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Not a good day for the BBC.  Or, in other words, just another day for the BBC.

On the Today programme as someone from the RUSI,  Dr Karin von Hippel, came on to discuss Brussels and who said that ISIS’ success in recruiting lay in it’s image of ‘invincibility’…the BBC presenter asked if it wasn’t really the unfairness of the West’s attacks on IS targets that radicalised Muslims…The RUSI spokeswomen said  ‘I’m not sure I’d say that.’….the presenter’s ‘OK’ in response said so much in its tone of disappointment.  So, BBC, explain why attacking the Islamic State sponsors of terror can be seen as ‘unfair’ by your everyday Muslim?  Think such an attitude from Muslims might go a long way to explaining the real problem.

Frank Gardner blames the Belgium government for not being nice to Muslims for the fact that one terrorist was able to hide in Molenbeek…it showed, apparently, that the people were disaffected and alienated and so do not want to talk to the police.  Or…or it could show that they support the terrorists or at least their ideology if not the violence.

After the arrest of Abdeslam in Molenbeek there were reports of local youths attacking ­Belgian security forces. This was not simply because the police were in ‘their’ area, but because the authorities had taken away someone that some of them admired.

Then we had Nicky Campbell asking how we can stop radicalisation and the attacks.  Surely he should show more respect for the dead?  How dare he raise such a question as the blood is still being cleaned up from the attack sites?  How is it OK for Campbell to ask such questions about stemming the flow of Jihadi recruits but not for anyone from UKIP to do so?  Schengen is clearly a problem that enables terrorists to themselves move freely around Europe and to ship weapons around as well…the result of which we see repeatedly….and which the BBC prefers to blame on ‘unemployment’.

Adrian Chiles yesterday attacked UKIP for mentioning Schengen as a security risk...“This horrific act of terrorism shows that Schengen free movement and lax border controls are a threat to our security.”    I do not see any mention of the EU referendum despite Chiles himself continuously linking that statement to it.  Also odd he does not mention this…

Other parliamentarians took a different view to Ukip. Conservative MEP Timothy Kirkhope said he was in the European Parliament at the time of the explosion.

“[This attack] highlights need for pan European co-operation on counter terrorism,” he tweeted.

So it’s OK for a pro-EU Tory to promote closer EU co-operation without being accused of disrespecting the dead?

In fact Europe thinks the lack of border control is a problem…just not Schengen….’The European Union will tighten checks at external borders of the passport-free Schengen area, including for its own citizens who enjoy free movement within the bloc, to boost security after the attacks in Paris by armed militants.’  

Chiles today had a UKIP spokeperson on his show along with other politicians and he again raised the subject and he demanded she ‘disassociate herself from Nigel Farage’s comments’.…despite the fact that it wasn’t Farage who made the comment…and never mind that Farage had already made the link between terrorism and Schengen long ago…‘In December last year Nigel Farage, Ukip’s leader, said that the “idealised Schengen area” had led to “the free movement of Kalashnikovs” around Europe’.. ..perhaps if people had listened then 34 people might still be alive.

Chiles later returned to the subject and again tried to attack the UKIP spokesperson by saying ‘they’re still pouring disinfectant on the blood in Brussels…just give it a bit of tme’.  Once again though the BBC man ignores the other side using Brussels to promote EU co-operation as the Labour and Libdem people weighed in attacking UKIP but then saying that it is ‘safer to stand together, we must not fracture Europe.’…Chiles himself ridiculously came up with the comparison that Europe gives us not only free movement of people but of information and intelligence…suggesting therefore it is safer to stay in Europe….so not only does he side with the pro-EU camp he also uses the Brussles attack to do so.  Hypocrits?  Whilst the blood is still being cleaned up?  Anyway he clearly hadn’t been following the news as the free flow of intelligence, the lack of, was being pinged as one of the major problems.

Here’s a BBC report attacking Farage and his comments…note what’s missing.  Apparently it is OK for Lord Hill, European Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union to say no real problem with Europe….though he admits ‘”I think there are questions obviously about Schengen, how it’s operating. It needs to operate better.” ‘  So Farage is right.

The BBC reports ‘Former Conservative minister Peter Bottomley – who called at Prime Minister’s Questions for people to unite with “hope not hate” – has tabled a Commons motion saying Mr Farage’s comments “should be challenged within and outside his party”.’

