The wheels just came off the Clinton campaign and the BBC doesn’t know what to do.

First, the FBI re-open their investigation of Hillary Clinton following the discovery of more of her emails on  mobile phone belonging to sex pervert Anthony Weiner. To do this at this time is massive news and means that the Democrat candidate for the White House in 2016 is under criminal investigation. The BBC ignores this and prefers to have it’s millionaire stars such as Graham Norton make sex jokes about Donald Trump.

Next, I see that Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, just deleted his entire Twitter account. BBC don’t report it. Not newsworthy you see.

Then, Loretta Lynch, Obama’s Attorney General, just pleaded the 5th over the issue of financial ransom payments to Iran. Again, met with a studied yawn.

Talk about corrupt. The BBC like the rest of the pro Clinton media have gone subdued, insisting that she is “confident” nothing will be found.

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  1. Wild Bill says:

    “Hillary Clinton has urged the FBI to explain without delay why it is carrying out a new investigation into her use of emails. ”

    I think she will find the FBI can investigate what they want without explaining much.


    • vesnadog says:

      Just turned TV news on (17;21 PM sat) and surprisingly the BBC news elites did only a few minutes coverage of Hillary’s troubles and went to a long report about Syria instead!

      That lot within the BBC HQ must actually think they are getting away with all their lies! If this biased agenda was discovered in any major political body/Manufacturing company/scientific dept/financial house/insurance company/ etc etc then those responsible will be out on their ears immediately and prosecuted, convicted, then off to prison they will go!

      But, because its good-ol, lovable “Auntie” we are talking about – no one in Government, or the dodgy justice system of this land seems to care a fig?


      • Laska says:

        I think I saw that BBC report. There was repeated shots of Clinton getting off a plane with excited people waiting to greet her. The takeaway point was the BBC anchor talking to the BBC correspondent as he asked for her opinion. To establish her authority he mentioned that she’d written a biography of Hillary Clinton and was also the correspondent attached to the State Department when Clinton was there. This may well explain her strained contribution. Clearly this person has a lot invested in Clinton and that she is almost certainly a fan. Rather than giving us confidence in her authority what we actually get is somebody sympathetic – thus biased – to Clinton which is exactly what the BBC wants. So sad…


    • Anat T. says:

      She knows full well that this is not a new investigation. The FBI have only found the legal excuse (new evidence) to reopen the investigation they were previously forced to close down for political reasons.


    • JohnW says:

      Love the way the Dems continually spin, focusing on “the server” – even now, saying that the FBI has reopened its investigation into her server. They are masters at distorting and misleading language.

      The FBI can’t investigate an inanimate object. The investigation is all about Clinton’s egregious violation of the Espionage Act!


    • vesnadog says:

      I feel like I’m reading the inside of the MAIL ONLINE again!

      The world is going mad!


  2. Rob in Cheshire says:

    The aptly named Mr Weiner is indeed a sex pest who is seemingly addicted to sending photos of his gentleman to ladies he does not know. It now appears that one of these ladies was in fact an underage girl, so he is in the soup.

    His wife is Huma Abedin, who many people believe is Hillary Clinton’s lesbian lover, though I do not know if that is the case. Certainly, the marriage of Huma and Weiner seemed like a strange sort of political alliance, a bit like the Clinton’s own, but I believe Huma has now had enough of Mr Weiner, and wants a divorce.

    What is the case is that Huma and her family are deeply connected with the Muslim Brotherhood, and the idea of having such a woman as the right hand person of the Secretary of State, and possibly the President is literally insane, but you won’t hear a peep from the MSM, which is totally on side.

    At present, we do not know what these emails are about, but for the FBI to reveal this investigation just before the election means that it must be serious. The thing is that the Clinton clan are sleazy, corrupt and criminal, and everybody knows it. There has never been a less suitable person to be President that Hillary Clinton. No-one who votes for her can claim they did not know this. If they vote for her, it is in the knowledge that she is a criminal. If that is the person they want as President of the United States, then God help them. I am hoping that enough Americans have the basic common sense to see through her that this dreadful prospect will never happen, and that the Clintons will become an unpleasant memory. If only.


    • NCBBC says:

      Great post Rob.

      You wrote:
      What is the case is that Huma and her family are deeply connected with the Muslim Brotherhood, and the idea of having such a woman as the right hand person of the Secretary of State, and possibly the President is literally insane, but you won’t hear a peep from the MSM, which is totally on side.

