Remain, Inshallah



Have all those in the Remain camp converted to Islam?  Are they budding Muslims?  Do they kneel in submission and pray towards Mecca?  You might have thought so from the reverence that the BBC treats them with…nary a word agin them…Andrew Neil aside.  It has become apparent that a Remainer’s word is Gospel, or is that Koranic?, and is now taken as The Truth by default with the Leave campaign forced to counter it in the face of hostile BBC questions.

After Cameron’s mauling last week, a mauling unless you get the news from the BBC who saw it as a victory for the PM, we heard on 5 Live from the BBC presenter that the economic benefits of immigration were very positive, according to one academic study, and that ‘we should be hearing more of that in this campaign’…as she lectured the Leave spokesperson and claimed by implication that Leave were lying about the effects of immigration.

The BBC headlines after the Cameron bashfest were all about how Cameron would control immigration (LOL), never mind that the BBC has been previously heavily criticising him for his obvious and massive failure to do just that.  In the news bulletins we had clips of Cameron and Miliband talking about immigration at length…and Leave?  They got a 2 second mention…‘Leave disagrees with all that’…or something along those lines…blink and you’d miss it.

Last Saturday Today (08:20) brought on Kinnock, to speak for the Stay camp, who got such a free ride, such an easy ride it was embarrassing…compare that to how Whittingdale, Leave, (08:55) was treated…continually interrupted and abused in an aggressive manner…..Leave were accused of ‘masquerading as leftwingers’ in their concern for workers (never mind that the Church of England has just admitted it was wrong about Thatcher in the 80’s and that her policies were good for workers…not see the BBC make a song and a dance about that!) and that the things that Leave say they might do, such as spend more on the NHS, will never happen…ie they are lies suggests, speculates wildly, Nick Robinson.  No bias there then.

Throughout this week whenever I’ve tuned in, and it must just be a coincidence, the BBC has been plugging the Remain campaign’s ‘issues’…whether its the EU health card for travellers (you probably automatically pay insurance anyway as part of your holiday cost and there is no good reason to cancel the EU arrangement on Brexit…it is unconnected to the ‘EU’ as such).  Then we had warnings about the ‘EU’s law enforcement agency’…otherwise known, when not in EU referendum mode and bigging up the EU, as Europol…curious how the BBC decides to use that turn of phrase recently to describe Europol….and so many times.

This morning I heard the usual format in operation on ‘Wake up to money’ (34 mins) as the Remain spokesman was given a freeride to state his case, this was taken as the baseline correct version of how things are and it was up to the Leave person to counter that ‘truth’ with the BBC presenter butting in to argue against him…unlike the Remainer who was not interrupted or questioned in any way he might find inconvenient or displeasing.

We also heard that the EU was responsible for creating the success of the City…hmmm…again wasn’t that Thatcher and the ‘Big Bang’?  Curious how the BBC flip-flops on history when it suits….Thatcher has always been the bête noir of the BBC for creating the ‘capitalist monster’ that is the City (Gordon Brown’s subsequent deregulation free for all ‘golden age’ that helped create the crash is always ignored by the BBC)…and now…not so…our jobs and prosperity depend upon the City and the EU is the cause of all that prosperity from the wonderful City.

When Wollaston jumped ship the BBC were constantly stating that Leave were claiming that the whole £350 million would be spent on the NHS and that they didn’t ever qualify their claim with acknowledgements about the rebate and EU spending…the BBC always, deliberately, misses the point on that…that it is us in the UK that should decide how to spend that money not bureaucrats in Brussels who also take their own huge cut.

Wollaston was clearly a Remain stooge…whether from the start or just persuaded to come over and time that betrayal to suit Remain you decide…but she had a script ready from No10 when she announced it… might have been Cameron speaking as she talked of being ‘safer in Europe‘, tick, that we get more back on research spending than we give (curiously a comment made by Cameron on PMQs just the day before)  tick, that Brexit would mean world war…tick.  I’m sure her 81 year old father, whom she claims sees the very real threat of  ‘conflict in Europe’, would be ashamed of the daughter he spawned who exploits his name and betrays the democracy he served so long in the Forces to defend.

Wollaston was given, not unexpectedly, a very easy time and was barely challenged at all on her betrayal made all the more remarkable by the number of ‘concerns’ she suddenly has about Brexit and yet previously was ardently for …how can that be credible?  The BBC didn’t delve too deep.  I thought Montague was getting ready to tackle Wollaston and suggest she was a Remain plant…and indeed she suggested Wollaston was always a Remainer…oh hang on…she continues……‘But you didn’t think through the consequences early enough’….ah…silly girl….Remain is the default, obvious choice and Brexit has inevitable dangerous consequences…what were you thinking?  The interview is here (08:37)  No bias there then.