Odd they miss this from former PM, Lord Howard…..EU fails to keep us safe, says Michael Howard: Tory peer says Schengen is like ‘hanging a sign welcoming terrorists to Europe’ 

The BBC reports ‘Rob Wainright, a former director of Europol, said police co-operation across the EU had improved considerably over the past decade, with the European Arrest Warrant speeding up extradition procedures and the UK having access to the Schengen Information System – a network containing details of hundreds of thousands of wanted criminals and missing people.’ 

Odd no mention of this from Rob Wainwright: Isis: Up to 5,000 jihadists could be in Europe after returning from terror training camps abroad. 

Wainwright says ‘“Europe is currently facing its biggest terror threat in more than a decade,” he told Germany’s Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung newspaper’….and yet the BBC and pro-EU politicians want to hide that fact and silence those who want to secure the borders.  The BBC would rather we all die in terror attacks than admit any fault with the EU structures and the EU itself.

The BBC….anti-UKIP, pro-EU, pro-hiding difficult truths.  Just another day on the BBC.



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  1. Guest Who says:

    Speaking of not having good days, the Editor of Newsnight has another ‘views my own’ mind burp, and it really could have gone better..


    • Grant says:

      Possibly fear of being recognised and retaliation against them and their families. Ian Katz is an idiot anyway. Can’t see beyond his own nose.


      • Guest Who says:

        A point made quite quickly.

        He actually goes into a major sulk and responds to a few. It’s quite entertaining until you realise he’s editor of a political magazine that has the Westminster classes glued to the screen.

        Some decry Twitter, but I see it as a fair opportunity to get a sense of the real person, and with the likes of Cohen, Katz, etc, you realise they are thicker than bat guano.

        I yesterday tasked a media luvvie on degrees of ‘soon’ that they deemed acceptable to comment on fallout from aggressive action, as they had decided, like Goldilocks, that opinion from those they did not like was ‘too soon’, but politicised propaganda from those they did was ‘just about right’.

        Still to get a reply. I may even have been blocked. Like the BBC, the default recourse to having no sensible answer is to shut dialogue down.


        • Grant says:

          Guest, yes, BBC tweets are so revealing and give the lie to impartiality. I am not on twitter but all the BBC tweets I have read on the internet are bog standard identikit Left/ liberal. You are quite right about Katz. How can someone of such low quality be in charge of, what used to be a “flagship” programme. He seems to have 9 lives !

          I have no experience of bat guano but I shall take your word for it.


      • Guest Who says:

        The anonymity distraction is one used by Certain Flokkers here, though as taffman noted they currently all seem bunkered down, bar one trawling about the safety of a long passed thread on matters sciency theory.

        Sadly it can be necessary and legitimate. Interestingly, exposure of some seems to get them no more than a nasty tweet. Others however can expect anything from a mob to a knock at the door… or worse. Which direction the latter predominantly seems to be organised from, and via which ex-editor’s iPhone, who can say?


      • Charlatans says:


        @iankatz1000 Done my 25 yrs risk/fear – you now need to take over – since you think fearful to see security forces in balaclavas disguises.— March 28, 2016


    • Up2snuff says:

      I actually agree with Katz on that. It also seems extremely unwise for operational reasons. Terrorist in black & balaclava with order for Police to shoot on sight?

      Bang. Bang.

      Oops! One of my fellow officers.

      Oh dear.


        • Justin Casey says:

          My dead uncle was one of the Police snipers on the roof from where they filmed the SAS going in and ending the siege…. we need to let our real frontline fighting professionals make the decisions again…. They know thier job they know it far better than anyone sitting in Westminster, the BBC, and Whitehall….. I sometimes wish we had leadership like the Russians, I may not agree with with his politics but I have respect for his refusal not to put the interests of his nations interests first and foremost without hesitation…. Let our guys overseas come back home… Right now they`re defending the indefensible, we`re compromising thier morals and also the fundamental reasons they signed up for…. when europe gave in twice last century to the jackboot of Germany, we were not alone… there was no EU but there were the Anzacs, the Canadians (including the ones from Quebec) the brave Maltese whose refusal to allow thier island become a Naval base for the Nazis even though 70% of thier Island was left in rubble… They stood with us… whereas in Vichy France they refused to send thier fleet to British bases, they hunted down and sent tthier own jewish popoulation to the deathcamps they even fired on our landing forces in Morroco and Algieria!! The Italians waited until the fighting was mostly over and then declared war on whichever side was losing in each war, the Gemans and Austrians on both occasions were certainly no friends of ours in both wars too!!!! Fcuk the US …. unless someone like Trump wins we cannot rely on them to maintain thier obligations to NATO ….. as for Turkey… Well!!! In the first War they sided with the Germans in return for money (nothing changes…) they did the same again in the second war too!!! The Arabs even gave Hitler recruits and had thier own SS forces too!!! We need to get our shit together and stop wasting our time our money and especially the lives of our brave armed forces members who signed up not to defend foriegn interests which invariably are in direct conflict with our own… If it wasn`t for Putin we would have armed those same ISIS forces when they were filmed eating the hearts of thier victims… Obama was on the brink of handing billions of dollars in military hardware to them and it was only Putin that stopped it happening…. We need to think with our heads and hearts in June… I myself will do what I know is morally right for my children and my grandchildren and I will be quite happy if we do or do not go through a little economic hardship whilst we regain our self respect and also the trust of our former commonwealth trading partners.. As we will once again be the masters of our own destiny and not the hapless lapdogs of foriegn powers and the liberal fascism of our current ruling elites….. we need nothing from the Arabs there is now enough oil for us to cut ourselves off from the OPEC teat…… the reason the Saudis are financing the ISIS forces so heavily is nothing to do with Sunni or Shia sects… the price of thier oil has bottomed since shale oil and new technologies opened up resources outside of thier control…for them it is a last throw of the dice to maintain thier abilty to blackmail the Western powers … we could in effect fence off the entire Muslim world leave them to thier disgusting excuse for a culture and within ten years thier would be a different world to the one we live in now….. If they still refuse to act like human beings we simply go another ten years and do the same agian…. sooner or later they will learn we don`t need thier violence thier grievances thier threats thier fuckg oil and we certainly don`t need any more sand or fake Syrian gimmegrants!!!! In 1400 years they have somehow regressed to a standard of civilization predating thier peadophile prophet!!! What kind of a parent happily straps a bomb to thier own child and sends them out to kills hundreds of people in thier local market?? I have nothing but contempt for people who place anything above the life of an innocent child especially thier own at that!!! Vote BREXIT !!! and stay safe!!!


          • Grant says:

            Up2, fair point. Maybe they could wear another colour, say, pink.


          • Grant says:

            Justin, Please try paragraphs !

            May I just ( no pun intended ) pick you up on a couple of points concerning Turkey. The reasons Turkey sided with Germany in WW1 are quite complex and still being discussed by academics today.

            Turkey remained neutral in WW2 and actually gave a lot of covert support to the allies. In fact Churchill had a secret meeting with Inonu in Turkey during the war to try and persuade Turkey to join the war but Inonu insisted on following the Ataturk doctrine of neutrality.

            I agree with most of the rest of your post but need to relax my eyes now !


            • Justin Casey says:

              sorry about the lack of paragraphs and also the use of some generalisations regarding Turkish policies during the the last centuries main conflicts…. However i just needed to get it off my chest as i am really really annoyed that we the british voting public have allowed ourselves to be in this postion we are in right now… We used to to stand for something .. now it seems we still stand for anything including all this voilence and bloodletting and crimes which seem somehow to denigrate our entire species whether we take part physically or we just gather round these sick fcuks grandstanding or scribbling in the gutters with bits of fcuking chalk…. Je suis sick of this bullshit!!! Mon Dieu !! I`ll try and calm myself down by lighting another candle and hum kum by ya whilst I post from now on eh?? hehehe ..


              • Grant says:

                Justin, Yes, I agree with you. The current situation makes my blood boil. And you will see many people here feel the same way. For a bunch of useless, spineless pricks like Cameron, Merkel and all the others to sell hundreds of years of civilisation down the river is disgusting.

                I see that Cameron turned up alone at a 5-star hotel in Lanzarote yesterday while Parliament was still sitting. Let’s hope he is having a breakdown. Mad Merkel looks pretty rough these days ! They are all completely out of their depth.


              • ray_f says:

                They have a cunning plan!

                Now you see why the muzzies aren’t condemning these murderous attacks. They want to, but they smell a rat.


                • NCBBC says:

                  The attacks by Muslims all over the world, leading to thousands of deaths every month, are because of Climate Change. This matter is now settled science by the EU and UN. No arguments. This has “nothing to do with Islam” @TM, and anyone saying otherwise, will be prosecuted for hate speech**.