      This is the crux of it. Islam is at war with the West. Its “soldiers” are pouring into Christendom by the millions, while Obama preaches us to show Christian charity. He never demands Christian charity from Muslims as they murder and ethnically cleanse all Christians from Muslim countries.

      Now to have a Clinton, who is deep with the Muslim Brotherhood, is an unmitigated disaster.


      • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

        Just think how hollowed out the US security vetting system must have become, under pro-Muslim Obama and Bush Jnr., for Huma Abedin even to get low-level clearance to see classified information, let alone be Hellary’s right-hand woman.


    • Lock13 says:

      Really well written Rob


    • Anat T. says:

      Quote: ‘I am hoping that enough Americans have the basic common sense to see through her’
      For this they need information, but those responsible for it have betrayed them. Sorry to say that the BBC was and is a leader in this terrible development.
      This is truly ‘La trahison des clercs’.


    • JohnG says:

      Rob, Very important point about Huma, for those that don’t know her connections, a good overview is here: https://youtu.be/SXG_h765ZBA – obviously the BBC are totally unaware of this.

      There may well be another totally different reason for the investigation reopening:


  3. Up2snuff says:

    US State to watch, then, when Election night comes is Ohio. Democrats there have proved in the past that they will not vote for anything Democrat with a ‘bit of a whiff about it’ and may even vote for the Republican candidate as they did in 2004.


  4. rms says:

    I’m convinced that Anthony Weiner is a true “deplorable”, but I wonder if things and secrets he knows about his wife and the pressure of knowing that is a partial cause of his breakdown.


  5. NCBBC says:

    The woman is a disaster!’: Camille Paglia on Hillary Clinton


    The Bully Party


    Hillary urges people to vote early. I wonder why?


  6. Grandpa1940 says:

    As I wrote upon my own small site:-

    When the BBC is accused of partisan and biased reporting and commentary, the reply is always the same:-

    ” We are content that our reporters, and the reporting and commentary from those same reporters, work in a completely neutral world; and where comments are made, justification is always provided for any stance.”

    As I listened to a spot on the BBC Today Programme at 01.34 into the programme, where the surfacing of more of Hillary Clinton’s hidden e-mails was being discussed; in a conversation with an American supporter of the Democratic candidate, Justin Webb from that same ‘totally impartial BBC’ was heard to state,

    ‘Voters are turning to Hillary because the alternative is so uniquely ghastly’;

    as well as in a conversation with Congressman Doug Collins;

    ‘So America has a choice between a Racist, Misogynist, Narcissistic Thug (in Donald Trump); and a woman (Hillary Clinton) who was secretive and possibly dishonest about her e-mails’.

    There’s that totally impartial and unbiased reporting and commentary in full view!


  7. 60022Mallard says:

    “Americans “deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately,” she said.”

    Oh really Hillary? Does that apply just to this or the x thousand e-mails whitewashed, cash for access etc.?


  8. G.W.F. says:

    Sometimes – like this time – I wonder at the corruption and bias of the BBC. Pro Clinton bias in the US media is very likely directed or encouraged by the Administration who have their fingers in the same dirt.
    But the level of distortion and bias coming from the BBC on this topic really does suggest they are under political orders.
    Look at Number 10 for the source of BBC bias on the US election. The state broadcaster is obeying the Government.


    • Grimer says:

      The BBC documentary Hypernormality proposed a world in which politicians present a simplified version of ‘goodies’ vs ‘badies’ and a post truth manipulation of the people. Vladimir Putin was offered up as an example.
      Donald Trump was presented as somebody ‘playing with reality’ to create a racist web of lies that set people against muslims (despite the entire documentary being a catalogue of Islamic terrorism).

      To be honest, I came to the opposite conclusion. It is the government and media that peddle the simple lying version of events, that run counter to reality. Which version of truth seems more ‘real’ to the average person:

      a) Islam is the Religion of Peace and anybody that questions this is a racist. Anybody that thinks more Islamic immigration may be unwise is racist.
      b) Identifying Islam as a threat and restricting Islamic immigration may be prudent.

      The BBC has been peddling their world view for years – e.g. Serbians are bad and Bosnian Muslims are victims of evil Serbs.

