Immigration…The EU’s Weapon of Choice?



Birth of superstate: Frederick Forsyth on how UNELECTED Brussels bureaucrats SEIZED power

Our democracy was not presented last week on a plate. It took centuries of struggle to create and from 1940 to 1945 terrible sacrifices to defend and preserve. It was bequeathed to us by giants, it has been signed away by midgets.

Now we have a chance, one last, foolishly offered chance to tell those fat cats who so look down upon the rest of us: yes, there will be some costs – but we want it back.


Just why does the EU insist that countries adopt their freedom of movement rules if they want to join the single market?  Is it about trade or is it really about something else, something much more sinister?

Is the EU at war with Britain?  At first glance that’s crazy!  The EU has no army (Though they’re working on it), there are no tanks rumbling through the Channel Tunnel, the Luftwaffe isn’t blitzing London again…and they just wouldn’t would they?

Hang on though, bombs, bullets and Blitzkrieg aren’t the only means to wage war on a nation.  There’s propaganda (as the BBC wages on certain foreign countries via the World Service pumping out democracy and the ways to win it), there’s economic means (such as Saudi Arabia trying to destroy the US’s shale oil and gas industry and spreading Islamic fundamentalism throughout the world via the mosques, universities and Islamic information centres that it funds), there’s diplomatic and legal means (such as the OIC trying to impose Islamic blasphemy laws upon all UN nations) and then there’s immigration.

Immigration?  How can that be a weapon of war?  Look at the Ukraine and Crimea where Russia has used the excuse of having Russian populations within those states to allow it to annex one and attempt to destroy another.  Look at Hitler and his use of a similar excuse to annex countries.  Having a ‘Trojan Horse’ population wihin another nation is a powerful tool to control that nation or to take it over…witness Pakistan’s creation of its proxy army, the Taliban, designed to takeover Afghanistan and deny India any influence there.  Gaddafi, Putin and the Islamic Sate all either threatened to use or actually used immigration as a weapon against Europe and the Palestinians hope to use the ‘Right of Return’ to destroy Israel….feet on the ground are facts on the ground.

How does any of that relate to the EU?  Well, just ask why does the EU absolutely insist that any nation that wants to join the EU, even on the margins ala Norway, must accept the free movement of people? Any EU citizen has the absolute right to move to any country within the EU and cannot be stopped from doing so.  Why is that necessary to promote trade?  It’s not really, a more controlled system that still allowed in necessary workers but kept out those who just turn up in the hope of a job would be perfectly workable.  Prove you’ve got a job and can pay your way…you’re in.  If not, you’re not.

So why does the EU insist on a free-for-all immigration system?  You have to remember that the EU is first and foremost a political project and the economics come second as a consideration when push comes to shove…as with Greece when the EU was desperate to keep it in the club and threw everything it could at it to do so.  The EU would rather see a country beggared than allow it to leave the EU and show that there is life, a better life, possible outside the EU, a route that other member states might be tempted to follow if one was allowed to do so.

Freedom of movement is used by the EU as a means to undermine and destroy the nation state and encourage a loyalty to the EU or ‘Europe’.  It is a subtle way of annexing a country by stealth.  It is a weapon of war.  Force countries to accept large numbers of people who have no real attachment to, no loyalty to, no links to it and you, the EU, have a means of influencing and taking over that country as millions of people with no loyalty to their new home look not to, say Britain, as their actual home, but to Europe.  Not British but European.  Not Polish but European.  Not German or French or Norwegian but European.  And that’s the way those who are eligible to vote in the UK will probably vote in this referendum, to stay in the EU…and that is just what the Labour Party believed would happen as it opened the flood gates to allow in unlimited numbers of migrants from Europe…that was no mistake, it was a deliberate and very calculated pro-EU policy.

The EU’s free movement policy isn’t necessary for trade but it is necessary to create populations with a sense of a European identity, an idea of, a loyalty to, a ‘European Sate’….a constantly moving, rootless population without any national identity or loyalty, that no longer sees itself as British, Polish, Romanian, Greek or whatever and looks to the amorphous ‘Europe’ as its home.

Freedom of movement, forced as it is upon nations, is an act of war designed to destroy those nation states and their identity, their very make-up, cultural and genetic and the loyalty to that identity.





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9 Responses to Immigration…The EU’s Weapon of Choice?

  1. embolden says:

    Immigration and freedom of movement is only part of the anti indigenous nations witches brew cooked by by the EU.

    Add multiculturalism and identity politics and we start to get the picture, add islamisation and what we get is a deracinated population of consumer/workers toiling like serfs under the benevolent (until you cross them) multi cultural elite who give out approval, employment, housing and financial support to favoured groups whilst stigmatising and reducing to penury unfavoured groups.

    Look for example at the agitation and money circle around refugees. The elite want more labour and consumers to make Europes economy “grow”. Charities become NGOs but accept government funding via contracts to agitate for and then give practical support for the mass migration of refugees….but without proper controls…..economic migrants, illegal migration streams all become refugees, asylum seekers……”desperate people” to be welcomed into our poorest communities, prioritised for housing, benefits, support networks etc etc.

    Now look at working class mental health service users, using “services” cut to the bone and still being cut further….complex and difficult to access, fenced by “inclusion criteria” set up to reduce access. These hapless people are stigmatised and often preyed upon by drug dealers, sellers of cheap alcohol, socially isolated, avoided by wider society, given “personal budgets” to manage then left in penury when they fail in this task, set up to fail by a “community care” system designed to deny and “gatekeep” services to all but the very sickest, a system that tells “recovered” service users (so “recovered” that they are frequently still prescribed psychiatric drugs) that they don’t have real needs and that they must “take responsibility” and seek low paid employment or volunteer work as part of their “rehabilitation” or face losing what benefits they still get.

    Then they are placed in direct competition with the “new arrivals” whose cultural quirks must be respected on pain of prosecution, who are being favoured by both the politically correct social and health care systems, and who can claim discrimination if job offers aren’t forthcoming. Some low paid jobs are the preserve of ethnic blocs….”Indian” restaurants for example or parts of agriculture where gang masters recruit solely from Eastern Europe and English is no longer spoken.

    And when an indigenous English, French, or Swede looks to their own identity politics, the identity politics that the elite propagates for the “new Europeans”……no matter how moderate the poor, indigenous Europeans cry for justice is, lo and behold…. he or she is stigmatised by the “public discourse” of the lying press and the BBC as a swivel eyed, far right, bigoted loon…….or nazi.
    And there is no electoral outlet (in Britain anyway) through which their interests can be represented.

    Is it any wonder that some, a tiny few, take the long, lonely walk down the dead end of violent, individualised extremism?

    This must change. Vote Leave.


    • tarien says:

      Excellent Embolden, why don’t you send that to all National Newspapers, as well as should Alan-this sort of information never really gets out to the general public, but like you and many I have taken time to study the whole dam awful con-trick that’s been played upon for years & years. Whether the coming of a New World Order or not there has been a World Order for thousands of yrs, and we can all be certain that we shall move into the darkness of another terrible World Order if Britain votes to stay inside the EU, a despotic federal / fabien structure, if Britain Votes OUT then that structure just might crumble and an opportunity be given for 27 nations to rebuild their democracies.


      • CranbrookPhil says:

        A New World Order?

        Being an artist I am at odds with most of my friends who are lefties. I remember all those years ago when the Occupy rabble were camping out outside St Pauls, one of my close friends was very sympathetic to them. He talked of a new world order of anti-capitalism being just round the corner. It all seemed barmy to me or else marxism in a new form.

        Ironically he might be correct about the change, but the change is not coming from the left, but the centre-right. After Brexit things will be different, & thank goodness it isn’t a change created by the left. It is clear the left are devoid of ideas now – & have been for a long time!


  2. Demon says:

    The EU intends to turn Britain into an address, not a place.


  3. Colboysigma says:

    Just spotted on Stefan Molyneux’s Twitter that Switzerland has formally withdrawn their EU application… 17th June
    Nothing on the BBC. WHY?


    • Grant says:


      Could be a “domino effect “, even if UK votes to remain. I think the writing is on the wall and the game is up. If Remainers only have empty threats and no arguments , then they will lose. Switzerland is , maybe , the top democracy in the World. Their politicians have to listen to the people .


  4. manchesterlad says:

    That is interesting.

    Yes, although this is moderately symbolic (their application has been on hold since 1992 when the Swiss voted against joining the EU) why have they chosen this week to withdraw their application? I’m sure the BBC will discuss this interesting question.


  5. TigerOC says:

    Absolutely solid analysis.

    In post war South Africa the Nationalist Party used this. The majority of the civil service, police and railways were Nationalist supporters. The Nationalist government moved huge numbers of these civil servants into areas that voted for the opposition to gain political control of these areas.

    We have seen similar sinister actions by the Labour party recently where during their 13 years in power they put in Labour activists in charge of many of the Quangos and quasi government bodies. The ruling party maybe Tory but the people that control what happens is Labour. The BBC is a prime example of this.


  6. Aborigine Londoner says:

    How the left encourage slavery!

    “Ah but you see, this time we make them think it’s their choice to leave their families, loved ones……”.


    Not much difference really.