The heart of the problem



Just what is Europe’s biggest problem?

As millions of people with beliefs, values and ideologies that are incompatible with a liberal, freedom loving, secular, Christian based, Western Europe, invade that Europe bringing with them all the problems and attitudes that they allege they are escaping from, what does the BBC see as the problem?  Is it the war launched by Islamists against the West?  Is it the social, economic, infrastructure and criminal problems brought by the mass immigration of people with very alien ideas? Or is it something else?

Is Europe lurching to the far right?

A ripple of concern shivered across Europe this week in establishment circles after a right-wing populist candidate stormed to pole position in the first round of Austria’s presidential election.

Guide to nationalist parties challenging Europe

Many European countries are witnessing electoral gains for far-right and nationalist parties, though they span a wide political spectrum.

The migrant crisis has fuelled a backlash against the political establishment, but the wave of discontent also taps into long-standing fears about globalisation and a dilution of national identity.

How is this right-wing backlash reshaping Europe’s political landscape?


So there is a ‘ripple of concern’ sweeping across Europe at the rise of Far Right parties.  No such concern at the rise of Far Left Parties such as the most recent incarnation of the Labour Party in the UK?  No such concern about the rise of Islamist terrorists…the BBC more often excusing and cheerleading for them instead.

And what of those Far Right parties ‘challenging Europe’?  Surely the BBC means challenging the imperialist EU and the boot it places on the Peoples’ neck?

And what of immigration?  I apologise, I was mistaken, the BBC do take it seriously….the problem you see children, is just don’t love and appreciate the millions of alien immigrants who have forced their way into Europe expecting handouts and a life of ease,  or at least easy women…….and have no intention of returning to their own countries….

Migrant Crisis: Changing attitudes of a German city

In the six months since BBC News first visited Oberhausen, the mood here has changed.

“I think that many Germans don’t want to deal with the whole thing, let alone to help those that need it, be it in general or in the street. They just close their mind,” says 75-year-old Vera Hufer.

“It is important to reach out to foreigners and ask them ‘may I help you?’ … If we all put a little effort into it, then it will work.”

The rise of the Far Right?  The rise of the Far Right gives the BBC the shivers.  But who is to blame for the rise of the Far Right?  Who gave the EU and in the UK, the Labour Party, uncritical coverage and support for their immigration policies?  Who is it that has cheerled and spent vast amounts of time, effort and money advocating for open borders and the free movement of people from around the world? Who is it that did not hold to account and challenge their lies about immigration?  Who is it that has worked assiduously to suppress and quash all criticism of such policies and allowed the real racists, the anti-White, anti-British, anti-Western extremists both of the Left and from the Islamic camp, to shape the political narrative and enable them to scare off anyone from engaging in debate for fear of being labelled racist or Islamophobic?  Who then has given rise to the rise of the Right as people find the only way to get their voice heard is to vote for the only people willing to stick their head above the parapet…the Far Right?

The answer of course is the BBC itself.  Now so concerned about the rise of the Far Right and yet it is its own actions to suppress democracy and free speech that has led to that rise….just as the BBC’s lies about the ‘war on terror’, its support for terrorsim and radical Islam, its targeted pressure on politicians to make them have qualms about taking military action for fear of the BBC et als’ reaction, has led to what is happening in Syria, all of which was unnecessary as Assad could have been forced to the negotiation table years ago and the war stopped by large scale military action….whereas now Assad is pretty much secure and unmoveable and the refugee flow out of Syria set to continue unabated as he bombs their cities and towns and villages back to the stone age.   That’s in no small part to the BBC and its like-minded do-gooders.

Far from being a force for good, the BBC is a dangerous and out of control organisation whose highly politicised interference in world events ends in vast numbers of dead and an endless stream of refugees made homeless and without hope due to actions in Syria and beyond in effect sanctioned by the BBC which looks on and professes horror but then does all it can to prevent any effective solution to the events unfolding so dramatically before us.

The same can be said for the rise of anti-Semitism…the BBC has played a huge role in recreating that monster with its endless demonisations of Israel, the claims that Gaza is an open prison, that Israelis are war criminals, that Israelis are nazis who deserve to be shot, that Israel itself cannot last and is not a legitimate state, that Palestinians are being murdered by the Israeli state…all these things and more have been peddled by the BBC and the effect is the rise of the anti-Semitic movement that dresses itself up as anti-Zionist…and yet ignores all the other countries that are far, far worse than Israel.