      The BBC are an essential tool of the establishment to keep a lid on things. They peddle the governments narrative:

      multiculturalism = good (assimilation failed)
      All immigration = good (nothing can be done inside EU anyway, so don’t allow any dissent)
      EU = good (USA want us on the inside, so national interest takes priority)
      Islam = good (Saudi money keeps rolling in for UK PLC)

      People are waking up and they’re not swallowing the BBC’s bullshit any more e.g. – Brexit, Syria (arming ISIS to fight Assad!!!), Trump, etc. For the first time in years, I’m actually optimistic.


  9. chrisH says:

    Anthony Weiner was the sex pest that the BBC had fun with while back wasn`t he?
    Cue feminist outrage, even though his name might have been a clue?
    Underage sex, sexual harassment.

    And its HIS ex who`s been holding Clintons email stash?
    Cue liberal silence as they quietly circle the waggons to defend the sex pests wife from any Clinton shenanigans.
    Delicious, comedy gold and bring your own popcorn!
    Maybe it`s not TOO late to put Weiner in as Democratic candidate for Prez,
    Zees eez not funny eh BBC?


  10. NISA says:

    I thought the BBC line on this last night to be pathetic. They were saying that the FBI had been leaned on by Republican politicians. It seems to pass them by that the executive is in the hands of Obama & his democratic placemen.


    • GCooper says:

      Oh, they know that right enough. They are just continuing current BBC policy – which is to lie.

      In the early hours I caught someone on BBC News 24 seriously trying to claim that Hollywood is biased in favour of the Republicans. That is an opinion that could only be held by someone who is clinically insane. There’s a lot of it about at the BBC, I would suggest.


    • JohnW says:

      There are so many establishment RINOs that absolutely hate Trump that it wouldn’t matter if they had lobbied the FBI anyway.


  11. mikef says:

    Such a shame, the BBC have got numerous programmes lined up for next week mocking Trump, and wouldn’t you know it, this has happened.


  12. Sinniberg says:

    Did anyone else notice how the main headline is worded?.

    “Hillary Clinton DEMANDS facts in new FBI case”.

    Now is that her word “demands” or is it the BBC demanding?.

    How dare they investigate any criminal offences!.


  13. Cranmer says:

    It’s come at an awkward time for the MSM. Yesterday’s London Evening Standard and Financial Times seemed to think Hilary had already won the election, because that’s what the polls clearly show. Hmm, just like they clearly showed Brexit, eh?


    • DYKEVISIONS says:

      Quite correct C.

      The BBC and The Evening Standard or ‘The Evening Guardianista’, as it should be renamed, has been peddling the lies for months that the US Election will be won by the Democrats. The oh so clever BBC news headline now has it ‘The FBI head defends Clinton emails moves’ to turn the spotlight onto the FBI and their motives…
      No, we are not that stupid!

      However, on a slightly more jovial note, with the impending All Hallow’s Eve;
      Wake up you Democrats, all slaves to socialism, do not behave like the undead who shuffle off slowly to the polling booth to vote for Killary, despite what she has done or will do!

      Oh dear, I have just discovered that I am bit late in this observation:-


      • NCBBC says:

        Bob Hope nails it.Please post it far and wide.

        A Gay president with a transgender wife.
        A lesbian secretary of state with a rapist husband.
        A Saudi spy with a pervert husband.

        What could go wrong?


        • vesnadog says:

          I liked the bit by Roy Rogers son in the movie: The Oklahoma Kid.

          Speaking to his Co-Star Nancy Olson, he jokingly says to her about her wearing men’s trousers: What would the public think of me if I went around wearing female clothes? And something like: the town would think me mad?

          Spot on boy! You wouldn’t be allowed to say those sort of things in modern Babylon (erm, Hollywood)

          The movie was made about 1953?


      • NCBBC says:

        Or this from a Breitbart commentator

        FBI just seized Anthony Wiener’s, get ready for it…
        ***hand held device*** lolz

        Presumably the device he has been using..

        Oh forget it.

        Anyway here is a picture of Huma fuming as she finds out what happened.



        • JohnW says:

          I`m most disappointed that the Sun hasn`t yet risen to the occasion to regale us with some titillating headlines to celebrate Wienergate. Come on, Sun – where are you when we need you?


  14. StewGreen says:

    Bet it’s a stunt ..to find Hillary innocent 2 days before the election or something.
    Like why after refusing to report the email scandal for months, did all the Hillary owned media suddenly make it the headline last night ?