The BBC’s ‘Reality Checks’ and analysis of claims made by the two camps are laughable….Remain are hardly challenged at all on their numerous claims whilst Leave are forensically gone over.  The BBC’s Kamal Ahmed is a perfect example as he examines, LOL, Remain’s economic claims.

When Steve Hilton suggested we should Brexit and that the EU made the UK ‘ungovernable’ and that the economic claims were so much guess work…’the bottom line on the economic argument is that no one really knows. It’s clearly ridiculous to claim that it’s settled in either direction; there are risks whatever we do.  The real choice is not economic security or economic risk, but what kind of government will equip us best to cope with a risky, fast-changing world?’

Ahmed immediately produced a counter to Hilton’s piece claiming that the Treasury’s analysis was credible….

Political hubris to one side, the Treasury analysis can be set apart from the “he said, she said” tenor of much of the EU referendum debate. It is based on a well-understood and tested economic model.

It might be wrong, or the outcomes might be substantially different once real events take hold – as is true of all forecasts – but it is very much worth the paper it is written on.

The Treasury’s analysis is pure guess work and projected impossibly way into the future…but not for the BBC’s Kamal who just adores it…never mind the Treasury is Osborne’s domain and the Bank of England’s governor is his placeman.

Peter Allen yesterday was sure the NHS would collapse on a Brexit as the economy will tank.  When it was suggested that the EU economy wasn’t working Allen claimed that it was the same for the whole world…curious how when Cameron claims it is the worries about Brexit that create uncertainty and a falling pound etc the BBC didn’t challenge that with the obvious point that America is also in exactly the same boat as us and they don’t have a referendum in the offing.  The EU economy, Germany aside, is tanking….and it is to do with the single currency and the restrictions that places on countries limiting their possible actions to deal with problems.

Later we heard that the Leave crowd are more passionate in debates…why? Because they don’t care about the consequences of Brexit says Allen…it is all about emotion for them…whereas, Allen suggests, the Remainers are all pragmatic and can see the real problems that will be caused by Brexit.  No bias there then.

Just a few examples of many that illustrate the slanted, pro-Remain ‘reporting’ from the BBC.

Must be nice to have not only the full resources of the government, and its friends in high places, on hand to support your campaign but also the massively resourced, influential and unprincipled BBC backing you as well.


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13 Responses to Remain, Inshallah

  1. JimS says:

    The daily PM double act that supposedly answers listeners’ questions has been appalling. The ‘remain’ case is always being put forward as ‘reasonable’ and the ‘leave’ dismissed as ‘well things will either be worse or stay much the same’, never ‘better’.

    Last week we had the ‘fishing’ argument. Well of course we could claim a 200 mile limit but isn’t that silly, the channel is only 20 miles wide and besides we couldn’t police it and we don’t have any fishing boats anyway. Game set and match to ‘remain’!

    Occasionally we have been presented with a stupid ‘remain’ argument, like ‘we need to be in to buy French wine’, but these are treated kindly, ‘well no, but it would be easy to get confused’, (you are an idiot but at least you are thinking of voting the right way).


  2. chrisH says:

    Of course we`re right to rage at the unending serial bias of the great and good in the media against the very people who pay for their posturings and lies.
    It would be easy to despair too at the forces ranged against us-the urge for a quiet life, devil you know etc.
    The feather bedded and bought-off public sector, the welfare industry, grievance hustlers, identity and sector inspectorates tend to make up those we work with, who come into contact with and who hog our media seem to be winning don`t they…no wonder we`re annoyed.
    But all the above have shot their bolt-and this week has shown it.
    And they`re the same people who deluded themselves into expecting Miliband and Sturgeon to be running this country today…but the quiet people of this country decided otherwise.
    Same today I think-all the public sector shills, the media and the beautiful people in the quangos/charity sectors will settle for cheaper roaming charges until the clocks go back-but the real people of this country just want it back, want Kinnocks gone and want Qatada kicked out in days as opposed to years
    They like Nigel and like Boris-and the more the elite sneer and bitch,the more they will back them.
    These people have a lot of influence over their kids too-and THEY get the same mesages on Snapchat and YouTube, although we wouldn`t know it…and only the student snowflakes fret over Trump, the silent white majority-and the black patriots too-hate the BBCs bias-but won`t tell them seeing as we liked the egg on their faces last year..and we`ll be hoping for the same.
    No greater slap in their faces to know that toffs like Boris and Nigel KNOW the mind of Britain far better that those gobshites who affect to know it…and this referendum clearly puts everybody into a “patriot” or a “thick quisling” camp…and there we`ll stay for a long tome to come.