The rise of anti-Semitism, the rise of mass immigration, the securing of Assad’s position, the rise of Islamic radicalisation and terror, the rise of the Far Right….just how much can be layed at the BBC’s door?  The BBC certainly doesn’t want us to know…which is why it spent huge sums of money preventing the public release of the Balen Report which set out just how the BBC’s reporting of events in the Middle East had such a damaging effect on events there and in places like the UK where its anti-Israeli reporting became reflected in the rise of anti-Semitism dressed up in a light disguise as being anti-Israeli.  In light of what is happening today the BBC should be forced to release that report and admit that it has played a highly dangerous role in encouraging the anti-Israel movement, anti-semitism and the rise of violent Islamists.

If the BBC were closed down would the world in fact be a safer place as speech became free again and open debate shaped politics instead of an immensely poweful left-wing agenda force upon politicians by a far too powerful media giant…a media giant that as we speak is still trying to close down its ideological and commercial rivals in order to dominate the news agenda even more than it does already with the connivance of the Labour Party which thought that the left-leaning BBC shouldn’t be subject to the same restrictions on ownership as other media/news organisations?

The world certainly would be a safer place without the BBC. It certainly would be more honest.







Nazi Shah?



Cameron at PMQs has twice made Corbyn squirm over allegations of anti-Semitism and forced a rapid reaction from him, not to mention his ‘disgraceful’ allegations against Sadiq Khan.   Cameron himself though is on sticky ground having had Baroness Warsi as Chair of his party and as a minister of faith to boot.  The same Warsi who wanted Israel to be disarmed and left defenceless whilst also demanding the terrorists of Hamas be given weapons.  The same Warsi who enjoyed the company of many a devout Muslim in the Muslim university society FOSIS, well known for being the breeding ground of extremists.  The same Warsi who made it her job to do whatever it took to undermine the anti-terrorist Prevent programme.  The same Warsi who argued for the inclusion of extremist organisations in the national debate about what should be called ‘extremist’ or ‘radical’ and what should be acceptable..arguing it is the refusal to accept the radicals’ agenda as ‘normal’ that makes them radical.

Warsi is still at it attempting to muddy the waters and spread the blame…Dog-whistle, nasty, toxic politics based on race and religion?  She should know……

Fascinated to know who it is that she thinks are ‘Islamophobic’, how she defines an ‘Islamophobe’ and why, in her opinion, such views are ‘Islamophobic’.

What’s apparent is a growing perception of who so many of the anti-Semites are….hard left politicians and all too many Muslims.

It was only on April 11 that Cameron had his own little bit of bother with an alleged anti-Semite…and ironically who was it that demanded he deal with this anti-Semitism?…She seemed pretty keen for the BBC to know as well…

  Naz Shah MP Verified account@NazShahBfd Apr 11      @David_Cameron must act now @BBCNews @itvnews @BBCPolitics @UKLabour #No2ClanPolitics #No2Mysoginy #No2Antisemitism …

The BBC though doesn’t seem overly keen to hold Corbyn’s feet to the fire [Andrew Neil aside…of course] over long-running allegations of anti-Semitism running rife in his Party.  Certainly they report on the issue but there is always more than a touch of equivocation about their reports and a refusal to come to a judgement….which, had this been a Tory or a UKIP offender we can be sure would not be the case…they’d be hung out to dry.  The BBC works hard to provide Corbyn with an alibi.  Corbyn is painted as the victim of internal Party squabbling, or it was all Miliband’s fault and anyway Corbyn is dealing with the issues by suspending people.  Laura Kuenssberg tells us that ‘No one believes that Jeremy Corbyn himself tolerates discrimination against Jews.’  Is that true? 

This is not some academic exercise or interesting political theory. This is reality – the reality that the Labour Party is now run by a cadre for whom anti-Semitism really is ok, so long as it is dressed up as anti-Zionism. Because Zionism is the enemy of all good people.

