Nazi Shah?



Cameron at PMQs has twice made Corbyn squirm over allegations of anti-Semitism and forced a rapid reaction from him, not to mention his ‘disgraceful’ allegations against Sadiq Khan.   Cameron himself though is on sticky ground having had Baroness Warsi as Chair of his party and as a minister of faith to boot.  The same Warsi who wanted Israel to be disarmed and left defenceless whilst also demanding the terrorists of Hamas be given weapons.  The same Warsi who enjoyed the company of many a devout Muslim in the Muslim university society FOSIS, well known for being the breeding ground of extremists.  The same Warsi who made it her job to do whatever it took to undermine the anti-terrorist Prevent programme.  The same Warsi who argued for the inclusion of extremist organisations in the national debate about what should be called ‘extremist’ or ‘radical’ and what should be acceptable..arguing it is the refusal to accept the radicals’ agenda as ‘normal’ that makes them radical.

Warsi is still at it attempting to muddy the waters and spread the blame…Dog-whistle, nasty, toxic politics based on race and religion?  She should know……

Fascinated to know who it is that she thinks are ‘Islamophobic’, how she defines an ‘Islamophobe’ and why, in her opinion, such views are ‘Islamophobic’.

What’s apparent is a growing perception of who so many of the anti-Semites are….hard left politicians and all too many Muslims.

It was only on April 11 that Cameron had his own little bit of bother with an alleged anti-Semite…and ironically who was it that demanded he deal with this anti-Semitism?…She seemed pretty keen for the BBC to know as well…

  Naz Shah MP Verified account@NazShahBfd Apr 11      @David_Cameron must act now @BBCNews @itvnews @BBCPolitics @UKLabour #No2ClanPolitics #No2Mysoginy #No2Antisemitism …

The BBC though doesn’t seem overly keen to hold Corbyn’s feet to the fire [Andrew Neil aside…of course] over long-running allegations of anti-Semitism running rife in his Party.  Certainly they report on the issue but there is always more than a touch of equivocation about their reports and a refusal to come to a judgement….which, had this been a Tory or a UKIP offender we can be sure would not be the case…they’d be hung out to dry.  The BBC works hard to provide Corbyn with an alibi.  Corbyn is painted as the victim of internal Party squabbling, or it was all Miliband’s fault and anyway Corbyn is dealing with the issues by suspending people.  Laura Kuenssberg tells us that ‘No one believes that Jeremy Corbyn himself tolerates discrimination against Jews.’  Is that true? 

This is not some academic exercise or interesting political theory. This is reality – the reality that the Labour Party is now run by a cadre for whom anti-Semitism really is ok, so long as it is dressed up as anti-Zionism. Because Zionism is the enemy of all good people.

People seem pretty concerned about his lack of enthusiasm to suspend people like Shah and Livingstone and there is the matter of his support for Hamas and Hezbollah, never mind his once employment on the rabidly anti-Semitic Iranian Press-TV channel where he has stood by as British Muslims describe Israelis as a disease that needs to be eliminated, and oh yes….the BBC is a ‘Zionist liar’….Via Guido:

Let’s just remind ourselves, as the BBC doesn’t bother, just what Press TV is like……

Press TV, Iran’s governmentrun English-language satellite news network, has emerged as the Iranian government’s primary propaganda tool to promote a wide range of pernicious anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in English to a worldwide audience.

I have seen no desire from the BBC to examine the fact that Corbyn’s Labour Party edited Shah’s ‘apology’….

Labour HQ Deleted References To Anti-Semitism From Naz Shah’s Apology

Labour MP Naz Shah’s apology was edited by the party’s HQ to remove all mentions of the term “anti-Semitic”, along with references to wider problems of anti-Semitism in left-wing politics, after it was submitted for approval, BuzzFeed News has learned.

You might think that is hardly the move of a Party intent on irradicating the scourge of anti-Semitism from its ranks…and Corbyn is reacting to allegations made very publicly against Labour and not proactively seeking out those who make such comments.

What about Naz Shah?  Surely some mistake?  She was emotional and distraught at fellow Muslims being ruthlessly murdered by Jews during the 2014 Gaza battle when she urged Israel to be destroyed and Jews shipped, transported, to America…no?

In 2012 she had pretty similar vitriolic views…tweeting this…never mind Israel has been under attack for 70 years and is defending itself from being ‘wiped out’……



In 2014 she posted this…



So she was tweeting ‘ich bin ein Palestinian’ to anti-Semite David Ward, and was she really channelling ‘Kennedy’ or was she using German for some other, more sinister, reason?  What other association might she be making, David Ward considered?  As for ‘#FreePalestine’...that isn’t about Gaza or the West Bank but about wiping out the Jews and erasing Israel from the map.

This is a woman who associates with well known demonisers of Israel such as David Sheen….who naturally is another goto for the BBC as well….

thankyou for your time today, shocked at what is happening

This is a woman who has consistantly attacked Israel and tried to undermine its legitimacy and tried to generate as much antagonism towards it as possible…here, as did Warsi, demanding Israel be denied arms and calling Gaza an open prison.  This is not an attitude that she suddenly found irresistable one day as she saw news reports of Israel’s action in Gaza, this is a long-term, dyed-in-the-wool attitude that is prevalent in Muslim communities and on the Hard Left.

The BBC has always reported this as an intemperate, emotional blip and told us of her fulsome apology to the Jewish community…however one look at her Tweets and other comments indicates this is ingrained in her mind.  This was not a one off from her.  We had an interview on Thursday on the Today programme with two Jews, Rabbi Laura Janner- Klausner, senior rabbi with Reform Judaism, and David Baddiel, who both remarkably thought Shah wasn’t really being anti-Semitic and anyway what a nice person she was and she ahs apologised.  Justin Webb didn’t argue against that.

It is a sick irony that she holds a seat on the Home Affairs Select Committee investigating the rise of anti-Semitism in the UK and uses her position to again attack call for boycotts and disarmament, and to compare Israel to apartheid South Africa.

Shah’s suggestion that Israel be wiped off the map and moved to America was not the action of someone suddenly overcome by emotion and grief, why should that be..she is after all of Pakistani heritage not Palestinian?, it was the result of a mindset that has been steeped in anti-Jewish and an-Israeli rhetoric for a very long time….as the slippery islamist Mehdi Hasan admitted is all too common in Muslim communities…

It pains me to have to admit this but anti-Semitism isn’t just tolerated in some sections of the British Muslim community; it’s routine and commonplace. Any Muslims reading this article – if they are honest with themselves – will know instantly what I am referring to. It’s our dirty little secret. You could call it the banality of Muslim anti-Semitism.

The fact is that all opposition to Israel, such as Shah’s, is based upon one fact…that Israelis are Jews [except for the ones who aren’t…such as Palestinians Israelis…in this apartheid state], Israel is a Jewish state.  If it had been a Muslim state carved out of the British Palestinian mandate land, such as Jordan, there would be no problem.  It is just the Jews that are the problem it seems.

None of this seems to bother the BBC who dismisses Shah’s ‘moment of madness’ as a blip rather than what it is, just one more piece of evidence from a pattern of behaviour that illustrates a mind that is determined to undermine and, she no doubt hopes, eradicate Israel as a State in the Middle East.

Is it not an irony that a Pakistani heritage Muslim should be castigating Israel?  Pakistan that has done so much to turn the world into a seething cauldron of war and religious apartheid?  Pakistan that spread nuclear technology to terrorist states, Pakistan that has tried to take Kashmir from India by force, Pakistan that has sponsored so many terrorist groups, Pakistan that created the Taliban and continued to support them as they killed British troops, a Pakistan where no  Christian, non-Muslim  or even Ahmadi Muslim can really be safe.  And Shah has the nerve to criticise Israel?  Let’s boycott all Pakistani companies, shops and manufacturers. Let’s disarm Pakistan.  Let’s argue for all Muslims in so-called ‘Pakistan’, stolen from India, to be sent to Saudi Arabia if they want to live in a Muslim state.

What does she think of that?  Not so funny huh?


I’m betting the BBC wouldn’t be too enamoured of such a campaign either….not saying they are anti-Hindu, pro-Muslim at the BBC, but they are.









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34 Responses to Nazi Shah?

  1. Tothepoint says:

    Let’s stop beating around the bush here. ALL Muslims hate Israel and Jews because Jews are at war with Muslims (because they are trying to f#(king kill them!!!) . Israel are at war with Muslims because the Muslims in Palestine are following Muhammads instruction to the letter and are trying to kill all infidels to please Allah.

    There will never be compromise. There will never be sharing. All earth’s land belongs to Allah. No land belongs to the Kafir. Israel will never be free to live there because Allah will never forget Muslims for allowing the infidels to live anywhere that belongs to Muslims. There is no appeasement. No compromise. The way to paradise is with jihad. The way to please Allah is to kill or die to fulfill Muhammads instruction.

