‘Wake Up Christian Britain’



Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York and Britain’s second most senior cleric, has described the targeting of Christains as ”an affront to decency”. Calling on the silent majority of Christians to defend their beliefs, Sentamu said: ”For those who despair at the treatment meted out to these Christian women the message is clear: wake-up Christian England.”


The Trojan Horse plot was real, the group behind it, the MCB, had already published a blueprint in 2007 that outlined the aims of what became the Trojan Horse plot…and it gave the reasons why schools needed to become more Islamic….

The MCB’s contribution in publishing its report, Towards Greater Understanding, is wholly consistent with the government’s “Every Child Matters” strategy, and complementary to it. The result of meeting Muslim needs in mainstream schools is that Islam and Muslims become a normal part of British life and that we become fully integrated in this way.

The threat is that if schools do not bow down and accomodate Muslim wishes and adopt their practices then Muslims will become alienated and vulnerable to radicalisation…it is that usual blackmail that the Muslim community always uses to put pressure upon government, authority or Society in order to increase the dominance of Isam.

From the Daily Mirror:


AS the country vexes itself over how to deal with the radicalisation of British-born Muslim youths, it’s revealing to know some of their leaders believe they have the answer.

As Dr Syed Aziz Pasha says: “If you give us religious rights we will be in a better position to convince young people that they are being treated equally along with other citizens.”

This sounds perilously close to blackmail. Thus far the British people have shown exemplary tolerance in the face of terrorist threats.

In light of the recent BBC video on the Trojan Horse affair [above] this should be of interest…the Express reports on that blueprint in 2007:

Muslims: ‘Ban’ non-Islamic schools

DEMANDS for a ban on “un-Islamic” activities in schools will be set out by the Muslim Council of Britain today.

[If you think this was all done by stealth you’d be wrong…it was done with the blessing of the Labour government:]

‘The calls for all children to be taught in Taliban-style conditions will be launched with the help of a senior Government education adviser, Professor Tim Brighouse, chief adviser to London schools.’

Unfortunately, and this sums up the problem perfectly, it is not only the government that adopted that position… the BBC and C4 have always had the narrative, the Islamist narrative, that the answer to stopping the Islamisation, the radicalisation, of the Muslim community, is to allow them to practise Islam however and wherever they wish to…more Islam is the solution to stopping Islamisation….

Last week, on November 11th [2016] Matt Frei on Channel 4 news told a group of veiled Muslim women in Washington that they could all surely agree that the greatest threat of violence in the US came from white men bearing arms. They all did agree, nodding vigorously. On the same day the Today programme on Radio 4 opined that France had wasted a billion Euros on security since the attack on Bataclan when they would have done better to spend it on making Muslims in France feel more comfortable.

That view was adumbrated later in the day on R4, in a programme called ‘The French Culture War,’ by Nick Fraser. His trailer for the programme promised to explore, ‘the misuse of secular ideals,’ in France, a secular country. He ended by telling us that violence and fear will surely subside if France will only, ‘do more to accommodate Muslims.’

Pope Francis: ‘Idea of conquest is inherent to the soul of Islam’


The BBC’s latest programme on the Trojan Horse plot was a curious affair..not least because it made no mention of Ray Honeyford…and that he was right…as pointed out by Roger Scruton…

Let’s face it – Ray Honeyford got it right on Islam and education

Honeyford insisted to the children of his school, that when it comes to identity, it is nationality and not religion that counts.

Of course that is an anathema to the people who populate the BBC….they who hate borders and the nation state…and indeed ‘Britain’.  Here’s Ray Honeyford’s article.

The BBC has always insisted that the Trojan Horse plot was a hoax, something, as you will see in the film, that the guilty parties also claim.  It wasn’t a hoax [the BBC never mentioned the 2007 MCB document, the blueprint, in reports about the TH plot…why?  Because to do so would confirm the TH plot was real…whereas the BBC’s Phil Mackie was insisting that it was all a phoney scare story, the result of racism, Islamophobia and paranoia] and indeed the very same tactics were employed years before as this article reveals long before the Trojan Horse plot came to light…from the Telegraph in 2009…

Robinson, one might assume, had every justification to be proud of her school’s glowing reputation. That is, until the rumblings of racism began.

