Zero Hours Contracted Out Bias


Luckily for the BBC Chris Packham is considered a freelancer by the BBC Trust and anyway, he’s not involved in news programmes nor public policy-related output from the BBC….therefore he can say whatever he likes in BBC magazines….such as declaring that  hunting and shooting fans are the ‘nasty brigade’ as he campaigned to stop grouse shooting.

The BBC gives us a short report of the Trust’s findings but fails to mention comments from Ian Botham such as ‘This decision is a risible whitewash.  Yet again it shows the BBC’s metropolitan elite insulting the intelligence of the countryside by allowing Packham to continue to use the BBC as a platform for his extreme views.’

The BBC’s decision kind of flies in the face of reality…Packham to all intents and purposes is employed by the BBC...he is constantly presenting BBC programmes year in year out….and of course he made his claims in a BBC magazine.

If this were Sports Direct and their ZHCs the BBC would be all over it declaring him an employee with full worker rights…and responsibilities.

The Trust says that even if he were a ‘regular’ presenter as he doesn’t present the news or public policy-related output he is not covered by BBC rules on impartiality.

So….not doing the news or output related to public policy (however the BBC defines that) and you can say whatever you like…BBC employee or not.

No wonder the BBC Trust is being canned.





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5 Responses to Zero Hours Contracted Out Bias

  1. Deborahanother says:

    The Trust is abysmal but will the new board be any better? All of the appointees will likely be from the usual pool of Quangocrats and career greasy pole climbers , so I’m not holding my breath.


  2. All Lives Matter says:

    For the record I am very much opposed to bloodsport on grounds of cruelty. People like Packham and the left in general use it as an excuse to attack middle England and, given that many gave no problem with the equal heinous practices used in halal butchering, are lying through their teeth if they claim it’s anything to do with animal welfare. Both are unacceptable and barbaric, but as usual lefties only show any indignation if the perpetrators are white.


  3. Steve Jones says:

    As I have said before, Packham is a nasty little anti-human. Watch his appearance on Room 101. He cares so much for the little animals.


  4. Thoughtful says:

    Back my Brexit campaign & I’ll give you the licence fee and as much rope as you can hang yourselves with !