Question Time – Live Chat

David Dimbleby presents this week’s show from Walsall. Joining him on the panel are Deputy Leader of UKIP Paul Nuttall, Conservative Secretary of State for Energy Amber Rudd, Labour MP for Pontefract and Castleford Yvette Cooper, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron and leftie journalist Paul Mason.

Kick off tonight at 22.45

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34 Responses to Question Time – Live Chat

  1. Julio says:

    Leftists outnumber conservatives three to two tonight. Is the BBC reverting to type and showing the middle finger to the (nominally) Conservative government now that it’s charter is safely in the bag?


  2. CranbrookPhil says:

    Disgracefully unbalanced panel!


  3. GCooper says:

    Yes, the BBC is making no pretence of its desperate desire to secure a remain vote, is it?

    And I’d question the three against two suggestion, earlier. I’d say it’s four to one.


    • Mice Height says:

      The 55 year-old adolescent, Paul Mason, just had to make a few noises about wanting to leave but not voting for it, so that’s good enough for them.
      He can spout his usual extremist bullshit for the rest of the programme now.


  4. Grant says:

    5-1 Remain/Leave. Totally biased.


  5. Aerfen says:

    That journo has been given way too much time!


  6. Al Shubtill says:

    Quite extraordinary how much more Dimblebeeb interrupts Paul Nuttall when he is trying to answer a question or make a point, compared with Tim Farron and Yvette Balls.


  7. Al Shubtill says:

    It should have been somebody like David Davis; Jacob Rees-Mogg; David Starkey; Daniel Hannan or Patrick Minford (if they really wanted a Brexit economist) in place of Paul Mason tonight.

    A very poor QT IMHO; also why on earth NOT devote the whole programme to the referendum and all the others between now and the vote?


  8. AceFlyingPig says:

    So the rabid left wing lunatic Mason reveals his true persona. No doubt shortly he’ll be wearing a turquoise tracksuit and telling us how all Tories are invading aliens. Interesting to think that until recently he was the supposed impartial Business Editor of BBC Newsnight, and Economics Editor of Channel 4. Naturally I had assumed he had some background in either of those areas which would have enabled him to obtain those privileged positions. But no. his degrees were in music and politics, and I can’t see any experience in his background other than training to be a music teacher and journalism. Have I missed something. Wonder what could possibly have qualified him for either of those TV positions …. #DespiseScumTories maybe.

    Probably does show that spending on mental health issues should be increased …. he is definitely not safe to be let out on the streets.


    • Guest Who says:

      They could hardly have invited Pesto on having so soon assigned a whole hit squad to his show on a rival channel. He might have gone off piste.

      Much safer to go with the thinking Trot’s top totty, especially since Kevin Maguire gets seen drinking bubbly in Top Hats a bit too much for cred.

      A man of the people, and iEverything owner, fits the bill nicely. And is easily Facetimed by all BBC producers when needed.


  9. Tothepoint says:

    Even though the entire MSM are ‘trying’ to appear impartial, their prejudices, self interests, and out right personal dedication to remain in the EU is always the foundation on which all forms of the referendum debate takes place. ALL the time its subtle and takes its form in the make up/selection of voices from each camp, ‘experts’, and questions that are asked. The standard make up of every EU debate are always biased.

    There are however other more obvious pro EU bias in the EU debates. I have no doubt there are endless more, so please feel free to list your own observations;

    1: This is about what the people of the UK want to do with their future, so why is it so many international ‘experts’ are left unimpeded or untested to justify their positions when clearly their opinion is subjective and more importantly not something they themselves have accepted in their own countries?

    2: Did you watch the ‘Mail EU debate’? Snidey infantile comments to try and mitigate Lord Farage’s impact is all the MSM ever do! Nobody else ever, ever gets such treatment. It’s disgusting. This hero knows what he is talking about and they know that if they challenge him on the EU he will tear the thick, lying fucks a new arsehole!

    3: It’s literally painful to witness how little the ‘chair’ of these debates actually know! I thought Mark Austin did a job in challenging both sides but he came across like a snot nosed imbecile from college with his lack of knowledge! Clearly the ‘best’ the MSM have to offer have no idea what they are talking about themselves, so why the hell are people listening to them!! And please don’t get me started on ‘would shoot my whole family to protect my Al Beeb position’ Dimbleton!