    Israel will be at war with Islam until one is destroyed. Warsi, Shah, and every single Muslim are in a constant state of jihad because Muhammad tells them to. Muslims will ALWAYS be for, protect, fight for and die for fellow Muslims. For anyone to believe any Muslim to not want to see the complete destruction of Israel is deluding themselves


  2. Deborah says:

    How many times today on Radio 4 have I heard that whilst anti-Semitism is unacceptable, criticising Israel is perfectly OK. Certainly I heard it either on Today or WATO, and then, ironically, on my way home from synagogue on Any Questions on the car radio. Yes it is fine to criticise Israel, as long as you also criticise the other countries in the world that have a poor record on human rights (BDS for Chinese goods anyone?), or what about the countries where Christians are badly treated (Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt) etc etc. Those that want to hold Israel to a higher level of account do so because it is a Jewish State and they are Anti-Semitic and should be outed by the BBC and yet the BBC holds this anti-Semitism as perfectly acceptable.


    • wronged says:

      What I have to say on the subject of Nazi Shah is not going to be very popular with many chums I have on this site, but if you don’t mind I would very much like to express it.
      I believe that Naz has every right to express her views, I prefer honesty to political correctness. I want to know what my MP really thinks not what they are supposed to think according to party lines.
      I am in doubt that her apology is hollow as she is fighting to keep her job. However, I am a strong advocate of free speech and I respect the right people to say what is in their mind.
      I want to the truths in people to be stated not the falsehoods.
      Given that Moslems dislike of Jews is a commonly known fact, why can’t politicians just say this is why she said what she did and come clean about the whole affair. I for one would have more respect for them.
      I would give her job back and tell her to say what she really thinks and then let the electorate decide, allow her to justify, what I regard, her abhorrent views. Fakes need to be exposed especially in politics, of which there are many.


      • Steve Jones says:

        Spot on. Political correctness is both a euphemism for the suppression of free speech and the means by which it is achieved.


      • chrisH says:

        Agree entirely.
        If it`s in the open, then we can deal with it-it`s not as if we don`t KNOW that she`s only saying what Muslims and Lefties can concoct by way of a “Unity Programme”…it`s about all that they can openly dare to agree upon.
        My problem as ever is the media double standards-as somebody on Question Time said-had a member of UKIP(or a Tory) said such things-the left would dine out on it for months.
        If we can FB some stuff re getting Muslims deported-THEN Nazi can get away with what she did…until then, i`ll throw the popcorn and feign outrage, like a good Beeboid would….and if Corbyn gets a few more rocks in his undies before he gets pushed over a cliff, then fine by me.
        At least Nazi got Galloway binned in the last election…and even as a grubby anti-Semite, she`s less harmful than Jess Phillips.


        • Grant says:


          ” Dislike” ? It is more than that, it is hatred. These Neo-Nazi muslims and their ass-licking supporters such as Livingstone, Galloway, Corbyn and many others , including many at the BBC, want all Jews exterminated. But, yes, they should be free to say that and they should stop pretending.


      • NCBBC says:

        Muslims hate Jews and Christians, though not necessarily in that order.

        As for relocating Jews to America – Israel has been a nation long before most others. And while the matter of relocation is being bandied about – how about relocating all Muslims in the West to dar ul Islam. Far better for all concerned, that avoids a forthcoming civil war.

        Muslims will never ever integrate in the West. And the ones that do, are doing Taqqiya, to gain power. Once that power is achieved via numbers, that generation of Muslims will thank this one for playing their cards right.


    • hadda says:

      “on my way home from synagogue on Any Questions on the car radio”

      On shabbas? Oy vey!


    • Cull the Badgers says:

      No-one should fall for the ‘we are only criticising Israel, we are not anti-Semitic’ nonsense. It is convenient cover for their hatred of Jews. They spend too much time with their anti-Israeli politics for anyone to believe them. It is quite clear the intent is to foster grievance and hatred, and the BBC must take responsibility for its part. Do we remember Mishal Hussein in one her interviews haranguing an Israeli official over the difference between the number of Palestinian and Israeli deaths; she was making it clear that she did not think sufficient Israelis (Jews in other words) had died.


  3. Thoughtful says:

    How about a new weekend thread Alan? The old one is looking very full!


  4. Dazed and Confused says:

    This row about Ken Livingstone & Hitler is so unfair. One was a vindictive extremist obsessed with Jews. The other was leader of Nazi Germany


  5. Glenn says:


    Glad to see you have your head screwed back on. Andrew Neil is the best political interviewer in the country. He must be, why? No senior cabinet or shadow cabinet members will touch him with a bargepole. Pure fear.