                  ** At this moment this does not apply to the USA because of some stupid and backward constitution amendments. Praise be to allah, they will be removed soon.


          • NCBBC says:

            Good comment.

            What we have now is an incubus, Islam, that is sitting in the unprotected bosom of England, and other European nations. Then we have the gross EU, destroying all democratic institutions. Hopefully we are out of the EU, or the EU will collapse of its own accord. But the Islam problem is growing fast, and will become almost impossible to remove in 40 years or so. As far as I can see, if we don’t do something about this, England is finished, even if we win the coming civil war.

            The late Laurence Auster advocated this for sometime

            Islam is a mortal threat to our civilization.
            But we can not destroy Islam.
            Nor can we democratize Islam.
            Nor can we assimilate Islam.
            THEREFORE the only way to make ourselves safe from Islam is to separate ourselves from Islam.

            I cant see any other way that avoids a quite unnecessary civil war.


          • AngryAussie says:

            JustinCasey – -I like the cut of your Gib Justin. Excellent post ! Could do with your input on when you’re passing by, that post above ( or similar) would make a good thread starter one weekend !
            Most of us are not that eduri erudyt . .er,. . . oh sod it, Clever enough with werds.



            • Justin Casey says:

              [b]{AngryAussie}[/b] ????? R u referring to the one associated with a site called
     ???? If so, I already vent on the server based gaming options available for the postal2 game (fudgepack edition of course!!) …. Maybe we can team up if that`s the case….

              Why r the BB Codes not implementing anymore???


      • twitteryeanot says:

        Up2snuff I know what you mean. All those SAS soldiers died at the hands of their fellow soldiers in the Iranian embassy siege because they all wore black.


      • Grant says:

        Up2, fair point. Maybe they could wear another colour, say, pink.


  2. EnglandExpects says:

    Matthew Price with his boring flat monotones is always sent by the BBC to commiserate with Muslims across Europe when theres some Muslim inspired disaster . He’s as at home trudging with migrants in Greece and the Balkans as he is chatting to Muslim apologists in Paris and Brussels .
    Naturally Price has been well and truly embedded in Brussels by the today programme this week . He struck gold yesterday . He found a muslim woman in Molenbeek called ‘ Asma ‘ who has good English and doesn’t spout jihadi speak . He even tracked her down a second time for a report this morning. She’s just so normal ! She even sits in nice cafes! She and her friends tell us the bombing ‘ is not about religion ‘. It’s politics or just the tough times the mussies have in Molenbeek, duly exploited by those nasty chaps at ISIS.
    Hang on, don’t ISIS have something to do with religion ?Do disaffected Quakers or Hindus vent their frustrations at lack of cash by bombing us? Does the discovery of ‘ normal’ Muslims really mean that mass immigration hasn’t given Europe an existential challenge?


    • Guest Who says:

      Maybe Matty could bring over Mishal or Tim to do a moral equivalence special on relative tough times and reactions, or slight over reactions by certain groups?

      Maybe Mishal could opine that not enough Quakers are taking out crowds of innocents to highlight their plight? For balance.


      • embolden says:

        Yes, first the story of Asma in Brussels rapidly followed by the Karadzic story.

        Must keep the Muslim friendly theme running.

        Mustn’t allow any historical context….the relationship between Islam and the world began in 1990, history must not be remembered.


        • Grant says:

          Meanwhile muslims are committing genocide against christians in the Middle East and the BBC is not interested. Beeboids truly are the Bastards of the Universe .


          • NCBBC says:

            Remember them every time in any conversation that might come up on Muslim terrorism. If you go to church, pray for them in church. Ask the pastor or vicar to remember then in prayers. If not, just pray for them.

            We really have no idea how it must be for Christians, knowing not when a family member may be beheaded, or your daughter raped, and married off to some Muslim pervert.


    • Soapbox says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I can’t stand the man – St Matthew-are-you-sitting-comfortably-then-I’ll-begin Price! I groan every time I hear him being introduced.


  3. Englands Dreaming says:

    Comments such as this by Chiles and co just back fire and make them look like total idiots.

