The BBC cannot help itself. Each day, it cries its Remainer Brexit tears and looks for consolation, anywhere it can find it. So the pro-EU pro Remain Sunday Telegraph is a friendly source on this occasion;

Boris Johnson has defended his writing of a pro-EU article days before he publicly backed Brexit, saying the article was “semi-parodic” and the UK’s decision to leave was right. In a newspaper column drafted in February, and now published by the Sunday Times, he suggested staying in the EU would be a “boon for the world”. Mr Johnson says he was “wrestling with the issue” at the time and was merely trying to make the “alternative case”.

Now then, Boris being two faced is perhaps a story (or not) but the BBC in their infinite wisdom elevate to the lead story in their news feed. Along with them propagating the whole fantasy “Soft Brexit vs Hard Brexit” the BBC continues to show contempt for the will of the British people.

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  1. Tothepoint says:

    The word to describe how the Islamic Al Beeb treat the British is beyond the word ‘contempt’! ‘Traitory’, ‘betrayal’, ‘criminality’, are far more suitable words to describe it. It’s very soul is evil and dangerous.

    The Islamic Al Beebs entire purpose is to force others to act and live against their wishes, and destroy those who try and fight against it. It’s anti-freedom, anti-democatic, anti-Caucasian, anti-tolerance, anti-Semitic, Anti-British…. That list is endless. It will use every underhand tactic, every possible opportunity to deceive, to lie, to attack, to hurt those it disagrees with. It’s a vile, disgusting organisation that is infested with utter traitors who possess the worst traits in humanity.

    The Islamic Al Beeb want to destroy everything that makes us British. Want to criminalise and shut down all avenues that can challenge their sick ideology. Want to wipe away any national identity we possess and will stop at nothing to tarnish the history of probably the greatest civilisation of mankind until its wiped from history itself…. and using OUR money, OUR laws and OUR hard fought and died for freedoms to do it!

    I honestly don’t believe the word ‘traitors’ does justice to what the Islamic Al Beeb are….but I hope the penalty attached to that title is how our future will reward them for what they have done


    • vesnadog says:

      Knowing how many BBC employees there must be within her global empire its only a matter of time before we see a huge Golden Dome on the BBC HQs roof which will be used as yet another money making scam including a great way to attract tourists from overseas and from UK schools as part of their term-time studies regarding: how Britain is more Islamic than Christian so we the BBC should show our support for the most loving, forgiving, most tolerant religion on earth!

      And cutting the red ribbon at its unveiling will obviously be that female Muslim BBC TV Cook! It goes without saying that everyone attending the ribbon cutting must wear Islamic dress!


  2. Oaknash says:

    The BBC have not respected the British people for years.

    They know full well there is no such a thing as soft brexit, hard brexit, par boiled brexit, soused brexit, cured brexit or even brexit sunny side up. There is just brexit or no brexit.

    All they are attempting to do is a sleight of hand where the possibility remains to undertake some sort of fudge where we dont really leave the EU. But the brexit title remains and us peasants are fooled simples.

    When I voted to leave the EU it was abundantly clear to me what I was voting for – regaining our sovereignty and the ability to control our borders. They knew it to, so it is disingenuous to the extreme as well as patronising to suggest that we did not know what we were voting for. Why were they so critical of Farage and his immigration poster? – they must have very short memories.

    For them to try and muddy the waters after such a clear mandate was passed to parliament just shows what contempt these self serving arseholes have for democracy and in addition the sheer contempt they show for those who have died over the years trying to defend it. My Dad lost dear friends that he served with in WW2 and my mum did war work in horrendous conditions up in London in the war for long hours and poor wages – and for what? so our state broadcaster can trash the state and in effect the efforts of those who fought for it.

    I have nothing but disdain for this bloated corrupt organisation which is willing to throw away our culture and our hard won freedoms for some naive 1960s student common room, rose tinted political ideology which bears very little relation to the real world.

    Years ago anyone acting in this fashion would have quite justifiably been accused of disloyalty to your country and even treason. However today there is a new term that means exactly the same thing – BBC JOURNALISM!

    Eventually all good things must come to an end and everything has its sell by date and I am afraid the BBC has now passed that point.


    • GCooper says:

      “Eventually all good things must come to an end and everything has its sell by date and I am afraid the BBC has now passed that point.”

      It would be interesting to work out when the ‘good thing’ ceased to be. I can recall the BBC seeming very Left wing in the 1960s – so just how far back does the rot spread?


      • Helena Hand-Basket says:

        ‘How far back does the rot spread?’ An interesting question, GCooper. Difficult to answer, as many of us were too leftist in our youth to notice the bias. (Though with hindsight 60s comedies mocked the conservative establishment.) Besides which, the BBC’s programmes were so much better quality 30+ years ago that they were enjoyable even with the (relatively subtle) lefty messages.

        It was gradually during the nineties that I noticed dumbing down and political correctness taking over. There were more soaps, more reality TV, patronising and gimmick-ridden factual programmes. The comedies became too PC to be funny. Every white male in a drama had to have a female ethnic minority sidekick.