    Did any of you guys see that absolute hatchet job Andrew did to Livingstone? AN could not believe what he was hearing, he gave Ken several opportunities to get himself out of the shit, but the guy just kept digging.

    Given what the guy has said and his past form, it is quite clear the guy is an anti semite.


  6. Dave S says:

    Excellent comments here. It is clear to most of us that the real reason for all this furore is that the ingrained attitudes to Israel amongst certain sections of the population and in this I include the educated middle class particularly in the universities are now so routine that to them they are the normality. This has been exposed and is we can all see it.
    Corbyn can do whatever he likes. Nobody is fooled .
    It is impossible to alter their minds . It is impossibl,e to reason with them. In the end Israel will have to rely on it’s young men and women and it’s own resources. Europe is descending into a new dark age and unless a miracle happens we cannot stop it . If you are Jewish consider leaving. What we are hearing now from our media and politicians is sickening.
    This ancient hatred is back and we can see it . I reject their weasel words. It is pure anti Semitism and it is now ingrained in the liberal left world view.


  7. oldartist says:

    I find it quite disturbing that to question Israel’s right to exist is now perceived as a perfectly legitimate position by the BBC. Would our world-class service condone this kind of potentially genocidal threat against any other country or population? On balance it is better that these views to be out in the open. But what I find truly disturbing is the mealy-mouthed opposition to these views by the BBC. An interviewee on Newsnight tonight suggested that criticism of Israel was blocked in this country. Strange, becauseI can’t even remember when I last heard a robust defence of Israel on the BBC.


    • Dave S says:

      Newsnight was very odd. Even Maitlis seemed taken aback by the academic from that dreadful place Exeter. On the subject of which I have sometimes mentioned. Quite what the West Country has done to deserve that university I do not know.
      There is somerthing very rotten with our universities. . That woman academic was typical of the BDS movement now gaining ground. All in all a very disturbing interview. There is a money trail somewhere here and it would be instructive to find out from where these universities get some of their funding.


    • TrueToo says:

      Strange, becauseI can’t even remember when I last heard a robust defence of Israel on the BBC

      I can’t recall ever hearing it. I did hear a brief defence of Israel on Sky News thirteen or fourteen years ago at the height of the Second Intifada during which Arab terrorists slaughtered over a thousand Israelis, 70% of them civilians. It was on Sky News, which I could access at the time, and the anchor was interviewing someone who was apologising for Islamic terrorism. She responded to the rubbish the interviewee was spouting by exclaiming, “What do you expect Israel to do?”

      Unfortunately I didn’t get the name of the anchor. Seems to me that since then Sky has become firmly embedded in the left and echoes the idiocy of the BBC.


  8. Owen Morgan says:

    There is some incredibly naive nonsense being spouted among the comments on this thread. Firstly, Naz Shah ‘s suspension is not a free speech issue. Nobody is preventing her from voicing her toxic opinions. She has got into trouble with the Labour Party for expressing views which, ostensibly at least, are incompatible with party policy (and in a pretty drastic way).

    Somebody suggested she should be welcomed back, free to speak her tiny mind and to be held to account by the electorate, but that wouldn’t happen would it? The more she advertised her anti-Semitism, the more her re-election (in Bradford, let’s remember) would be virtually guaranteed, probably with an increased majority. She displaced George Galloway by being an anti-Semitic bigot who was also a muslim, while he was only an anti-Semitic bigot.

    Letting her back would potentially make her the template for every muslim MP, councillor and ambitious activist in the party; it’s pretty clear that it has a phalanx of Naz Shah clones already. Nobody is censoring what they think, or what they say, or preventing them from setting up their own party of hamas-lovers, but other Labour members are perfectly entitled to believe that Naz Shah and her parrots have an agenda which isn’t the same as theirs.


    • Dave S says:

      Absolutely right. Corbyn has opened the gates to the people who will destroy his party and bring harm to this country and for that he needs to go and quickly.


    • TrueToo says:

      She displaced George Galloway by being an anti-Semitic bigot who was also a muslim, while he was only an anti-Semitic bigot.

      Thanks for the chuckle. I’d say many a true word is said in jest, but I don’t think you were jesting.