    The Beeb is upping another towering political figure the might Ed and his reasons for Remaining, please keep it coming it all helps

    Ed Miliband warns against EU exit


    • Up2snuff says:

      Poor old Corby – he’s in a press. Squeezed in, now, with a broadcaster who dislikes him and his policies and also now with his predecessor in the campaign to Remain.


    • john in cheshire says:

      Well, Mr Chile’s thinks that using the word golliwog is a sacking offence ( ask Carol Thatcher what she thinks of this nasty little man).


  4. embolden says:

    Why anyone takes Chiles remotely seriously beats me. Over promoted, and that’s being kind.

    However, if you want someone to broadcast BBC/ liberal world order propaganda and toe the line…..he’s a star.

    And he ticks some boxes, white male, half Croat, practicing Christian…….As a spokes person from W1A might say, “The BBC represents all of our nations rich diversity… don’t you dare suggest we only employ ladyz and Muzzies on the news and current affairs slots”


  5. Grant says:

    Many years ago BBC had a programme ” Business Lunch ” which was quite good in many ways but fronted by Chiles who cheerfully admitted that he knew nothing about business. What a plonker but how very BBC.


  6. CranbrookPhil says:

    Douglas Murray told it straight on The Moral Maze last night. We need to hear more from him, if only for sanity & our own survival.


  7. Up2snuff says:

    “So, BBC, explain why attacking the Islamic State sponsors of terror can be seen as ‘unfair’ by your everyday Muslim?”

    Alan, The BBC are lost. They are wandering here and there and everywhere because they have thrown away their moral compass, they have thrown away their independence compass and they have thrown away their Charter compass and they have thrown away their true journalistic compass. No apologies for the unnecessary repetition: hopefully, it underlines my point.

    Here is an example. Let me take you back to the end of November/beginning of December last year. The BBC were acting as cheerleaders for a vote IN FAVOUR OF THE UK BOMBING DAESH IN SYRIA. (Apologies for the shouty capitals but the usual means of changing to Bold or Italics for emphasis do not appear to work on this site.) Do you remember how Hilary Benn was a hero on the BBC for two weeks for his impassioned appeal to bomb Daesh to smithereens?

    The BBC are incapable of remembering now what they have done and said in the past because they are going round in circles so much they are now in a complete spin. If the BBC grow bigger as an organisation and if they go round in circles ever faster, perhaps gravity & centrifugal force will do the decent thing and put them – and us – out of our misery.


    • Grant says:

      Up2, I often say to people about habitual liars that they always get caught out because they can’t remember which lies they have told to which person. This applies perfectly to the BBC. You are right. The BBC have got themselves tangled up in a web of their own making.


  8. Tothepoint says:

    If you are told day after day from day you are born that everyone is equal and the only evil in the world is the system, then these delusional, apologist, traitorous bast@rds are going to be saying that about what’s happening with Islam’s continuous war in pursuit of victory for Allah. If these sheltered, protected, affluent, privileged gobshites want equality for all then keep it among their own people. I accept that. But Islam has a unchangeable hierarchy.
    1: Allah
    2: Muhammad
    3: Caliph
    4: Religious scholars
    5: Muslim warriors
    6: Muslim men
    7: Muslim boys
    8: Muslim women
    9: Muslim girls
    10: Christians and Jews (stated as having a special privilege amongst the Kafir/infidels and should only be killed if interfering with the Islam.. In any way. Conversation is preferable)
    11: All non believer’s/kafir/infidels (can be killed with no hesitation. Any treatment is acceptable as these do not even acknowledge there’s a God.)
    12: Homosexuals. An abomination and an attack on Allah himself. These people are nothing but devil’s and animals in the eyes of Allah. Instant death
    13: Apostate. Those who choose to leave Islam. Death. There is no leaving Islam.

    The hierarchy above is written by Muhammad who was instructed by Allah. Are Muslims going to listen to Jeremey fucking Corbyn over Allah? Are Muslims going to think “you know what, the greatest person who ever lived and was tasked with writing the Koran by Allah is wrong” and change the final word of God because some snot faced imbecile believes everyone is equal? Fuck no! Without the Koran there’s not Islam. If you change the Koran then they are nothing but heretics themselves and will burn in hellfire.

    Our media and political elite are making things worse. They suppose to protect its citizens yet they are only looking out for themselves. Islam is the problem. That’s it. Until we have people in charge who are prepared to say that then we will keep dying. Appeasement doesn’t make the issue go away. Diplomacy doesn’t. Denial only gets more of us killed.