    4: We have had a catastrophic economic crash whilst being part of the EU. Greece is literally fucked! The entire EU is swamped in biblical levels of debt! Half of the countries are in their worst economic conditions since the war! How the fuck can the MSM possibley try and win the argument on staying in the EU on economic grounds??!!! Yet they are doing it! Every single day! They know that is all the remain side have and they are trying to scare the life out of everyone! The MSM keep ‘asking’ (the devious lying scumbags) for evidence on how we could possibly be better off outside the EU whilst completely ignoring the fact the people of Norway and Switzerland (tiny Singapore FFS) are much better off than here!! Surely the people being better off is what matters right? Not for the traitorous MSM it seems who are so determined to protect their own interests that they are willing to destroy this great and privileged country beyond recognition.


  10. wronged says:

    Running Total
    Remain 44
    Leave 27
    Undecided 4

    2-1 to the Remainers- again, 1 undecided

    I could not work out quite where Paul Mason stood on the referendum. I put him into the undecided.


  11. wronged says:

    Did I really hear Amber Rudd call Paul Mason ‘a brilliant man’?


  12. ThomasR says:

    What were the chances on QT ? A menacing, hectoring BMA sympathiser screaming demands for Jeremy Hunt’s resignation. Interesting how the whole saga has been presented as Jeremy Hunt (bad guy) singlehandedly against the lovely BMA (good guys) no name provided.
    I was waiting in vain for Dimbleby to shut her up ( if I was Amber Rudd I would have stopped speaking and demanded Dimbleby’s intervention ).
    QT gives the impression we are being governed by the Conservatives with a minority of 150 seats.
    Leftwing bilge !!!!!!!!!!


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      At least it looks like the junior doctors strike is going to end. You know the one I mean, where it wasn’t about the money but by offering better Saturday money the strikes will end.


      • AceFlyingPig says:

        The Junior Doctors lost their argument for me on five points.

        The first personal experience. Three times in the last twelve months I have had to spend whole Saturdays waiting for elderly parents to be discharged from hospital. Discharge times were scheduled for either 09:00 or 10:00 in the morning. The earliest we could get them off their (much needed) beds was 16:30, the latest 20:30. On two of those occasions, in two different hospitals, the Senior Staff Nurses apologized and said “I’m so sorry it’s always like this at weekends… there just aren’t enough doctors on.” Both used these identical terms so I can only assume it is a known issue in the organisation.

        Second, the Junior Doctors being supposedly distraught and devastated at taking strike action and it’s effect on patients – standing laughing and joking on all the pickets lines.

        Third, their supposed care for patient safety whilst threatening to totally withdraw A&E cover. Nevermind the thousands of patients left in pain and discomfort from their cancelled operations.

        Fourth, the numerous threats that they cared so much about keeping the NHS publically funded that they were going to leave to go to any number of countries with better pay and conditions … that also happened to be either totally or partly privatized.

        Fifth, the political statements by BMA Committee members that this would be the first crack in the Tory austerity programme. Thereby revealing the true Labour inspired reason behind the strike.


        • Colboysigma says:

          Brilliant! The BMA are Labour supporters and by implication a hard left “Union”… Now that is funny!
          Ranks alongside “Being a GP? How hard can that be?”
          You need to think more deeply and inform yourself with more than the Daily Mail. The strike is not about money or hours, it is simply the Doctors finally reaching the end with the continuous stream of crap they have to deal with. This ranges from lawyer backed incompetent, political, self seeking management to a culture of continually moving targets. Not to forget the crippling debts from the rip off called PFI with its rubbish buildings! (19 dangerous Edinburgh schools anyone? How many PFI hospital/ GP surgery scandals are yet to surface?) Mark my words!
          The problem is that this is too complex for the media/ most of the public to handle. They, like Daily Mail readers, need something simple to grasp. E.g. Yeah, it must be money they’re after or they’re lefties trying to undermine that lovely chap Jeremy.


          • Grant says:

            I don’t know the detail of this dispute but , if I had to chose who to trust , I would choose a doctor over a politician. Doctors contribute something to society and save lives. So far as I can see, most politicians are self-serving parasites who contribute little or nothing. If it is a question of money, I would say doctors should be paid at least 5 times what an MP gets. Maybe, by halving the pay and expenses of politicians.


