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The controversial Vote Leave campaign poster.



Interesting to see several ‘right-wing’ commentators suggest that the BBC is giving us a balanced view of the EU referendum…and yet it’s just not true.  Certainly there have been many debates and interviews that give the suggestion of balance but comparing them the Remain camp gets an easy ride and the underlying tone of the BBC narrative is pro-Remain…very uncritical of Remain’s claims…such as Brexit will cause a new world war, that Brexit is based on the racist hatred of foreigners or that the economy will plunge off a cliff on Brexit…where is the ‘Reality Check’ on the latest ‘Treasury’ claims?  The BBC pushes those claims as fact…the language used is intended to make them sound credible and authoritative…the ‘treasury analysis’ sounds scientific rather than the obedient regurgitation of the Treasury’s boss’s (ie Osborne) words and Osborne ‘warns’ rather than ‘claims’…altogether more dramatic and intense than a mere ‘claim’.

Charles Moore in the Telegraph suggests that the BBC white paper, or is that the white flag from the government?, was part of a deal, the quid pro quo being the BBC’s unstinting support for the pro-EU side…not sure that’s a good deal as such a stance from the BBC was pretty much guaranteed anyway.  He notes the BBC’s complete lack of interest in the leaked letter that reveals the collusion between Big Business and No10 on the pro-EU campaign….such collusion the right-on BBC would normally be desperate to expose….such as when Murdoch was supposed to be in cahoots with the politicians.  Not now though.

The BBC is though far more rigorous with the Out camp’s claims….such as on the NHS or immigration.  On the Today show we had Nick Robinson exploring the issues (08:08)…he starts off with some voices telling us that the Brexit camp’s claims about Turkey are racist, unrealistic and offensive.  No voices telling us how accurate the concerns really are.  In fact what we got was the BBC’s Chris Morris giving us a very aggressive, anti-Brexit campaign lecture on the ‘facts’ telling us that the claim that there are 76 million Turks is wrong, there are 79 million…the Out camp must check its facts.  Well, a minor point and hardly one of great importance but let’s check the facts with…the BBC…from May this year…

Republic of Turkey

Capital: Ankara

  • Population 74.5 million

Well, it’s not 76 million, but then again the BBC isn’t stating the correct figure of 79 million itself.  Maybe the BBC should check its facts and get its story right Chris.  Morris is stridently trying to imply the Out camp cannot be trusted and is a ramshackle shambles unable to check facts….therefore presumably we must conclude the same about the BBC..and that Morris is biased.

Morris went on to tell us in no uncertain terms that Turkey will never be allowed to join the EU….accept of course the way is being paved and the politicians like Cameron would be more than happy to open the door regardless of what the population of Europe thinks….and regardless of which with visa free travel Turkey may just come to Europe anyway….by the train, car and plane load regardless of what the official status of Turkey is….and in 2014 ‘The UK Foreign Office says it expects Turkey to be ready for membership “in a decade or so”.’

Robinson links it all to the Far Right and suggests that Turkey wouldn’t want to be in  Europe alongside Marie Le Pen…that’s a Turkey ruled by an Islamist dictator involved in violently suppressing the Kurds, who is accused of killing and locking up journalists and who has locked down the country so that any opposition to him his stamped ruthlessly out.  Yes, I can see he wouldn’t feel at home in a fascist Europe run by supposed extremists.

Robinson goes on to imply that the Brexit campaign is in fact empowering said extremists (as the BBC sees them) because it whips up a distrust of politicians and the supposed pillars of society….not something the BBC could ever be accused of as it cheerleads Islamist terrorism, the likes of Corbyn and his cabal of communists, the anti-Establishment Occupy and various anti-Establishment groups such as Cage and Stop the War.

So if we Brexit it is all a Far-Right plot and we’ll get fascism and war across Europe once again.   The BBC is great isn’t it as it totally ignores the rise of the extreme left and the Islamists?…well, not ignore, the BBC, as said, cheerleads for them whilst ignoring any threat from them to a stable, wealthy and peaceful society.

The likelihood is that Turkey will be allowed to join the EU eventually and that the conditions supposedy imposed will be ignored or met to a minimal standard deemed to be ‘acceptable’ and good enough for the politicians to claim they have been met.  Even if this takes a decade it is still an important part of the discussion on the EU…10 years flies by and then what?  We have a massive Muslim country that will have a big influence over how Europe is run and will have a large Muslim population already in place inside Europe to leverage that influence.  There are legitimate concerns over how a Christian, democratic, liberal and progressive Europe will be effected by such a large and influential Muslim population that is rapidly increasing now…in 10 years that may be massively larger due to immigration, not least from Turkey, and a higher Muslim birthrate combined with a very aggressive Islamist lobby that is not averse to using the threat of violence combined with claims of Muslims being victimised to press their own political advantage.

The BBC refuses to contemplate such things preferring instead to suggest, in line with Cameorn and Co, that Brexit will lead to societal collapse and war due to the rise of Fascism.

Balanced coverage?  Hardly.





