Not today thank you


It seems the BBC has shut up shop, it has burnt itself out reporting so enthusiastically about the letter (written by No10) from a group of businessmen cheerleading for the EU and another from some military types who hold the same views.

Odd, if we are supposed to vaue the opinions of such people, that the BBC ignores views from similarly statuesque figures on the Brexit side of things…such as the ex-Governor of the Bank of England whose opinion on the EU seemed to be of absolutely no interest to the BBC at all despite making the somewhat important judgement that the Eurozone is doomed.

Today we have Maj Gen Julian Thompson who expresses yet more critical thinking about the value of the EU…and again no sign of any BBC interest in his views… the one about Obama being a lameduck president no doubted grated somewhat…

Today, membership of the EU weakens our national defence in very dangerous times. Why? Clear-sighted understanding is obscured by four common myths.

Myth One is that the EU has kept the peace in Europe since 1945.

Myth Two is that the Americans want us to stay in the EU.

Myth Three is that if Britain takes back control of her own destiny it will help Putin.

Myth Four is that the EU helps us defeat Islamist terrorism.

Finally, some say: “stay in to rescue others as the EU founders.” I say we’ll do that better from a seaworthy lifeboat than shackled to a sinking deck.

I know from my lifetime’s experience in the service of my country that delusions about what actually keeps us safe, threaten us all. So let us put an end for good to these myths about the EU helping security. The facts show the very opposite.


Both Mervyn King and Julian Thompson have important things to say, things that undermine ‘Project Fear’ and give  support to Brexit…..and yet the BBC doesn’t give them the prominence it gives to the voices of Project Fear, if any coverage at all.


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  1. Dave S says:

    Nothing the general says is hard to grasp. Plain speaklng common sense is how I describe it. Not that this will endear him to the BBC and to the Cameron clique.
    Mired in fantasy is a good way to describe that lot. For me staying in the EU is an existential matter. That is I regard England’s survival threatened by remaining in the EU. A nation is not to be trifled with by greedy businessmen and useless politicians. Nothing the in campaign says has any validity for me and that is that.


  2. chrisH says:

    And the useless Krishnan Gurney Murphy was talking to the French Ambassador to the UK.
    Normally she gets an easy time of it-but after Calais-which looked OK to me , but I`m not the liberal bedwetter-Krish was a bit eggy.
    And when she stayed neutral over whether France was wanting us to stay( for Gods sake spit it out woman, being the required response-diplomatic niceties are NOT what the EU Nazis want)-Krishnan said, in effect-“can I put you down for you agreeing that it`ll be a leap in the dark?…and I`ll run with that now, thanks and goodbye!”…well that was a new low.
    If people won`t say what the liberal toads have written down-well, we`ll say it anyway and expect no abstention, no cavils, no qualifiers.
    He`s an odious little squit isn`t he?…seems to shrink by the month into something ever more reduced in every way.
    Cheaper not to ask people in to “answer anything that the liberals know anyway”.
    Sock puppets and spitting image ones on the end of liberal digits would do it for them.


    • johnnythefish says:

      This is a typical tactic of the leftist broadcaster – get your opinion in as the last say but dress it up as a closing observation.

      You’ll hear it all the time on Radio 4.


      • oldartist says:

        I agree. It comes at the end of every interview, even to the extent of telling us what the interviewee “really meant” rather than what they actually said. Apparently this is in the BBC’s own words: “guiding us through the news”.


  3. Grant says:

    I think that the signs are positive , that the cowardly , lefty ,liberal elite, including the repulsive BBC are in panic mode. It is finally sinking in to their thick minds that the British people may vote for getting out of the EU crap. Nappies all round !


  4. johnnythefish says:

    Coincidentally, this is the same group of businessmen who were telling us some years ago it would be a disaster if the UK didn’t join the Euro.

    But joining those particular dots would be a test of journalistic aptitude well beyond the ken of our world-beating journalists. Either that or just too damned inconvenient for the BBC narrative.

    So, incompetent or biased? You decide.