  3. Owen Morgan says:

    I am absolutely sure Wollaston was a plant, all along. Her complaint against Leave was unutterably feeble, even for a GP.


    • Grant says:


      Agreed and it probably lost the Remainers votes. They are so stupid. Where is she now ?


  4. tarien says:

    I was amazed no doubt like many thousands who saw that, Muslim London Mayor Sadiq Khan sitting in St Pauls, enjoined by those celebrating the Queen’s 90th official birthday. As my wife said, as London Mayor he would be expected to attend-as I have said before and will again those that follow the teachings of Islam are under the rules of the Quran to destroy the Infidel-they have been endeavouring to so for nigh on 1300 yrs. We narrowly escaped loosing Vienna in 1683. Having now arrived at our present state of prosperity and freedom, we are conscioulsy allowing all that allows them to exist, everything that our ancesters fought so long and hard for, to be destroyed. What horros under their Sharia Law occurs in their ghettos we will never be known as our authorities are in fear of their lives if they enter. These places are all over Europe beyond the reach of the law of the land-why is this state of affairs tolerated? It is what we are knowingly permitting to replace our hard-won freedoms and equalities.


  5. G.W.F. says:

    Yawn, thrice yawn. Nobel scientists warn that Brexit will damage science.
    Yeah, with EU multicultural dogma where all beliefs are equal, Islamic theories that the Earth is stationary will do wonders for science. Eurabia won’t need science – all we will need is the Koran.
    Note how Hawking, supports the Remainers along with his support for the Palestinians and boycott of Israel, despite using a voice machine powered by an Israeli microchip. Mr clever scientist too dumb to recognise his contradiction and so pliable for the Remain camp.


    • Grant says:


      How Einstein, Newton, Darwin , Faraday etc survived without the EU is a mystery. But it is all about money now. Do these scientists not realise that the money comes from us and the EU crooks take their cut before the money reaches the scientists ? After Brexit, we can cut out the middle man so more for scientific research .


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      Somebody needs to switch Hawking off and then on again. He seems to need a reboot.


    • Aerfen says:

      Disgusting disablist comment about Stephen Hawkings electronic voice machine. I do not agree with Bremain but Hawking has as much right as anybody to his views, including about Israel/Palestine too.

      Are you suggesting that Hawking ‘owes’ the Jews allegiance due to his ‘made in Israel’ microchip, or that if it werent manufactured there it wouldnt be made elsewhere? Should he refuse to make any criticisms of China if any of his equipment happens to be made in that country?

      Your comment parallels the BBCs racism in suggesting all those of immigrant background should support Bremain!


      • Grant says:

        I suggest we should separate Hawking’s political views from his scientific achievements, none of which I understand , of course. Similar with Richard Dawkins. Just because he is an ageing hippy socialist, does not, for me, demean his scientific genius.


  6. says:

    I’ve been telling friends for a while that it won’t be the UK who cause the downfall of the EU it will come from elsewhere in the EU. I’ve a feeling that the remainiacs will win with a tiny majority in the referendum, I absolutely dread the future if they do, but, the fact is, many UK voters are scared, they are stupid and they will believe the KGBbc and camoron lies and propaganda.

    They have been so brainwashed over the last decade or more that they do believe that a world doesn’t exist outside the EU, despite the fact that the leftards constantly harp on about globalization and how the world is the place to be! But we need to be 1/28th of a voice to deal in that world? The leftard logic..the same people who blame the bankers for every ill in the world yet are now on the same platform to keep us in the EU.

    The liberal socialists couldn’t give a toss about the Spanish, the Greeks, the Portuguese, the Irish or the British, they want a muli culti USA style european utopia and nothing will stop their aims..nothing, until, in the end, the naturalized people fight back. We are already seeing that in the rise of many protest parties in a rising number of EU countries, Austria being the latest.

    There is a collision coming between the leftard leaders who think that only THEY have the answer and the ordinary people who have no say but who own their countries just as much as merkel, camoron, hollande and the rest of the zombies, I just pray that the silent majority of the UK once again save us from going down with the EU Titanic. We could, once again, save Europe from disaster by voting LEAVE.