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12 Responses to Remain Calm

  1. Philip_2 says:

    Both Left and Right distrust Turkey. The fact that we (UK) will all be ignored is yet another reminder that the EU is not fit to govern us let alone able to rule over Turkey would be laughable were it not being encouraged by the EU ruling political class as ‘beneficial’ to have Islam ‘on our side’. They can call us ‘racist’ (it means nothing) but they are guilty of Treason of the first order – those that propose ‘integration with Islam….’ and label everyone a nasty ‘racist’ for being sensible, patriotic and knowledgeable about the impacts of adopting Islamic customs and laws as proposed (and unbiased reporting (choke) by the BBC – Radio Derby)…. Some Labour members think it ‘racist’…

    ‘Pat Glass calls voter a ‘horrible racist’ while out on the EU campaign trail’

    ‘In the General Election, a number of Labour supporters defected to Ukip over growing concerns that the party was no longer able to address the issue of immigration. Given that uncontrolled immigration is a big issue in the EU referendum debate, Labour’s Remain-ers need to win back trust here.

    Alas, Pat Glass appears to have done the In camp no favours today while out on the campaign trail. The Shadow Europe Minister described a voter she met on the campaign trail in Sawley, Derbyshire, as a ‘horrible racist’ after they described a Polish family in the area as ‘scroungers’. Speaking to BBC Radio Derby, Glass said:

    ‘The very first person I come to was a horrible racist. I’m never coming back to wherever this is.’’

    Also on the SPECTATOR page there is BREXIT vote poll – currently running at 10% remain and 89% for BREXIT.
    Go vote!


  2. john in cheshire says:

    I wish the Leave team, when interviewed by the bbc would just concentrate on one key issue; namely, who should be governing our country, MPs who are elected to Parliament by the citizens of our country and whom we can eject if they don’t do what we tell them to do, or unelected foreigners in Brussels, who are answerable to no one, are following an agenda that we have not approved, and cannot control and whom we cannot remove no matter what they do. The supplementary question to address is who do the bbc think governed us for the 1000 years before we entered the EU, or even the 1000 years before the Normans invaded? Given that this small island managed to have such a significant impact on the development of the modern world, without having to be part of a socialist empire that is the EU, we didn’t do so badly. Arguing with the bbc’s interviewers about Turkey, the amount of money we are likely to save, the legislation that we might not need and everything else is a distraction. Do we want to be ruled by our fellow countrymen or do we not, that’s what this Referendum is about and it is the most important question to be asked of us in our and our children’s lifetimes; we’d better not mess it up.


  3. Grant says:

    Whatever the Turkish Government’s official figures for population are, you can add many millions to that. Many Turks avoid the census and many children are unrecorded for many reasons. My personal guesstimate would be 90 million +. Lived there 2 years and was present for 2 censuses ( one when I was on holiday ).


  4. Nibor says:

    That’s the official figure according to Wikipedia .

    Perhaps only 13,000 will come to Britain , as the establishment told us about the Poles .


    • Grant says:


      LOL in both cases, the official figures and your comment about the Poles ¬


  5. Nibor says:

    Grant ,

    Two more

    79,928,142 as at 20:50:18 hours today according to the UN dept of economic and social affairs , predicted to rise to 80,747,189 in 2017 .

    The World Bank puts it as 74.93 million .

    A tourist site ; 78,741,053 .

    Perhaps the 5 million discrepancy (people) between the UN and the World Bank can be explained by our Immigration Service and National Insurance providers .

    I mean , what’s the difference between 13,000 3,000,000 5,000,000 or 24 for the Vatican unless you need to build sewage works and houses ?


  6. Guest Who says:

    Market rate talent at work.


  7. EnglandExpects says:

    I think that the more meaningful debate on the EU will come after the referendum and when Remain has won, perhaps by a slim majority. The comments made above about the long term threat to Europe posed by the eventual entry of Turkey to the EU are absolutely right. Cameron is as usual deceiving us, this time about Turkey. If it becomes clear that Turkey won’t be let in it will simply allow the migrant flows to resume. Either way Europe is Islamified. The absence of clear and honest debate about the long term issues at stake has revealed the shallowness of our politicians and our democracy.
    After a Remain win, the tissue of lies peddled by Cameron and Osborne in the campaign will become the debating point. The result of the vote will be seen as unfair. The issue won’t go away.
    Cameron’s tactics in this campaign are short sighted in every sense. Except perhaps that he knows that his next job after PM will be on the boards of the Europhile big businesses he is colluding with in the campaign.
    The Tory Party will get rid of him and Osborne. His successor will either organise another referendum or fight the next General Election on a manifesto pledge of leaving the EU. Either way there will be a Round 2.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      It may pan out like this, but I suspect it unlikely that there would ever be a Round 2. The view of the politicians is that this is a once-in-a-generation question, with 41 years having passed since the last referendum on the matter. In 41 years time, the democratic mechanisms for referenda simply will not exist in this country. It is likely that the EU will make such referenda and the right to secede from the union illegal – there is plenty of scope in the Lisbon Treaty to do so.


  8. Wiser Monkeys says:

    Overall, there are a potential 153 million more waiting in the wings to join the EU.
    All from countries significantly poorer than the UK.
    The UK will become an even greater migrant magnet, especially with the new Living Wage.


    • taffman says:

      And we write, the Italian coast guard and other navies are popping across the Med to ‘rescue’ economic migrants, who set out in flimsy boats from the coast of Libya and flood Europe with more trouble.
      The totally useless and undeceive EU may as well send a cruise liner and take them on board at the Libyan ports to save them ‘getting their feet wet’ .
      Of course, we all know where the EU ultimately wants dump them .
      Time to get out of the EU


  9. Peter Grimes says:

    If you wanted to follow up on the EU Army story (Germans and Dutch in hairnets, latter permitting all sorts of atrocities, East Europeans taking bribes, Italians in reverse gear, French on strike, Brits, paid for by us doing the dirty work and taking casualties), you would be very hard pressed indeed.

    If there is something there it is well hidden!