People seem pretty concerned about his lack of enthusiasm to suspend people like Shah and Livingstone and there is the matter of his support for Hamas and Hezbollah, never mind his once employment on the rabidly anti-Semitic Iranian Press-TV channel where he has stood by as British Muslims describe Israelis as a disease that needs to be eliminated, and oh yes….the BBC is a ‘Zionist liar’….Via Guido:

Let’s just remind ourselves, as the BBC doesn’t bother, just what Press TV is like……

Press TV, Iran’s governmentrun English-language satellite news network, has emerged as the Iranian government’s primary propaganda tool to promote a wide range of pernicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in English to a worldwide audience.

I have seen no desire from the BBC to examine the fact that Corbyn’s Labour Party edited Shah’s ‘apology’….

Labour HQ Deleted References To Anti-Semitism From Naz Shah’s Apology

Labour MP Naz Shah’s apology was edited by the party’s HQ to remove all mentions of the term “anti-Semitic”, along with references to wider problems of anti-Semitism in left-wing politics, after it was submitted for approval, BuzzFeed News has learned.

You might think that is hardly the move of a Party intent on irradicating the scourge of anti-Semitism from its ranks…and Corbyn is reacting to allegations made very publicly against Labour and not proactively seeking out those who make such comments.

What about Naz Shah?  Surely some mistake?  She was emotional and distraught at fellow Muslims being ruthlessly murdered by Jews during the 2014 Gaza battle when she urged Israel to be destroyed and Jews shipped, transported, to America…no?

In 2012 she had pretty similar vitriolic views…tweeting this…never mind Israel has been under attack for 70 years and is defending itself from being ‘wiped out’……



In 2014 she posted this…



So she was tweeting ‘ich bin ein Palestinian’ to anti-Semite David Ward, and was she really channelling ‘Kennedy’ or was she using German for some other, more sinister, reason?  What other association might she be making, David Ward considered?  As for ‘#FreePalestine’...that isn’t about Gaza or the West Bank but about wiping out the Jews and erasing Israel from the map.

This is a woman who associates with well known demonisers of Israel such as David Sheen….who naturally is another goto for the BBC as well….

thankyou for your time today, shocked at what is happening

This is a woman who has consistantly attacked Israel and tried to undermine its legitimacy and tried to generate as much antagonism towards it as possible…here, as did Warsi, demanding Israel be denied arms and calling Gaza an open prison.  This is not an attitude that she suddenly found irresistable one day as she saw news reports of Israel’s action in Gaza, this is a long-term, dyed-in-the-wool attitude that is prevalent in Muslim communities and on the Hard Left.

The BBC has always reported this as an intemperate, emotional blip and told us of her fulsome apology to the Jewish community…however one look at her Tweets and other comments indicates this is ingrained in her mind.  This was not a one off from her.  We had an interview on Thursday on the Today programme with two Jews, Rabbi Laura Janner- Klausner, senior rabbi with Reform Judaism, and David Baddiel, who both remarkably thought Shah wasn’t really being anti-Semitic and anyway what a nice person she was and she ahs apologised.  Justin Webb didn’t argue against that.

It is a sick irony that she holds a seat on the Home Affairs Select Committee investigating the rise of anti-Semitism in the UK and uses her position to again attack call for boycotts and disarmament, and to compare Israel to apartheid South Africa.

Shah’s suggestion that Israel be wiped off the map and moved to America was not the action of someone suddenly overcome by emotion and grief, why should that be..she is after all of Pakistani heritage not Palestinian?, it was the result of a mindset that has been steeped in anti-Jewish and an-Israeli rhetoric for a very long time….as the slippery islamist Mehdi Hasan admitted is all too common in Muslim communities…

It pains me to have to admit this but anti-Semitism isn’t just tolerated in some sections of the British Muslim community; it’s routine and commonplace. Any Muslims reading this article – if they are honest with themselves – will know instantly what I am referring to. It’s our dirty little secret. You could call it the banality of Muslim anti-Semitism.

The fact is that all opposition to Israel, such as Shah’s, is based upon one fact…that Israelis are Jews [except for the ones who aren’t…such as Palestinians Israelis…in this apartheid state], Israel is a Jewish state.  If it had been a Muslim state carved out of the British Palestinian mandate land, such as Jordan, there would be no problem.  It is just the Jews that are the problem it seems.