            • AceFlyingPig says:

              I don’t disagree at all with your comment about Doctors Vs Politicians and their worth to general society. The problem is that the NHS has become a sacred cow in this country, beyond reproach, and therefore untouchable. There is plenty of evidence from multiple sources of the waste and mismanagement rife in the organisation. If a rational review could be exercised by people with no political axe to grind I am sure significant ‘savings’ could be made which could then be utilized for whatever is deemed to be more beneficial expenditure. If that determines that Doctors should be paid more then so be it. However, what most left wingers refuse to acknowledge, or are too thick to understand, is that there is a finite amount of money . Their answer to everything is to throw other peoples money at it , and then when the inevitable financial crisis happens, don’t understand why they have no money left. There is no such thing as austerity, it’s living within your means. The same rule that every one of us has to adhere to on a personal basis every day.


              • Grant says:


                Thanks, I agree with all your points. The big problem is the low quality of overpaid management and the resultant waste. I am biased because NHS doctors and nurses have saved my life on two occasions. Politicians have never saved me anything. I think all MPs should have to declare whether they have private health care. Certainly Health Ministers should have to !


                • AceFlyingPig says:

                  Indeed Grant. I am sure all of us at one time or another have cause to be very thankful for Doctors, Nurses, and other medical professionals. I certainly didn’t intend to castigate the vast majority but I do believe, that there is an element of manipulation for other ends by some in the BMA. I was just commenting that in my experience there appeared to be something to the point of weekends being different. I don’t want to be dragged in to the debate about death rates, etc, which I found very unhelpful. Just what I have observed and what medical professionals told me at the time.

                  I also remember an extraordinary TV trouble shooting program some years ago by a guy called Gerry Robinson. In it he discussed long waiting lists and the fact that operating theaters were severely under utilized, particularly from Thursday afternoon to Monday. This was partly because consultants had ‘other business’ on those days, and because of the risk of cross contamination between theaters. All the medical professionals were consulted for ideas on how to improve matters. Some Senior Nurses came up with what sounded like a very feasible solution to have the theaters used more efficiently. I still remember the look of total shock and bewilderment on Robinson’s face when he called the Consultants together to discuss the proposal. One Consultant actually said something along the lines of ‘Most people in this room have two or three degrees, are you seriously suggesting we consider ideas thought up by people with three or four O levels. Now that could be put down to one arrogant prig voicing his opinion. But the shocking thing to me was that in a room or maybe 20 Consultants, not one challenged him on the comment which to most people working in the private sector would be totally unacceptable. A friend of mine that recently left the NHS told me that, is his experience, this kind of thought process is nothing unusual.


                  • Grant says:


                    Yes, I saw that programme too. I dare say all is true but , again, it raises the question what are the management paid for ?


                    • AceFlyingPig says:

                      Grant. Again I can’t disagree with you. The friend I mentioned worked for a year for two job sharing Directors whose entire time was spent attending management meetings that had been arranged for them by another member of their staff. Never once did she see a decision taken, or anything useful come out of all these meetings. Both were paid six figure salaries. Anyway I won’t bore people any more on this topic. Thanks for the dialogue.


          • Dave S says:

            It does look as if the extra money offered put an end to the strike so it was about pay after all. I have worked weekends all my life and still do long hours. I have little sympathy for those who seem to think a well paid and very secure lifetime career ends on Friday afternoon.


          • AceFlyingPig says:

            The first resort of the idiot. Blame the Daily Mail the harbinger of all doom. More than happy to go head to head with you on any deep thinking subject you choose to pick Colboysigma, ‘ The problem is that this is too complex for the media/most of the public to handle’. Apart from yourself of course whose intellect is clearly far superior to that of the rest of us plebs. Did your superiority complex result from getting a letter published in the Guardian perhaps.

            Seems like the BMA are recommending settlement … has the NHS been saved … or is it something more mundane ?


      • Sir_Arthur_Strebe-Grebling says:

        And the chants, frequently shown by the bBBC, that ‘tired doctors make mistakes’, suddenly become ‘well-paid tired doctors are quite happy to work extra hours’.


        • Guest Who says:

          At least they can better afford malpractice insurance. Not that making grotesque mistakes in the UK too often gets further than being sent as a locum somewhere else.