        The first time I was really indignant was an episode of the children’s drama Grange Hill from around the late nineties. A teacher delivered a positively deranged lecture to her class on the evils of the British empire. All the kids watching would have assumed this one-sided picture of history was true. I nearly wrote a letter of complaint. (Not that it would have done me much good.)


        • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

          For me, PC started when I heard that mother in law jokes were to be banned.
          You know the type, Les Dawson for example.
          At the time it was mildly funny and you couldn’t imagine it being taken seriously but, bit by bit, the PC lot have increased their control over almost everything and now look at the awful mess we’re in.
          They want more and more, we give in a little, they bank it then come back demanding more.

          What started as such a minor concession of banning mother in law jokes had turned into a huge monster of people control.
          I hate PC.


          • vesnadog says:

            As we speak there must be members of the “pink tolerance brigade” working hard within the BBC in order to stop any more broadcasts of our excellent “Dads Army being broadcast ever again”!

            Mr Mannering usually jokes about “Pansies” being barred from being a member of the Home Guard! I’m sure Graham Norton, with all his influence/licence fee Wealth will be one of them!


    • Oaknash says:

      GC – Agree with what you say. The problem seems to be the fact that successive governments for years have lacked the political will to take this putrefying organisation on.

      We had a so called “Conservative” government in power at the last charter review and they were about as effective as a chocolate teapot when it came to making any serious reforms.

      I am afraid the bias and the cancer will continue to increase within this organisation until so many people defect to alternative parties such as UKIP (which the BBC openly hate) the mainstrean parties are forced to call for change themselves or start losing votes.

      Politicians are like junkies they feel they have to have good publicity or they will die. The referendum result (with an obviously Remain state broadcaster) proved this is no longer the case. Hopefully the penny will start to drop soon.

      This is why UKIP needs to get its act together.

      The BBC has now become overconfident and sees itself as an opinion former rather than reflecting and reporting on what is happening in the world. Its obvious remain bias could well be the straw that breaks the camels back as million of people in this country do not agree with this viewpoint and at the end of the day politicians rely on votes.


      • Andrew Caplan says:

        “This is why UKIP needs to get its act together.”

        Agree, but I’m not optimistic. New parties are notoriously fractious. I’m just grateful that they kept the peace before the referendum.

        My main concern is that once May has destroyed UKIP by stealing its clothes, she will revert to being a total wet.


  3. quisquose says:

    The BBC, or I should say employees of the BBC, want to believe is that the people that voted Leave are stupid and deserving of contempt. We only voted Leave because we were lied to, we were lied to about the £350m and today they want to believe that we were lied to by Boris. We are so stupid, so the BBC insist, that we needed Boris to guide us, and he guided us the wrong way.

    What a patronising, duplicitous, condescending, offensive, TRAITOROUS, organisation the BBC has become.


  4. All Lives Matter says:

    As Mark Twain correctly said, and was slightly rephrased by Ronald Reagan to specifically target leftists, the problems aren’t what someone doesn’t know but what they know for sure that isn’t so.

    The Marxists at the BBC, in the EU, and in the American Uniparty are so completely sure of their own correctness even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. And because they delude themselves into thinking that they have taken a virtuous, humanitarian position on everything, it allows them in their own mind to justify – with ever-more desperate, abstract, esoteric reasoning – acting like dictatorial, oppressive, bigoted filth towards anyone that has the bad taste to bring truth into the discussion.

    These people are either incredibly stupid for not realising how damaging their propaganda is becoming, or they’re doing it on purpose. Either way, they must be eradicated. Electing Trump would be a great start, a self-made success who wears his many flaws in plain view – exactly what is needed after decades of deception and pandering bullshit from the intelligentsia elite.


  5. taffman says:

    Its not fit for purpose and should not carry the name ‘British’. It is anything but.


  6. Aerfen says:

    Now that a Brexit supporter has been murdered in a “brutal attack” by a Remain supporter in row over the EU referendum will the media cut back on the “hate” against Brexiters, especially the “hate” against elderly people many of whom are vulnerable?


    • TruthSeeker says:

      I missed this, being incommunicado over the weekend.
      As usual I went on AlBeeb and AlBeebStaffAdvertiser websites and searched for their reports.
      In vain.
      It seems this death is on a par with mass Paki paedophile Muslim rapes.
      Down the memory hole, airbrushed from history.
      Whereas had the victim been a Remainer this would have been front page and the Jo Cox story resurrected and analysed until Tony Blair could be trusted.


  7. taffman says:

    “Meanwhile, a senior Bank of England official told the BBC that inflation may surpass its 2% target.”
    More anti Brexit ………
    Note the term ‘may’.
    Are we looking at a A self-fulfilling prophecy?


  8. Guest Who says:

    The BBC’s commitment to ‘tell it often enough’ remains total.

    Joseph would be proud.