None of this seems to bother the BBC who dismisses Shah’s ‘moment of madness’ as a blip rather than what it is, just one more piece of evidence from a pattern of behaviour that illustrates a mind that is determined to undermine and, she no doubt hopes, eradicate Israel as a State in the Middle East.

Is it not an irony that a Pakistani heritage Muslim should be castigating Israel?  Pakistan that has done so much to turn the world into a seething cauldron of war and religious apartheid?  Pakistan that spread nuclear technology to terrorist states, Pakistan that has tried to take Kashmir from India by force, Pakistan that has sponsored so many terrorist groups, Pakistan that created the Taliban and continued to support them as they killed British troops, a Pakistan where no  Christian, non-Muslim  or even Ahmadi Muslim can really be safe.  And Shah has the nerve to criticise Israel?  Let’s boycott all Pakistani companies, shops and manufacturers. Let’s disarm Pakistan.  Let’s argue for all Muslims in so-called ‘Pakistan’, stolen from India, to be sent to Saudi Arabia if they want to live in a Muslim state.

What does she think of that?  Not so funny huh?


I’m betting the BBC wouldn’t be too enamoured of such a campaign either….not saying they are anti-Hindu, pro-Muslim at the BBC, but they are.









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Here’s an excellent take on the BBC’s coverage of the Hillsborough Inquest.

“Strange ‘bunch’ our old chums at the BBC. Having ignored South Yorkshire police’s many failings with regards to the Muslim paedophile grooming gangs in Rotherham, in the light of the Hillsborough inquest, they are now vilifying the force with something verging on glee.

For well over a decade, if you recall, South Yorks constabulary (and others) covered up the appalling sexual exploitation of some 1,500 under-age girls in and around the city of Rotherham.

As dereliction of duties go – leaving vulnerable girls to be sexually exploited by marauding gangs of Muslims – it takes some beating. Not according to the good old BBC. The astounding actions of South Yorkshire constabulary were quietly swept under the plush, BBC carpet. How strange.”

Read more here


Here’s an interesting comment from one of our regular readers;

“EU all sound bites and slogans but no facts.

When will the BBC and other media outlets start to put some facts either in graphical or diagrammatic form to back up opinions and statements ? Any presentation would be welcome

It would appear their elitism extends to the point whereupon they believe the electorate and general public ” cannot understand complex matters”. For example what does ” we are better in than out mean”
or ” we shall be able to govern ourselves” actually refer to ?
The debate homes in on the following areas: Sovereignty; Trade; Immigration; EU Economics and Financing including contributions and rebates.
To date I have not witnessed one rational, reasoned argument backed up by indisputable facts. Is it completely beyond the wit for BBC Journos to shed their inbuilt, personal agenda to open the debate we all want ? Soon as someone voices an opinion that rubs them up the wrong way, they interrupt constantly and then side line into personalties and opinions. Pathetic.

British Steel ;Watched John Humphrey using phrases such as ” Yesterdays production cannot be valid in the future” Since when was he ever an expert in steel production and manufacturing. Simple factual research will show that Nissan, and Vauxhall use 50% of Port Talbot output. The onerous business, and green taxes in the UK are far higher than Sweden Germany, USA or France. That is a main contributor to 1 Million a day losses in addition to China keeping their work force happy to avoid unrest by dumping cheap steel.

Why don’t we have referendum on the BBC to see how many people today agree with the licence fee ? Then we can watch the smugness and supercilious similes get wiped off their faces as they face mass redundancy without a hint of compassion.


A B-BBC reader writes;

“On the BBC World Home page today. One of the ‘Most Popular’ news item in the list was apparently this one: “Hillsborough Justice hailed but not on front of Sun”. You go into look and yes that’s correct and not very sensible of The Sun. The Sun has a piece instead about an EU Cover Up/David Cameron.

BBC bias is getting ridiculous and as I am forced to pay for the privilege of the BBC, which I never watch, I am sick to death of having their (the Governments) bias shoved down my throat at every opportunity. This story is most popular because the BBC highlighted it in the list with an incitative tagline. Strange how their mention of the recent Dutch Referendum was barely mentioned but popular on all other news sites around the world.”

