Savaging Savile



Thanks to Notafanofpoliticians for this:


Shame Rotten wasn’t as full of principles as he suggests…



Elsewhere…Paul Merton denies a transcript of him abusing Savile is real…..



Here’s the transcript….put up not by its writers but by someone else….who got the HIGNFY teams wrong….Savile did appear on the show but with Hislop.


The real writers admit to it being a hoax.

So who wrote it and why?

Comedian Richard Herring, who knows most things, told me it was some people calling themselves SOTCAA and, indeed, it was. Two of them.

Around 2005, when they were writing on the Cookd and Bombd forum, they were calling themselves ‘Alan Strang’ and ‘Emergency Lalla Ward Ten’.

Now I’m told I should call them Joseph Champniss and Mike Scott.

“At the time this all took place,” Joseph Champniss told me yesterday, “SOTCAA was hosted by NotBBC.

“Sometime in 1999, we started pondering on how affected stories get attached to ‘classic’ shows and films over the years which go down well in pub conversations but also blur any kind of factual coverage – stuff like the rushes of The Wicker Man being buried under the M4 motorway and so on.

“Faking some Have I Got News For You out-takes was originally going to be part of that initial plan. We probably decided on it after watching the Unbroadcastable Have I Got News video, which itself features rushes material… but mainly because we enjoy the idea of rushes per se.

“The original idea was to stick the page on the site in Hidden Archive and see if anyone noticed/cared. Emergency Lalla Ward went off and wrote the actual page – based on a tape of the broadcast itself. If you watch the show in tandem with the fakery you’ll note that he’s specifically ‘filled in’ stuff where there was an obvious edit-point. However, this was really only ever a first draft. Something to build on and re-write later in a less obvious/explosive fashion.



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2 Responses to Savaging Savile

  1. Destroy-Deny-Degrade-Disrupt says:

    Ah, the good old days of Cook’d and Bomb’d. Some lovely, playful anti-establishment anarchy and brilliant wit back then. Did Chris Morris proud.

    Now, it’s an unbearable creche full of right-on liberal hand-wringers, who hungrily consume every piece-of-crap sitcom that pops out of America and the UK. Their deep, dark hatred for Ricky Gervais is sometimes funny, though.


  2. Steve Jones says:

    Something about Rotten’s version of events smells, well, rotten. As an anti-establishment punk rocker, why did he keep this to himself rather than cause the trouble he, at the time, professed he was so keen on?
    He must know full well that it was likely to be the biggest furore he could ever cause.