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The Question Time Live Chat plugin used for previous chats is broken and I haven’t been able to fix it. I think that the site host has disabled it. So, if there is any interest in having future Question Time chats, then we need a new site or chat plugin in order to host the chats. If anyone is aware of any such sites, then please let me know and we can try them out.

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17 Responses to Question Time Live Chat

  1. Tothepoint says:

    Looks like a shocker of a line up tonight!

    With a panel of professional deviants, and the guaranteed full house of grievance hustlers, race baiters, anger divas, and offence sponges, tonights episode of ‘Ask a stooge a question time’ will be the equivalent to watching a suicide bomb going off in a crowded market place… Disgusting, horrific and where you will constantly ask yourself “Why?!?!”


    • ID says:

      Thank god for the off-switch!
      The Female Foghorn will be too much to bear
      A special bravery medal should be struck for anyone able to endure the full outpourings of faecal matter from this BBC orifice.
      Newsshite anyone? Only joking.


  2. chrisH says:

    Baled out on all this performance crap re BBC “news outlets for the little people”.
    We`ve all seen enough of them now to know the set up-and the weirdos who get tickets to shoot their mouths off.
    Just not worth the bother-anything that the BBC set up for “vox populis” will be lefty slurry with public sector scum frightening and cowing little old ladies in the next row.
    Stormtrooper chic…bet the viewing figures have flatlined, seeing we`ve all left them to their mates(quangos, academe, arts, charities and unions, broadsheet bitches and blimps)…the real world has long left them.


    • Tothepoint says:

      Same here Chris. I used to watch this utter shite, but many a times I have contemplated changing race to Islam, just so I can legally exterminate some of the anti-normal morons who hijack each episode….so I don’t bother.

      We all know that the whole point of this theatre production is to lie and mislead the gullible and easily manipulated sheeple into thinking that the message being sprayed from Islamic Al Beebs manure sprayer is what normal, sane, fully functional people believe too


  3. vesnadog says:

    Obviously Dimbelby won’t disclose it, but most of the audiences these past years are nothing but fully signed up members of the:

    Ruling Elites, Pink Tolerance brigade, gender benders, radical feminists, anti-family sexperts, rainbow fascists, anti-sanity peddlers, evangleists for transsexuals who they now know are paid up members of a Politically Protected Species, those who are at war on family, morality, biology, children, decency, and society! Oh, and most probably work at the BBC with identity badges (in pink of course) with the name: Gaystapo!


  4. SupportOurLefty says:

    Friends! Am sure you’ll all be pleased to hear that I have taken a firm stance against Hard-Right BBC Bias:


  5. Loobyloo says:

    What a basket of deplorables!


  6. Flexdream says:

    Panel 60% socialist, 80% pro EU. Salisbury has a Conservative MP and voted to leave EU. Not watched the programme but I’m sure the representative audience challenged the panel.


  7. TheBrutalTruth says:

    Surprise surprise Question Time pushing the “perhaps Brexit will never happen” line. The BBC are scum


  8. Number 7 says:

    I am honestly glad I watched it.

    Apart from the predictable “We dunt wont know grammer skools” discussion.

    Soubrey weighed into O’Connell big time (well she is a piece of work). What followed was a complete slanging match between Campbell and O’D, ably assisted by the rows between audience members. The Liebore party in full meltdown on it’s own, private, broadcast channel. Dimblebum completely lost control, well assisted by Soubrey.

    Let’s see if they put it on iPlayer?

    Good comment from Letts at the end, 17.5 M people (more than voted for Blair) voted for Brexit but this panel consists of a group of Remainers and one Brexiteer. While Dimblebore was desperately trying to shut him down.



    • Mice Height says:

      I didn’t watch the programme, but saw the Campbell vs McDonnell spat on Guido’s site.
      The Looney Left vs The Bat-Shit-Crazy Left.


  9. Mackers says:

    Who decides on the Tory representative obviously not the Tory party. Why of all people her the anti brexit mouthpiece. Bbc again ruining my evening with o’brein on newshite and chief collaborator dimblebore on question bollux. Sick of having to rely on a non politician for commonsense


  10. KatieH says:

    Macdonnel and campbell how to pick the worst of these two dangerous imbeciles. Mcdonnell looked like he wanted to take out the revolver last night and put a bullet in campbells head along with soubry last night. The hate was burning out of him. Go back 80 years and you could picture him in charge of a gulag in siberia with milne second in command. Campbell was just allowed to rant on unchallenged while dimblebey just had his head in his hands. Soubrey even brought up the female mps living in safehouses due to the new kinder politics of corbyns lot and had a go at some of the corbynistas in the audience. If anybody was unaware how dangerous corbyn and macdonnells lot are then last night should have been a wake up call.

    The biggest joke was the snp idiot telling us she had a strategy, what continue the anti english hatred. Car crash tv at its best.


  11. Teddy Bear says:

    Julio – here’s quite a few chat plugins you can choose between.
    Good luck!


  12. Grant says:

    I gave up watching QT years ago. It is a joke .