    • wronged says:

      I’m sorry Owen but I beg to differ with your opinion in that unlike yourself, I want to know what my MP genuinely thinks on all issues, not just following what the party line. For example, Robin Cook may not have been of my political affiliation but I admired his stand in going against his party line on Iraq, I admired Enoch Powell in putting forward his personal views on multiculturalism and the Common Market. They both paid a heavy price for refusing to following the party line. Both were huge losses to our country all because they had view contrary to their party. Cook’s input would have been useful in Scottish referendum. Powell’s prognosis was proven to be largely correct. Following the party line is everything I hate about politics.

      Let me give you one more example Owen, with your belief with politicians following the party line. You have a belief in a system that suggests that a Jew would feel very happy about receiving the best advice from a Muslim ‘Labour ‘MP about concerns they have about a Muslim neighbour. – I don’t believe this to be true in the real world. I believe that Jew would prefer not to go to a Muslim MP like Naz Shah. I personally don’t believe any Muslim who holds every word of the Koran to be a self evident truth should be allowed to a politician. The beliefs are untenable with the requirements of the job.

      Finally, if Naz did get re elected on a racist ticket of being anti Jew then people will show their anger towards Labour being a racist party, which it is, and I believe Labour will then have to adjust their views or die.
      The Blairites in the party know this eventuality all too well, and is now looking inward as a result of the the Naz Shah events and the direction of support Corbyn has given to Hamas. Labour know that racism is rife in their party, the militant tendency is reborn and disarray is alive and well.

      Owen, i hope you are not offended by my views as they are made in the hope that they provoke further thought, especially so, on the subject of opening up freedoms of speech, by closing down freedom of speech you allow the political deviants to thrive. Following a party line delineates a persons identity and allows warped ‘religious’ views to be hidden.


  9. embolden says:

    BDS directed against Israel is the modern equivalent of stormtroopers standing outside Berlin shops in the 1930s holding banners warning Germans not to buy from Jewish businesses.

    BDS is an extension of what used to be called the Arab boycott of Israel.

    All are examples of sheer anti semitism.


    • Grant says:


      I posted this before, but why do so many Arabs choose to live in Israel ? To broaden the question. Would anti-semites prefer to live in Israel or in an Arab country ? Come to think of it , I wish all anti-semites would go and live in an Arab country !


  10. TrueToo says:

    Fascinating debate on this thread. Many people know by now that Muslims in the West have been playing their host countries like the proverbial fiddle, infiltrating organisations wherein they can wield influence and power and so gradually bend the host societies to their will. At times they overplay their hand, as the Nazi Shah did by posting her admiration for Nazi policy on the Internet and imagining it was fine to leave it there for years.

    It’s great news that the paralysing political correctness of the host – that she no doubt thought would protect her as a Muslim – has done the unpredictable and ousted her from Labour, temporarily at least. The lesson will not be lost on her and her like-minded travellers: the UK is not quite ready for dhimmi status imposed by Muslim autocrats in their unholy alliance with the far left.

    Re letting her have free speech in order to trash Israel/Jews, I tend to agree. There’s far worse trashing of Israel/Jews on university campuses and on the pages of ‘comment is free’ in The Guardian. And the point has been well made that it’s better to know the kind of people you are dealing with.


    • Grant says:


      You are so right. The Leftie Dhimmis, and I include Cameron, May and the others, and the BBC are writing the longest suicide note in history. That is fine with me but I do not want to be dragged down with them. These people are morons.


  11. deegee says:

    With the Naz Shah issue so close The Big Questions could be interesting.

    Tomorrow 10:05 BBC ONE

    Questions, Series 9
    Nicky Campbell presents the moral, ethical and religious discussion series live from Oasis Academy, Salford.
    Is anti-Zionism anti-Semitic? And does religion need more humour

    I expect it will live down to my expectations. The Big Question of should we be able to laugh at Islam without having our throats cut probably won’t be raised.


  12. Number 6 says:

    Corbyn has ordered an investigation into anti semitism in the labour party

    Who is heading it up?

    Sami Chakrabarti

    I ask you……


  13. NCBBC says:

    Its not a Muslim MP or some leader. It is the bulk of the Muslim population in Britain that poses an existential threat. All Muslims, except perhaps the odd Muslim MP, must be relocated to dar ul Islam, or we face a civil war that will make Bosnia look like a garden party.

    In fact, a civil war is perhaps the only available means to get out this catastrophic situation, that our supremely idiotic politicians, who have perhaps no equal in history anywhere in stupidity, have dropped us in.


  14. NCBBC says:

    Coming soon. Mosques are merely forts – ammo and explosives dumps.