The Phoney Pot


The government makes all sorts of claims about the threat to inward investment to the UK should we leave the EU’s clutches and the BBC does little to dispel such notions.  Hence we bring you this piece of puffery from the government from last year in which they boast of their success in attracting record levels of investment to the UK…due to the government’s fabled long term economic plan, their hard work in chasing investment from around the world, the UK infrastructure, the regulatory system, the attractive tax rates, the skilled work force, the R&D levels…and the government strategy that gives the UK the competitive edge in the world…..what’s missing from all that is any mention of the EU which we are now assured is the main reason for investment into the UK…the closeness of the EU market and access to free trade via the UK.  However in the full report again there is no mention that the EU is a factor in driving investment towards the UK and only one company of the many highlighted as examples mentions that it chose the UK as a base to export to Europe…but even that is open to interpretation.

UK wins a record number of investment projects and maintains position as top investment destination in Europe

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

The scale of foreign investment is a huge success story which shows that Britain is the place to do business and is more evidence that our long term economic plan is working. Securing investment from overseas is a key part of our One Nation policies to create thousands of jobs, provide security and opportunities for working people throughout the UK.

Trade and Investment Minister Lord Maude said:

2014 was an exceptional year for UK inward investment and we are proud to be bucking the global trend. The UK is a great place for entrepreneurs and corporations to put their energy, their ideas, their money and their talents to work. The Government will continue to work hard to attract investment from across the globe to further strengthen the UK economy.

UKTI statistics show that FDI into the UK came from more than 70 countries, including the world’s leading emerging markets.

Once the referendum is over I imagine the Government will return to boasting of its achievements and claiming all the glory for themselves.  Funny how times change, then again it was only a few months ago that both Osborne and Cameron were saying they would be happy to leave the EU if they didn’t get major reforms of the EU….still waiting on that one.






Climate Change Change


A few notes on climate change…..

Firstly there’s a 163 page complaint gone in to the BBC about its coverage of climate change…I imagine the reply will be somewhat briefer.

Major New Complaint Submitted To BBC Over Climate Bias

A major new and serious complaint has been sent to the Director General of the BBC, regarding the Corporation’s persistent bias in reporting of climate change issues. The complaint is a massive 163 pages long, and is a joint submission from ten complainants. In addition, there are several technical annexes, totalling 125 pages.

We enclose a complaint from all of us about persistent partiality in the BBC’s coverage of climate change. From the outset, on the climate question the BBC has tended to reflect only one view – that of the climate science establishment who are promoting a view that man is causing significant global warming (which, with the plateau in temperature, has morphed into “climate change”, a term that is used to cover a wide range of weather events). It has excluded those whose opinions, though based on factual science and sound economics and logic, differ from the “official” position. The BBC has often promoted tendentious and scientifically illiterate but “politically-correct” opinions and has kept from the airwaves those who do not agree.

We and many others alongside us have come to the opinion that the BBC’s continuing bias on the climate question – its performance is too often like a scientifically illiterate, naïve, oft times emotive green activist organisation – is unacceptable and must now be brought to an end. In future, both sides in the climate debate must be fairly heard, whether BBC staff like it or not.

Good luck with that.

Second, it is interesting that Roger Harrabin doesn’t seem to have used the ‘97% of all scientists‘ stick to support his climate change campaigning and beat the Sceptics with…I’ve tried to find something from him but no luck.   Now that is very telling if confirmed…Harrabin is a hardcore propagandist for the climate lobby and yet he seems to have taken a look at this ‘killer’ statistic and decided not to use it.  Is that because he recognises the stat is bogus and essentially a lie?   His non-use of the stat would seem to indicate that it is entirely worthless, and so obviously worthless that Harrabin knows he would get called out on it and he wouldn’t be able to justify its use…exposing him as a propagandist.

Third thing of note relates to that 97% claim.  The BBC has frequently reported on fraud and corruption in science, both from the scientists and those who report on it in the scientific journals….but not once have I heard the subject of climate change come under scrutiny in a similar manner….will that change? …from WUWT:

Climate science might become the most important casualty of the replication crisis

After a decade of slow growth beneath public view, the replication crisis in science begins breaking into public view. First psychology and biomedical studies, now spreading to many other fields — overturning what we were told is settled science, the foundations of our personal behavior and public policy. Here is an introduction to the conflict (there is pushback), with the usual links to detailed information at the end, and some tentative conclusions about effects on public’s trust of science. It’s early days yet, with the real action yet to begin.