A handful of Muslim parents began to agitate against the joint assemblies, lobbying other, more liberal parents to join the protest. Their children, they claimed, were being coerced into religious studies that were Christian in essence and contrary to their Muslim faith.

Devastated at the accusations of racism, Robinson’s health suffered and she has spent much of the past year off work. This term, when she returned, the row reignited. In the end, she became so disheartened and distressed that she felt she had no option but to resign.

What is more alarming is that the Meersbrook saga is not an isolated incident. In the past few weeks, there have been several similar situations in which Christianity, especially in the realms of religious education, has come under attack.

Erica Connor, a headmistress at a Woking school, felt forced to seek legal redress after what she claims was a string of ”vituperous” complaints against her by four Muslim governors. Although external consultants investigated the situation and Connor was exonerated – their report found no evidence of racism, Islamophobia or religious bias – the alleged ”harassment” continued. Suffering severe depression, Connor took sick leave and is now suing Surrey county council for damages.

The current BBC film is ‘even-handed’…it gives equal voice and credibility to both sides…which is odd given the BBC’s new found love for genuine balance in its reporting where it supposedly places more emphasis on the side which has the most compelling evidence…and in this case it should be those who say there was an Islamist plot to ‘capture’ British secular schools and to Islamise them.  There is no doubting the evidence.  But the BBC does doubt and is happy to give the Islamists an unchallenged voice….not revealing, as the Sunday Times does today, that some of the protagonists, including the main instigator, Tahir Alam, have continued to publish extreme, Islamist comments on social media…Alam stating that 9/11 was the ‘controlled demolition of three buildings’ and promoted a video that said the BNP have been bribed by Zionist Neocons ‘to ignore Jew money and attack Islam’.…a video that says…

A claim sometimes made is Zionists are the problem, not Jews. In fact Jews have been a problem for centuries, long before ‘Zionism’ was invented.


The BBC film actually gives more credence to those who say there was no plot than to the critics….it allows a Birmingham City councillor to claim that the reason the Council failed to spot the plot was because government cuts meant there weren’t enough staff….in fact the reason the plot wasn’t ‘spotted’ was because the Council had absolutely no intention of doing anything and even when it came into the full public glare the council leaders continued to deny there was a problem.

The BBC also had a sneaky attack on one of the headteachers, a Sikh, Balwant Bains, who was forced to resign under Islamist pressure, craftily implicating him as the author of the Trojan Horse letter…despite there being absolutely no evidence of that.

We had a clip where the Muslims under suspicion claimed that the letter was a hoax written by someone out for revenge…therefore suggesting a teacher. [and ‘revenge’ for what?  Hmmm…being forced out by Islamists?  ooops…they confirm the existence of the plot]  The BBC film continued for a while giving a decent interval, not too soon to make people realise they were setting someone up, but early enough so the viewer didn’t forget the claim of a hoax written by someone out for revenge.  They then put up a statement that Bains had resigned just months before the letter came out….making the implication that perhaps he was the author…


Trouble is, that just isn’t true.  Birmingham council already had the letter before Bains resigned….as the government report into the Trojan Horse plot spells out…

The letter also refers to events at Saltley School and Specialist Science College – where, at the time the letter was being considered by Birmingham City Council – the then headteacher, Balwant Bains, was negotiating his resignation. The letter states that ‘Balwant Bains will soon be sacked and we will move in’. Given that the letter was received by Birmingham City Council in late November 2013, it is surprising that the Council continued to negotiate the terms of Mr Bains’ resignation, eventually signing a compromise agreement with him on 2 January 2014.

Why is the BBC misleading us about the resignation of Balwant Bains and are pointing the finger at him as the author of the Trojan Horse letter?

The BBC are desperate to label the letter a hoax…despite the investigation saying that whatever the source its contents accurately portrayed what was happening in Birmingham schools.  The BBC also continues to peddle the very misleading narrative that ‘no extremism was found in the schools’.

The BBC are of course defining ‘extremism’ in the way it always has…that merely of violent Islamism that perverts the good and peaceful religion of Islam.

