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Peter Allen, and Adrian Chiles, always seem out of their depth when talking of the big affairs of state…better stick to football and man bites dog stories.  Nice, friendly guys, but that is reflected in the way they interpret events….never prepared to condemn or say something harsh but true unless of course it’s someone from the ‘Right’.

Yesterday Allen revealed to us that he thought perhaps Brexit had ‘unleashed something in the nation that was always there.’….ie racism.  So a double whammy there….associates Brexit with racism and denounces the whole country, well the white bits, as racists who normally hide their racism until given license to be racist by Brexit.

Allen also took the usual BBC negative view of Brexit [When have you ever heard the BBC putting the positive case for it?] and when talking to the head of government in Gibraltar asked him what his fears were and if Gibraltar will negativity there then.  The politician quickly put Allen in his place and said Gibraltar would thrive and prosper and may well do better…and indeed a Remain voter on Gibraltar said that after a weeks thought on the result he felt that Brexit might actually be good for Gibraltar…needless to say that conversation with the BBC ended pretty quickly.

Just another day with the nice Peter Allen and the BBC….talking down Britain.






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5 Responses to Peter Allen says

  1. BMB says:

    Allen drives an Audi… ’nuff said!!!


  2. john in cheshire says:

    It was Adrian Chiles, who together with Jo Brand, complained about Carol Thatcher because she used the word Golliwog in the Green Room, about I think a tennis player’s hair style. I’ll never forget that and I won’t forgive him and the Brand person for what they did. I don’t think Carol Thatcher has appeared on the bbc since that time but since I don’t have a tv licence and wouldn’t watch their programmes even if I had, I can’t be totally sure.


    • BMB says:

      My dear mum makes Golliwogs and there aint a racist bone in her body… PC is BULLSHIT.


  3. NCBBC says: