PMI blues


Just a few weeks ago the BBC was trumpeting the then latest PMI figures that had dipped below 50 and in the BBC’s interpretation this definitely showed we were heading for recession due to Brexit.  This ‘news’ was constantly and loudly broadcast on the day the figures were released.

How different yesterday when the latest PMI figures [53.3] were released showing that ‘the month-on-month increase in the PMI level was the joint largest in the survey’s 25-year history.’

The figures were released at 09:30, the BBC didn’t report this until around 21:00 and the radio news was totally silent all day on this remarkable turn around in contrast to the very high profile the figures received last month.  Odd that the BBC was not chomping at the bit to get these latest ‘good news’ figures that give the lie to the BBC’s scaremongering about Brexit.

Interesting to hear Justin Webb interview Stiglitz on Wednesday as he slammed the EU and told us that if the EU acted in a rational way [note the ironic guffah from Webb…if so sceptical about the EU where was that in the run-up to the referendum?] the Uk could ‘do very well’.

Stiglitz tells us that the EU was supposed to bring solidarity and prosperity but has done the opposite and that the fact that the EU sees the only way to keep members in line, and inside the EU, is to threaten them must show that the EU doesn’t have a positive argument for itself and its supposed benefits.

Stiglitz tells us what we all know…that the only way the EU can succeed and make the Euro work is to have ever closer union…which was a major reason so many people voted to get out of the EU because staying in would inevitably mean we get dragged into that ever closer union…but this was not a line that the BBC cared to explore at all.

Instead the BBC concentrated on the economics..or the ‘economics’ as the Remain camp saw them…the BBC’s presentation parroted Remain’s propaganda unquestioningly even when making what were pretty outrageous claims.

Yesterday I heard Peter Allen get a bit hot under the collar when someone from the Electoral Reform Society suggested that the media were to blame for not properly informing the public during the referendum campaign.  The BBC was, ufortunately the source that the majority of people relied upon for their information….which, given the BBC’s very pro-EU reporting, might suggest Leave might have got an even higher percentage of the vote had we had a more balanced and honest narrative from the BBC.

Have to say most of the ERS’s analysis is mostly hot air…just look at this..

The society said the EU debate was in “stark contrast” to the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence, which it said had featured a “vibrant, well-informed, grassroots conversation that left a lasting legacy of on-going public participation in politics and public life”.

That’ll be right…the Scottish national socialist party’s anti- English rhetoric combined with total falsehoods about the economy meant that voters were had a ‘vibrant and well informed’ debate along with the stay camp’s ‘project fear’.  Such a shining example of how to run a referendum…not.

This is interesting though…

Referendums are a rich source of learning about public attitudes to politics and democracy. They expose views and feelings that are not given true expression or representation at general elections, given our distorted electoral system. At the Electoral Reform Society we have heard time and again from members of the public for whom 23rd June was the first time their vote had truly counted.

So, despite what the ERS are trying to claim, the referendum in fact represented what people actually thought and wanted to say, they were given a voice so often denied to them….and the referendum had a turn out far in excess of any recent general election.  Democracy in action.

The ERS is of course a campaigning group with its own agenda and is twisting its analysis on the EU referendum to support its own line.

I don’t think that voters were under-informed about why we should leave the EU by the Leave campaign but anyone in the Remain camp or undecided were certainly short-changed by the BBC which concentrated on the the supposed disastrous economics of a Brexit vote and which refused to explore the very extreme problems if we did stay in the EU and which painted anyone who spoke about immigration as a racist.

Leave voters were very clear why they wanted to leave….to escape the stranglehold of EU and its unelected politicians, to control immigration and to control our own destiny.  Simple.  To claim they didn’t know what they were voting for, which is the BBC’s own narrative, is just nonsense.  It was the BBC that didn’t know, or couldn’t accept, what they were voting for and no doubt all future debates about this will be ‘informed’ by the ERS analysis, conveniently avoiding the negatives about the Remain campaign, but loudly trumpeting any criticism of the Leave campaign thus adding to the BBC’s narrative that the referendum was invalid and that people were misled into voting Leave….and thus we should have a second referendum.

Note the interview with Gus O’Donnell in which Mishal Husain repeatedly asked if we should have a second referendum….O’Donnell is a Remain man who admits his ‘utopia’ would be to still be in the EU.  This is the man that the BBC chose to present a programme about Brexit.  The programme is designed purely to instill in us the idea that Brexit is so difficult and beset with problems that we are more ready to accept a suggestion of a second referendum to escape Brexit armageddon.

Also note the BBC’s road trip around the UK to check on how Brexit is effecting you…Unlikely Brexit is effecting anyone to any great extent at the moment.  The BBC will of course end up packing the programme with immigrants who claim to have been abused by racists due to Brexit.  Just more BBC anti-Brexit propaganda designed to paint a negative picture of a future outside the EU’s grasp.

The BBC seems to live in an entirely different world to most people and rather than report facts instead reports what it wants you to think you know.  It is corrupt, it is hugely damaging to democracy in this country and is a massive danger to society as it supports terrorism and cheerleads radical ideologies that bring only a new Dark Ages.




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18 Responses to PMI blues

  1. ThomasR says:

    I tuned in to Today at 6.15am this morning to hear the antipodean Business news guy deliver the good news from the latest PMI data, sadly I was disappointed:-

    First item, something about the funding of a firm in Cambridge that was doing some successful research on the zika virus. ( A science item ?)

    Second item, the cinema trade ( A media item ?)

    Third item, American interest rates. Last three sentences a “by the way” reference to yesterday’s PMI data…… and now to the sports news………………

    I and others on this site predicted this a month ago !!


    • NWStu says:

      There was some reporting, seemingly sadly, of the ‘unfortunate’ upturn in the released data. All qualified by a very large ‘but’. The point being that the Auntie cannot seem to turn down an opportunity to belittle the poor, stupid, racist, blue collar xenophobes who had the audacity to go against their heavily pushed agenda.
      Do the BBC actually ever leave London’s utopia of religious harmony, racial tolerance and gender non-specifics?
      It appears that even if they do, they choose not to see.
      I think that their premises in Salford are possibly just a hologram projected there as a mere sop to us dim, lily white, northern monkeys in order to give us the false impression that we matter.
      I wouldn’t be in the least surprised if they thought that Northern Powerhouse was some kind of outlet for overpriced, under engineered goods sold at 99999.09% interest rates. After all, we do need something to wash our flat caps and whippets in lest they become too foul smelling.

      To be serious though, Auntie is as beyond redemption as it is on even handed reporting.


  2. ObiWan says:

    “…The BBC will of course end up packing the programme with immigrants who claim to have been abused by racists due to Brexit.”

    Claims are just claims, though – but happily for leftist race-baiters, BLM and the BBC the police still count such spurious, nebulous and amorphous vagaries as ‘reports’ of a race-hate ‘crime’. It’s a joke – but it’s cruel and spiteful joke, designed entirely to paint a false narrative (just over half the UK all the English who voted Brexit, in other words – are ‘waaaaycist!).

    This licenses race-baiters to tour msm studios making spurious, unsubstantiated claims and accusations against (you guessed it) the white English population. The BBC, naturally, enough, love this. Can’t get enough.

    The BBC: Sowing the seeds of division, one false narrative at a time.


    • JimS says:

      Since ‘Brexit’ no-one in Sainsbury’s dares ask, “Do you want help packing your bags?”


    • Jerry Owen says:

      In England itself the vote was 54% leave 46% remain a very decent margin that should be respected. especially as it’s the English that are whingeing the most apart from the Scots.. no change there!


      • tipple says:

        What seems to be forgotten is that around two million of those votes were from people who registered after the allotted time, when the registration period was extended by a number of days. I would suggest the margin for leaving would have been far greater if Cameron had not manipulated the vote in this dispicable manner.


  3. All Lives Matter says:

    Anyone still campaigning to prevent Brexit is a traitor and should be treated as such. I hope May triggers Article 50 very early next year and puts an end to this farce. I knew exactly what I was voting for – to leave the EU.


    • Demon says:

      Anyone still campaigning to prevent Brexit is a hater, and an anti-democracy and anti-freedom campaigner. It’s no wonder the Beeboids are still campaigning. If the media, particularly the BBC, had been honest and impartial through the Brexit campaign the victory for Brexit would have been over-whelming. I would guess that up to a half of Scottish regions would have supported it.


  4. Sluff says:

    And here is the score.
    Italy 39, Greece 50.

    Rugby? Basketball? Olympic medals won?
    Nope. Youth unemployment.

    A statistic the bBBC newsroom seems to have mysteriously overlooked.


  5. Jerry Owen says:

    A good article Alan.
    My biggest worry is that the only person and I mean person not organization that is stating there will be no second referendum is May herself. If she has a change of heart, her arm is twisted, she steps down to some unseen ‘dark forces at work’ who else is there to have the clout to refuse a second ballot?
    The globalists will stop at nothing to see their dreams of a one world government being formed, and we must be realistic enough to know that 17.4 million ‘un educated knuckle draggers’ will not stop them.
    My personal view is that if a second referendum ( democracy the remainers would argue ) cannot be achieved by the globalists pushing and cajoling the public ‘severe civil strife and economic strife’ will be racked up by the globalists to such a degree and blamed on ‘Brexit’ ( just as everything else is ) that some form of martial/ dictatorial ’emergency law’ will be brought in and ‘Brexit’ will be scrapped for the sake of ‘national and economic security’ never to be heard of again.