But the BBC knows the reader or viewer will define extremism as cultural, non-violent extremism, ie Islamic fundamentalism or ‘conservatism’….judging Islam itself to be extreme.

Therefore the BBC hopes you will intepret its claim of no ‘extremism’ as saying there was no Islamisation at the schools…a conclusion that is utterly false….as the government reports clearly state.

The BBC’s Mark Easton doesn’t see the problem….the Trojan Horse plot was just an example of diversity in operation and one to be welcomed…an Islamist school is just like a Catholic one….he also spins that deliberate lie about ‘extremism’ not being found…

‘Trojan horse’ scandal – extreme or diverse?

The evidence of Islamist extremism in Birmingham schools appears thin. The schools themselves say Ofsted has made “absolutely no suggestion, nor did they find any evidence, that Park View schools either promote or tolerate extremism or radicalisation”.

If, like 629 other state-funded English secondaries, Park View had been allowed to become a faith school, then one presumes the Islamic ethos would no longer be regarded as a threat to the welfare of the pupils. Conservative Muslims would be no different from conservative Catholics looking to escape from moral and cultural relativism.

No clearer sign than that that the BBC is supporting the Islamist cause.




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37 Responses to ‘Wake Up Christian Britain’

  1. Deborahanother says:

    What a great pity John Sentamu did not become Archbishop of Canterbury. What a leader he is, and actually believes in a Christian message and sticking up for Christians.

    As far as Trojan Horse is concerned ,I’ve come to the conclusion Islamics dont need it ,because our cowardly politicians,clergy and media ,especially BBC ,let this brainwashing in schools go on unabated . Politicians are terrified of confronting the spread of Islam.


    • Andrew Caplan says:

      Sorry, I don’t agree at all. I don’t trust anyone who was involved with the Macpherson Report. He’s always struck me as a weather vane.

      I’d vote for Michael James Nazir-Ali, former Bishop of Rochester.

      And why “former”, I’d like to know.


      • Up2snuff says:

        Think he bumped up against some ‘progressive thinking’ 😉 , Andrew, with some of his public statements.


      • chrisH says:

        Agreed Andrew.
        Michael, alongside Peter Mullen, is one of the few Christians worth a jot in terms of leadership.
        If only we had a Jonathan Sacks.
        Until then, we`re left with the old heroes of the faith.
        Hopefully we`re now growing our own.


        • embolden says:

          Chaldean Catholic Archbishop Amel Nona of Mosul, Iraq, speaking in 2014…..

          “Please, try to understand us. Your liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here.

          You must consider again our reality in the Middle East, because you are welcoming in your countries an ever growing number of Muslims. Also you are in danger. You must take strong and courageous decisions, even at the cost of contradicting your principles.

          You think all men are equal, but that is not true: Islam does not say that all men are equal. Your values are not their values.

          If you do not understand this soon enough, you will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed in your home”.


          • NCBBC says:

            As Dr Syed Aziz Pasha says: “If you give us religious rights we will be in a better position to convince young people that they are being treated equally along with other citizens.”

            I wrote this in 2010

            Islam is dual faced ideology. In practice this means that one group of Muslims will wage violent Jihad, while another part proclaims that Islam is a peaceful religion and the violent Jihadis do not represent Islam.

            As it is impossible to differentiate the two, as the groups are interchangeable at a moments notice, what this does in practice is to make it impossible for the victims of Islamic Jihad to retaliate, for fear of hurting the peaceful Muslim group.

            What needs to be understood is that both groups operate in tandem, each supporting the other, and both are interchangeable from moderate to radical, at a moments notice. This is apparent from the Muslim engineers or doctors before they become suicide bombers. The reverse is also true of the violent Jihadi – when he gets caught, he immediately becomes a peaceful moderate, who admits temporary insanity, or admits his misunderstanding of Islam. In either case, it is not just to get a lenient sentence, but also mainly to absolve Islam from the atrocity.

            As I’ve said for years – the Jihadis, and the so called moderate Muslims, work in concert, with the same objective. Its the good cop bad cop routine. The moderates warn us that if they don’t get what they want, the radicals will be even more radicalised/violent. If one pays them the Danegeld, they will come back for more, and more, and more.

