brexit. He stressed that we are the 5th largest economy in the world, that we have (he says) a population of 65 million (as against Norway’s 5 million and Switzerland’s 8 million) and, moreover, that the EU is a net exporter to us of £100 billion per year. Accordingly we are not condemned to a Norway-type deal or nothing: we have a strong negotiating position

    Mind you, he didn’t say that the outcome of a deal depends on who’s negotiating for us. IMHO if it’s the FCO, no matter what is decided on 23 June, the FCO’s negotiating strategy will be to ask the EU negotiators 3 questions: “What do you want? Where do we sign? Where do we send the cheque?” Project Fear is a symptom of how weak the Remain case is:. Accordingly, Cameron and assorted friends will keep asserting war and famine on 24 June if the vote goes against them.


  6. Edward says:

    Am I the only one who believes that staying in the EU ensures more economic uncertainty that leaving? A union that is holding southern EU nations prisoner in the currency prison known as the Euro? A union that has its eyes set on Turkey and Ukraine as future member states?

    We need to vote for what’s best for our country – not what’s best for our wallets. Look after your country and your country will look after your wallet.

    So what if our economy suffers if we leave? Maybe then we will become less attractive to economic migrants. It’s a no-lose bet!


    • Grant says:

      Edward, well said. Staying in the EU means that the UK will be dragged down with the rest of them when the whole rotten edifice collapses. We must get out .


      • barry69 says:

        The one thing the EU members have in common, in fact the only thing is that they are all nominally Christian.
        Why therefore would anyone want to admit a poor Muslim country with a huge population?


    • robj44 says:

      Spot on! There is a growing view that those who understand the EU from the inside suspect that the major banks in France and Italy are heading for a fall and that the incompetent handling of the migrant crisis will together serve to plunge the EU into a meltdown. The EU’s GDP is not growing and a referendum decision for the UK to remain would see us being dragged over the cliff too. This is why the PM has brought the referendum forward!


  7. Nibor says:

    Another term the BBC and Euroluvvies use is risk , as in risk assessment when a company looks at trading if there is a Brexit but forward planning when a company looks at trading if we remain in .


  8. Steve Jones says:

    Given that economists have never predicted anything about the economy before it happened why does anybody listen to them. Economics is a pseudo-science like sociology, astrology, climate science and much of modern psychology.


  9. Guest Who says:

    Such conflicts of interest will doubtless be reported by all impartial, objective professional media…. bar those in the swamp up to their necks too.


  10. Jeff says:

    Some of the nonsense I’ve heard from Cameron and co has been laughable. The ludicrous suggestion that a shanty town of “refugees” would suddenly spring up in Folkstone has to be top of my list. Let’s just say these illegals did manage to get here, why on earth would they start building some squalid, wooden and cardboard sheds at a coastal resort unless they wanted to return to France? Clearly they would disperse, as so many thousands have already. They’d be hanging on the back of the first truck to London, or asylum seeker central, as I now call our capital city. There they would find millions of their fellow enrichers and would blend into the background a treat.
    The government and their allies in the tame media really are scraping the bottom of the barrel.
    It’s a wonder Dave hasn’t warned us that we’ll all catch the plague and die of the black death.
    Give him time…


  11. chrisH says:

    Good comments above.
    Agree wholeheartedly that it is our patriotic duty to vote ourselves out of the coming hells kitchen.
    Edward and robj44 both correct-too have heard that France and Italy will have gone the full Greek in two years or so.
    End of Euro.
    And with immigration rampant and wilfully unstoppable thanks to Merkel waving her Stasi trews at all the worlds Muslim men-Schengen will be a stiff very soon.
    End of Free Movement.
    No Eurozone, no benefits in an EU passport?
    It`ll then be a compulsory Army to model Hitlers or Brezhnevs to clarify the EUs determination to force itself onto the weak like Malta and Cyprus, Slovenia and Portugal…but it`ll unravel like Merkels knitted striatjacket soon after.
    No-we need to walk out of European Union pronto while we can still see the exit doors and its daylight.
    Or else we`ll have to run and try to find our knives in the low and useless streetlights that the EU have imposed on our more stupid councils.
    Won`t be pretty either way-but staying in the EU is the more dangerous and terminal option .
    So the “Better the devil you know dickheads” DO know him better than most of us and they crave trouble to come.
    Loads of uniforms, data snoops and therapies….crime and treachery pay well these days for the knock kneed professings of teachers,BBC ciphers etc
    Say No.


    • rockefella says:

      Norway keeps getting trotted out as the killer response by Chuka (most recently) et al – but no one (including even the brilliant Julia HB) points out that they are c.6.5 million population and we are c. 65 million (probably nearer 80m in truth). This would give us the clout in negotiation to say “stuff your Free Movement”, surely !


  12. Dadad says:

    65 or 80 million ? We’re told net migration is in the 300,000s but 630,000 get new NINOs during the same period. How many years has this been going on ?


  13. G.W.F. says:

    Breaking News. Shock Horror. Finance ministers warn against Brexit.
    Well done that man from the BBC – you win today’s prize for Project Fear.


  14. david01 says:

    The minute Schultz said in an interview that he could not guarantee anything regarding the EU members voting yeah or neagh, Cameron should have said to his team “OK boys and girls, lets’s get back on the plane and go back to UK.” By remaining, wheedling and accepting greatly diluted terms compared to his original shopping list he showed how weak he was. Here was our Prime Minister, of the world’s 5th largest economy, a nuclear power, a member of the Security Council, leader of the Commonwealth , one of the oldest democracies in the world, being told by a few countries recently emancipated (think of Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, et al) that what we were “asking” for was unacceptable. How on earth have we allowed ourselves to be so downgraded ?
    Why are we being compared to Norway, Iceland and to Switzerland (who have a famous Navy) and why does the BBC go along with this ridiculous comparison instead of standing up for what great and powerful a nation we are.


  15. Glenn says:

    Has anyone visited the BBC Website today? Not only they fear mongering on the main page but it also top on the Politics and Science pages.

    The Out campaign has not taken the gloves off yet and that is a good thing. The two killer lines are the way that the Fuhrer (Merkel) has impoverished Greece and the her diktat on the immigration crisis. She said all these gimmegrants were welcome but on finding the Germans weren’t too keen, she dictated that the rest of the EU should take their “fair share” of the problem she created.

    It should also be noted (nowhere on the BBC) that Hungary are to hold a referendum on whether to take the migrants that Merkel insists they should. They have been slapped down by an (unelected) EU Commissioner that referendums (for that read democracy) do not fit in with the EU decision making process.


    • Grant says:

      The BBC are in real panic mode now as it looks as if the vote may go against the 2 evil empires, the EU and the BBC. I think that the more biased the BBC becomes as the vote approaches. the more the out vote is likely to increase.


  16. Guest Who says:

    BBC ‘balance’ preserved.


    • Number 6 says:

      and when they are on,the interviewer talks all over their answers

      witness that pillock Andrew Marr right now with IDS

      ask a question and talk all over the answer

      ignorant arseholes


      • Number 6 says:

        now Angela Eagle has assumed the role of interviewer

        i thought that’s what tv taxpayers paid Marr for……