  6. StewGreen says:

    They did report it, but no big song and dance. eg didn’t use this quote from the report “The Brexit brakes are off” or tweet abou it themselves unlike last month.
    * Steady on @Alan *
    “the BBC didn’t report this until around 21:00 and the radio news was totally silent all day”
    Not true I heard it many times on Radio 4 after 10am and on Local radio news. And later stories said that the pound had risen.
    (I checked that by going to Twitter where people did mention the BBC from around 10am when this web story appeared ..However they didn’t whoop and and use it as the main headline like they did the previous month. And people pointed out on Twitter that no BBC accounts nor staff chose to retweet the headline , unlike last month.
    – At 1pm News on R4 they did a cautious in depth report where they brought someone from outside on to say ‘manufacturing is only 10% of UK economy these days and that soon the service sector results were due on Monday. OK he’s biased of course, but the same applies as for last month you can’t go reading into much from one months data from one poll. The data is real data rather than just confidence ‘feeling’ other polls have used.


    • StewGreen says:

      THE BBC has now allowed a positive sounding article
      The economic bounce back It has open comments

      A mild one claiming we in the Goldilocks zone not quite out and with low pound
      Brexit Britain: What has actually happened so far?

      but they conjured a NEGATIVE in Scotland without mentioning that engineering work is heavily affected by low oil prices.
      Engineers cite effects of Brexit for * slump * in orders and output
      “Order levels were negative for the eighth quarter in a row,”
      See incorrect use of the word “slump”, it can’t be Brexit caused if it was also happening 6 months before Brexit.


      • Sluff says:

        Yep SG. Not only are they biased, but they are incompetent and ignorant about business. No surprise there, given the entitlement culture which comes from an unearned income of £4bn per annum.
        So just in case any bBBC newsroom scchoolkids read this website, I’ll mention that many engineering companies are what may be called ‘Late cycle’. That is, the oil price slumps but many projects are already in process. So they tend to go through to completion, otherwise money spent has been totally wasted, and orders stay high. It Is the next wodge of investment that is cut, a year plus later. Which gradually feeds through, and lo and behold, two to three years after an oil price fall, some engineers finally see orders falling way down. If it happens to co-incide with Brexit of course, then it’s happy days in the biased BBC newsroom, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with it. Anyone in the business could tell them this but that would require them to ask, which won’t happen, as the truth would not fit their narrative.


  7. taffman says:

    Just listening to Al Beeb, despite the great news they continue to find some negativity in the economy. “Jobs market shrinks for new graduates, survey suggests”.
    And “The number of jobs for new graduates has shrunk by 8% in a year, suggests a survey of more than 200 top employers.”
    They , Al Beeb, are sending out the wrong news to potential investors in the UK. They did it just pre Brexit by talking down this great nation and they are still doing it now. Despite all that, I understand a record number of foreign investors put their money in Great Britain this year . Perhaps our ‘whiz kid’ financial experts can enlighten us?


    • GCooper says:

      ” Despite all that, I understand a record number of foreign investors put their money in Great Britain this year . ”

      Part of that is because no one in business who has made enough money to invest in the UK is dumb enough to listen to more than a few minutes of the BBC’s alleged business coverage without collapsing in a fit of hysterical laughter.


      • taffman says:

        I always thought that the animated business reporter chap, Heslehurst was a bit of a comedian.


  8. DavidS says:

    Here we go ladies and gentleman…

    “Revoke the BBC’s charter”


  9. EnglandExpects says:

    My guess is that the BBC will be fighting the EU referendum result for years to come unless it is reformed to remove its news interpretation bias.
    The PMI is just a survey of intentions not actual economic activity. Managers in business are usually no better judges of the world outside their company or sector than any intelligent layman. They are also subject to groupthink. The poor PMI of June-July was purely down to the effect on expectations of the doom mongering of Osborne and Carney, aided and abetted by the BBC. As authority figures, they had a major influence on gullible business managers . Osborne has got his just deserts. Carney hasn’t and should consider himself a lucky man that his position made it risky to sack him.
    It’s no surprise that the August PMI self corrected when post- Brexit vote ‘real economy data’ began to emerge and expectations of business managers adjusted accordingly .
    As to lessons from Referenda, I’d be very suspicious of anything the electoral reform society says. Like all quangos, it will have been stuffed with left leaning bureaucrats prior to 2010 and Cameron did nothing to reverse this trend. It would be nice to see the ERS complaining about the lack of legal action in Tower Hamlets after its report there . It could do well to investigate malpractice in other Muslim influenced ‘rotten boroughs ‘ in Luton, Bradford,Birmingham etc where we now learn from Ofsted that council are actively working against its attempts to close down madrassas.