  5. Philip_2 says:

    I detect the hand of ‘Mandy’ in banning ‘BREXIT’ Ministers from all EU briefings. ‘Mandy’ was I recall the then ‘EU Commissioner’ when his dirty property dealings here in the UK forced him to resign from Blairs government. Mandy (nicknamed by the press) as the ‘man without Portfolio’ had ‘no real job’ in government but was Tony Blair’s strategic spin master. He was only last month invited back to No.10 by none other than Cameron himself to liaise between his own goal (EU enrichment) and EU puppet controllers at Brussels. But we here in the UK don’t listen to the BBC media much and we certainly don’t trust the BBC for anything. We are really on our own now. This is the Battle for Britain, it is clear that to stay ‘in’ is far more frightening (fear factor) than getting ‘OUT’ as quickly as possible before the EU ship ‘perversity & poverty’ sinks in debt and corruption with violence (already in evidence) by the EU states in combat gear against its own dissenters.


  6. RJ says:

    I found the letter from the generals saying that we had to stay in the EU very helpful, but not quite in the way they intended. The signatories seem to have been the senior officers in post while our military capabilities were being degraded. I don’t remember them writing any letter to the press to protest the cuts to staff numbers, or to ships or to squadrons – but then any such letters would have endangered their jobs and pensions. Having overseen the dismantling of our defence capability they now protest that as a result of their dereliction of duty we are too weak to defend ourselves outside the EU.

    I think I’ll take my military advice from General Thompson


  7. Old Timer says:



  8. Edward says:

    I’ve rustled up a picture of David Cameron with a subtitle that is neither pro-EU or anti. But at least it prompts the viewer to question their own position on this issue.

    It could be argued that the subtitle is biased because it assumes that “things are bad in the EU” when it could be that things are rosy. But the accusation of bias can be refuted by simply pointing out that the pro-EU campaign have nothing positive to say about the EU and lots to say about Britain’s exit – ‘better the devil you know’.

    Feel free to share.


  9. worrywort says:

    Hello there. Your poster reads like a pro EU, scaremongering Bias. You say it’s neither but that is how it looks to me.
    “Better the devil you know”? No, if you’re going to sup with the devil, use a long spoon.


    • Edward says:

      If that’s how it comes across I’ll try a different subtitle. I thought it was more a glass half full/half empty thing. If the subtitle read “If you think things are bad IN the EU, just imagine how much worse they’ll be OUT of it” then it would be pro-EU.

      I’ll try again.


  10. chrisH says:

    On a parallel post, somebody recommended the last Sunday Politics show.
    Andrew Neil is a prat, but-like Brain Walden of old-he digs up soem good stuff.
    My bet bit was from Alan Johnson-not the smartest lanyard in the Labour bin, but a gift to the rest of us.
    A case of “the politics is personal”-knows nothing,never did anything.hops ineffectually around the BBC as he did around Westminster…but lives off his back story on planet human.


  11. chrisH says:

    On a parallel post, somebody recommended the last Sunday Politics show.
    Andrew Neil is a prat, but-like Brain Walden of old-he digs up soem good stuff.
    My bet bit was from Alan Johnson-not the smartest lanyard in the Labour bin, but a gift to the rest of us.
    A case of “the politics is personal”-knows nothing,never did anything.hops ineffectually around the BBC as he did around Westminster…but lives off his back story on planet human.
    There`s a lot of the lefty self-schooled oafs like Barton, Bragg and Johnson(he`s read Thomas Hardy you know!).
    As opposed to the likes of Javid, Patel-and of course dear old Michael Gove who tend to show their success in overcoming adversity by actually changing things when in office-and not getting their misery lit trawled all over radio 4 and the posh liberal papers who like a bit of rough,
    Johnson said this-that if we leave the EU,then-if and when we were successful in getting Delors Corpse off our backs and from out of our pockets-then we may well find ourselves getting MORE immigration!
    So best to stay, go under with the EU-and meanwhile just let the druggies and panty thieves all in.
    And hopefully stop women shopping at night, clogging up NHS clinics instead and therefore creating virtue for the left,voters for Jess Phillips-and plenty half-arsed egg cleaning, vomit mopping jobs for the NHS unions-that, funnily enough “stump up” for Labour.
    Expect to see THAT phrase getting a new meaning when they attempt those public ballots in the union boardrooms!
    No more corrupt that postal votes I s`pose…and might keep Labours accounts a bit cleaner if the pink police find they`ve been in the tills as before.