            The only solution that I can think of, is to state clearly, and France needs to do it urgently, that for the peace and safety of all, its best that Muslims live in their Islamic lands. Or else a civil war that will make Bosnia look like a garden party.

            France has been in a state of war/emergency for one year. Its still ongoing. It cant go on like this.

            Thank goodness that Trump is soon to be President of the USA.


        • NCBBC says:

          The purpose of the Established church, is defend the spiritual foundations of the nation, and so doing, to under gird the political foundations of the UK.

          If it cannot do this, then I for one, see no reason for an established church. I believe Mrs Proudie will agree with me.


      • NCBBC says:

        I’d vote for Michael James Nazir-Ali, former Bishop of Rochester.

        So wopuld I . But it was precisely for truth speaking on Islam, that he was shifted out – or more politely, forced to resign.


      • NCBBC says:

        Cause he was telling the truth about Islam, that was not on the narrative that the government wished the Established church to promulgate.

        There is a high stink to heaven, when the Established church defends the most retrograde, violent, and degenerate political ideology on earth. An ideology that glories in FGM, honour killings, throat slitting, crucifixions of Christians, mass rape of young Infidel girls, and general criminality.

        What is going on? I hope the government gets its act in place before Jan 20th 2017. There is a new sheriff in the West,. And its not Ernie.


    • Thoughtful says:

      Yeah well John Sentamu didn’t go to Eton so there was little Chance of Leftie Dave appointing him Archbishop was there?


  2. Up2snuff says:

    Quoted above by Alan
    “Last week, on November 11th [2016] Matt Frei on Channel 4 news told a group of veiled Muslim women in Washington that they could all surely agree that the greatest threat of violence in the US came from white men bearing arms. They all did agree, nodding vigorously. On the same day the Today programme on Radio 4 opined that France had wasted a billion Euros on security since the attack on Bataclan when they would have done better to spend it on making Muslims in France feel more comfortable.”

    Various parts of the Liberal Left are being led by the nose – as exemplified by the BBC – mostly without realising it. Their minds have become so addled by LibThink & GroupThink (perhaps, not necessarily though, also with the help of alcohol and maybe other substances) that they cannot see what is obvious to anyone else, especially if they know the old Arab/Nomadic proverb about the camel on a cold desert night.

    Other parts of the less-Liberal Left are doing this, by promoting the bringing in of the camel’s nose into the tent, because when the inevitable backlash comes, they hope to assume the power that they cannot win, can never win via the Ballot Box alone.

    Meanwhile, everyone else suffers.

    And afterward, too.


  3. embolden says:

    The BBCs first lie is the promotion of multiculuralism…all cultures and religions are of equal value and worthy of equal esteem…with “disinterested” secular “enlightened” liberals as the “neutral” moral arbiters, who divide and rule as they see fit…or push a one world, one faith line…that holds compromise with the “third Abrahamic faith” Islam as its core belief.

    The Second lie is the actual practice of “multiculturalism”, that is when practiced by cowards and liberals who are not “disinterested”…having been pacified by a combination of Arab money, fear of muslim violence and fear of being labelled “racist” by fellow liberals…add in some university acquired cultural Marxism…anti Western and Anti Christian in nature and this is why the BBC acts as it does when reporting on stories about islam.

    Sadly, much of this is aided and abetted by some Christian leaders in the West who are unable to grasp the teaching of Christ…”I am the way, the truth and the light, no one comes to the Father (God) except through me”.


  4. Wild Bill says:

    I have no time for any religion,most intelligent people know it is all a load of fairy tales and just causes division and trouble.
    What we really need is religion taking out of schools completely and religous schools banning.
    And all children must go to a recognised non faith school by law,if parents decide to home tutor their kids they must be inspected and tested.
    It may seem draconian but it has to be the way.


    • Andrew Caplan says:

      But all this because we’ve been stupid enough to import a particularly vicious, primitive one?

      Why not just ban the vicious, primitive one?

      And that’s coming from an atheist.


      • Kaiser says:

        as yet another atheist, I agree

        i cant see the problem manifested in any other religion ,so it seems harsh to punish them for the sins of someone else.

        Its would seem a very pc thing to just ban everything, so everyone is equally punished.


        • Grant says:

          As another atheist, I would ban Islam. It is the only truly evil religion. The others are mostly pretty harmless .


    • Grant says:


      I tend to agree that there is no place for religion in any schools. Religious people can organise religious teaching at weekends if they want to.


    • chrisH says:

      I note your wish Wild Bill.
      But taking “religion” out of politics is as forlorn a hope as taking “politics” out of them.
      Belief systems transcend the curriculum subjects-and people will go to war, to the wall for those transcendent values…they won`t for subject content.
      Religion is not church, any more than education is the same as compulsory schooling.
      Big topics, Islam only wants the education system-as Hitler chose to take first when HE was in power.
      I`m a rabid Judeo-Christian who knows what Islam represents…without religious teaching, that would be hard to fathom.


    • Cranmer says:

      The French have had a strictly secular society, in varying degrees, since their revolution but it has not stopped the spread of radical Islam, in fact it is worse there than many other places. The problem to my mind is mainly one of immigration numbers. If you allow unlimited numbers of people to enter a country, assimilation becomes impossible.

      Religion per se is not the problem; some may see it as fairy tales but these are myths and legends which illustrate particular truths; ‘not the moon, but the finger pointing at the moon.’ The triumph of Christianity is to show that each individual has something of the divine spark in him and that he can strive towards that rather than his brute nature. I get a sense of this in the classics and in other religions, but it seems to be somewhat absent from contemporary Islamic extremism, which is why I think we should proudly proclaim our Judeo-Christian heritage.


  5. TruthSeeker says:

    In the silver medal position, with 100 million deaths, we have Karl Marx and team.
    In the gold medal position, with 600 million deaths, we have Allah and team.
    All scores rounded the the nearest decamegadeath or so.
    The two nastiest organisations in history.

    Throw them all out of Europe. Any deaths to members of either organisation, during said
    expulsion, will be most unfortunate.


    • Grant says:


      Absolutely, and the BBC supports both of them so, in my book, this makes the BBC just as evil as Marxism and Islam.


    • NCBBC says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. And its because I fear that when the West retaliates it will be massive. Its will be massive, as Western forces are configured for major global operations. The result will be complete annihilation of the enemy. It will also lead to a bad taste in the mouth for generations, as many will argue, that such a disproportionate response was not necessary, for so weak and ineffectual enemy.

      Its far better that the Islamic world is separated from the West, until such time, it has sorted out its internal doctrinal problems. This is what Donald Trump is saying.

      All Muslims to be repatriated, with compensation if necessary. In exchange, we accept all Christians from Islamic countries.


    • NCBBC says:

      Moreover, Nazism or Communism lasted a few decades. But once a country becomes Islamic, its very difficult to reverse it.


  6. embolden says:

    Thanks Wild Bill, the only flaw in your argument being the divisions and trouble in “enlightened” and atheist states like Revolutionary France, the Soviet Union, Soviet satellite states, Albania, North Korea and anti Christian states like Nazi Germany, or much of the contemporary Islamic world.

    Sadly, there`s no bigger fairytale than the “Imagine” world of no countries, no possessions, no religion and one big happy brotherhood of man.

    We have to find a way of living together, without denying our heritage, and the human striving for the spiritual as well as the material life.

    Our finest hour was as a Christian nation, standing firm against darkness.


  7. Up2snuff says:

    I agree with embolden.

    All religions are not the same, as he points out very well with his post above. I could add other evidence. Maybe another time.

    No one benefits either when people who are ‘opponents’ die – there is no chance then to win hearts & minds. We ought to be beyond war in the 21st century but the Liberal world in the West (that is all of us, even conservatives and extremely Conservatives tend to be Liberal or prisoners of Liberal thinking as exemplified in some of the posts above) is probably sleep-walking into two big shocks. Those may come before anything bigger comes along. They are a massive financial collapse and a world-wide conflict with Islam. By the way, please bear in mind that large parts of the Islamic world have all the money at the present time. All the West has is debt.

    I think this is the author who I heard interviewed on BBC Radio 4 not long after his book was published: David Garrison, author of ‘A Wind in the House of Islam’.