    This AM the BBC uses it to get at Trump ..Their headlines sounds like
    “oh look at ridiculous Trump, saying a few emails are worse than Watergate, he’s desperate isn’t he ?”


  15. StewGreen says:

    I repeat Deborah’s Post
    \\Today programme, Saturday 29 October. Now I don’t understand the full implications of the problems Hillary has with her emails and the BBC doesn’t want to explain but I heard Justin Webb describe on the Today programme just after 8.30 (ie 1hr 35 mins and 32 secs into the programme http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b080mhd2#playt=1h35m32s
    (That’s a direct link to that part of the prog using the #playt= trick)
    that the choice was between Trump ‘A racist, misogynist, narcissistic thug and a woman who was secretive and possibly dishonest about her emails’.
    If that isn’t bias, I don’t know what it.
    I am glad that I don’t have a vote in the US Presidential elections. I don’t think I like Trump but if the BBC are against him then I think he is probably the better option.//


  16. TPO says:

    Any chance that the BBC might care to enlighten us on the activities of a Mr. Terry McAuliffe.
    Who he you say?? Well he’s a longstanding crony, fixer and consiglieri of the Clintons. And what did he do? Well he moved $675,000 from the Clinton Foundation through a PAC to fund the Democratic election campaign of a Dr. Jill McCabe for a seat on the Virginia State Senate. She didn’t win.
    And the significance? Well Dr. Jill McCabe’s husband is Mr. Andrew McCabe who had a meteoric rise in under one year from running the DC office of the FBI to being Deputy Director of the FBI and number two to Director Comey. As number two in the FBI McCabe had day to day, hands on overall control of the Clinton email scandal investigation.

    So why did Bill find it necessary to have that secret meeting with the now corrupted and discredited US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch at Phoenix airport. There was no need, the fix was already in.

    Well BBC drones that come here to read this blog, what are you waiting for? This story alone is dynamite. Oh sorry I forgot, what laughably passes off a ‘journalists’ from the ‘envy of the world’ are too busy rushing around trying to find a UKIP councillor riding a bike on the pavement.

    The BBC has become little more than a bad joke with an agenda.


  17. StewGreen says:

    Who else is on the BBC hate Trump rota today ?
    .. I expect some Luvvies On Loose Ends at 6:15pm out of Tom Allen, Ian Rankin, Anne-Marie Duff, James Grieve, The Marcus King Band, Nick Harper
    and then Saturday Review at 7:15pm “Tom Sutcliffe’s guests are Abigail Morris, Rajan Datar and Maev Kennedy. ”

    Last night on R5 The Nolan show was a Trump Hate-a-thon with 2 guests and a presenter unable to contemplate a Trum[p presidency or how anyone could vote for him
    Jesus he polls 40-50% in the US and you can’t find a kind voice ?
    That is the same as before the refn when they couldn’t find any Brexiteers in a British vox pop.


    • StewGreen says:

      Call me psychic – Clive Anderson did the sneer at Trump bit in his second line of the show.
      There isa bit of Climate Change stuff coming up ah a play called Oil ..they didn’t bang on
      but there was a mention of Calais

      * 11pm Channel 4 * Michael Moore in Trumpland : set your video so you can watch it again and again !
      “He makes the case for voting for Hillary and denying Trump victory.”

      Tmw they’ll no doubt be some TrumpHate Radio4 9am with Broadcasting House


    • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

      You were right, Stew!

      Within a minute of the start of ‘Loose Ends’, Clive Anderson’s opening patter included a quip about Trump and misogyny.

      Of course, there was no reference to Hellary Clinton, the e-mails, the FBI investigation, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, etc, which ought to be comedy gold for any unbiased comedian or broadcaster.


      • Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

        Ooops! You beat me to it. But it’s no real surprise, the BBC is sh#t.


        • StewGreen says:

          Amazing ..I’m Derren Brown me…@MSAB
          ..Just as amazing as the way I can predict that on any programme mentioning Brexit the BBC will stack the prog with Remoaners 2 to 1 vs Brexiteers.


      • Alicia Sinclair says:

        Barry Gibb was on Steve Wright two weeks back.
        Barry sunk Andersons career for a fair few years from 1998-2002 or so.
        Thank You Barry Gibb!