    Everything you hear on the Al Beeb is a lie. A lie that is going to destroy us all


    • Geyza says:

      Very well written and absolutely correct. This cuts to the heart of the absolute failure in the west to understand the enemy and thus be guaranteed to fail in tackling the problem. Without being able to negotiate with Allah, there is nothing any western leader can do to passify the Islamists and find peaceful co-existance with them.

      All we can do is submit to Allah and give those Islamists what they crave most. Martyrdom.


    • Thoughtful says:

      You missed out an important group, which few in the West seem to have much knowledge of, and yet they sit as high as the Caliphs, indeed it would be highly likely they would be the group a Caliph would be selected from.
      They are the group the Kings of the Middle East originate from, they are the Sharīf.

      Sunnis in the Arab world reserve the term sharif for descendants of Hasan ibn Ali, while sayyid is used for descendants of Husayn ibn Ali, Hasan’s younger brother. Both Hasan and Husayn are grandchildren of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, through the marriage of his cousin Ali and his daughter Fatima. However ever since the post-Hashemite era began in 1925 after the fall of the Sharif of Mecca, the term sayyid has been used to denote descendants from both Hasan and Husayn. Shiites use the terms sayyid and habib to denote descendants from both Hasan and Husayn; see also ashraf.

      From 1201 until 1925, when the Hejaz was conquered by Ibn Saud, this family (the descendants of Hasan ibn Ali) held the office of the Sharīf of Mecca, often also carrying the title and office of King of Hejaz. Descendants now rule the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the name being taken from the Banu Hashim, the sub-tribe of Banu Quraish, to which Muhammad belonged.

      In Morocco, several of the regal dynasties have been qualified as “Sharifian”, being descendants of Muhammad. Today’s Alaouite dynasty has made claims to be Sharifian.

      Can you imagine just how pissed off the Muslim world would be if we were to wipe out a descendant of Mohammed in Syria ?


  9. Up2snuff says:

    I wonder how long it will be before passengers start to enquire about the religious beliefs of the aircrew for their flight before they fly?


    • john in cheshire says:

      I’d say that will include medical staff too, and the police; in fact everywhere that muslims have been put in a position of authority over us.


  10. Geyza says:

    Something else the BBC refuses to show is the fact that a clear majority of those so-called dissafected youths who travel to fight for ISIS in Syria, is the fact that most of them are not “poor, uneducated unemployed”. Many are highly educated and from relatively wealthy families. They are dissafected with “comfortable” western society, because they hate the consumerism and lack of spiritual connection to their faith. Many have sold their possessions, homes, BMWs etc.. to seek a very austere lifestyle within ISIS as this is much closer to fukfilling their Islamic ideology, than having a job, working for a corporation, or a secular state run organisation.

    Either the BBC is utterly clueless about what actually motivates Muslims to engage in much more extreme versions of their own faith, or they are wilfully lying to us all.


    • Englands Dreaming says:

      Quite right, Osama himself wasnt short of a bob or too. The problem for the MSM is if they acknowledge this then the have to ask much more awkward questions.


    • Tothepoint says:

      Both. We have worked it out on here. Tommy Robinson and those marching against Islam have worked it out. Anyone who even reads the first page of the Koran will work it out. Anyone who looks at what happens in every single Islamic country will work it out. Anyone who was unfortunate to live in Syria and Iraq when the Muslim faithful came massacring and raping thousands and thousands of innocent people have worked it out…. Our lying, traitorous, protected, affluent, privileged gobshites at the Al Beeb, EU and UK political parties have not…

      Definitely no agenda then by those traitorous bast@rds then?


  11. EnglandExpects says:

    Well it had to happen. The BBC is in full angst mode, finding useful idiots who blame the bombing on Belgian society not Islam. They’ve found a woman called Edith Slapper or similar who runs Women Without Borders. I don’t think it’s related to the anarchists who stir up trouble in Calais but it is corrosive nonetheless. How can Belgium not reach out to help Muslim women and their disaffected boys, she wails. ISIS must find this hilarious and confirming their contempt for our lack of resolve to take them on where it will hurt.
    Ultimately an America under a new president and the UK will have to take on ISIS militarily in the Middle East. Belgium will no doubt watch not participate. Edith’s good works will continue thousands of miles away….