    The biased-BBC appear incapable of listening to their own output! As for their learning from it, I can only shake my head in disbelief.


    • Kaiser says:

      hmmm hearts and minds, do we really think the islamists are as rational as say the germans, or the japanese.

      The only thing they will be respond to is being bombed into total submission and kept there by force , any sign of weakness only emboldens them further, we/they have proved this time after time.

      There will be i fear be no happy coexistence with islam, either we dominate or they do.


    • NCBBC says:

      Religion, or spirituality, underpins the political and cultural identity of a nation. Christianity underpins European culture – its political, musical, literary, scientific and artistic. In fact everything.

      Can anyone imagine contemporary Western culture – music, science. engineering, art, literature, if Christianity was replaced by Islam, or for that matter Buddhism.

      For better or worse, and I believe very much for the better, that it is Christianity that undertook the difficult task rebuilding Europe, after the collapse of Rome, and consequently Greco-Roman values.


  8. Thoughtful says:

    I know I keep banging on about this but until people start to realise then you are all going to be railing at the symptoms and missing the causes.

    I’m afraid that it is an inevitable symptom of our universities accepting the Sunni oil rich Rial that young people are coming out into society entirely brainwashed with the promotion of Islamic values at their core, and not just any Islamic values, but Wahabist values.

    This is why you are hearing about a detached and remote liberal elite who do not share our values, or any values save those of their university colleagues.

    Islamism rising – Antisemitism rising – repression of other groups growing, why do you think this is? You going to blame the ‘hive mind’ again, stutter around desperately looking for a straw to grasp which seems to give you an answer? Anything but accepting what is going on in our universities!

    And how would anyone know what goes on there? Most of us are not of an age where we would be in attendance, and those with kids there probably don’t know what brainwashing is being done to them, other than that their views no longer chime with our own. How as a parent would you know that the cause is the vast amount of money being pumped into the coffers to influence thinking in the favour of the Wahabist Cabal.

    The Media especially TV tends to have a younger workforce, as it seeks innovation new ideas and creativity, this is why the BBC appears more biased than ever, more remote, out of touch, and again it’s all down to the funding.

    How can I know all this when it’s not openly being discussed ? Well all the evidence is there for you if you take the trouble to look for it.

    Take a look at this article:


    So in 2015, Haaretz reported that for the first time in years, Israeli performances were not hosted at the festival at all. This silencing of the Israeli voice is celebrated as a victory by the anti-Israel activists. The voice that seeks dialogue and accommodation is being silenced.

    The festival is not the only place in Scotland such opposition is seen, less than two years ago a worker at an Israeli cosmetics stall in Glasgow had a ‘burning liquid’ thrown at her. The university space is also rabid, with events being called off due to protests, and Jewish students at universities are “denying or hiding” their identity because of discrimination. These events, including the protests at Edinburgh, are all connected.

    Yet here is a simple fact. Israel is by far the most diverse nation in the Middle East. Despite the accusations of the protesters, there is not a single nation in the region that is as free, as democratic, as liberal or as diverse as Israel. Not one. What else sets it apart from all of its neighbours though, is another simple fact. It is the only nation in the world that is Jewish.

    The key phrase “The university space is also rabid” why would that be ? It couldn’t possibly be because Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud has been donating £8 million per year to Edinburgh university for the promotion of Islam and its values could it? So much so that the Islamic studies centre now bears his name ?

    Wake up for Gods sake! The Birmingham Trojan horse is just a symptom, Sir Tim Brighouse is just a Symptom start looking at the cause and believe that it is real because if you don’t then we are certain as night follows day going to lose !


    • chrisH says:

      Dead right Thoughtful.
      The Church in the UK died when it negotiated away its Jewish roots.
      This is a Judeo-Christian culture. Jesus was a Jewish rabbi, and Paul gives the theology and unique dispensation for the Jews( although-he made an arse of some of it in his early days, so we can cite him to be anti-Semitic if we were Paulinist, as opposed to Christian).
      But Jesus Himself gives the key scripture re salvation being of the Jews. Not by voting for Welby, going on TFTD and simulating an Israel wall in St James, Piccadilly with wee Lucy Winkett.
      The Christians need red meat but get liberal milkshakes instead(see Kelis)-and until they get teaching and act on it-then they`re doomed.
      We`re not though-Jesus is simply telling us to “take it outside”


  9. Dogger Bank says:

    The Bishops only have themselves to blame. The “silent majority of Christians” were sold down the river by their leaders in the late 20th (post 1950s) and early 21st Centuries. The Anglican Church moved away from its followers not the other way around.


