The BBC digging out the smallest pro-EU story and ignoring the massive bombshell on immigration.

Oddly enough the Daily Mail is often the source of BBC stories and on Saturday the Today programme (08:52) highlighted an important issue using a story from the Mail.  Apparently we would never have had the children’s book ‘The Gruffalo’ if it hadn’t been for the EU…..


The Gruffalo books might never have existed without the European Union, their illustrator claimed last night. Axel Sheffler, a German national, said he might not have been able to come to Britain to study illustration in the 1980s without free movement rules and so would never have met Julia Donaldson, who writes the best-selling stories.

Mr Sheffler draws the hugely popular Gruffalo titles and other books by Miss Donaldson including Stick Man and Room on the Broom.

In a blog post for the publisher Nosy Crow, he wrote that had he not come to Britain: ‘The Gruffalo, if it had happened at all, would have been an entirely different beast’.

As said it is surprising what catches the BBC’s eye as that is a tiny story inset within another report in the Mail which didn’t catch the BBC eye….that report being…Human rights reform on ice: Tory pledge is shelved ‘to save PM from EU row’ …and so is the war on obesity

The BBC ignoring the nasty Tories and a story on human rights?  Has the world turned upside down?

But then again the BBC also ignored this story from the very same pages of the Mail….Brexit threat saves our super-fast kettles: Brussels shelves ban on powerful appliances after British negotiators warn it could sway referendum…odd them ignoring that because they went out of their way to disprove a story about the EU banning highpower hairdryers.

The BBC ignores stories of the EU referendum being rigged in favour of the Stay campaign but what else did the BBC ignore?  What was on the front page and plastered over several inside pages of the Mail?

Conman Blair’s cynical conspiracy to deceive the British people and let in 2million migrants against the rules: Explosive new biography lays ex-PM’s betrayal bare

The fact that Blair and the Labour party deliberately deceived the British people and essentially set out on a course of ethnic cleansing in Britain, a Britain that was ‘too white’ for them, should be a politcal bombshell and yet the BBC has ignored this from the start of the immigration problem…ignoring or underplaying the mass, uncontrolled immigration and its consequences and ignoring the revelation by Andrew Neather that Blair was trying to ‘brown’ Britain and wanted to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and multiculturalism.  The BBC refused to report anything about Neather’s comments, the one sole mention being a report on the comments of a Tory MP who mentioned Neather…but that was it.

The fact that a politician can get away with such (un)constitutional crimes without being held to account other than possibly in an election is staggering…and part of the blame lies with the Media, the powerful BBC in particular, which hasn’t hung Blair and his cronies out to dry for this.

The BBC of course has no intention of criticising Blair for having swamped the country with millions of immigrants without asking the residents of this country whether they wanted that…Merkel is the same and she should be locked up in a cell with Blair for her unilateral actions in inviting millions, well, billions, to flock to Europe in what will be a never-ending stream.  An irony that she then criticises other nations for not being united in their response to the immigration crisis…a crisis she made infinitely worse by that unilateral German action.

Blair, Merkel and the BBC are the immigration extremists whose undemocratic, foolish and dangerous opening of the borders will lead to at the very least the end of the EU if not all out war…..where then for the ‘refugees’, most of whom are anything but genuine refugees?  Ultimately the BBC’s naive policies on immigration lead to the very thing they hope to avoid as civilisations implode.

Europe has decided not to defend itself, not its culture, not its values, not its civilisation and not its population, and seems all too ready for those values to be subsumed and destroyed by the mass immigration of people who don’t hold to the same values, who don’t have the same culture and who have no intention of integrating.


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8 Responses to Mailstrom

  1. Lobster says:

    Any other time they regard the Mail as equivalent to the Anti-Christ.


  2. Nibor says:

    If it wasn’t the Gruffaloe it would have been something else that was/is fad of the moment . It might be worse or it might be better .
    Every governmental system can produce a few good things even if they are overall bad . The Communist system in the Soviet Union produced the T34 , Kalashnikov , RPG , first man in outer space , medical breakthroughs , the Nazis produced Panther and Tiger tanks , Me 262 , autobahns and rockets .
    The EU produced The Gruffalloe .


    • chrisH says:

      No Gruffalo if not for the EU?
      I prefer to think that Mein Kampf is now back in the mitts of Muslims and very angry central europeans on a prolific print run “thanks” to the EU too!
      “Elders of the Protocols of Zion” will be on Birminghams school curriculum within ten years too, thanks to the EU.
      Still though-got to admit that this nugget is an early case of “jumping the shark”.
      Sadly, it`ll be a plastic one though-Spanish super trawlers have hoovered up the real ones now since 1987.


    • chrisH says:

      The Commies also gave us bloody Barclay James Harvest!
      Useless fey prog rockers who`d play by the Berlin Wall, which was far enough away and thick enough to stop us hearing them in Manchester!
      The Nazis gave us Siouxsie Sioux, who liked to dress as one back before Womans Hour discovered her early role of female empowerment…what is it about Ed Balls, Siouxsie and stylish socialist garb that links them all?
      The BBC would say “Donald Trump”…but then they put Jimmy Savile in a camper van with as many kids as they could find.


  3. Cranmer says:

    If it wasn’t for the Nazi occupation of France, we’d never have had ‘Allo Allo’.


  4. Dover Sentry says:

    The BBC delight in reporting on the ex-British soldier who visits the Calais Jungle in support of immigrants.

    But they don’t speak to the 99.99 % of ex-army who feel the opposite.


    • Cranmer says:

      Dover Sentry, to paraphrase St Luke ch. 15 v.7, ‘there is more joy in the BBC over one sinner that repenteth…’


    • Guest Who says:

      They also seem less keen on the unfortunate aftermath of the St. Jude flying visit, with entourage.