This crisis emerged a decade ago as problems in a few fields — especially health care and psychology. Slowly similar problems emerged in other fields, usually failures to replicate widely accepted research.

“Men only care for science so far as they get a living by it, and that they worship even error when it affords them a subsistence.”
— Goethe, from Conversations of Goethe with Eckermann and Soretclip_image001.

With what we know about the likes of the CRU after their emails were hacked, what we know about the 97% claim, what we know about the ‘hockey stick’ manipulations, what we know about the conspiracy to hide the medieval warm period, and the ‘decline’, it is fairly obvious that the ‘science’ of climate change may in fact be more about big, big money, politics, ego and corruption.  With so many reputations, careers and lucrative research grants on the line there has long been a hard fought battle to silence the critics and those who question the status quo, the so-called ‘consensus’.  You just had to see the BBC’s science journos’ united front that marched out to defend the CRU and climate scientist Phil Jones when the emails surfaced to understand the problem…some people were more interested in covering up for the sicentists than in exposing wrongdoing or bad science.

Maybe that will change as WUWT suggests and more and more of that bad science and bad faith is exposed.  Again good luck with that.   Climate change is a massive industry worth billions which has sucked in not just the scientists but the politicians and journalists as well as the cultural cheerleaders such as artists, actors, singers and writers who so usefully give a ‘human face’ to the science that they so little understand.  They have so much tied up in climate change actually happening and being man-made that any criticism or undermining of that belief will only succeed if there is an equally massive turn of events that stops people in their tracks, radically alters their perceptions and dramatically proves the science wrong or maybe wrong.  Again, good luck with that….glaciers advancing down Salford high street would be presented as conclusive proof of global warming I’m sure…..and as I said they will fight tooth and nail to maintain their privileges and the cash flow….as noted by Matt Ridley in the Times recently …and spot the hand of the Rasputin-like Richard Black in this (You can’t keep a good man down)…..via ‘Not a lot of people know that’…

Climate change lobby wants to kill free speech

The editor of this newspaper received a private letter last week from Lord Krebs and 12 other members of the House of Lords expressing unhappiness with two articles by its environment correspondent. Conceding that The Times’s reporting of the Paris climate conference had been balanced and comprehensive, it denounced the two articles about studies by mainstream academics in the scientific literature, which provided less than alarming assessments of climate change. 
Strangely, the letter was simultaneously leaked to The Guardian. The episode gives a rare glimpse into the world of “climate change communications”, a branch of heavily funded spin-doctoring that is keen to shut down debate about the science of climate change.

 The letter was not entirely the work of the peers but, I understand, involved Richard Black, once a BBC environment correspondent and now director of the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, an organisation that spends more than £500,000 a year, largely trying to influence the media.


Of course there is one redoubt in the BBC where journalism is given a fair go…Andrew Neil holds the fort…and here explains, & his colleagues should read it, what good journalism is all about…

Andrew Neil on Ed Davey climate change interview critics

The Sunday Politics interview with Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey on July 14 provoked widespread reaction in the twittersphere and elsewhere, which was only to be expected given the interview was about the latest developments in global warming and the implications for government policy.

The Sunday Politics remit and interview duration means we are able to carry out proper forensic interviews on such matters.

It is becoming a hallmark of our programme, whether it’s challenging the global warming assumptions of the climate change secretary, the NUT’s historic resistance to school reforms by Tory and Labour governments, or the activities of the leader of the English Defence League.

Many of the criticisms of the Davey interview seem to misunderstand the purpose of a Sunday Politics interview.

We did come at Mr Davey with a particular set of evidence, which was well-sourced from mainstream climate science. But it was nothing to do with advocating a “position”.

First, the Sunday Politics does not have a position on any of the subjects on which it interrogates people.

Second, it is the job of the interviewer to assemble evidence from authoritative sources which best challenge the position of the interviewee.

There is hardly any purpose in presenting evidence which supports the interviewee’s position – that is his or her job.

It is for viewers to decide how well the interviewee’s position holds up under scrutiny and the strength of the contrary evidence or points put to him or her.

Taking an opposite or challenging position from the person being interviewed is pretty much standard practice in long-form broadcast interviews.

But the contrary position has to be based on reputable evidence.