  18. Invicta says:

    The polls have started ti turn, but they’ll still predict a Clinton landslide as the poll companies don’t bother with the bottom end of US Society, the people everyone forgot.

    Good article in the DM which explains why he’ll win by visiting a town that’s left behind:


    I toured around the North of England and Scotland this summer and off the tourist traps you across communities, often former mining, which are dead like this. No one makes tv programmes about them, or even notices they exist. And they wonder why Brexit happened?

    We need a Trump in the UK.


    • GCooper says:

      We had one. And that was who the BBC perfected its smear tactics on – the ones they are now using against Trump.


  19. quisquose says:

    It now 6:00 in the evening, and the main headline on the BBC website is:

    “Clinton demands facts in new FBI probe”

    “Hillary demands” has been the way the BBC have pitched this story since my radio switched on at 6:00 this morning. The subliminal message is obvious, Clinton assertive FBI subservient, Clinton right FBI wrong.

    BBC impartial? I don’t think so.


  20. deegee says:

    I always thought it would be Bill’s wiener that would sink Hillary Clinton not Huma Abedin’s.


  21. PeterT says:

    Driving home early evening there was an interview on Radio 4 with two former US Government lawyers. One was a Republican the other a Democrat but both agreed this is serious matter for Clinton. I can’t think that the BBC expected them to agree that FBI Director Comey is well aware of the consequences of re-opening the investigation just before the election and also is aware of the consequences if instead he chose to sit on this new information. They thought the new information must be very serious indeed for Comey to take the action that he has. The Justice Department had advised him to keep quiet and thought there was no need for him to inform Congress. In my view, the fact that he went ahead anyway must mean the new information is very significant. We shall see in the fullness of time.


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      On the BBC earlier , one NYT chump(based in London, so house trained leftie)said that “Comey will have to resign if and when Clinton wins”.
      Says who?…and who the hell do the BBC/NYT think they are in threatening FBI public officials simply doing their job in “following the evidence”
      Disgraceful-but what else do we expect from the BBC and East Coast liberals these days?


  22. G.W.F. says:

    I have no idea what to conclude. All missing emails are to be released in November


    • MartinW says:

      I don’t know what to think, but suspect high-level disinformation. There are some extreme propositions here. Anyhow, I look forward to more revelations from Wickileaks that will severely damage the criminal Clinton.


  23. RJ says:

    “Comey will have to resign if and when Clinton wins”.

    It’s possible that Comey is just following the evidence, or it’s pay-back time for the pressure the Clintons put on him during the summer to let her off, or possibly he knows that the polls are rigged and is convinced that Trump will win by a landslide. In the latter circumstance he needs something to counterbalance his decicion to let Clinton off scott free last time.


    • NCBBC says:

      If Trump wins, Comey knows his arse is on the line. He knows he will be fired, and then will come investigations for malfeasance, obstruction of justice etc. Loss of pension + major jail time.


  24. Sinniberg says:

    Ooh, look, the main headline has suddenly changed to include the BBC’s favourite word “defends” and now reads as “FBI head DEFENDS Clinton emails move”.

    So it started with DEMANDS and now it’s DEFENDS!.

    Off course, as always when the BBC rolls out that word “defends” they’re insinuating that the person they’re trying to undermine has done something wrong.


    • StewGreen says:

      Psycho warfare techniques they are probably using Prof Lewandowsky himself
      ..That arch projector


  25. Mice Height says:


  26. peterthegreat says:

    Wouldn’t it be hilaryarious if Assange, darling of the left/beebistan, sank Hillary, other darling of the left/beebistan. This election’s becoming fun!


    • NCBBC says:

      It would be delicious.

      Will BBC heads implode?

      They are already on anti-depressants because of Brexit. Now they have T Blair taking up the “holy cause” of the Remainers.


      • peterthegreat says:

        No doubt if Hillary wins the beebistan will support a second re-vote, as with the Brexit referendum?


  27. StewGreen says:

    I just glanced at the Hillary story : Hillary Clinton emails – what’s it all about? Anthony Zurcher (is that the one that was up Sat am ?)

    I see this :
    “In early August 2015, she signed an affidavit swearing she had turned over all copies of government records from her time in office.”
    ..and now they’ve found some on her aides husbands PC ..I wonder if there are some she didn’t declare ?