  10. The Highland Rebel says:

    The creepy clown ‘bishop’ who peddles his crap on Nolan’s Five Dead on Sunday’s exemplifies what is happening within the established church and it’s drift into dhimmitude.


  11. JimS says:

    I’ve just got rid of an old Christian study brochure written by an academic at Nottingham University on the subject of the relationship between Christianity and Islam.

    The author believed that the ‘problem’ with Islam was that it ‘misunderstood’ Christianity. He didn’t come up with any mechanism for making a correction. Indeed he thought that attempts to evangelise Muslims in the UK was wrong, “what would we think if Muslims in Pakistan tried to convert Christians there?”, was his reasoning. Well we don’t care when they kill them so I’m sure a bit of preaching would be considered quite benign.

    Turkeys voting for Christmas? More like Christmas, (Christians), voting for Turkey, (Islam)!


    • embolden says:

      JimS, Christians living on the front line of the struggle with Islam (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Nigeria, Phillipines) have much clearer views…. Christians in the West would do well to hear them.


    • Up2snuff says:

      I think I have mentioned on here some academic work that is really worth reading although it is post-graduate level and I haven’t read it yet. One day, maybe when I’m short of stuff to do. Hopefully no-one will mind my posting about it again.

      Anything written by Rev. Dr Bill Musk will provide insights into Islam. I found a thin book by Dr Patrick Sookhdeo very accessible and informative, both to buy and read. If you seek information to read on the subject of Islam, both authors’ works will be in the first two or three pages offered by the Amazon search engine.

      It is a great shame that our MPs & Government Ministers are not well-informed, as well as our Local Authorities, as it so often appears.

      Some of our more enlightened military commanders appear to learn much more quickly, often having hard lessons while abroad.


  12. Thoughtful says:


    Beyond Belief Radio 4

    Zionism and Judaism
    Beyond Belief

    A new term of abuse has emerged on social media, Zio, a shortened form of Zionist. Meanwhile the evidence suggests that anti Semitism is on the rise in Britain. There have been high profile cases of politicians who have been disciplined for anti Semitic comments. There appears to be some confusion even within the Jewish community over what Zionism means, whether a distinction should be drawn between anti Semitism and anti Zionism and what the relationship is between Judaism and Zionism. Ernie Rea brings together three Jews to discuss these issues. Robert Cohen is a Jewish blogger and commentator on the British Jewish community and its relationship to the State of Israel: Dr Yaakov Wise is a Manchester based Orthodox Jewish historian and writer: and Jessica Elgot was formerly a journalist for the Jewish Chronicle and is now writing for the Guardian.

    No surprises for guessing which way this one leaned !


  13. Up2snuff says:

    That the discussion here has swung to Judaism is interesting as that was one of my examples hinted at in my 11.37am post above.

    I had Orthodox Jewish neighbours for several years. Elderly couple with an adult crippled son & his wife sharing accommodation together. They were very Orthodox (but not ultra Orthodox) while the son & d-i-l were not so observant. One of the old couple, I think, was born here but the other made it into the UK just before WW2. Both had thick, European/Jewish accents and at any and every opportunity they would say to anyone but especially to us “We’re so glad to be British! Britain has been so kind to us, so good.”

    We got on well with all four of them, they were friendly & would always greet us and the more distant neighbours they knew by sight. They were good neighbours and we would help the parents when their strict observance caused problems for them, as it did from time to time, and the son & d-i-l were unable or unavailable to help.

    They maintained their faith consistently but really, to any stranger, they would have appeared like any old British couple. Their strict observance did not cause problems for us or anyone else. They were not demanding of neighbours or the State in local or national form.

    As it says at the bottom of some exam questions, especially in the less precisely demanding subjects: ‘Compare and contrast.’