  12. Cull the Badgers says:

    It takes a long time for our so-called leaders to catch up with grass-roots opinion. They are so conditioned by political correctness and paralysed by it and in love with disastrous and failed multi-cultural experiment that they need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the real world.

    They have also lied and lied again, in partnership with the media and the BBC in particular. It is a conspiracy against the people in all but name. We were told that these muslim killers were always ‘lone wolves’, we said the were not. We said they were coming in droves, we were told we were wrong, but they are.

    We know that the only solution is mass deportations, we are vilified. But we will be proved right. The trouble is how many people will be murdered in the meantime until something serious is done.


    • TigerOC says:

      Watching the Bosnia “war crimes” sentencing today makes you realize that the longer this failure to deal with this mess takes the more likely a Europe wide Bosnia scenario is likely.


  13. Guest Who says:

    Folk over in Europe really are not helping the BBC narrative:

    The Path to Death: How EU Failures Helped Paris Terrorists Obtain Weapons

    Worth reading and then popping Norm a quick note on professional priorities at the BBC, and whether the person who should be defending their words is him.

    Do you regret repeating this petty, partisan attempt at snarking UKIP/Farage rather than sensible analysis, Norman?

    Name me one BBC tool of the state who isn’t as messed up with BBC PC obsession and ‘feelings’ as you are. How would you feel if you found out political ideology trumps actually holding power to account when it fails, vs. trying to undermine political foes.


  14. Jerry Owen says:

    The Brussels terror attack is fourth item on Sky news tonight.
    As Mark Steyn and Douglas Murray so astutely put, we’ve had our hashtags, candle lit vigils and the politicians have announced how strong and united we are … that will be ALL faiths united of course!
    Meanwhile Islam is asking us to guess what colour the Eiffel tower will be next.
    I have the utmost faith in that Islam will be truer to it’s word than any western politician or ’tilty headed wank*r’ ( courtesy M Steyn ) that thinks a few versus of Imagine will make the world a fluffy wuffy place again.
    We are of course being conditioned to accept this as the normal way of things now and we just have to cope with it.
    The day of reckoning for our treacherous elites can’t come soon enough.


    • Beltane says:

      Even better Jerry, with Karadzic taking the headlines, sympathy for the ROP will be enhanced. There will be no mention of Muslim atrocities – they do not exist as far as the UN is concerned – but Serbs, Croats and Bosnians could tell another story, or several.


  15. Dave S says:

    All the liberal marxists have left now is endless talk. Nothing else at all and the less stupid ones must by now know this.
    Very soon most people will stop listening to them. After them will come the government spokesmen and then the politicians themselves especially those who have lied and evaded reality for so long.
    When enough of us stop listening their power and influence will seep away and new people will take over. It is inevitable now and the extraodinary thing to me is that the liberal marxists really thought they would be able to dismantel and radically alter the ancient cultures and peoples of Europe.
    So for now just let them continue to lie and evade reality. Their fate is sealed and there is nothing they can do about it except lash out wildly at their own people.
    That they may well do but that too is doomed to failure.
    I said some time ago watch Hungary and Poland for it is there that the fight for our civilisation will really start.
    There will come a time when the enforcing powers of the state will have to choose. To be with the people or against them.
    it is then that each individual decision by ordinary citizens will prove decisive.


  16. Ramon says:

    I just heard a 5Live presenter ask the director of a Muslim charity ‘Has there been a rise in mindless prejudice, blaming the whole community for the actions of a tiny minority.’ The BBC genuinely appears to be more committed to rooting out racism (or at least their somewhat dogmatic perception of it) than reporting terror attacks – something I feel will only make people’s attitudes more entrenched.


    • Oldspeaker says:

      ‘Has there been a rise in mindless prejudice, blaming the whole community for the actions of a tiny minority.’
      That makes my top 10, maybe top 5 of fully loaded BBC questions, the BBC may as well just drop the facade and adopt a presentation style more suited to its extremist political stance. Here’s a pointer,


      • Guest Who says:

        “And next, all we have time for is Kim and his skateboarding turtle…”


    • Guest Who says:

      Wasn’t an Ahmed on Ahmed incident was it? The BBC is getting quite adept at keeping things en familie.