    • RJ says:

      “I wonder if there are some she didn’t declare ?”

      I do hope it’s the 30,000 she thought she’d deleted when Congress asked for them.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        I am certain that it is many if not all of the 30,000 she thought she’d deleted. From what I know about those secret machines owned by the NSA, I never thought it was possible that those emails do not have retrievable copies. There must be a Trump supporter in the NSA, of the “Snowden Standard” if not Snowden sending stuff to Assange. The NSA source can be covered-up by retrieving equipment that the emails where sent too, and any re-sent on to other recipients, which I guess is how they traced the mobile phone belonging to sex pervert Anthony Weiner. The bleaching of the emails would include those sent directly, I guess Weiner received them indirectly.

        Also, Once Trump wins, Farage could ask him to retrieve the Balen Report from the memory banks of one of those secret machines used by the NSA.

        Good God, the growing amount of facts the BBC has to censor, is growing exponentially by an unpredictably large logarithmic factor, which I predict will reach 100 percent on the day the BBC Trust is abolished.


  28. NCBBC says:

    America’s Moment Of Truth


    • Alicia Sinclair says:

      Thanks NCBBC.
      This saves me a months crap Thoughts for The Days…there`s a years worth of stuff here.


  29. Richard Pinder says:

    Today’s “Nigel Farage” Freeview slots are:

    (1) “The Nigel Farage Radio Show” on LBC, 10am to Noon, Freeview Channel 732. Would include uncensored facts about Brexit and Trumps campaign, etc.

    (2) “Nigel Farage Gets His Life Back“, an out of date BBC 2 Mockumentary about Nigel “not being the Leader of UKIP, anymore”. A satire about the most famous person in Britain who CAN be satirised in a Politically Correct Society. 10pm to 10.35pm


  30. Tommy Atkins says:

    No mention of this at all so far on the BBC radio 4 Sunday morning news at 9am.

    So far amongst other items, the “former us senator has warned against a hard border in Ireland post

    No mention at all, in a 6 minute news cast.
    Fuck me.


  31. matahari says:

    This tells me that Comey thinks that Trump might actually win


  32. quisquose says:

    Well the BBC timeline has moved from “Clinton Demands”, to “FBI Defends”, and now stands at “FBI ignored Clinton probe advice” with an angry looking picture of HIllary.

    Is this what it’s like to live in a theocracy?


  33. Zelazek says:

    I notice that on Radio 4 tomorrow night there is a programme called “The Unswayables”. The BBC is perplexed that there are “unswayable” Trump supporters. How could these supporters, the BBC asks, stick with a man who (A) takes advantage of existing tax laws to not pay tax and (B) used language eleven years ago that seems to objectify women? Despite being a supposedly diverse organisation, nobody at the BBC seems able to understand why anyone could vote for Trump.

    The more interesting question (and one they will never address) is why the BBC and the whole western mainstream media are “unswayable” in their support for Hillary despite the following facts:
    (A) She blatantly lied about the attack on the US compound in Benghazi in 2012 which killed four Americans including Ambassador Stevens.
    (B) She falsely claimed that she and her daughter Chelsea came under sniper fire in Bosnia in 1996.
    (C} She wants to increase the number of Syrian refugees to the USA by 550 percent despite the fact that ISIS have explicitly stated they will infiltrate western countries by smuggling in terrorists among the refugees.
    (D) She blurred the lines between the fundraising aspects of the Clinton Foundation and the money-making enterprises of the Clintons.
    (E) She was “extremely careless” in handling classified information while Secretary of State.
    (F) The only plausible reason for her using a private email server is that she could thereby avoid freedom of information act requests to see her emails – and any corrupt activities she was engaging in would therefore remain concealed.

    It’s the BBC that needs investigating, not Trump supporters.


    • Guest Who says:

      Talking of unswayable, the BBC is pushing a young lady of colour, and little brain, whose massive insight is that if Michelle is for Hillary, as Mrs. Obama is black, then that’s all she needs to know.

      This is, simply, vital.


    • Guest Who says:

      And Newsfright stays impartial. Literally. Actually it doesn’t, at all.


  34. carterdaniel says:

    and this is why he is pissed


    • JohnW says:

      Trey Gowdy is brilliant. If ever I feel particularly down after another onslaught of left wing media stupidity I just turn to him or Pat Condell or Douglas Murray to restore my faith in humanity.