A Jukes A Joke an all that…



The Hacked Off gang are up in arms…they don’t like it up ’em as the Telegraph and the Mail expose them.

Byline and its Peter Jukes [very well embedded at the BBC also] are upset…..

33m33 minutes ago

. The Telegraph is completely incorrect about investors and there’s no funding from Hacked off.

Remarkable EVERY sentence of that Gilligan piece has an error. Every sentence

Trouble is Gilligan reveals that Byline is funded by multi-millionaire and billionaire patrons who Byline itself has boasted of…..whilst also boasting of their independence from billionaire businessmen and the corrupt media practices of the likes of the Murdoch empire….

Byline tells us they are financed by money which...’ finally came in from investors: Nicolas Berggruen, Jaewoong Lee, Eric X. Li, and Ian Osborne.’

Ian Osborne, as I’ve shown before being closely linked to Cameron and Murdoch!  Berggruen  is a billionaire.

So Gilligan is right about the funding.

Hacked Off’s Evan Harris claims no funding or link to Byline……

Trouble is they funded Byline’s Peter Jukes in the past…..


You can see his funding plea here….


As for Hacked Off not working with Byline…maybe not openly but below the radar certainly…they are closely tied to Jukes and a blogger called Tim Fenton who writes in his own blog, also in the Huffington Post [which is in league with Byline’s major backer Berggruen, running a ‘magazine’ for the rich and powerful!] and of course in Byline itself.

This is what Harris said about Fenton…

‘Evan Harris, associate director of the campaign group Hacked Off, says people like Fenton are “a fine resource”.’

Guess Hacked Off finds his work useful.  In public Hacked Off, Byline, Jukes and Fenton are at arms length but in private it is a close embrace….and let’s not forget the BBC which works in parallel with HO to pressurise the government on Press regulations.  Just why is the BBC allowed to use public funds to campaign politically against its commercial and ideological rivals?


It’s a small world….a world held hostage by the rich and powerful who control the media…including the ‘rebel’ media like Byline…funded by billionaires and a close colleague of Cameron and Murdoch…LOL and all that…..one of Byline’s founders, Seung-yoon Lee, also works for World Post…. ‘He is also a contributing editor to The WorldPost, a joint partnership of The Huffington Post and Berggruen Institute on Governance.’

Arianna Huffington announces launch of World Post news website

The 1% are about to get their own publication. The digital media titan Arianna Huffington and the billionaire investor Nicolas Berggruen on Wednesday announced the launch of World Post, a comment and news website that looks set to become a platform for some of the most powerful people on the planet.

Oh yes and of course let’s not forget an earlier post about the Global Editor’s Network and the BBC’s NewsLab….look who else attends…..

Impact Journalism

On April 8-9 2016, the Global Editors Network (GEN), The Huffington Post and Change.org gathered the best media innovators in New York for a two-day Editors Lab focused on developing innovative news prototypes.


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3 Responses to A Jukes A Joke an all that…

  1. Grant says:

    It is very unusual for Andrew Gilligan to get his facts wrong . I suspect that he has caught these guys out and they are not happy bunnies.


  2. Sluff says:

    Hacked off. The ultimate in cynical ploys. On the back of some pretty dodgy press activity and a small number of high profile cases, a bunch of celebrities see the big chance to bury their personal behaviour while continuing to cash in on their image. Normally if a product is shown not to be what it is claimed to be, it is a matter for the courts. Hacked off want to turn that principle on its head.


  3. Owen Morgan says:

    Evan Harris is repulsive. It’s no surprise that he became known as “Doctor Death”.