  17. Colboysigma says:

    Glasgow Head Imam praises killer. Let’s see how long this story lasts…


  18. Colboysigma says:

    Another classic example of where we are going (i.e. to 1984) but only reported by the BBC (with relish)…
    Man arrested for inciting “racial” hatred after posting on Twitter following Brussels attacks. Hmmm, so Islam is a race now is it?
    How long before many of us on this forum receive a visit; are detained for questioning or are charged in relation to “hate speech”? Quite possibly sooner that we might think.


    • Grant says:

      Col, I posted the same thing here earlier today. The fact that we are even thinking about that, speaks volumes .


  19. G.W.F. says:

    The BBC discover that the bombings were the fault of Belgian society, and they had nothing to do with Islam, give or take a couple of other points of view from talking to gormless youths in Brussels.

    ‘In the poor inner-city areas of Brussels, deprivation, petty crime and radicalisation appear to have gone hand in hand. The BBC’s Secunder Kermani has been finding out how drinking, smoking cannabis and fighting – combined with resentment towards white Belgian society for its perceived discrimination against Arabs – prepared some young men for a role as fighters in Syria, and terrorists in Europe.’

    Same line as Socialist Worker, where you don’t have to pay for a TV Licence.


    • Dover Sentry says:

      The BBC have gone back to using the word ‘fighter’ to describe murdering terrorists. They used it this evening on BBC 24 TV at about 7.15pm.

      The word ‘fighter’ should only be used to describe the Spitfire.


  20. zero says:

    “…the BBC presenter asked if it wasn’t really the unfairness of the West’s attacks on IS targets that radicalised Muslims…The RUSI spokeswomen said ‘I’m not sure I’d say that.’….the presenter’s ‘OK’ in response said so much in its tone of disappointment.

    What was actually said:

    BBC presenter; “[So] it’s a perception of invincibility, is it, that drives them; rather than what they perceive to be the unfairness of the West’s attacks on I.S. targets?”

    RUSI spokeswoman; “Yes, that’s a good question. I don’t think we fully understand…”

    There was no “OK” in a “tone of disappointment”. That’s just another one of your paranoid fantasies.

    Alan, if your evidence of BBC bias is so overwhelming why do you resort to misquotes, distortion and lies quite so often?


    • GCooper says:

      And why don’t you answer the question of the week – why the BBC completely downplayed the comments of Sir Richard Dearlove about the security implications of Brexit?

      Biased to the very core.


  21. zero says:

    “And why don’t you answer the question of the week…”

    Quick, change the subject…

    “Meanwhile, the former head of MI6 from 1999 to 2004, Sir Richard Dearlove, has said “the cost to Britain would be low”, from a security perspective, if it were to leave the EU.”

    “Former MI6 head Sir Richard Dearlove said EU-based security bodies were of “little consequence” and that leaving the EU could boost Britain’s security.”

    “Not likely, according to Sir Richard Dearlove, former director of MI6.
    In an interview for Prospect magazine, he said: “Britain is Europe’s leader in intelligence and security matters and gives much more than it gets in return.”


    • GCooper says:

      The former head of MI6 makes a statement as potentially destructive to the ‘Remain’ cause as you could imagine, the BBC buries as far inside its rats’ nest of unread pages and you are seriously expecting us to believe that isn’t grossly downplaying the significance of what he said?

      You should be ashamed of yourself, dragging around such a corpse of an excuse.


  22. zero says:

    Rather more publicity than they gave to Dearlove’s speech two years ago:

    ”Islamist terror threat to west blown out of proportion”

    Where were you then GCooper?


    • GCooper says:

      No, zero, that has absolutely nothing to do with point at issue – the BBC’s bias which you continually deny, regardless of the mountain of evidence.


  23. zero says:

    Ahem, the point at issue was Alan’s misquotes and distortion of what was said during a BBC interview. Obviously you think that of little consequence. ‘Nuff said


  24. Dover Sentry says:

    The BBC thirteen years ago made a very good documentary about Victoria Cross winners.

    They wouldn’t do it today. Why?

    1. It involves Jeremy Clarkson who is a bete noir in BBC world and in their eyes no longer exists. Fascist airbrush?

    2. It shows British and Commonwealth military heroism in a positive light. That in BBC world would never do.

    The BBC/Left are now represented by battery-powered dolls that when prodded squeal, ‘Kill me, kill me, my ancestors were imperialists and slavers. Kill me, kill me. I hate myself so much.’ ( Dolls available at BBC online stores and all good Islington Toy Shops. Corbyn Arcade in Upper Street, Islington, N1 highly recommended).